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PAGE NEW MILITANT SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1934 FROM THE FIRING LINE We Ride The Rods To The Merger Convention From Kansas City To New York Merry Christmas. IN THE UNIONS Little Gift To the Jobless The Real Story and their supporters. The Beech Supported some solution soon if one Specialty of Pioneer Shop camp had gone on a holiday and By KARL LORE the Salvation Army refused to feed Building Traces War us, although the table was elegantfurniture? The list is endless and When thieves fall out, honest the jurisdictional fights and strikes ly set for the officials, on the pretense that we were too late.
men get their due. says the ok that they have caused has ripped proverb. And while it may no At Susquehanna, Pa. we were labor solidarity in the building apply entirely in the case of the trades to pieces. With the coming pulled off the train and threatened officials of the Building Trades De of the NRA and the inauguration with 30 days in Jall. After some FERA 30 cent Minimum Wage is Abandoned partment of the American Federa of the tremendous explanation the railroad bull directWe were of the evening of Nov. almost barefooted and on the verge ed us to the transient camp and adgovernment tion of Labor, this rift in the ranks building program, the issue has be20, amid falling snow and sleet, on of starvation. He had been thrown vised us to take a day rest and Just a year ago President Roose Voice of Wall Street of the old guard labor leadership come even sharper.
a Wabash oil car. had in my out of his union and his relief re dry our clothes. We took his ad velt handed the unemployed a Speaking in San Francisco, Win merits the most careful attention The control of the Building yo city branch of the ities.
the available cash of duced because of his radical activ vice. was forced to sleep on the Christmas gift in the form of CWA throp Aldrich, chairman of the by those who are out to revive the Trades Department has become an our floor because the transient authori Men who had been out of work for Chase National Bank of New York, Sighting spirit of the trade union important weapon in the Jurisdicmovement.
Communist League of America. Once we went too far, riding pasties have not discovered that Ne several years gratefully accepted pleaded for return to direct bome There has always been trouble chals are the ones who confer with tional war, since Department of My companiohs were three Fort Wayne and on to Montpellier, groes sleep in beds.
wages of 912 a week and some relief and abandonment of work is between the big unions of the Bulld government agencies in charge of comrades who had travelled from o. where we had to wait all day times more for real work. The lief projects. Concerned about the ing Trades electricians, carpenters, building projects. They have a California and who, like me, were to get out of town. This mistake. We left our last transient camp. President was going to abolish the increased tax burden and evident bricklayers and their supporter great deal of Influence in determinbound for New York and the na was due to our ability to be som: Bobo geniuses. From Jersey City time for those who had been put unemployed. Mr. Aldrich talked and the smaller unions of the deing what kind of jobs should be in Port Jervis, with a group of dole and Christmas was a joyous ly not at all about the effect on the tional convention and merger nolent in the midst convention.
In Detroit, we had to walk 12 about business and taxes and bud partment. For many years the Big done and what arrangements made Three were unaffiliated with the to carry them out. Building Trades There was no place to sit, so we miles to get from one freight yara a subway to the office of the Mili on CWA, and a time of happy anti(government budgets, of Building Trades Department of the bureaucrats are afraid of the thoutant, went home with a comrade to cipation for those who were still gets bad to hold onto the iron rod that to another, and in Toledo, 20 miles wash the dust from our faces and getting relief but hoped for CWAcourse, not more adequate budgets Federation. Last the unity ofbership. It the per capita is to conran around the car. Oh boy, what and then remain for the night in a for the unemployed. He wants the they joined again and jobs soon.
spring, however, sands of unemployed in their memattended the meeting of a hold on! My feet ached untia aiapidated vacant house. In Cle: the Joint convention that tingght Another Christmas will be here cost of relief borne by local com they lost all feeling: knew had veland, we got a train out right The conventions of the League and in a few days. President Roosevelt munities, but did not suggest bow the building trades was hailed with tinue rolling in and their power to to hold on for 72 miles, so did. away, after walking 15 miles to the the merger were over. The song has a new gift for the unemployed.
continue unchallenged, work must local communities which are now much Jubilee and shouting.
At Carrollton, in, we spent the west yards.
be found for as many as possible.
night in the railroad station. When in Elmira, Y, we spent the was over, but the melody of enthu parke, which bence de ces Achat defaulting their bonds could meet It didn last bese costs. short six months and the war Department is a matter of vital The control of the Building Trades we asked the station agent to let night in the county jail lodging an hour minimum wage rate. In Slearly, what the bosses want is was. San SIMON WILLIAMSON. stead, rates are to be set by local a return of relief to local commuco convention of the of the it may depend, in large measure, us stay, he said curtly. That col house on iron beds. The transient ored feiler, does he get cold? reliet boards (which means by em nities over which they have more ranks were again divided when the their very existence.
replied emphatically, Most assurployers of labor) in accordance control, so that they can reduce smaller unions in control the edly: very much 80.
standards and, by making voluntary Department refused to seat their Does It Mean Split?
He let us remain, but looked at me suspiA Merry Christmas contributions, or setting taxes opponents at the conference The smaller untons know that the It a merry Christmas for the through local politicians, can re it was a serious split and the Fed Big Three Intended to take the clously until obeyed his dictate in Illinois the middle of the night and brought bosses, who have been begging for duce at the same time their teeration convention was unable to reins into their own hands. They this ever since CWA was started. sponsibilities.
in a bucket of coal.
Reports from the south tell of settle it. All efforts since have been are determined to keep control new In this connection, it is interest: fruitless. convention of the De themselves.
Next morning we decided to travel in pairs, so that in case of Allard Account Reprinted from Labor Action minimum rates of cents an hour ing to riote that Community Chest partment called by William Green As yet, no and maximum of 15 cents in some campaigns for private agencies arrest at least one pair would reach solution has been was attended only by the Big Three found. The A, of Itselt must New York. Ray and Abe took the By GERRY ALLARD The Left Wing faction of the districts.
this year have been more success the Big Three. But it must highway: Al and took another Ralph Shaw, southern Illinois of has time after time made Removing the restrictions on ful than for several years past, and ment was reorganized and in con also oiler. But the next 90 miles con organizer of the Communist Party. unity with Communist miners, over FERA wages has had the result the in many cities exceeded their sequence we now have two depart group or the other is not to pull vinced us that to ride on ollers was writes another story of the Illinois the heads of Ralph Shaw and employers hoped for: It has affected quotas. For every business man ments, each claiming to represent out of the Federation ranks entire unprofitable. Open box cars, flat coal miners in the Nov. 24 issue or Gebert. We have no reason to alter wages for employed men. The who contributed more generously the building trades unions of the 1s. The situation is already giving cars, on top and in coal cars, but the Daily Worker. Shaw writes of our policy in this connection. Wo south, where lack of organization through a greater sense of respon o plenty of headaches to the execuno more oilers.
the struggle to place militant canare dealing with a coal miners by labor always gives employers sibility or sense of guilty there tive council of the Federation. They From then on it was a nightmare didatas on the ballot for the elec situation, therefore, when we speak the jump when restrictions are re must have been others who want Jurisdiction Claims of cold cars and long walks from tions in the Progressive Miners per united foronts deather proses bere ingredietenina semete nis me rente a los serellet back in their own Behind the whole sight is the bit can be patched up and matched up one railroad yard to another and union, Dec.
ter jurisdictional squabble which soon, a jurisdictional war is likely Using Sales Taxes efforts to get food and a place to He charges that the Left Wing of that organization, and not with dny: and, since employers, farm has always cursed the unions of to ensue which will make all those The growing custom of using this industry. Who, for example, which have gone before look like sleep. In Moberly, Mo. we tried to miners, an amalgam of ers, people who have opposed and and Industrial, usually run the repanhandle for food and coffee, be Socialista, syndicalists, and inde scabbed on the Progressive Miners lief boards, threats or withdrawal sales taxes for relief is another hangi metal doors? Sheet metal sham battles. Such a conflict, in cause we knew my wouldn last pendent radicals, refused to join of relief can be used to force the symptom of the trend for industry workers, iron workers and carpen. fact, may go so far and be so victhe whole 1, 000 miles of our trip with the Communist Party in fightThe struggle in the of workers to accept.
to play the tune in relief. New ters have claimed the work. What ious that unionism may be practiAll the restaurants lived up to the ing for radical slate in the PM to nominato a Left Wing slate was Relief Administrator Harry Top York City has just put a tax of union takes care of moving metal cally wiped out in the industry.
true American tradition of sogre ot elections. It Shaw means that conducted without ballyhoo a la kins, whose good but futile inten and per cent on all articles costThe building trades organizations, gation. Finally we went into one we turned him down in a united Communist Party. The line of the tions promise to pave bell for the ing more than 12 cents, exempting furthermore, have always been the financial and political backbone of corpulent blond at the counter in that he talking about its no such centrating on local union elections, lowering the minimum wage standssceches in Congress against males the Federation old guard. Unformed me she was so sorry butoffer was made on this specific si.
Shaw states that the refusal of ard. But President Roosevelt, under taxes a couple of years ago, sugshakeably conservative in their polI would have to go in the kitchen: tuation. The Left Wing group has the Left Wing to unite with the pressure from employers, forced ac gested an income tax, but the bank Communist Party enabled William ceptance but she became apologetle when Alturned Shaw down on a number of icies, they have constituted a Rock ers have a way of persuading the of Gibralter against progressive Keck, reactionary incumbent secwent with me.
Unemployed Are Fearful liberal mayor what is best for the ideas.
are fearful that city and the bank The ration accep In Springfield we searched for on united front proposals on the retary treasurer, to secure the noFor their own self preservation, hours and walked miles to find Joe basis of supporting the Unem position. In another paragraph he tance of the bosses wishes in this mination for president without op the relief And So Merry Xmas!
some sort of settlement will have October, balmy month that it Angelo, one of our League composed Councils, the International lastens to assure the readers of the instance presuges further trouble was, added 37, 600 families to the The Pioneer Bookshop. Jack to be worked out. Indications are rades. When we found him, he was Labor Defense, etc.
Wasserman, manager at 102 East that some sort of compromise will Daily Worker that the Communist for them. Pressure is being brought rellet rolls, according to prelim. 11th Street, Just of Fourth Avenue, be concluded in time to prevent all Pertwing comparte tur secretary role chitandard. While the Scripnte tration in Washington. This brought he was party Joe Burrell, to reduce the already inadequate nary figures by the Relief Adminis: Is the New York book shop of the around throat cutting from killing treasurer. Shaw does not explain Howard newspapers publish a sur the total to 4, 082, 000, as compared The shop specializes in Alling just how the refusal of the Lettvey in 24 areas Basically, however, the conflict the country, with 3, 010, 516 in October of 1983. mail orders to out of town custom will continue until the reign of Wing to join in a united front with showing 18, 000, 000 men, women and Another report from Washingtoners and in carrying the literature bureaucracy, gangsterism and corthe resulted in electing Keck children are receiving public reliet showed that while incomes under of all political tendencies in the ruption is wiped out, and until steps president of the union by acclama and pointing out that the present 25, 000 during 1933 had decreased, working class movement.
toward industrial unionism are tion.
outlay is inadequate. business men those above this figure had in We can secure any book not intaken. That is the job of the pro The Real Story are asking for investigations and creased stock within 12 hours, says a sign. gressives.
Incomes Under 25, 000 Shrink, Tax Returns Show Merry Christmas Here is the real story: During insisting that relief be reduced.
The walls are lined with books.
the nominations for union offices in The tables are stacked with pam. Department Stores President Roosevelt once re. In 1883 under the New Amalgamated local union phlets. In the racks are current There are few cases on record of his New Deal would redistribute to billions ship of some 2, 400 members, Claude many countries.
ployees. The labor turnover 18 wealth. There is hardly a person The income from dividends on Pearcy, Incumbent president. One of the tasks before the great, the percentage of skilled left outside of Germany who still stocks the stocks which are gener was nominated by his faction for Workers Party. Wasserman ex workers small. Employees generally believes that Hitler is redistribut ally held by capitalist economists the position of secretary treasurer.
plained, is to get out a popular consider their jobs as temporary ing weith; but a good many Amer to be the means of distributing Joe Burreli, Left Wing candidate, series of books and pamphlets. and are unwilling to organize on icans who took Roosevelt seriously wealth among the petty bourgeoisie was nominated by our faction. As Finds the Shop Coffee Good. And Black Wasserman is also manager of that basis. In Milwaukee, how were unpleasantly surprised by the the income from stocks decreased predicted, the vote proved to be the Pioneer Publishers who will ever, 500 employees of the Boston report, on Monday, of the In from billion in 1932 to bil very close. In order to make it By RED We re kept Busy come Tax Bureau.
Hon under the New Deal in 1933. easier for the reactionaries to win First thing you see is a big coffee Yes. said Marens, who takes phlets during the next six months. which presents a number of interIn the calendar year 1933 there While wages, salaries and divi the nomination the Communist pot. In fact there are two coffee care of the financial end of the pamphlet each month. esting angles. The workers are orwas a rise of 26 in the number of dends decreased, however, the di Party miners, not of their own freel pots and a dozen cups. Half the shop, whichever end that happens which will be printed to sell for ions of which three clerks, janiSubscriptions to the pamphlets, ganized into a number of craft unpeople reporting a million dollar a rect profit on business (either from will, but because of fraction disct cups are clean and half the cups to be, we re kept busy. We re year income. Mind, a million dol ownership, partnership or bonus) plide, nominated Laverne Pruett, are not clean. The biggest big cot getting out 8, 000 copies of this is ten cents, are being taken by the tors and truck drivers have struck.
lar income, not a million dollar cap increased from to billion. who everyone agreed had very fee pot sits on top of a little beater sue. The type is set for the first bookshop at 50 cents for the six. Four other groups the electricians, ital, but a million dollar profit in Within the next six months the painters, carpenters and linoleum (Continued on Page 3) little chance to receive the nomina which is sometimes hot and some pamphlet of the Workers Party one year, or about 3, 000 per day.
tion. The result of the vote on the times not so hot.
the Declaration of Principles. The Ploneer Bookshop hopes to have a layers have remained on the job There were twenty million dollar nominees resulted in Pearcy remailing list covering the 48 states, because of contracts and are workYou go through a dark hallway on first printing will be 10, 000. new ceiving 118 votes; Burrell 115; and the first floor, and at the back a pamphlet will be issued each month.
Wasserman said.
boys in 1982; in 1933, even though ing side by side with scabs.
the first two months of that year ett Burrell was snubbed out door opens into the print shop of We re printing thousands of the saw the very lowest depression cul by a nose, thanks to the treachery the Pioneer Publishers of the membership cards. And in addiminating in the bank crash, the of the Communist Party.
Workers Party. You can see the tion to the New Militant, we get New Deal in the remaining nine months succeeded in creating 26 Indignation swept through the print shop for the clutter of things out the New International and new financial monsters, bringing the SAN FRANCISCO. While the rank and file miners of this terri. The one peaceful spot is on top of Young Spartacus. However, the shop does need a Only Limited Supply LAN total up to 46.
working class anxiously awaits the tory. The repercussions penetrated the stove, and the coffee pot has a new press. This one is too slow.
Tom Mooney recent ap deeply within the ranks of the monopoly on that.
HISTORY OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, vols. Redistributing Wealth Things When the party moves into new (Reg. Price 10. 00. 50 That isn all. Income tax repeal to the Supreme Court Communist Party, and rumors are MY LIFE (Reg. Price 00)
Tables, shelves, piles of paper, headquarters, we will look around 50 turns are tabulated according to an appeal which would have more circulating to the effect that Adam classes. There is the million dol assurance of success it there were Chura, leading rank and file Com buckets of lead, fonts of type, for a new press.
LHNIN. 00 fare class, the five hundred thou an organized and militant move Shaw and the professional bally long arm up and down, rattling out Om Its Way WHITHER ENGLAND. 00 sand dollar class and so on down ment fighting for Mooney. rumors The rumbling in the shop con PROBLEMS OF THE CHINESE REVOLUTION 00 GERMANY WHAT NEXT. In are adrift in California to the effoet hooers began to justify the course labor news and editorials for the tinued. The linotype key board. 65 to the thousand dollar class.
15 cidentally one unnamed man, in a THE SPANISH REVOLUTION IN DANGER. 15 class by himself, teported an inte nama Merla come strike break lieve in theoretische hotel the hands of Joe Hirsh we do under toe hands of teater Tarab: 1, 200 from the labor front. Ann Cohen THE SOVIET UNION AND THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL. 10 pardon of Mooney.
miners who know Burrell, and the coples of the paper an hour, a job who looks 18 but declares she is day. SOVIET ECONOMY IN DANGER.
number of incomes and Mooney has for years refused a miners accepted the Shaw version press turning out red membership older busled herself setting up new IN DEFENSE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION. 05 the amount of the incomes abore conditional 25. 000 per scat increased, while steadfastly maintaining his inno Shaw switches from his lament. United States, and three or tour the press, feeding papers into the OF SPECIAL INTEREST amount in the classes below 25, 000 with, he has conducted a bold bat blanket endorsement of Burrell. and type to tables and back again The 8, 000 sheets would have to be both the number and the total cence of the crime he was charged able theory of the lesser evil to people going from tables to type machine, printing the first forms.
Ten Years History and Principles of the Left Opposition. by Max Shachtman. 10 is being distributed by the New San Quentin prison where he was terest of the rank and file, but in eine there must be at least a dozen malling department could get busy. Accuse Stalinism by Maria Reese, former Communist incarcerated 18 years ago at the order to check the revolt within the of them.
The New Militant would be on Reichstag Deputy. 05. 10 War and the Fourth International.
Where did the money come from? hehest of the organized bosses of coal miners.
its way to you In the mails!
Merriam, who was Tactics theoretically supposed to be a part Bound Volume of THE MILITANT (1933) 50 Your correspondent had a Wages and salaries reported to the California.
bureau totaled billion dollars in elected by the skin of his teeth, is The treachery of the under of the left wing labor movement. cup of coffee from the big pot on thinking of releasing Mooney in Labor and Internationalism by Lewis Lorwin (Reg. 00) 50 order to a tornis workers who duplicated in scores of local unlong definitely clarify the relations of black it was pretty good if you like a little popularity caucus instructions by Shaw, was until the Left Wins miners can the little stove and though it was The American Federation of Labor by Lewis Lorwin. 00 Wealthy Americans among the where Left wing candidates were the bankrupt Communist Party to black coffee.
Miners and Management. by Mary Van Kleek. 00 hate his very bones. The reasons nominated. In local union after the Left Wing. as that of being The Decline of American Capitalism by Lewis Corey. 00 for the change are described 48 local union, the reactionaries are fundamentally dissimilar, the right Toward the Understanding of Karl Marx by Sidney Hook. 50 36, 000, 600, 000 now on deposit in York Times correspondent in San Candidates, thanks again to the Twelve billion or one third of the follows by George West, New plurality candidates not majority wing will continue to be plurality FOLLOW THE NEWS IN THE Aspects of Dialectical Materialism Symposium. 75 candidates.
the banks of the country is owned Francisco: Literature and Dialectical Materialism John Strachey 00 Letters to Kugelmann by Karl Marx. 00 by 49, 900, 000 small depositors, according to figures released recently embracing some of the most influ strong conservative minority Communist Party leaders tactics.
Conditions of the Working Class in England by Engels. 76 The Left Wing miners succeeded Kautsky the Renegade by Lenin. DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES by the Federal Deposit Insurance ential business men in San Fran in placing in nomination candidates Corporation. This figures out at Cisco have long been saying private for every desired office with the ex Left Wing Communism by Lenin 25 and CONSTITUTION Letters of Rosa Luxemburg (Reg. Price 50)
an average deposit of 240.
ly that the Mooney agitation should ception of the presidency. What of the Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti (Reg. Price 75c. Twenty tour billion or two thirds be ended by executive action, pre the result of the election will be is is owned by 800, 000 other deposi ferably a commutation of sentence a foregone conclusion. The right WORKERS PARTY OF THE Write for Catalogue tors. They average 30, 000 each.
NOW AVAILABLE IN PAMPHLET FORM that would release Mooney with no wing have a machine, funds, politi Single copies 5c. 00 per hundred prepaid.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.
Nothing is said about the finan opportunity to accept or reject: a cal connections with the Repocrats, cial status of the other 10 million choice that would be bis should the etc. which will enable them to land ORDER NOW PIONEER BOOKSHOP who make up the population. method of release take the form of PIONEER PUBLISHERS (Official Workers Party Bookstore)
We know, however, that 18, 000. a parole, for which Mooney has relatls to elect its slate, it will not the major offices. If the Left Wing 102 Erat 11th Street 102 East 11th Street 000 of them are being kept alive peatedly said he would never ask be because of the workers; it will Now York, New York, by rollet. Continued on Page 3) be because the Communist Party is Men Who Get 3, 000 aDay Doubledby Nira, Roosevelt market echt niet alle wiele, that bea, wages and salaries de reposer au contempted methonNumber: Red Sees the New Militant periodicals and meks paper front strikere og med on the remote Coming From the Press Mooney May Be Pardoned Books by Leon Trotsky results Clutter. 05 Both Deal! 00 35