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The National Unemployed League To MARCH WORLD OF EVENTS The American Socialist Party sires no negotiations on the united sod piled on it to the height of six with the position of the Socialist burning question to be settled in the turned sharply to the right at last front.
IN REVIEW feet, by the passage of a resolution Party, but are subsersive of its socialist Party is, according to the By JACK WEBER week three day session of the The Position of Thomas designating a committee to receive ains and purposes.
left own claims. Who shall National Executive Committee in In the same column, Thomas ad proposals for restating the Declar Shocked Beyond Words Boston.
prevall, reformist or revolutionist?
The Chaotie Balkans Six months of persistent pounding nits that the only differences ation which won a referendum only One is not surprised to find that Right Wing Presses Forward Lerroux Gil Robles on Tightrope Once more the Balkan caldron by the right wing extremists finally Among the right wing majority was a month ago!
not only did Thomas vote for this With this mandate from the leftAl is not well with the Lerrouxoncerning the phrasing of this Move to Expel Left Wing threatens to boil over. In retalia produced results. Of the ten reactionary resolution, but orally ist at last Sunday meet El Robles regime in Spain. With position. When the intransigent tlon for the assassination of the members elected on the Militant be solution of a partial cabinet The majority rapproch added that he was shocked beyond ing, the New York State Committee dictator Alexander by Croat terror slate in the heterogeneous amalgaVacman Solomon group after the ment with the reactionaries was words by the stand. But moved to expel all members of the risis last month when several min Ists, the Yugoslavs, accusing the mation which rallied around the veeting continued to criticize the accelements who still precipitately the left from the calling upon all by an attack on the it is surprising to observe how With similar mandate ters resigned, the government still Hungarians of complicity, are re: centrist Declaration of Principles repudiation of united front inds it necessary to maintain a sorting to wholesale deportation of at the June convention, seven defiegotiations as insufficient, Thomas find themselves in the Socialist wing of Krueger, Dantel and Hap organized factions to dissolve, the traddling position between the Hungarians. Official figures issued nitely lined up with the right wing, a a letter to the Times of Party. resolution was passed good retreated. They must know by the Yugoslavian authorities while the remaining three retreated sec. and Mayor Hoan in a state practically reading the Revolution what the relation is between armed more, not only against revolutionN. Committee made its first gressive Monarchist Rightist blog and the masses who are already place the number of those driven before the right wing attack on sent to the press (N. Post, Dec. ary Policy Committee out of the insurrection and the dictatorship of out in the most ruthless fashion at every issue.
accused Waldman group of Party. The is but a small the proletariat which they have on arles. but to break up the militant reparing to avenge the October threo thousand. Yet Belgrade de The reorganized right wing of alsrepresenting the C, and segment of the left wins, and is previous occasiones avowed. They of this prohibition will be made in Although thousands have been nies that this is a mass deportathe Immediately showed its tion; it is merely getting rid of un colors, by accepting in essence the an In denouncing any united frontaries in the Party because of its Thomas accusation against the right wing move to prevent the treated only two persons have been Militants from galning further actually executed for activity durdesirable individuals. The Hungar position of the reactionary New with Communists. Since in line erratic career and its Lovestone that these people bave harro votes in the New York City central ing the uprising.
lans, whose frredentist struggle to York State Pennsylvania combina rith the non aggression pact af. istie complexion. But the resolu gated reguin territory lost in the War is tion of Waldman Solomon Limbach,. rmed in France, the Stalinist of Another indication of the manner tion against it, introduced by the commit the party to a program that right wing is preventing the seating in which the government is forced one of the factors in present Balkan etc. on the three most important Intriguing, have not been behind issues.
a the Social Democratic idea of a that the attack is really directed that the fundamental issue at stake on various pretexts. Now they was to be seen then conference held hand in the expulsion of Yugoslave.
Thumbs Down on United Front The tension existing at the borders act. the repudiation of ter mentioning the it says: the theory of revolution. To those have a real excuse. One muy pre by the Minister of Agriculture of these two countries is only one Consideration of united front ne united front reveals starkly the The acceptance by a group of who have taken seriously their dict that in the next few weeks (the Popular ActionistJelnenezadded strain among the many tend negotiations was repudiated by the owardice of the Militants (Krue party members of doctrines which previous avowals, Krueger, Daniel delegates will be refused seats on Fernandez) in Badajoz last weeking to tear as under European civil The avowed spokesman for zer) and the ultra reformism of include the theory that armed in and Hapgood owed it as a duty to by slegul caucuses.
ization and to bring about the sec the New York Pennsylvania reac Thomas, Krzycki Co.
surrection 18 a proper Socialist openly attirm a revolutionary posle This Catholic Fascist minister, As a further gesture of good will ond World War.
tionaries, James Oneal, was joined In a score of public statements method of achieving Socialist aims tion, if they held it. Here, for the cerned the first World War repro slate (James Graham of Mon State Committees, controlled by the tive Committee as a dangerous de party confusion, the issue of reform move for a farmer labor party and organizations and representatives Insofar as the Balkans were con by four elected on the militant the New York and Pennsylvaninis viewed by the National Execu first time in a period of internal toward the right wing extremists prestane wat creuresentatives of sented in actuality only a third untana, Mayor Dan Hoan of Milwau reactionaries, have openly refused parture from Socialist principles versus revolution was sharply gave a majority on it to the diel of the landowners, proposed to the finished Balkan war. it solved kee, Albert Sprague Coolidge of to be bound by the majority dect and tactics. It leads the workers thrust forward. Here nothing but the temporary question Massachusetts and Darlington son of the referendum on the De Into nuecessary dangers, exposes portunity to draw the line between that the Julius Gerbers, sarah mence a division of the land among of greater military strength. The Hoopes of Pennsylvania) in a moclaration of Principles. This outpresent economic chaos in Europe to categorically and unequivocally right breach of party discipline was trigurs of agents provocateurs, di for such a task the so called lets Limbachs and James Grahams undiese families he went on to etibe outcome of the arrested de rejected the united front with the not only tacitly condoned by the verts the workers from the work of proved incompetent. They contentations for united political action not do this he would then propose velopment of the proletarian revo: Communist party or splinter par. majority, but the true blue organization and education as the led themselves with defending the Aim to Cleanse the Party a law in the Cortes for the GovernPressing their advantage.
the ment to divide the estates at tremendous upheaval signified the the 1936 party convention. There Daniel, did not even introduce a and commits the Socialist Party to of freedom of opinion within the once. arranging later for inderrevolt of the productive forces of wax a tte vote for this motion. motion to censure this violation of the use of methods that will delay, party. This formless, liberal post right wing extremists continue to world economy against the outworn Whereupon Maynard Krueger, Chi party democracy.
instend of hasten, the triumph of tion without content, might be jus with the concessions made to them.
On the other hand, the fortysystem of national capitalist states. cago Militant leader, prepared Instead the Declaration of Prin Socialist ideals. We hold that such tified under other conditions, but By the failure of the proletarian jointly with Hoopes a face saving ciples was morally burled and the doctrines are not only in conflict certainly not at a time when the The right wingers want an end to eight (48) hour week in the metalmining and smelting industries has all ambiguities: they want the revolution to spread, the bourgeoisie compromise which affirmed the was permitted to remain in control united front in principle but uneyttivocally committed to classi been reestablished by decree, recal reformism on the model of the placing the forty four (44) hour of the national states and thereby put it off, in exact accordance with German Social Democracy or, betweek won as a result of the last to set in motion once again all the the right wing demand, until the summer strike. The Asturias coal ter still, the British Labor larty reactionary forces of capitalist im 1936 convention! Loenl united mines have at last been reopened, perialism. Thus the Balkans be fronts are permitted in organized (A Note. This is the first of. History and Methods the unity of the unemployed and of the they feel confident it being required that every miner come anew the pawns of the Great states upon specific permission from a series of articles on the history Powers in their intrigues for worla the State Committee and from carry an identification card issued employed on the industrial front. they can get what they want. If by the authorities in return for his domination. Today, as at the end In unorganized states. Oneal and methods of the National Unthe federal government peeked at At the same time the Communist they have pushed the Militants and Anger prints and one rifle. Until of the War, there can be only one from the right and Hapgood and employed Lengues, the strongest the unemployment problem and de Party, in the field since 1929, had the Thomas group so far, they can the Asturias mines are again funenow unite with Thomas, Hoan real solution for the Insoluble con Daniel from the left voted against and most substantial organiza cided to handle it, as the Agricul demonstrated its inability to organ Co. against the militants and those tioning normally the coal companies tradictions of capitalism that will this resolution.
tural Department handles insective ther Unemployed Councils outtions in the unemployment field. are being allowed to use duty free inevitably make a bloody shambles Since Thomas and Krueger voted pests, by charts and advice, the side of the large, Industrial cities, to the left of the Militants.
of the Balkans: the creation under for it, the militante bave been pri cleanse the of all revolu British coal to all pressing orders.
Barter system began to supplement especially in the smaller cities and By LOUIS BREIER The newly constituted bloc of the hegemony of the proletariat of vately palming of this retreat as towns and in rural areas. Where tionary elements, to break up the Monarchist and Rightist parties the Soviet Federation of the Bal a clever maneuver which would ac brief history of the National Self Help threatens to overshadow all of the At this stage It was no longer Unemployed Councils were success. centrist current these are the im kans as part of the Soviet United tually allow them to have united Unemployed Langue necessarily in supposed that Prosperity was the fully organized, they demonstrated mediate steps which the right wing States of Europe.
fronts in unorganized states, involves a history of the unemployed ing behind a curtain like an old a remarkably brief span of life, due proposer, and the Boston meeting other reactionary forces of the linols, and among the youth, etc. movement as a whole. As it stands maid stretching out the anticipation undoubtedly to the familiar shows that most of the will church and state into a single Italian Foreign Exchange Monopoly But Thomas destroyed this pretense while the present leadership of the monolithic whole with the whole The intense economie warfare of by some frank talk in the New today, the represents the of a kiss as long as possible. In policies of mechanical control and ald then in this reactionary task. So far as highest point in a long process of stead It was thought that Capital wholesale indoctrination. The Na1930 and Militant group is incapable of reorganization of the government along corporative lines. If the ne ture of foreign markets during the action of the 18 a victory for development and transition from only to be primed by an artificial 1931 as well as several state march fighting back.
bloc is successful in its purposes the What perspective does this situ world crisis unfolds itself in one one group or another, should say the first, uncertain attempts of the resumption of services and the dishes and demonstrations in the larger of commodities the general currencies to make goods che per convinced in majority, which de ling basis in 1920 to class con by the NEA. The Barter system effective fight for the unemployed on the theory that it was becomine if not entirely blotted out. Every depreciation. The manipulation of that group in the party which am ine on a Self Help or Chisel homespun metaphysic since adoptedsion that the was leading and who recently flopped into the Robles will be considerably dimmed the party or revolutionary unity. regime to check the advance of this effort is being made by the present on the world market so as to regain scious and militant organizations was guaranteed to do this, by what and achieving an Inclusive organ.
a vanishing export trade, was acformidable foe on the right. The with policies of cooperation in devious economic law does not con ization, Million Dollar ruggles of the employed workere dernous here, anna elaborate systems companied in all the countries reThe Socinlist Party, after a long censorship has prevented the publlsorting to this weapon by a drive (and leadership, as in the case of were set up in various parts of the period during which it regarded on the living standards of the mass.
cation or the first primento manifesto of the new Incomes Rise strike famous trende politica con counter lopment in the seattlegt stere friendliness and indifference, made es, by a lowering of wages as the Be Pardoned other method of producing goods sciousness.
the Unemployed Citizens League its bld for leadership by the organ Bolivia Makes Last Stand more cheaply. The currency diff The new regime established in (Continued from Page 2) The earliest history of the unem was able to put its members to ization of the Chicago Workers culties are far from over and con(Continued from Page 2) Bolivia following the overthrow of tinue to disrupt world economy as Now we can see where the big poyed movement must be classified work in abandoned factories, can Committee and the publication of Some such action by Mr. Merri the Saavedra government is makone country after the other finds shots over 25. 000 per year got according to the methods used. neries, fisheries, etc. The strong the Unemployed magazine itself in a condition bordering on their money. While wages and sal. Roughly, therefore, we may divide family resemblence of this scheme which gave out the news that the am as a commutation thus woulding a last desperate attempt to stem the victorious advance of bankruptcy.
pear on first thought, and it would the Britisb supported Paraguayan Now it is the turn of Italy to shots took a much larger propor Mass Pressure, c) United action government Ohio Plan should be out of the bread lines and which resort to desperate measures to decreased the big shots were able growing political consciousness ranged from the simple share and issues. However, any analysis of as a wise and clever move. It would not agree on how to run the war so tion. While dividends as a total with the employed workers and a noted. Distribution of the products terminated publication after three be huiled by shrewd conservatives army. Wall Street puppets could Fascist Italy made drastie cuts in to capitalize on their stocks by None of these stages should be share alike method to the use of the unemployed situation revealed scotch the Mooney agitation, obvi Saavedra was arrested in the custhe fact that in spite of claims to pusly one of the greatest assets of tomary, persuasive Latin American taken as utterly distinct. They are scrip.
speculation wages and salaries by decree in the It should be noted that income progressive stages and the political From Self Help to Mass Pressure the contrary, the vast majority of the communists and other radicals, fashion, vain attempt to meet cutthroat comthe unemployed remained unorgan and it would be just the gesture for Were it not for the continual inpetition. Despite all efforts of the tax returns are filed by only about stage, of course, combines with the The publicity given to the Selted and were not following either which Mr. Merriam is looking to jection of new blood from Chile their dificulties in the back of the of sainfully employed in the Unit however, Mass Pressure groups that copious and generally friendly and dedicated to the various self Help the Sinclair campaign and to back structure, it would have been im.
workers and peasants, the fascists ed States. The lowest class is the have failed as yet to derive politicalled many such organizations into and few of the localities There was no effective national up his own liberal professions.
now find their gold reserves down thousand dollar a year class, and cal clarity from their activities. existence.
And though Self Help organizations and organizations involved were: organization. There is no question that Mr. held out as long as it has done.
The last available resources of the law. The tra is at its lowest valu, subject to many exemptions, such have largely censed to exist the Seattle, Tacoma and other parts of Moves for National Organization Merriam keenly resents the as The recognized the need for the campaign that he is a pliable for one final effort.
sumption widely prevalent during country both in war material and has decreed a government monopoly Hence the number of actual work out a precarious life by virtue of ative Keller Association concentratman power are now being massed of of foreign exchange through the ing class people represented in the adding a measure of Mass Pressure ed in the southern part of the unifying national organization agent of reactionary interests and even as the dia. But their that he would welcome an opporUnless the Chaco War spreads to National Exchange Institute.
returns is comparatively small. tactics to their Barter or Chis state: the Natural Development Assolution to the problem was to set tunity to show that he is capable other South American countries, it All private cltizens and corpora. What the decrease in the incomes elling policies.
sociation of Utah which later Furthermore it should be noted spread into Idah tions are required to make available under 25, 000 as compared to an up a loose federation of unemployed and olorad erican sponsibility.
munitions manufacturers to this Institute all their foreign increase Incomes over that figure that many of the thriving organiz There were local Self Help organ. groups through a conference of the or acting decisively on his own re is very likely that the North Amcredits and holdings. Hven forelgn represent is the entrenchment of ations never went through the first Intions in Philadelphia, Allentown, seems unable to abandon and will be obliged to look for another top leadership a device which Here is a securities will be registered in case big capitalists at the expense of or Chiselling stage, but were or Dayton and a number of other paper, to the validity they must be used to prevent Italy and to the ruin of the small busi ganized directly is Jass Pressure cities. The Mutual Exchange with which they are attempting to use a capitalistemarkable tribute, in arms embargo to break.
from going off the gold standardness men and high waged working groups. Such, for example, was the headquarters in New York was in conference to set up a National the Stalinists by their fake 1982 sky rocketing in the New Germany.
at the present time. preliminary class political instrument.
of mass pressure as a working PRICES RISE IN GERMANY True, HAMBURG (T. Prices are nerves. similar situation drove! It is just this petty bourgeoisten with many of the leagues an effort to coordinate the Self Help Pederation to which unemployed Mooney Congress in Chicago (since This is best shown by a comparison and from losing her last gold re class people.
llated with the National Unem movement on a national scale.
the complete organleaders were invited was held in Withdrawal attem er man economy one of the bulwarks against revo ized by the Conference for While most of these groupe rap Chicago in November of 1932. The denounced by Mooney himself) of wholesale prices LS officially from world economy. through the lution. The New Deal, by depleting sive Labor Action. But on the of objective realities or were snap until the May of 1933, following the Dortunity to build a real militant days before Hitler came into powreactionary ideas of autarchy. Mus this class is separating the popula whole, the characteristic bistory of ped up by enterprising old line poll Continental Congress white ele lack of organization and leadershiper. and the end mass campaign. But despite the Its ticians (as was the case with the phant in Washington.
October, 1031.
solini may be forced to take similar tion all the more sharply into clear an unemployed organization measures to protect the Italian ly opposing groupe. Thus while formation on a Self Help basis, its Seattle organization others propro Mooney sentiment has never taking the average price level as In the meantime, the died out and the working class, not bourgeoiste from the onslaught of Roosevelt redistribution is ac development into Mass Pressure 100, prices were as follows vided the base for the development was placing most of its forces into only of the west coast tually the same old concentration, organization through realization of of Mass Pressure groups. going the organization of the unemployed, whole country, has never ceased to of the 1933 1934 world forces of the New Deal is preparing the con the futility of self help tactics and through the transition already de especially concentrating on the be intensely interested in the late Vegetables and other Serapping the NRA ditions for a real redistribution its transition to a stage combining agricultural producta 96. 112. Meat products 57. 79. militant tactics with a progressive and Belmont County, Ohio. In Al building of the Ohio Unemployed of Tom Mooney.
As the legal end of the NRA ap through a socialist revolution.
proaches, the reactionary forces of What the Figures Show political understanding.
lentown efforts were made from the leagues was held in Niles, Ohio on 111. Dairy products It is because of this attitude of Coal 88. The New York Times, in com116. American capitalism wish to make Self Help and Barter Schemes 115. 101. sure that there will be no continu menting on these figures, remarks 102. Three years ago, then, the greater to substitute Mass Pressure for October 9, 1982 which was followed the masses, and a desire to take on Iron 40. 44. ance of government interference or that the decrease in the lower portion of the unemployed move. Self Help but the membership by a convention on November 6, liberal and reformist coat in other Metals 60. more and more disillusioned about Skins and Leathers control of business in any form groups cannot be taken to indicatement was comprised of Self Help blithely continued to pick peached 1332 when a temporary state organ period when the workers are being Textiles 80. whatsoever. Hence there is a con decrease in working class wages organizations. The philosophy that on neighboring farms until by the Ization was established. This much capitalist politicians, that Merriam chemicals 106. 101. 103. certed effort on the part of big bus generally. This is quite true, for called these organizations into be shoer pressure of circumstance and accomplished, an intensive organ: is now contemplating the release of 101. Iness to apply the utmost pressure as shown the higures include onlying (and received the full support peace Julee these tactics were sud ization drive was Instituted which Mooney. Should he take the step. Building Materials Paper 93. 101. culminated in the convention in 103. 111. to all government agencies to carry the labor aristocracy.
of President Hoover, the Chamber denly dropped and attention was out its reactionary program. An In any case the Times is up of Commerce and all the local or turned to the business of stopping Columbus on February 27 28, 1933 he will be owed no gratitude by GERMAN ARYANS RUNNING address by Jordan of the National tree, for as a matter when the state league was finally the workers.
fact, the Eanizations of conspicuous mercy) evictions by mass demonstrations, Nor will we alter our ideas of AMUCK Industrial Conference Board delly AF. of reported that working can be condensed as Planned Eco buying sherifled farms for a nickel Instituted by delegates from longues BERLIN (T. An all time ered at the Philadelphis meeting of class waga generally did not rise nomy in Garbage picking. Une boosting relief schedules by invad. in most of the counties, cities, vil capitalist Justice Those liber.
the American Academy of Political noticeably during 1983. The figures ployment was a temporary aberra Ing reller offices, etc. Trucks, build la ges as this conventions that de feel a new confidence in the reached by a decision of the Reich of and Social Sciences, sets forth all for 18 chic industries rose from tlon on the part of capitalism, man ines and other paraphernalia cheer termined to call a National conven working of the American boss class chamber of lawyers, concerning the the planks desired by the big fin an average weekly wage of 20. 63 noblest institution, and the one fully contributed to the Allentown tion of the unemployed on July 5. system of justice, are ornery swind. officially requested dissolution of a ance capitalists. He calls for the at the beginning of the year, to purpose of these groups was to tide league by the city government and To insure the widest possible rank lers. An innocent man has been prominent German law frm. The reduction of the heavy surtaxes on 20. 56 at the end of the year. the unemployed over from the the local civic leaders as a reward and fllo representation and to avoid jailed for almost two decades while partners in this frm are father and individual and corporate income rain of 3c per week. And that gain Crash to the Prosperity that was for chasing its own tail, are now another still born aggregation of everybody has known that he has son, and the dissolution was ordered the relaxation of the Security Act, of. 15 per cent in wages was over just around the corner. To that used to transport pickets and demthe lifting of restrictions regarding whelmed by a rise of per cent in end they were put to work chisel. enstrators in the buildings harbor national convention stipulated that when the workers are in cangry nonAryan (he has a Jewish grandminimum wages, maximum hours food prices and 21 per cent in ling scraps of meat, bread, oda every manner of dangerous doc delegates were to be sent from a mood on this and a thousand mother) while his son is an Aryan, and the collective bargaining pro clothing and furnishings!
clothing remnants etc. from the trine.
visions of the NRA (scrapping of No matter how you look at it the merchants; offering their services each local league. The distribution Other questions, is a mere maneu since the Aryan rule applies only the a clauso. the cessation of the result is the same. The working to farmers during harvest time in LA. Enters Field of this call stimulated organization vre. Mooney will walk out of Santo the last three generations. It expenditure of Federal funds for class is worse of than ever, the return for a share of the crop: sive Labor Action entered the unWhen the Conference for progresor leagues in Pennsylvania, North Quentin, It ever, as the result of would be unthinkable to concedex relief, the extension of the COC and labor aristocracy and the petty clearing forest tracts for the privi employed field. It advocated prestates. It Virginia and other the powerful effect of mass pres partnership between the two under Carolina, West of the subsistence homestead idea, bourgeoisle are being ruined, and lege of burning brusbwood and sure on the state and federal go established organization of the onwas also sent to every sure, not because of Justice.
such circumstances, aside from the At this time more than ever, alfact that such partnership between the deportation of allen unemployed, large scale capital continues to scrub. Later, when the patience of ernments and public officials for employed which the Ohto league tation must be carried on for the an Aryan and non Aryan is expressforced labor for other unemployed grow larger.
merchants began to wear thin and direct and substantial relief and could contact, release of Mooney.
Ly forbidden by law.
Mooney May the case of capltalism.