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Wo hcnr that on account of continued rnvniutionury ¡HÍHVH! C011stitutlonsl guurantoos have bccn suspnminii in Mexico. As if they had ¡lot ulri ¡rly biien suspender for thir( oliicre Weekly of March has un interesting story of the revolution b)
Arthur ituhl undcr the titlc. wnn the iusurri «ztosi in Juarez, e a.
Why were hnll cnrtridgcs issued to. very nlistcii ¡nun ii the ¡nrcscnt move of il. truops ivns military play. and not iinrious business. Whv, Ill uy nra the soldiers ll rin. riitlniiv of San Diego compeiied ederals. Fire on Rebels. From Américan Soil erai oiilcors were allowed to go over American soil from Cslexico to Andrade, and that they flrcd from the American side of the line upon insurrectos nt Aigodones, on the Mexican side? e you grasped the significnnce of that act, that it is a direct und unmistukahle Violation of the neutrality laws and that the perpetrstors have not been arrestad?
On March 15, shortiy after Stanley and his men departed for Algodunes, the Mexican customs oflicisls who had been drivcn out oi Mexicali by the lnsurrectos when that town was taken, ormod themselves. banded together, und departed from Calexico to, march upon Andrade, which ls just opposite thc Mexican border town of Algodones whcra Captain Stanley and his men were installed.
CONGRESSMEN REMONSTRATE The action of the United States gov¡urnmeilt ln sending troops to the border to crush tho Mexican revolution ls so boldiy and fiagrantly opposed to ali principles that America. is supposcd to stand for, that many congrcssmcn ln Washington were once aroused and determined to act in iw inor uintcil for protection against thi ilNl ïlliillri, win thorc nro practl nnliy nu mosquitos ts llivril? ls not this ii: in: Lila u ¿is un iniiicntion that lilVZir «ion is (Illlnñuil to regions farther zinlllli whom. thu mosquito docs pracilcv ii. ir luiiy wuriurc. o o Amhzisrnlior ¡lu in Üflrfíi says: The. Iiiillliilliili in ¡lili xico nro normal. With rhl. ti option of small sui Lion of the Hllilu nl Chihuahua. Whcrc a iittic lmiiy ni iÉPillÉlOlIM mon is urnving on uuvrriiia wnrinrc. Ivcn Enrique (Tri nl, Ln whom wo inivn hithcrto uwurilt ni the Inurcl as the worlii prizi prvvnrivntor, ivnulci iiml lt hard!
lu lis si. that. u o Von. tbc prim ilnru of the world nrc the hiuxircan government oilicinls, ot whom Diaz. Cruel, Corral und de in.
iinrru nro spcninlly shining examples.
iinr. thu sccmiil prizo is most certain iy tn ho nwnrdcri to the newspapor corrcspondonts of Caioxlco.
con Jack London says that though the United States muy bc able to partialiy crush the insurrectos. it cannot crush the revoiutionary splrt in hiexico. lle is right. The spirit of liborty hus flnmerl now in the hearts of thu liinricnn people, and there will it (zontlnue to burn.
o c Lower California, according to a United Prcss dispatch of March 10, is rcgnrdcii hy the administration nt Washington ns the ¡longer spot. lt is cvon said that the grcnt mobillzation of troops was for the purpose of¡
supprnuziini: tlln rulmllion thcrc. The ufruniï rm niutlonnry idcns of the Libnrai Iuaib rs und the talk of cstnbiIsh ini! i iz oporiltlve commonwcaith. iown ihm u hns raiuscil shlvcrs to run up the hacks of Cilliltílllfit brignnds, icst the Hilfifmm of such a rnovement should rcnnt with telling effect upon the iiiilloil Suites.
ooo Wuii. Jnpunïi no fool, yoliow man smilcs u lot and proir. irtornnl friendship, but hc is watching lor his chance. Anti the United States government is preparins to give him his chance. While Uncle Sum is making trouble for himHull iu Mexico, thc littio yellow msn with thu ctornni smile will strike, nnd he li strike without warning at a vital point. That the wny he precipitnted tiio Russo Japanese Wnr, and everyono knows the ontcomo. Aslde from ull other considcrutions, there is ccrinlnly strcnk of mndness in the hniiigorcnt nttituiie of the United States toward Mexico nt this timo.
The little una in this government o! the people, by the people anti for the people? Let us nnt laugh. What hand have the American pcopio had in sending troops to the border? How many ot you knew boforohand that the move was to bo made. Why. even the army oiiicers themselves are dumbfounded, und are asking each other why? How many men. evon of the army. desire to seo the liioxlcnn revolution crushcd?
You do ¡ot want this movement for progress and democrncy annihilsted.
but the responsibility will rest on you in so far ns you are suhmlsslvo to the unbridled raoscitr oi. the master capitalista of Wall street who are makzigninst it, especially since Tait has girnctlcaiiy thrown oil the mask and admltted the real reason for which the troqps are being sent.
of congress who ure prepaflni; to ac!
in this uffair, according to Gilson Gilrililel of tho Scripps new service, have summed up the situation as faliows. i) The military movement supplemontt with the statement constitute iiuclarntion oi friendly ropuhlic oi Mexico. 2) The use of the army and nov)
oi the United States to suppress the rcvoit in Mexico is an unwarranted usurpation on the part of the executlvc branch of the government. la) The uso of American trdops against o. nelghboring people fighting to dcpose a. dictator and set up a constitutionai government is a shock to American patrlotism and is against the tradltions of the republic. i) Oihclal denlais by England, rzince nnd Germany make it certain that foreign invasion was not threatuned or even contempiated. 5) There has been no serious menace ns yet to American life or property in liiexlco. The Monroe doctrine lines not justify lnterference by the United States in the domestic stiairs of neighboring countries. The Monroe doctrlno was framed to encourage the esMembsrs war against the Have you noticïd the news that ted Thére thfifiy flred 5mm m9. Ïmflmïn side of theÏ line upon the insurgehts.
several volleys Were exchnngsd without casusities. The act was so flsgrantiy in violation of the Ïvery laws that troop at the border have ioudly proclaimed they are there to catorce, that even Captain Babcock, who has shown himsell inimicol to the cause of the insurrectos, felt himseif obliged to take action, and asked General Bliss for authority to ari est the Mexican eustoms oiliciais for Violation of the neutrailty laws.
General ¡Bliss order ed him to take no action whatever.
In view Tot the action Bliss has taken against insurrectos in the past with no ground for any ohnrges whatever against them, the above statement of this despot loving general Is eloquent.
hold left their stronghold Wednesday morning with considerable force to go and meet this advanclng federal colilmn. They marched in the direction of Pichachos Pass. They left MacDonald with a band of fiiïteen men ln Mexicali.
The band under Rodriguez and Sa linas, which recently departed from El Cajon. near San Diego, and crossed the line into liiexico. has diflli víiied up under the two leaders for convenientes ln operating. Rodriguez and his force holds the town of Tecarte, while Salinas is reconnoltering among the ranchos in the vicinity.
The latest news says that a. battle has occurred at Tecarte between federals from Ensenada and insurrectos under Rodriguezm The Liberal Party The Liberal Party, the proletarian party of the Mexican revolution, and the veteran in the field, is extending thc influence ot its propaganda far nnd wide. Regeneraciorf is read With great engeruoss in the military camps throughout Chihuahua, Sonora, Baja Caiiforniaiand other parts of Mexico. or years the Liberal party has fanned thevfiame of revolution, and the mountains of Chihuahua have been one of itsfstrongholds. lts adherents are spreading its principles throughout revolutionary raaks everywhere.
The Liberal Party stands for the division of the great estates oi Mexico, and for parceling them out among the poor from whom they have been stolen in years past.
FAILS IN e HIS DUIY tabiishmeut ol the American continent of constitutionnl republica. such as the present insurrectos in Mexico are fighting to estabiish. T) The people of the United States have no interest in sustainlng the constitiitlonai and notoriously cruel rule of the Diaz dlctstorship. S) The only expianntion for this misuse of the American army would appear to bc round in the desire of America to serve certain large financial interests that are beneficiarios of llcxican concesslons, which would ¡mus e with the Diaz government. The Standard Oil Co. and the Morgan banking house, which has ncted as the fiscal agent of the Diaz government and has placed its credit behind the Diaz ilonds, lead with their interests. war in behaif of Wall street speculators ln Mexican securitles has no standing in the public cnnscience.
Resoiutious embodylng the above views and acts have been formulated nnd will be introduced at the opening of the extra session of cohgress. Who ther they can be made the basis for lmpeaching Sec. Knox or be merely the text for debate remains to be seen.
Baja California Lest there should bs any misunderstanding about the Lower California situation among American readers, due to persistent and wholesale lying on the part of news correspondenLi, we wish to state that there are several groups in the field, working hsrmoniously with each other. The anger.
ences between Captain Stanley and where the recent skirmish occurred.
After the battle of Agua Priets on March 12, Mexican federal ofilcer, Captain Gallegos, crossed the line into Douglas, Arizona, to get pay for his troops. While he was in a cafe an American silouted Viva Madero. The federslcaptnln whippedhis revolver from his belt and pulled the trigger.
Captain Johnson, who happened to be present. leaped forward, seized the re volver. and his thumb was caughi: by the descending trigger, preventing discharge.
instead ot arresting him for assault to commit murder, the American omcer then disarmed the Mexican and escorted him across the line. The Amor, ican ofiicer was there to help enforce the lawsJÏ The law was vlolated he fore his own eyes. By nat arresting that Mexican federal Captain Johnson was guilty of compounding a feiony. and should have been arrested himself on that charge.
John Kenneth Turner was refused the privilege of leaving the United States yesterday by the soldiers. Now what cio you know about that for observance of legal points? By what earfllly right have the soldlers to prohibii: a man from going peaceably and unarmedncross the borderl Calexico Daily Chronicle of Marcha. ARÁUJO IS FREE Antonio Araujo. who has su! lreyva have been adjusted. and Stan fered imprisonment, for two and oneley has returned to the campaign as hall years in the penitcntiary ni: Ft. general in command of about forty Lenvenworth, Kan. for Violation o!
five men. He has gone to Algodones, the senti amy laws, has. just recent.
ly ¡we ll released on the expiration oi Another band under Cordoss. is now his term, snd is now a member of the BUDDOSGÚ to be in the vicinity of the negeneí acion stan. We shall print un article about this young Liber sl Federals are said to be coming andkthefllncldents connected mu. his ing the Mexican and the American from Ensenada to engsge the boys of persecnuon ¡n me. amiga» State m people their pre.
Mexicali ln battle. Leyvs and Bert next week. una.
BOÓIAIJSTS. rsovrssn.
Denveiï March lih Massmeetiugs simultaneously au over tïhefcountry to protest against the Lmilitary sctlvities u. lse Uniteld states on the Mexlcaníborder will bépheld in the near future by the Socialists of the Country; according to announcement made by John Spargo, sí Saclslist author and lecturer, l Law, and Order. Ta illustrïtiïe the influence tor law and order, oi Ithe troops rat the border, let us simplycite the instance of Galvcstan, Tex. where on March 13, ob of drunken American sildisrs went on a ramphge through i: e Nïaxlcafl; and ne o qusrters of the town. demoilshing furniture. driving out the occupants, burning two houses and engsging in street lights. It took dfty plcked men under a Colonel Bailey to quell the riot.
REBELS ams VICTOBIOUS IN 0 SONORA patrullas. YUCATAN AND OTHER PARTE OF lunxlcó IN nisv That he city oi Éhlhuahua is in a state of siege and that its 25, 000 inllahitants expect lts iail to belimminent has repeatediy been reported during thepast few days. Thevinsurgents hltve ehcirciedthe city and when the federal troops attempt to inrage 12 llllles beyond li: they are driven back by bands of rebells.
stuflïs have been rdceivcd for uvcr two weeks. The oberator nt Chihuahua; wired to the operator at Parral that Governor Ahumada ls powériess. dispatch from. Albuquerque, on hiarch 10, says thai; in four days from that time the city of Chihuahua would he without water, as the rebels have cut the water system within four miles of theflzesieged city.
There bas been no passenger traiïlc between Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez since thedeportureof the north bound train on the night of Jan. 29.
The train service ls demoraiized ss far south as Zacatecas. dispatch from Washington dated Mgirch says that the Mexican revolutlonlst have control oi railroads north, soutl and west qt Chihuahua; BAN NEAR JUAREZ.
Captain Oscar Creighton, an American and Harvard graduate, with a band of insurrectos, ls camped about fitteen zmiles south of Juarez. He blew up agrailroad bridge within tenï miles of the city on March 10. He urrived al. his cnmpingplacejn the vicinity o Juarez after a march of over 100 miles, during which he did not meet a single federal. He burned bridges and tere up tracksas he advanced. The latest dispatohes say that Creightqn has been deposed by his men. y severe deieat to the insurrecto forces underi Madero occurred last week at Casas Grandes. umuvco VICTOR nv Flonrn with marked success hlad an engngement with Iederais at March 12. in which he came oui ahead. ÜA Douglas doctor, who attended some of the Wounded, said killed and 15 Wounded, and that the insurrectos lost two kiiledand three Wounded; l Nine American born Mexican boys and two Americans, according to a United Press dispatch of March 13.
who erossed the line ito wltnessL the battlixwere captured by the federais.
The Mexican. boys were iinmediately lined up and shot. The Americans are stililvin jail. Phesevvictims were unarmed. Blanco still in the vicmity or Agua rrieta, and an attack is expected any time by the trembling federals ¿ini the town. W119 37 said to number abopt 600. Blanco had 550 men, but his force was just latelyíaugmenied by 200 Om the United. States. Gin March 13, he helrl up thdNscozai tralnÏIS miles from Agua Prieta. After the cosches were sesrohed. the jnsurréïü 519W, HD 100 feet of track. Before this was done two Mexican women and th eir families Were sallanti? 99mm Í? the insurgents out of the densa!
zone. S V: ANOTEÉR SONORA VICTORY. The Los Angeles Express prhïtsthe followingïscconnt: of rebel ¡triumiïhv in Sonora. EL ÏASO, Tex» March 3specigi dis mi; to the Herald. his is theioiily paar; morning from vanaiq. 503. Etatfi! Palftllerfihïlï l)
there was gpiriteiL engasement at slble.
that place Saturday between 150111surgentsnnd 50 ÍEÚBÏÏEÏS. T119 13511. paper.
sente. succeedsd in 1 l¡t. town with a ioss otíone killed, Mid two Wounded. Théfïfluml? F3195 The Supplies are very los. No food. ulas ever granted. Had dropped down on Mars, In the same work, I, as do still, thai: the federal loss was 21 nien. 98! lille WWFRHÁ ere waiting rei forcements. u ÏE. It is said. Iiowevefr, the tenéis han hurned tberaiirosd image to pyevent the srrivalof more federals.
ÍNYUCATAN. Yucatan, n; suite oftremendous 91MB against the movement foi; fresa don» 15 8511881111: Ïwitb incrïeasing vlgorhto, thrbw ofiïthe yoke, gym fnss have occurred lately in several places, and injmost instancias the rep. els have sainéd. the upper hand.
Tamsx, Ycxcaba, Poza ¿nd Dzxdgan.
tum are some of the towns captured. An Associated Press dispntcb séni out from El Paso on March 14 sáys ¿hat 021139131. in the state of Nuevo eüna 1B ln rebelllomnoW over certain»
ácts of its ofilclais. r. Morelos is alive with small bands of aotively operating rebeis. One group collected 5250 from the hacienda dela Palaqfnear Chihuahua.
Wlres have been cut between víCualts.
and Cuernavaca. Horses have been seized at Tlaltizapan by a group of men who it is reported íntend to join those operating in: Guerrero. Activity of the. ame sorLis aiso reported tohnvsoccïurred ai: Tojutla. The revolutlcnísts in the vicíníty of Torreon are still proceedingwith vigor in their uerrila. campaign.
The forces under Lopez Ortiz have recently gathered considerable money and horses, besidesÏ partlcípating in an engngement at Cruencsme.
Murderous. A Military. j.
Despotlsm. stores 1, 1911.
To tb Editor of Regeneraclonzi pj have received several copies of your valunbie paper, and thank you very kindiy for sending it to mer.
While can read Spanish only with hummer and tongsf yet suflflclently to keep in toncnwith the situation. spent the early Épart of the year 1907 in Mexico, and got over a. onsiderable portion of the country observed then the great unrest, now crystaiiizing into a fuli fiedged rebelilon, sure to end la revolution; hecause the policy. of Diaz, in deaiing even with simple political opposition.
has been so murdérous, that, when armed resistance. is once offered, ieath had hettergcóme in war glorously, though deiïéated, than sur ender, and die ignominiously, ss the anly condition of any surrendïer Diaz could not have been as greatly sur prised ¿lt conditions there as was ou my trip through hiexico. had thought, as hád no opportunity to, know niaerentiylthat Mexico was a Republic. On my ¡Ïreturn home, wrote a book, biexicopwith Compari sons and Conclusions, ln which summed up my conclusion of the kind of government ln Mexico, thus. Mexíco is a military despotism the most absoluta.
look with dread ïto the establishment oi a new regime by reason of the horrors always accompanylng. ndr SI verv Be e y Jpheldíin Under the above title thssan ÉrasCisco Bulletin of March 13 prints an editorial that: goes. straight to the mark. una cual: should makePresident Taft, iiïhe has snyfcapacity for shame in him, squirmmost painfuliy under the barhed directnéss of its aimÏThe editorial runs: By using his power as commander of the army and navy to order a military demonstrntion designed to end the revolution in Mexioothe President nt the United stateh declares lneirect thai; a land dedicated, it noi: devotéd, to theIcsuse of human liberty approves of the present government of liiekicoi. Thereforedt is only fair that the nlnety millions of Americans ln whose name President Tatt issues orders to the American army should want to know the truth about thegovernment which they are calledupon to preserve. 5. The editorial goes on to say thai: in the dearth oi. oiïilciallntortnation we must go to private sources. From these we learn that Mexico ls less. years, and every one of them has peca of a. republic than anypmonarcby in Europe. It continues: Mexicds Constitution provides for popular government, yet the people of lilexlco havsno more to say about the electlon of their President thanthey have ln the election. oi. the President of the United States. Porfirio Diaz has retained his seat for twenty seven years by the simple expedlent of using jzhe army to suppress political opposition. There have been six national electlons in those twenty seven a farce. In all other matters Porfirio Díaz has shown the same disregard for.
the rights whichia republic ls supposed to guarantee its people. There has been neither free speech nor free Pfesíf. Free speech han sontlïmnny a7 to prison or into exile; and 95 f9 ¡Tee pressfRussian editora.
have ¡far more liberty of sxpyggsion than those of Mexico. iAH news concériïiñg le government ls subject to a strlct censor ship, wn the ¡evo northern gateway or Menem: nswspnper in the whole republic ¡im ea evenïto hint at what was going on, The msn on Chapultepec hsrl raised a warning finger and the press was silent. fIn lilexico, under Diaz, th; pom u.
not even pbysically tree. Through an infamous contract labor system than.
sanas of pecas are sold every year ¡nm slavery, and these contrnctdaborers are fiogged. last as the negroes of this country were once fibgsed ify brutal masters. Such ls the government thai: Dictatoï Diaz has Zlvlell to Mexico. No free press, noi: even physical freedom for the poor. And ii: is to preserva Súch a govern ent that President Taft, ín thename of nlnstymiiiion Americans, u, forming a military wall alongthe Mexican border. After commentins ou the recent edict of martial law sent out by Díaz, and painting out its signíficance, the editoríaiconcludes. An amazing republic is the Mexico of Díaz. No popuiarelections, no free speech, no free press, not eevn physical freedom for the poor, and now patriots fighting for liberty are to be summaríly shot as robbers and murderers. And it ls to preserwe such a government that President Taft, ln the name of nlnety million Americans, is forming a military lwali, along the Mexican border.
e BREAD o Byll JNRIQUE ELoRss MAGÓN Don cry, dear little ono. nice man is coming soon to bring you tvoman, who, although wbrn out by atigue from walking in séax ¿n of to mix her rags of wretchyed plebeianísm with the costlygarments which her very own hands had helped tu make to cover the moral manga of the useiess aristocracy. some bread. The child ceased weeping. Per haps. ln his childish brain there was reflected the beautiful image of a great piece of bread, as enormous as, iiís bunger. and placídly hesettied himself to sleep upon a poor, miserable bed without mattress or sheets. o a young woman, with cheeks psiiid and qulvering with starvation, with eyes brillíant with the ever of debïlitatlon, traversed in vainï the streets of Mexico City in search of work.
No one wanted rto employ her. Of what use could so weak a woman be?
Her feeble armscould not produce, for the master who should hire her.
anything which might be wnrth the trouble orexploltlng her.
And worn out with fstígue, almost ldragging herselí, along, shezcame back to her wreoched den more pallíd than before.
war, and especially a civil war, the worst of ali. Like the nmputatlon Blanco,. who is operating in Sonora of a gangrened limb, however, the patient wm die. That, seems to me.
the situation in Mexico. The time has come when the kniíe, the sword, must be used, oriiberty will dic.
My sympathíes are with the people of Mexico, strnggling for liberty, and no one who knows the situation there, can feel or act dlfierently, and still claim to be humanf Vive la Republique! but may it the regenerated Republic you seek, and not the present Républio, re public in name, bata murderousmilitary despotism in reality. Very sincerely. in. GRAHAM.
In El Paso Roosevelt straddled the Mexican issue ss be straddles all other issues of importance. like the cheap politioian that he is, tÏill ise is quite sure which ls thejWlnl HIIE side.
Demand, Blïieiiigerenoé 4 y lFor y.
Mexican Reávolutionísts. Í. send si! to y and get the Ji JDK. Address msn hgua Pfiem un surgeon must finally be called, or the or send Lacuna set the wm 13 fille the paper. Don crypzruy beloved. It won be very long now before theflgpod man will bring you some bread.
was noi: enough for the child.
from the peïngs of hunger. want bread. hé moaned, between great sobs, whflle his. little body shrankpítifully with the anguisirof starvation. K The night came on.
The Gilded Mob, in interminable denia throughout the length of the avenue Plateros, under a thousand aro lights, displayed from lts carriages and on the sidewaiks the product of its robberyv sanctioaed by the Law. How much weaith, and how very much light! Theprecious stones dazzled theyeye. The Silken Sflïmeflts caressed the ears with sellflejïï ik frous, and the suhtle perfumes which emanated from the garments of the bourgeols women. made one think of mysterious Sleeping rooms, warm and agreesble. wl1ich would never be, alas. for the unhappy Wink ing. e ls MEXICO e BARAR. A. íFREE(fj ond yesfis subscription to Regeneracion.
me English imgepf this paper is to be. than ever before Regenerucionis the only gres of: the etica. tell: the aut. nboutl Mexican slsvcry and the P0licica1 Amedcw. calm, mdp. Which has made it pos mndémuch ¡note interesting paper tbatytelis in English the volntion. Bar barcos Merino with a. year ls subscription tail. mim subscription to mmcigy, 51513511Q! sims sc, Los How much light.
From among the rags oi! the un. EDDY plebeían was extended a. hand How much maimed and wasted, from which the haughty marionettes, vainof their costly dresses, drew backfand si: which the distinguished robbers in froek costs and sílk hats locked in loathing. The coarse bruto hand of a rutfluuwentitletl Agent ut tha rubita mr Order, shock the poor, ragged cresture roughly, like a bulldog shakes anyone who comes near his master, and dragged her out oi tlrrst center of light, where the Gíided Mobexhiblted without scruple its immense weaith amassed by the eternal tears and the misery and hunger ot sb many ragged Ireatures who ¡warm throughout Mexico. 8 It grew very late.
The deserted streets were orossed.
from time to time by people, who, uyged on by the cold, struck the side. But no. the ¡Human of a proímse walk resoundingiy with their heels «ns HE they wslked, hurrying to get to their little stomach, empty for more than homes a5 quickly a5 pmsibls twenty four hours, suffered íntepsely drunkard, stumblíng against shadow projected on the wall, leered at her obscenely. stray dog passed by, snlffing at walls and doors. The guardians of bourgeols security, nnt oiïthe people, snoréd an their corners, standing, against their posts.
The night had long since cams to an end, and the unas pm working Jwoman. shivering with cold, falnting with hunger, with her feet raw with the incessant march and her heart bruísed by the. egoism of the hourgeoísie, journeyed at hazard, seeking still for the hungry child a piece of bread. Plïorssr AGAINST AMÉRICAN INTERVENTION iN MEXICO?
PEOPLE. Establlshed 1899. Tip oldest fiobinlist Newspnperi West of the Rocky. Mountains. ong pompas mu: Address: iB. Rogers. 232m3: Seventh Sin eg. Los angeles. Gal.
iutionists were rmenacing Jnnm popular elections. no free speech, no work, had dared, impelled iïy hunger, y his V, a ser,