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NEW MILITANT Weekly Organ of the Workers Party of the VOLUME I, NO. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1934 PRICE CENTS Workers Party Opens Action Campaign Government Musteand Cannon Start Budenz Hails Party Fund Drive Opened Eleven Point Preparing National Tour, Jan 13 Party From By National Committee Program is For War Sickbed Mapped secretary Robins, Gras Win New Trial; diverted to the munitione makera. Framed in Hotel Strike Youth in Convention Plans rawn through Minneapolis and Broad Radical Organization Assigns Tasks to Members in 5, 000 Campaign Following is the schedule of the appearances of Muste and James Cannon, who on January 13 will open the first WASHINGTON. In the political national speaking tour of the Workers Party, to extend to February The Bix Months Program of Ac if employed and five cents per week Objective conditions in the Am. tion adopted by the founding con for five weeks if unemplofed. PayNEW YORK With unconquermelee following Roosevelt dema9, and covering 21 citie ustrial centers.
rogle move to take the profit out Buffalo, Sunday, Monday, January 13 14 Muste, Cannon.
erican scene call for the Workers vention of the Party must be put ments are to be made through the able enthusiasm, branches, memParty of the and give to Into effect.
of war and Senator Nye fat Youngstown, Ohio. Tuesday, January 15 Cannon.
that party a great opportunity for branches and forwarded weekly to bers, functionaries and friends of statement that the President wants Newcastle, Pa Tuesday, January 15 Muste.
revolutionary action and great to get together as promptly as possecretary. Members at largo remit going to work to carry out the six To that end the first essential is the National Office by the branch the Workers Party of the are to stop the Senate munitions in Cleveland, Ohio. Wednesday, January 16 Muste, Cannon quiry, pertinent facts have been Toledo, Oblo Thursday, January 17 Muste, Cannon.
responsibility. Such was the state able the Five Thousand Dollar direct to the National Office Fur months program of action adopted ment of Louis Budenz, executive Party Foundation Fund. Without ther instructions and directions at the unity convention rappressed. The dally pre has Detroit, Mich. Friday, January 18 Muste, Cannon.
of the and of this Pund all our work will be will be issued by the Campaign left them out. They are: Chicago, Sat. Sun. Mon. January 19 20 21 Muste, Cannon. the up to the time of its seriously handicapped the national Committee There is reason for the enthusi. The reason behind the muniWaukegan, Ill. Tuesday, January 22 Cannon.
merger into the Workers Party.
Madison, Wis. Tuesday, January 22 Muste.
Comrade Budenz was unable to gans, the trade union and unem. to the Party Foundation Fund formally launched. An example of office, the organizers, the party ortions inquiry and the President Begin to send your contributions many have been waiting, has been asm. The new party, for which move is that the United States Gov. Minneapolis St. Paul, Minn Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. Jandary participate in the recent conven ployed fractions. With this Fund NOW. Who will be the first?
ernment is definitely preparing for 23 24 25 26 27 Muste, Cannon.
tions that achieved merger, due to we can make only a beginning, it war.
Kansas City, Mo. Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Jan. 27 28 29 30 Cannon the operations which resulted from true, but a beginning which will paign to victory. From this minute We must, we can carry this cam unity has been set after more than Bending Every Nerve Des Moines, Ia. Monday, January 28 Muste.
a decade of splits and disintegreThis may be difficult for the orDavenport, Ia. Tuesday, January 29 Muste.
his prolonged illness. He will be give us an impetus that will carry on let us put our shoulders to the tion in the revolutionary movement, unable function actively for at us steadily and rapidly forward.
St. Louis, Mo. Wed. Thurs. January 30 31 Muste, Cannon dinary man to see, but to those on Sets Eleven Tasks mlinois Mine Fields, Staunton, Gilespie, Springfield, etc. Friday, least six more months, his phyul. The organization of the campaign wheel and keep at it until the last the inside it is obvious. Worla clans say. The Program of Action includes wor looms for the Party Foundation Fund has Saturday, Sundor. day. ruesday, February 15 Muste, Cannon.
The rulers of all the Cannon.
At his small apartment on 29th begun. Comrade Muste has been Spread the revolutionary mes aleven points as follows: big nations are bending every nerve sage!
street, where he convaleacing appointed chairman of the Cam. Double the Party membership in thnt direction.
Charleston,. Va. Wednesday, February, Muste, Cannon.
while receiving further treatmenta paign Committee and Comrade Rose Revolutionize the trade unionin six months.
Pittsburgh, Pa. Thursday, Friday, February 8 Muste, Cannon President Roosevelt is a big for chronte sinusitis, Budens was Karaner executive secretary. The movement! Raise a 5, 000 Party Foundanavy and army man, believing in New York City Sunday, February 10 Muste, Cannon.
optimistic about the new party and National Committee calls upon all All comrades and sympathizers are urged to get busy at once Carry the spirit of Toledo and the glory of our fighting forces ion Fund In slity days.
sorry not to be able to get into the members and friends to give imme Minneapolis throughout the land!
arranging meetings, conferences, etc. on the date indicated and and the necessity for war. He has Bulld the paid circulation of field at once.
diately their fullest support to the Build the foundations of the to keep the National Secretary informed of the progress of the done more in his short time in of he New Militant, official weekly The New Deal has promised the campaign Committee and its of Workers Party.
ce to militarize the country than irgan, to 10, 000. J. MUSTE masses figs and has given them cers.
National Committee, any other president since the war.
National Secretary thistles, he said. Additional mil4. Build the circulation of the Workers Party of Each member of the Party (As this is being written the Gov.
Iton dollar incomes, reduced stand called upon to give two days pay 112 19th Street, Now International, monthly theoratical organ to 8, 000.
ernment lets two more contracts to ards for the majority, curtallment or tea per cent of one month pay New York City.
the war manufacturers, one for 50 of relief for the unemployed that Organize two coast to coast bombing planes, another for 150. fact is sinking home.
tours and two as far west as a line Much of the Public Works money alloted under Roosevelt has been Need Maes Action Kansas City. clear thinking force, able to Establish Party concentration Talk Is Demagogy voice the revolt and hopes of the districts with district organizers in workers in terms they will under3. Since the Government is preat least five centers in addition to paring for war, and since the mo. Non Partisan Labor Defense Sees Victory for Labor Workers Party will meet that need stand, is the need of the hour. The New York: Chicago for the ILtive of war is profits, the Preslartacus Lei Pledges Adherence to Workers Party nois St. Louis territory. Pittsburgh If it proceeds to build the party dent talk is rank demagogy.
lor Western Pennsylvania and was Senator Nye in his attack on Harold Robins and Andre Gras, progressive trade unions allied through mass action and the American approach.
Pledging adherence to the Work the need for a broad organization ern Ohlo; Detroit, Toledo or Cleve Roosevelt polnted out that the com railroaded to prison last April for themselves to the cause and gave That group will give leadershipers Party of the United States, the which would have well rounded tand for Western and Northern misalon appointed by the President their militant activity in the New funds for the fight. The furor in a revolutionary way which can Art national convention of the activities to attract and develoy, Ohio, Lower Michigan Eastern to draft the anti prodt laws re York hotel strike, were granted a aroused against Supreme Court Indiana; the Anthracite and textile vealed his insincerity.
War Mon Head Commission new trial by the Appellate Division Jastice Valeute last August, when demonstrate its Ates for leader Spartacus Youth League formulat the young workers and students.
The International report covered area of New Jersey and Eastern he refused to grant Robins and ship before and with the workers ed policies and plans to build a Members in charge of the com of the Supreme Court on Friday, Grow certificate of reasonable In their immediate struggles for broad revolutionary youth organ. the development of the world youth Pennsylvania, the south.
TOP isation. Understanding the need movement, the creation of the In7. Organize national Party edumisalon are Bernard Baruch, December doubt admitting them to bail, and Will Street millionaire and during This victory for Wucers rights tinued. There is no other road to for clarity for effective action, ternational Bureau of Revolution cational system including the first thus forced them to stay in jail such attainment. Such intelligent three days, from December to ary Youth Organizations as the semester of resident school in the World War chairman of the came after Robins and Gras had nearly Avo months more til War Policies Board; General Hugh December 6, were spent in thrash center for the new revolutionary New York.
served eight months of their senaudacity as brought about in Mintheir appeal came up, has now Johnson, the man who worked tences. The unanimous decision of had its effect. Wo will redoubl Publication of at least one neapolis and Toledo will also win ing out the course of the Spartacus youth international, and the en out the draft plan used by the Gov the five appeal Justices criticized our efforts to see to it that the the sympathy or the farmers and Youth. Delegates had hiked in or trance of the French Young Lenin popblar agitational pamphlet per.
ernment during the war; and Genthe trial judge, Joseph Corrigan new trial ends in a further viceral Douglas MacArthur, chief of for sarcastic characterization of tory for the trade union move need, if we proceed in the course New Haven, Philadelphia, Newark. Youth to the International Bureau dealing with some urgent political geles, Frisco, Youngstown, Chicago, The adherence of the Spartacus the Declaration of Principles or the Army star.
the defendants. the suspicions de ment.
of the fight to carry our message At the first session an honorary was unanimously endorsed. Simi question of the day. When vlow In part the per cast on the defendants allble, his to the whole community Involved.
presiding committee was elected larly with the decision to sever forsonnel of the President comme failure to discuss discrepancies in Non Partisan Labor Dofense Acte American Approach consisting of founders and builders mal relations with the Youth Com tional Youth Organization. Build and consolidate a Ne slon, said Senator Nye, After their conviction last April, When we speak of the American of the predecessor of the young mission of the International Com not but think how unfortunato It and the plain import of Judge Robins and Gras appealed to the approach, we mean not only dram. Communist League, the young munist League. Discussion on the tion of the Left progressive wing in 10. Help to launch an organizais that Dillinger is dead. He was the jury the court opinion that tisan Labor Defense to initiate atic reference to the past revolu. Worker Langue, who are now in turn of the French Young Lenin the trade unions.
Corrigan attempt to indicate to Provisional Committee for the logical man to write the anth tionary traditions of this country, the Workers Party: Martin Abern, ists resulted in an overwhelming orimo lawa.
11. Extend and strengthen the Senator Nye is a liberal who de cobins bad been employed as a struggle for their release. Herbert on the basis of other class planes, Oliver Carlson, strong arm man by the union.
Solow, secretary of the We mean looking into the mind of John Edwards and Maz Shacht majority endorsing their action and a unanimous vote pledging support National Unemployed League and spite the shoeking revelations Vietory for Labor called for the organization of a the American worker, which gives man. This act was symbolic of the brought to light by the munitions This is a victory for the or united front Robins Gras Defenses an appreciation of his pragmatic connection between the old and the to them in their struggle against work toward united action by the unemployed and final unification is Inquiry still thinks that something ganised labor movement of New Fascism and capitalism.
Among those who an philosophy. This calls for post new militant youth movement.
The reports on anti militarist and one solid organization.
can be done to curb war.
swered the call were the American tive presentation of our aims, not Growth of Spartacus Youth anti Fascist activity given by Man Party Machinery In Motion Government Co Operated loed workers, declared Fall Workers Party, the Communist negative one. It demanda The organization report of the ny Garrett and Reva Craine respec. The party machinery itself in the The investigation has disclosed Morrow, secretary of the RobinsLeague of America, the Socialist painting of a picture under which that the Government co operated Gras Defense Committee. Many Party and the Communist Party the present revolutionary movement national secretary. Joseph Carter, tively were discussed at some length national office and the local and with the munitions makers over a Opposition. Among the unions is a natural development of all that showed the growth of the Sparta and in detail by the delegates. The district units must be set up and (Continued eo Page 4)
put in motion as the first essential number of years, the War Departwhich supported the defense were went before in the making of Am cus Youth from a wall club in cor carrying out the Program of ment golng so far as to lend them the Dressmakers Joint Board and erica. The wide and favorable re New York City in late 1931 to sovAction. That is already being done.
eneral hundred members with branchald in selling guns and military the Cloakmakers Joint Board of the ception of the technocratic mes.
Directives to the branches of the supplies to the governmental rulers International Ladies Garme sage, despite its political muddle in New York, Chicago, New Haven, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsformer an Instruct of Japan, Germany and other naWorkers Union, the New York Joint beadedness, gives us the cue ing them to fuse where branches of tions able to buy burgh, Youngstown, Minneapolis, Board of the Amalgamated Cloth Language of the Machine Los Angeles and San Francisco.
both organizations existed and to Testimony in the record shows ing Workers, the United Hebrew The Russian worker must be The difficulties of the national cenget the branch of the new party General MacArthur making sales Trades and many of its affiliates, made machine conscious. The Am ter due to financial poverty were organized functioning were talles in Europe for the DuPonte WASHINGTON. Weekly earn and the Amalgamated Food Workerican worker has gone through all explained and discussed. The efsent out three days after the close and other arms manufactur ings in the automobile industry eta Union. More than a hundred of that.
We must cooperate in fectiveness of the united front pol NEW YORK. The workers of the convention. The new memers.
Documents introduced from dropped to an average of 18. 88 branches of the Workmen Circle making him class conscious. To do Icy of the Spartacus Youth was the Altum Press, 165 William Street Dership books ar are being printed and the Ales of the manufacturers during the month of September ac also contributed funds. that, we must talk in the language cited as one of the major achieve expressed their sentiments against will be in the malis in a few days.
proved that industrial political cording to Labor Information Bul Abraham Abramowitz, of the so of the machine, of further achievements of the past period. violation of the Graphic Arts Code Enrolling Charter Members rulers of the United States are one letin, published by the Bureau of cialist Lawyers Association, and ment, and of the American tradi The following report, given by by walking out to a man on Tuesand the same, working hand in Labor Statistics of the United Louls Glickhouse, acted as attorSteps are being taken to enroll slove. Besides co operation on the states Department of Labor. This neys and wrote the brief which reThe Workers Party must evolve of the existing workers youth or The Walkout was ordered by the immediately the many workers who part of Governmental departinents was a decrease from an average sulted in the reversal. crystal clear menage and give it Ganizations and the character of Independent Printing Employees. Those who apply for membership both Presidents Hoover and Coolweekly wage of 23. 06 during the 1dge were linked by the evidence previous month and also a substanThe Communist League of Amer sage that will show itself in action, voked a great deal of discusion. unable at the present time to ale cepted become, with the members to the masses, Budenz sald a mes the Spartacus Youth League, pro an organization acting for workers before February and who are acwith the war makers tial decrease over the figure for the tea and the American Workers beginning with the Aght for plenty All agreed that the need is a broad admittance to the regular printing of the former and Aw.
Would Avold Confusion same month a year ago.
Party, which have now fused to and ending in the conquest of militant youth organization which, trades unions affiliated to the Amer. charter members of the Workers President Roosevelt owner Weekly hours in the automobile form the Workers Party, played a power.
while accepting the program and ican Federation of Labor.
planation of his hasty appointment industry, says the Labor Depart. of Robins and Gras. Most of the Leading role in the work on behalt policies HEALTH AND LOW WAGES the Workers Party, Three weeks ago, the boss of Al Despite technical problems in ot Baruch, Johnson and MacArthur ment bulletin, have dropped from speakers who appeared before the would embrace masses of youth tum Press demanded of compost the print shop and the malling de was that the commission would 31. in August to 25. in Septem scores of unions which were ap draft a body of laws that would be ber, while hourly earnings have proached came from the Workers 55 per cent below the minimamelaas struggle but not mature release for back pay according to going out to the masses.
The average wage in Ontario who were sympathetic to working tor, Sol Eckstadt, that he sign partment the party literature to necessary to avoid confusion which risen from 12. cents to T3. cents Party.
accompanies basty preparations for health budget requirement, accord enough to understand or to accept the code scale, which the NRA had Today the first lesue of the Now in the same month.
decided was legally his, after he militant, official organ of the war already declared.
These figures are not very all Daily Worker Attacks Committee quoted by Federated Press ing to recent official survey the program of the party.
The discussion revolved around was found competent by them. makes its appearance. Ploneer PRISON FIGURES REVEAL ficant, however, as is pointed out vicious attack on the Robins Four out of 10 children have the problem of the specific welght Eckstadt refused and was thereupon Publishers will have a e an attractive NAZI TERROR in an article in the weekly News Gras Defense Committee which ap physical defects six out of 10 here to various phases of its work Do act of Impudence, called upon the of Princtples and the Constitution ready before another week. Sbortdaily number of prisoners in the of Labor, without taking into con September, in the form of state who are all and need trained care litical, opponent workers organiza to take action.
falls and penitentlaries of Prussia sideration the tremendous drop in ment by the leaders of the Hotel do not get it. the report declared organisation, cultural, sports. etc. splepdid.
Despite the zero weather, in popular language the program, The response of the men has been ly thereafter a pamphlet describing has fumped from 32, 625 in 1831 to employment which has occurred in Restaurant Branch of the AmalgaA clearer understanding that the picketing has been going on with structure and activities of the party 87, 862 in 1982 and 36, 928 in 1933. the automobile plants since the mated Food Workers, to which THE FORGOTTON MAN main Deld of work of the Spartacus rare regularity. The strike to be will be published.
The latter figure proves the extent summer Robins and Gras belonged, received of the Natl terror. single in. For example, says the of crushing answer a week later, forgotten man is becoming more organised youth resulted from the whole industry and its outcome 18 CHARLESTON, The South Is among the politically un. yond all doubt a test case for the Launch Speaking Tour advised word is sufficient to bring article, the hourly earnings in when the Erecutive Board of that militant in West Virginia. Chal dlacussion.
bound to affect printers in every the printed word and aprending the Party speakers are supplementing about imprisonment in a centra industry are the union, protests of lenging President Roosevelt state Maste Address Convention shop tlon camp and fall. At the same higbest of the 10 different classid the Communist Party members, ment that no one shall starve, thou AJ. Muste, national secretary of The United Printers Association through the Comrade Oehler message of revolutionary unity time, food expenditures for the in cations used in Labor Information voted to liquidate their so called sands strong he marched on the the Workers Party, brought greet the bosse organization knows has addressed a meeting in Baltidividual prisoner have decreased Bulletin, but in weekly earnings Robins Gras committee and to state capitol and on relief sponclenings from the party to the convenita clase daty, it backs the Altum more. Comrades Cannon and Muste approximately 40 percent despite the automobile industry ranks affiliate with the committee organ throughout the state on Nationaltion. He emphasized Impor borses. The men on strike need the will appear at man meetings in the universal Flee in ricet.
ized by the Unemployed Day, Nov. 24. tance of the youth movement and backing of their class brother (Continued on Page 4)
IRVING PLAZA SPEAKERS: Sunday, December 23rd. 00 Irving Pl. 15 th St.
Auto Wages Drop 19 Pct.
Altum Press Out on Strike Party.