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ܕ Anti Crime War Aimed at Lone Killers while Bankers and War Makers Get Protection REVIEWING FASCISM AT WORK PAGE SATURDAY DECEM11 111 ORGAN FREE PRIRE of the country, on the whole, la magnificent blatory NEW MILITANT of militant struggle. Our paper can and should ppeal to these traditions in its agitation among the with which is merged masses. It can and should be distinctively American THE MILITANT In its methods of approach and its realistic concen Published weekly by the Workers Party of the tration on concrete tasks at hand.
THE NEWS 112 East 19th Street, New York City.
But the world we live in a unit and the liber WASHINGTON. While the Bon, Bad Mr. Hoover gone a step for seems reasonable to conclude, By BILL Phone: Algonquin 9058 ating workers revolution, as our Declaration ofate committee investigating the ther be would have pointed out therefore, that it must be the Principles truly say, is by its very nature Interna munitions industry continued to that one of the reasons for the wealthy eople who are so excited Intered as second class mall matter at the Post Once tional in character. One cannot even begin to think unearth graft and corruption in growing boldness of the gangster about the crime wave To the Workers Party of the at New York, under the act of March 3, 1879. straight about a national revolution unless he pro volving some of the biggest dames the open flaunting of the law by An Important Question To the New Mutant and its ceeds from this point of view. We don belleve in in the country, righteous speeches the big capitalista. The examples JAMES CANNON, Editor the dogma of hocla llam in one country. for the were being made at the Attorney of the bankers and industrialist But when millions of children 10, 000 readers Greetings!
HARRY HOWE, Associate Editor United States or for Russia. We see our American general four day conference on and their politicians are not er are undernourished and more than CARA COOK, Business Manager revolution as one link in the chain of revolutions crime.
actly conducive to teaching respect a fourth of the population of the which will emancipate the world from capitalism and In none of these speeches, how for the government.
country on the verge of starvation, Spartacus SUBSCRIPTION RATES: establish world socialism. This conception staads in eter, was reference made to the However, it was not the purpose while the rich continue to pile up For Spartacus means fre and in the United States 00 per year; 50c six months the center of the system of ideas which binds us DuPonta, the Morgans or the Rock of the Attorney General confer millions in profit, why should the spirit. For Spartacus means soul Canada and Foreign. 50 per year: 756 six months. together and animates all our work on national cellers. Neither was anything anidence on crime to dlacnes sow to disposened get excited about and heart. These words of the Bundle Rates: Two cents per copy.
The New Militant, in all its departments, about the bankers who steal their deal with the big criminals. Asing the Dillingers, the Hauptmanna, Immortal Liebknecht best describe will reflect this revolutionary Internationalist point. spoultore money, nor about the matter of fact, it was obeerved by the Balleys and their kind? the first National Convention of the Vol. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1884 No. of view.
Wall Street manipulators who rob come who attended, the real par This question was not asked at Spartacus Youth League held in small investors of billions of dol pose of the conference seemed to the Attorney General conference New York, Dec. 3, 4, You can Non Partisan Defense Lars, nor about the industrial barons be to discover how best to protect on crime. But undoubtedly the take it from me that the delega the Wetrtone, the Mellone, the the big criminals against their growing resentment of the poverty tons of Spartacus Youth who by The New Militant The recent Posts founding contention went com Bords Who employ armies of gun birelings and agents. Since the stricken masse was in the back of freight train, hitch bike and auto record for the idea of militant defense organ men to shoot and terrorize their burglars, the kidnapers and the the minds of those who called the came from California and all pointa HE New Militant makes its appearance as the ization embracing workers and sympathetic elements workers.
blackmailers do not menace, ex conference. And it is this resent east not forgetting the fraternal of diverse political views, for a united class fight for Of Lower Order cepting in a very slight degree, the ment that they really fear. It delegates from Canada have fire such, it will not be independent or neutral but will mutual defense interests. Earlier, the and The crime the Attorney General welfare of the poor people about this resentment that the bosses are and spirit and are soul and strive in all respects to represent the aims and ideals heart in the revolutionary move of the party as laid down, in the Declaration of the had vigorously supported this idea when conference dealt with was of 90 percent of the population tattempting to label as criminal.
ment. There was no sign of stalPrinciples and to reflect its revolutionary spirit.
It was broached by the Provisional Committee for lower order. It was concerned with Inist made to order thinking in kidnapinga, blackmail, banditry.
Non Partisan Labor Defense The vanguard political party is the highest expresburglaries, etc. And it was against the convention. An old timer uion of working class organization and a party organ, The LD. while limited in forces, has won a the Dillingers, the Hauptmans, the of 81 summers and 30 winters, who good name in struggle. When the LL. refused to Baby faced Nelsons and their kind consequently, is the highest type paper. Our aim, was one of the founders of the ord.
however, is not to publish a house organ for reraise finger for four young German workers de that the speeches and the Indignaatricted party circles, but a political organ for the Mr. Hjalmar Schacht, who was home, carns weekly. The only sinal Young Workers League and MABS. We hope to popularize the New Militant organized the protest movement in this country. criminals of this type are increasier took and who remains potatoes and salt. At Stelnheld, lery, remarked that he had never without diluting its political and party character. The played an important part in the fighting with great rapidity, and are today a big capitalist banker, is 225 out of 250 inhabitants live on seen anything to match the indeSuch a combination is what needed to serve the against New York police brutality which led to the becoming exceedingls bold and ar more and more consolidating bia relief alone. and very badly. pendence of thought and intelligent alms we have in mind. If we succeed in this endeavor the New Militant will soon make a place all its own fore in local protest movements against government It is amazing that such a sita the dictator behind the scenes. nemployed out of 80, 000 inhabl La convention. Profitting by the in the field of labor journalism.
strike breaking moves on the Gulf Coast, in Toledo, atton as now exists is possible at and not so far behind. Hitler tants.
experiences of the past Intelligent, The main line of the New Militant will be the Minneapolis and San Francisco.
this stage of our dvilization. de jumpe when he cracks the whip. Hamburg official reports that vigorous, confident, eyes front the attack against capitalism, the exposure of its frauds week. The discharge of Gottfried Feder the steadily employed workers Spartacus Youth League marches and infamies, and the advocacy of the socialist order it had saved Antonio Bellusst, miiltant anti Fascist, When officers of the law are forced trom his chili chat post in the Nazi get only a week for the two or forward.
of society. As we see the situation, the chief recruiting ground of the new party, even in the early stages comes news that a committee set up on the initiative uc highways, in railroad stations tors. Feder was Under Secretary He calls this a wage which is of its struggle, is among the politically unorganized of and led by members of the has won a and elsewhere, armed with the des for Economics when Initier first benelther sufhalent to live nor to britiske Forrettone Men but grieviously oppressed and bitterly discontented signal victory in obtaining the release from Sing perate implements of modern war came Chancellor. He has been cut die Prices are constantly rising the temple. For more equitable masses of American workers. The main appeal of Sing of Harold Robins and Andrea Gras, strikers fare, we realize the danger which down a few inches each six months while wages drop. For example, distribution of our national income the New Militant will be directed to them. framed on a charge of beating scabe in the New York. Involved and the menacing char or so, and now his official head 18 agricultural products in 1984 cost Just call to mind a few of the They are the forces for the new party. They are hotel strike. The two workers may have to undergo acter of those who thus boldly dety of altogether.
the troope of the American revolntion. They have 112. as compare an average or New Deal slogans and then read a new trial, but in any case their first conviction is the powers of our government.
How important this is can be ap. meats are up long remained indifferent to working class politics of reversed through the legal fight of the The No Reference to Causes any kind. The political labor movement, reformist superior court admitted that Robins and Gras were find the forgotten man brought Although the increase in the numpreciated when one realize that 57. to 79. 8; dairy products are up the income Agures of 1933. You ll as well as revolutionary, has been a comparatively convicted due to the prejudiced conduct of the notor ber of criminals and their boldnese Feder was the author of the 25 so from 88 to 111. 3; textiles are up back in all his glory. Here are the called unalterable theses of the from 60. to 80.
small and Srolated circle. But the conditions have lous anti labor trial Judge, Corrigan.
matured for a great and rapid transformation. The was referred to by nearly all Nazi party on economie questions. The Berlin government reports a headlines in the New York Time: Revolutionary workers now in the played an speakers very little was said about Adopted by the Nazi founding in total pald wage increase of only 2, 000, 000 income robe by 28 In two gigantic strike waves we have seen were heralds of mass mrticipation in the political movement as Gras. The LD. Was also able to draw into ac with the exception of blaming it were full of confused pseudo social reveals a terrific real decrease in of 46 in Iughor brackets reported well.
tive work the Socialist Lawyers Association one of on the newspapers, the radio and stie terminology. They raved on the workers carning power, since 5, 000, 000 or more against nono In The American workers are moving now in true 1933. That him. That the forwhose members was Robins counsel in the appeal. the attitude of the public. about abolition of slavery of inter more than 2, 500, 000 workers unem American style rapidly and with militant disregard The Se ready to go further in support of the President Roosevelt, in his speechest. proposed to nationalize all ployed in 1938 now share the work rotten man. Corporation prodite for any kind of obstructions. The New Militant will plans. Even since June, when the at the opening session, did say that banks, and promised to put a flock (and wages) of those who were up. Increased 35. 35 Infinst Now march with them, talk to them in their own language of the gave favorable, though formal, recogalerie symptom of social dis of chickens in every German work employed before. The standard of Deal year. Total fell mainly in seale.
and aid them in their struggle. To awaken the distion living of all has been lowered.
the iden, we have urged conclusive action. order but his remedy for this disers pot, contented workers to class consciousness and draw Almost three months ago a draft plan was approved order was a vague reference to Capitalism, the Voolkischer Bro. Recent news from Austria indithem toward the party in the course of their experi by representatives of the the and the. marsballing the assets of home, bachter (chier Hitler organ) an cates that the Helmwebr variety this will be the chief evdeavor of the New ences in the class sitant. Since then the representatives have taken school, church, community and bounces, is getting another chance of Fascism is just as beneficial Time Clocks vs. Militacy Muster no action. That some elements in the are op other social agencies to work in to prove itself. Here is a quite to the workers as the Naxl variety. Naxis have lexued a decree, Time The to the masses is through the vanguard posed in principle to collaboration with revolution common purpose with our law en candid confession that Hitler ras. During the first half of 1983 total clocks must go and be replaced by Our paper can become a power among the masses aries even against the worst reactionaries, every forcement agencies. What this cism is nothing but capitalism in wages pald out in Vienna were military muster. Whoever only if it organizes and educates the advanced body knows.
What rank and Ale Socialists should parpone 15, aside from more eft new and more ruthless guise. The 556, 000, 000; during the same period heard of a regimental commander workers as it goes along. The fundamental nucleus Ask, however, is why the militants. who claim to slently shooting and capturing the Gring of Feder, author of the dema this year, the total was only 515, installing time clock at the enof revolutionary militants which has been assembled bave a majority in the constantly avoid plek pockets, the gunmen and other gogle slogans which the Nazis used000, 000. The income of the Viennatrance to his barracks? asks Doc at the founding of the Workers Party is only a a beginning. Thousands of others, scattered and disorfinal decision on the pressing question of setting up, wuch criminals he did not say. Edgar Hoover, head of the to recruit their army of dupes and proletariat has fallen by 24 percent. tor Ley. Nhel chiet. May we add a brond, militant defense organization.
desperados, is a symbol of the end! These trends have been duplicat that we never saw a time clock at ganized by the long period of disintegration in the Justice Department Bureau of in of bluff about national socialism ed for years in Fascist Italy. Mus.
movement, belong with the party right now. The The history of the in the Dutch case; ir the entrance of a prison either. In vestigation, described what in his the Bellussd case, where it sabotaged the defense bo What the Hitler capitalism solini, Hitler, Stahremberg. all addition to the military muster New Militant will help them to find their place in opinion was the reason more of means to the workers of Germany birds of the same feather. What cause the defendant was suspected of Trotskyism the party ranks. In this field quality is what counts.
every factory manager is to gro these small criminals are not put is revealed anew by every report they bring about is summed up by his start a little speech each mornEvery class conscious worker ts Important. Every in the Robins Gras case, where it refused all colla. In the morgue. Until political about economic conditions which the face plantational unity. arurther ing and evening on Nazl Ideals bonest rebel against capitalism is dear to us and we united front committee; In Scottsboro, where its we must regard the eradication And to show that the Nazi butchers hope to make our paper their paper. To that end report from Thuringla in the more, the trains run on time The policies have jeapardized the whole cause and where of gangs like that of Dillinger, Deutsche, Hitler newspaper, reveals workers organizations have are not without a satanic sense of the New Militant will provide them with accurate been Information about all phases of the movement, about it is now begging the reactionary Samuel Leibo Floyd, Balley and others as transl the workers of that province of smashed, their resistance lowered. humor the manager is to end his the activities of other labor organizations at home wits for a united front all these facts and many tory phases of condition which Germany to be in profound misery. Wages are cut, profits are main speech with: Any complaints and abroad, and strive to Illuminate all the Important more make clear that the is not to be thought can change overnight.
At Tausche glass blower, with tained, the sun shines! That a questions of the day with the light of Marxist prin of as a defense instrument of the workers Political Procero the belp of his wife and aix chil. wbole generation of workers starves Bankers and Lawyers Gyp ciple. militant, non partisan defense organization is a Mr. Hoover did not define the dren working 10 hours daily at does not matter to the ruling class. Crippled Veterans We must make our revolution in America, not in crying class need today. The Workers Party bas nature of this political pressure Many Instances where lawyers some other country and not on the moon. That means, put the building of such an organization on its pro but what he apparently meant is and bankers biked the veterans of if we are to go at our work seriously, that our paper gram. It is ready and willing to cooperate with that these lesser criminals are only large sums of money were reported must concern itselt primarily with the actualities of other organizations to build it. The Socialist Party the agents of higher ups who by by Rep. Patman, Chairman of the American life and talk to the workers in their own ought to give some definite answer to the their respectable position in society Veterans Affairs Comm. hopelanguage. It is necessary to show that we under or to make clear that it is unable or unwilling to are able to gve them protecton. Continued from Page 1) important groupe and the launch lessly crippled veteran in New York stand them in order to make them understand us.
in June. The far from having confirmed the Philadelphia, Boston and New Haring of the new party have aroused drawing 30. 00 a month was The American people have not inherited conservaen this month. The New York dis widespread interest among the charged 100. 00 lawyer tee for a tism nor the tendency to balk at revolutionary solu diagnosis made last April by the LL. that it died PAMPHLET PUBLICATION trict is organising a great mass tions. They overthrew the rule of a king and broko aborning has grown constantly stronger. Its furPROGRAM meeting. The first national tour workers and are having tremendous signature. Bank and trust comthe Institutions of chattel slavery by means that were ther work should not be jeapardized by anybody other political pentes acting as guardians for vetfar from polite. The history the labor movement passivity. The calls for action on this matter. months concentration drive of the and Cannon to the high spots in groupe, especially the and Perang uploaded worthless securities One of the main points in the six which will take Comrades Muste repercussions in them.
Party le the publication of a series New York, Oblo, Michigan, Illinois, whore confusion, uncertainty and told of case atter case, amounting of popular pamphlets on the impor Wisconsin, Minnesota Missouri, disintegration prevail. All the signs to hundreds of thousands of dollars tant issues confronting the Amers West Virginia and Pennsylvania indicate that can working class.
bas already been projected. De launched at a most opportune time. lost by veterane through the activ.
It is planned to issue one new talls will be found on another page Advantage must be taken of the Itles of patriotic bankers and law.
yera. Continued from Page 1)
opportunity that has been placed organization and decided to work months plan, to begin Jan 1, 1935 pamphlet mont this per in this issue.
within our grasp. We do not have reports and the proposed rool through the existing student clubs for the strengthening of the nation tod, to sell at not more than 10c. Hold Unemployment Conference tions were accepted unanimously, Youth fractions for winning the branches, and the reorganization of scriptions are being accepted for Trade Union Department of the Inst member of the partywork General Motors Corp. declared that Provisional organization of the unlimited time at our disposal to Free Worker Alfred Sloan Jr. President of Speech of Shachtman students to the Spartacus Youth the existing branches. It includes the first six pamphlets which will party under National Organizer hard, resolutely, untiringly for the the spell of regimentation and Communist League of America, te or fraction. to stabilize Young April 1; to build a youth braneka mohede dietety to the tube forber: Conference beckon the beame mentioned 100 percent realization of the site planned economy had been broken then addressed the convention. He Spartacus and begin a fund for a wherever a Workers Party branch The price for the series is 60c work have taken place and declmonths Program of Action of the and America now had a future brought greetings from the com semi monthly; to prepare material exists.
tremendous opportunities under.
rades whose organization had spon for a youth handbook. The program New National Committee Every member and sympathier of klons arrived at are being carried Workers Party system of free enterprise. beBored and helped build the Sparta was accepted and the incoming na now national committee was publication of these important Anthony Ramuglia in the anthranew Party should ald in the out by Arnold Johnson in Ohio and leve workers should be free. Their cus Youth League. Polnting to the tional committee was given the elected consisting of Nathan Gould, pamphlets by subscribing immedi cite district.
right to work should not depend degeneration of the old guard gen task of working out the details. Reva Craine, Manny Garrett, Bill ately and getting their friends to By the first of January party orupon their membership in a labor eration, with few exceptions, he Name Spartacus to Stand Streeter, Jane Ogden, Irving Bern do likewise. Subscriptions should ganizers will be at work Inols union. Anyone who has stepped Beginning this issue, THE reiterated the need for the develop The debate over the name of the Chicago. Slavin (Youngs be sent to the PIONPTR PUB. and Ohio.
into an auto factory in Detroit and MILITANT boomes THE NEW town. Murray Weiss (San Franment of new leading forces for the youth organization was very spirit cisco. Ray Sparrow (Los Angeles. LISHERS, 102 East 11th Street, The Political Committee has apwatched human robots at work win revolutionary movement and urged ed. After a good deal of consider James Cross (Glesple. Francia MILITANT and the official understand just what Mr. Sloan New York City.
pointed an Educational Committee weekly of the new party. The means by free workers and.
that this is the most important task atton, Informally and formally, the Drake, Frank Visconti and Yayer to the purpose should specify that Oehler which will map out plans with Vol. 1, Na The number of the Spartacus Youth League. delegates decided to continue the were elected as alternates.
Those able to make a contributlos under the chalrmansblp of Hugo serial number begins over again system of free enterprise.
This is to be accomplished, he turther stated, by building the Dame Spartacus Youth. The al As the convention concluded with Pablice und the is to be applied to the for carrying out section of the ternative proposal was Young the singing of the International. Program of Action.
on your wrapper will therefore as mase yonth organization, po Workers League. Those support the delegates were more confident be changed, beginning Easne of Must Raise 5, 000 Voodiam and the Quintuplets Mtlcally subordinate to the Working the majority viewpoint contend: than ever in the bright future for PIONEER PUBLISHERS December 22. All subscribers Doctor Defoe who gained notoriWhile the general program of ers Party while organizationally Subscription will be given the full amount of ety by being present when Mrs.
ed that the name Spartacus. the Spartacus Youth as the masa action covers the six months period, issues dae them.
Dionne gave birth to quintupleta is autonomous the Party Foundation Fund of 5, in New York. In speech before 000 must be raised by March The last whole number of THE man was greated by the adoption rebellion and the herole struggles The report of comrade Shacht of the leader of the ancient slave, organization of the young workers 102 Erst 11th Street, and students.
New York, Consequently special attention 18 MILITANT was 252. It the er a large audience Dr. Defoe reported that, after the birth of the children of a resolution extending thanks to of the German group of Karl LlebI wish to subscribe for the series given to this matter elsewhere in piration number on your wrapper Mrs. Dionne seemed to be in a dy.
the comrades of the former Commu knecht and Rose Luvemburg had of six pamphlets to be issued by the this issue. This som can constitute is say 260, it means that you are nist League for their aid in bulld. more color and meaning than the Workers Party Lecture WORKERS PARTY OF THE only a beginning if we are really entitled to more issue. Your maining with the apparently dying ing condition but instead of reing the in the first half of 1935 and enclose to measure up to the job which we suggested alternative.
BROWNSVILLE BRANCH new number will therefore bie Student Problem 50c for this purpose.
The opposition held that the name Is the Socialist Party Splittingt (If you wish to send the series can put over the Party Foundation woman to give what ald he could, have undertaken. However, if we No. boglaning inoue of Dec. 22. he, Dr. Defoe, who was brought up Plonso watch the expiration The next report covered the prob Young Workers League was more and trained in the Voodism of the tam of the students. The discussion popular. That the content would be Speaker: to any friends, Just write thelr Campaign in the next 60 days, 14 number on your wrapper, and name on a plece of paper and en will give us an impetus that will Catholic Church, travelled disrevolved around the question as to given by the future activities of send your renewal promptly. It MAX SHACHTMAN close. tance of two and a half miles to whether there is a need for nathe organization. Spartacus car carry os forward with leaps and will avoid skipping issues and get a priests, leaving Mrs. Dionne tional student organization. The ried the day.
Friday, Dec. 21, 8:30 PM. bounds.
you will save us much time, la to the care of a backwoods midwife.
bor and expert overwhelming majority of the dele The program of action was then Wide Interest In Party 1776 Pitkin Aro, Brooklyn Here is my bit to In the meantime every day brings sane society a man guilty of gates opposed such an independent considered. This consists of a three (Near Stone St LICATION FUND. evidence that the merger of two BUSINESS MANAGER such an act would be punlahed, not praised.
SPEAKERS: Dunne of Minneapolis Ted Selanber of Toledo REDIFER BALL 10 NORTH WELLS STIKLER John Edwards Al. Glotzer Norman Suter SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23rd 00 Adeletion 16 Contes Unemployed Pre Launch Six Month Program Spartacus Youth Adopts Program NOTICE Name.
Address. sit toward tho PUBCHICAGO MASS MEETING