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Steam Shovel Dynamited force: Left Wing Polls Leibowitz Plans Anti Labor Trial for Scottsboro Boys rife. wild cat strike is lable By KARL LORE Wild Cat Strike to break out any time.
Rubber Organizes organization in any poll taken In Benton, 11. on Dec. 11, the Looms at Mine day for biennial elections of the Big Bill Haywood of the Dow.
United Mine Workers of America, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUSY hit Akron, Ohio in 1913. He organlocal and national, the rank and ized a union and led a strike of Another Wlerton. rubber workers in that year which Here we have all the making of JOHN LEWIS HOLDS ON BY dle of the unton was dumbfounded MINERS EKING OUT EXISTENCE Words of Abraham Lincoln on Rights of the People was smashed beneath a torrent of another Wierton case. wm the his entire machine, with rare exSPRINGFIELD, Ill. When the coptions, were without opposition. SHAMOKEN, PA steam sbov.
To Change or Overthrow the Existing Government and company guards. After the their fate to be drazged through miners of mine No. 4, Panther Creek At least, the union gangsters did not el costing 6, 000, brought here last Coal Co. bere made demands that permit duly nominated rank and week by the Stevens Coal Company, One of the primary purposes of ernment, the report goes on to list unionist was practically dead and court rooms till the spirit of their the few small groups which main organization is broken and the banthe haulage way be cleaned and file candidates places on the ballot, was blown to bits when someone the United States Chamber of Com. all the subversive activities of com. cained an under cover existence ner of unionism dragged in the the wash house enlarged, they got immediate results. They issued an county sub districts of the ultimatum that if the coal dust only the perennial office holders Conl diggers who belong to the port on Combating Subversive Ac class discontent and rebellion in were unable to challenge the rulers mud? The steel barors have sucArgentina, ceeded in playing that game all too Paraguay Uruguay wasn cleaned out of the haulage were allowed places on the ballot bootleg group numbering 1, 600 was sent out to its members for Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Guate In July 1983 the workers in the well. Alded by a cowardly, chair way in three days they would call Dictator John of course, took miners, would have been thrown special consideration on Nov. 27. mala, Great Britain, Belgium, Neth restone plant organized a Federal warming pack of national union of The 20 page report defines as erlands, Finland, Spain, China, union of the American Poderation Actals they have stitled the fighting company worked a night crew to for hus sob. lle barred Bill Sloan, These miuersale coal in small Subversive all activities of poli. Japan, Germany, Cuba and finally colabor. Two weeks later the seriet meeste sted mahu memand got have reestablished the do the job.
wash flers from the ballot for the liced quantities, by hand, a small group tical or other bodies in the United from coast to coast in the United Goodrich Rubber employees cheir charter from the Federation unionism that was once 80 thor.
Instead of enlarging the to each bootleg hote. entire fam States, having as their objective the States house, which is what the miners of president, vice president and lius, men, women and children overthrow, by force and violence, of the Federal, State and Munict thousand communist agitators (Poor capitalists! But for a few Ar great wave of union sentiment oughly washed up. The same prob.
demanded, the company merely secretary treasurer. Sloan and his Joining in the risky work.
bit the area and under the leader. lem confronts the organized rubber mado some repairs. The wash group were permitted, however, to ship of young and militant rank workers. The Goodyear Tire and The Stevens Co. turned up last pal governments, and of the existthe workers would be satisfied with house is dirty, cold, un ventilated and appear on the ballot as delegate week with a brand new steaming social and economie order of this lovely world and let the rich and tilers a great organizing job Rubber Company, for example, has maintained an employee representadangerously unsanitary. The min to the of convention.
was begun.
Shovel, prepared to wipe out the the United States. Mentioning live in luxury and peace. tion plan for the past fifteen years as ers called state mining Inspectors. a All to Save the Workers!
which is strongly entrenched. Real to examine the wash house ag the in spite of its tremendous unpopu The niners barricaded the roaddict Soviet Communism as the The Chamber of Commerce is go Is Akron Next?
action on the part of the United ing to save the working class Rubber Workers Council will do leader company promised to arrange suit year later it was estimated that much to break up Goodyear phony from such evil Influences as com almost 100, 000 rubber workers in unten. Delay in taking real stepe, able wasting facilities for the men ship and organization, will destroy in persuading the truck driver, who was bauling the shorel, to period.
this infamous machine.
and the state Inspectors said they munism. therefore it recommende various parts of the country were weak kneed handling of the situaHit Working Class Violence turn back.
would return in three days.
In St. David, III. where the fight The authors pretend that they are the following government measures organized. The India Tire and Rub tion, will bave exactly the opposite Later in the day George Jones, of ber at Akron had recognized the effect.
Discontentment over conditions is between the Progressive Miners of America and the has been superintendent of the Stevens Co. not opposed to the aim of the com1. The amending of the present union. in Los Angeles, Regional bitter for two years, George Stout turned up with the state police munist movement that is, to the rer, for years a gun toter and agent The barricade was torn down, but replacement of the capitalist system Neditious conspiracy law so that it Labor Board elections went over Where Are the progresiven?
The Initial organization work in of the notorious Lewis Harrington the ill fated shovel hadn gone awy a new worker controlled econo would be more like the World War whelmingly in favor of the Age: the rubber plants as carried on Heavy Vote informer cruny of the machine, are the muddy road and went into the they dislike is the method of vio Anti Red law, so that stern pun. at the Akron plant of the Generale militant rank and ble members.
machine, and one Murray, also a hundred yards before it slipped on mic, social and political order. An Sedition Act or the Canadian of vigorous four weeks strike ishment could be meted out to any. Tire and Rubber had forced the dead, victims of a gun duel. Stour ditch. Mr. Jones then asked for a lence. But do they protest equally one who even dared to think that signing of a contract. In Decemberversed in all the tricks of trade Later an of organizer, well fer was former sub district presl. conference with the miners. against the Fascist murderers, to revolution might be necessary. 1933 an attempt to organize an inP. Election dent of sub district 2, district 12 He said that the fate of the the K, terrorism and lynchings, The That the mails be denied ternational rubber workers union union politics was sent In.
of the Cameron Colliery of Stevens Co. to the violence breaking up of to any person or group advocating failed, but a parade of over 10, 000 sellors and inexperienced as they Stouffer, recently proprietor of a depended on the successful working peaceful picket lines by boss thugs revolutionary or subversive doc greeted a convention held in Akron were made a number of bad misGILLESPIE, II. Dec. 14. Joseph corporation police and state militia?
the next June which organized the lakes. The Federation officialdom Burrell, president of local union teer tavern, shot it out with Mur of the Edgewood tract.
ray; both were killed outright. Two Lester Koble, replying for the has not one single word to say about No! The Chamber of Commerce trines. That immigrants only be ad. National United Rubber Council 84, Gillespie, and former chairman other persons, one a woman, were miners, observed that they were any of this, but it sets up a special mitted on condition that their naSix months more of the Progressive Miners State Recompletely indifferent to the sucface their great In place of the original organiza.
lief and Educational Committee, wounded.
committee, prints pamphlets, For two years, in St. David and cess or failure of the Cameron Coltest.
back on request of the Senators the surrounding territory, the bat liery, and were only concerned for urges its members to press and tive country agrees to take them the rubber workendeve passed and took over the situation.
Akron may furnish 1935 tion structure by which all workpolled a good vote in the state un and Representatives for action That no person 1on elections recently held, accorders in any one plant belonged to the same Federal union local, the ing to incomplete reports gathered tle between the Lewis gunmen and their own means of support.
The conference was a deadlock. they are the leaders and agitators vided for those persons or groups against the Communists because revolution shall be held tirst major labor explosion That stern penalties be pro Yellow Dog Unions here this week. Burrell was the lighting. The field is now closely few hours later someone deposit of the working class. of chiefs Introduced a modified craft union apparatus. Craft which try to spread anti war or of secretary treasurer of the Pro divided between the two unions. cd several sticks of dynamite under Nor were the employers asleep. workers joined their craft organizNeither has absolute control, the shovel and blew it to pieces.
gressive Miners of America.
The truth is the of In solely resolutionar propaganda among company unions were immediately atlons which were then supposed installed at the large plants with to be united in cach case by a plant Burrell defeated Claude Pearcy, That the Department of Jus out letting the workers vote on the council Interested in de ending capitalism the armed forces The unskilled and proincumbent president of the union, and the Interests of Big Business. tice be given authority and funds to proposals. Employee representa duction by a vote of 106 to 63 in local union And it is exactly its members who set up a special department to in tives were bribed with extra salFederal unions which were shorn workers remained in the No. 77, Springfield. Burrell also are most willing to resort to the vestigate the activities of all per aries. All expenses were paid by of most of their power although polled nearly 500 otes in the large amalgamated local union at GHuse of force and violence to the sons, groups and organizations sus the companies. The representation they represented the great majority most under handed stool pigeon pected of communist or subver plans did not provide for general of the employees.
lesple. Unofficial reports state that methods, in order to defend their sive activities and to bring before meetings of the workers nor even Burrell also defeated the union By HARRY STRANG confident. Having been told by the rights when confronted by or the courts for punishment all those for regular meetings of the whole Briefs president at Auburn, Pana, Little The moment approaches when the that it deserved their trust ganized labor. In fact, it is reli persons suspected of violating any body of repres Ove Dog mine and Local Union 12. United States Supreme Court clerk because it had enlisted Leibowitz ably reported that the of pro of the broad measures mentioned machinery was set up to defeat ang Joined 1, 400 local unions of the possibility of even these armour of in the South sluce NRA stiehl end Jeas Anderson were also tribunal of capitalist justice, the to lean solely upon Leibowitz. the use of its members involved Wants Stricter Dictatorship plated plans being used to advance went into effect according to Fedcandidates for the position. contestants in the historic Scotts Would it be surprising that when with unions, labor conditions.
It is not enough for us to point eration Organizer George Googe.
Pearcy candidacy for the posiboro case. And although the defense the lost its boasted asset. In contrast to the Chamber of. Beers, chairman of the tion is an outright swindle as the counsel must soon make his argu the boys were to leave the Commerce contention that it is out that this action of the Chamber Southeast Portland Lumber Comrecent convention of the as ment, the working class public is Leibowitz defense plans in Amerlean to try to reform the of Commerce indicates that Big Put Up or Shut Up Now comes the showdown.
pany local of the Loyal Legion well as the first convention of bewildered as to who that counsel clude a furious attack not only present order by amending the Business in this country has come The of Loggers and Lumbermen better 1932, stated that no officer could will be.
on the and the but present laws peacefully and that it to the conclusion that some strong unions in the great plants of Good known as the L should have succeed himself in office nor run Many weeks ago Samuel Leib all militants and advocates of on all progressive elements, on is Un American to try to over anti labor measures are necessary rich and Firestone in Akron petl known better than to try to get for a lower office until he had witx, reactionary tlag waver once throw the system by revolutionary for capitalism good and welfare. tloued the National Labor Rela wage raises from that company un worked two years in the mine after employed by the announced working class mass action. Al means, it is well to recall the po Business would like to take away tions Board for supervised elections ton. He was fired when he his tenure of office. The union his claim to represent the boys.
though the has not used Atenhamallo school of expressed it and self organization. It wants a act as the representatives of the members of the Brotherhood of of carly America. from labor its right to free speech in order to establish their right to In April 1920 several thousand president candidacy is obviously a ver since he has been mum as a mass pressure (substituting the conspiracy for the right wing clique clam. The having denounced opportunistic alliance with Leib quite clearly in his first Inaugural stricter dictatorship against labor. workers. The Board ordered such Railway Trainmen went out on an to perpetuate themselves in office its former ally as a traitor (beowitz while he let them, and cor Address as follows: Therefore, it first intends to isolate elections held. Immediately both unauthorized strike. Officials of through machine rule. Much Indig cause he did just what revolutionering up with provocative Right of Revolution This country, with its institu tionists, the militants, the fighters: court to prevent the from charters of the nation was expressed by the rank uries predicted he would do when stunts. Leibowitz is in a good affected and and file at Springfield, where the he was hired) continues to shout position, thanks to the previous tions, BELONGS TO THE PEO then, if it succeeds, it will take proceeding with the vote, and the ordered cancellation of their insurProgressive Miners of same America that it represents the boys. and boosting of the to give the have 14 local unions, seven under to offer a united front to Liebowitz, idea of mass action a black eye. ever they shall grow weary of the freedom and organizations of the action pending the outcome of bers have been trying to recover court proceedings. Thomas, their insurance in the courts ever job control.
Leibowitz plans to do more more existing government, they can er working class as a whole.
correctly characterized by the ercise their constitutional right The aim of the Chamber of Com Firestone president, issued u elreu since. They met on the tenth of The slx amalgamated striking as an ally of the Southern lynch than attack all shades of militancy amending it, OR THEIR REV merce must be defeated! The work har to his workers in which he de December to try to figure out what local unions and local union No. 77 ers.
wash Alabama class sustice and OLUTIONARY RIGHT TO DIS ing class must be aroused to the clared his intention of fighting the to do next. Forget it boys.
at Springfield voted in membership United Front With Leibowitz sing praises of the Bourbon ruling OR OVERTHROW meetings to condemn the bureaucratic procedure of the union of Why does the which for class of the south. He wants to IT.
ganized mass protest of the entire preme court. Labor has answered Jolned the International AssociaAfter maintaining that Commun. labor movement can resist the at with a special membership drive. tion of Machinists and 240 new locers. Local union No. 77 also filed years would make no united front put the Negro in his place. and The unions claim that over 13, 500 cals have been organized since July charges against Joe Goett, erst with reformism represented by Norto beg mercy for the innocent vicism is an alien movement backed tack at this time.
and sponsored by the Soviet Gov. WORKER. of the 21, 000 employees of the two 1833 says President Wharton.
while Lewis tool, and now editor man Thomas, or with revolution time of a vicious frame up.
of the Progressive Miner because represented by those now in the All the more reason why a mass companies are organized, and pre About 150 strikes have been condict that 76 to 80 per cent of the ducted by the LA. of In the last he refused to publish a resolution Workers Party, offer Leibowitz a pressure campaign is needed. Some adopted by the local scoring Claude united frout? Can it be that the as very clever when it hired Why Mooney Remains in Prison workers will vote for the of 15 months.
Pearcy candidacy.
run off is to be held for the position cipled united front with the ally of prefer Leibowitz to the Stephens, it is my life you are deal fornia sixteen years ago when at SAN FRANCISCO. Governor sent to Governor Stephens of CallUnconfirmed reports state that a the defendants, hope by an unprin Leibowity (and who now naturally of secretary treasurer since no one the Southern lynchers, to get it pose further mass pressure. They ing with the wired of President If Mooney is candidate received a decisive ma not a front seat, at least a back suy mass pressure was helpful in the past but would be harmful now. demand that you revoke your Wilson who jority of the votes cast throughout one when the case comes to couri? Aside from the fact that they op commutation of my death sentence executed international affairs will the state.
Leibowitx is silent because lie is nosed mass pressure in the period to a living death.
be greatly complicated. Stephens Only a Limited Supply Left HISTORY OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, vols.
BittiRes in which they now say it was use prefer a glorious death at the commuted Mooney death sentence ful, the fact is that mass pressure hands of my traducers, you includTom Mooney is still in San Quen. MY LIFE (Reg. Price 00. Reg. Prlee 10. 00. 50 is more essential today than ever et, to a living grave.
tin. All the world knows that he is LENIN. 50 before. am innocent innocent, yet he remains in prison. 00 Every new tarn in the Scottsboro WHITHER ENGLAND. demand a new and fair trial Why? The answer is plain. Tom PROBLEMS OF THE CHINESE REVOLUTION. 00 RSS RSS fight makes clearer the need to or my unconditional liberty through Mooney is a dghter for the working GERMANY WHAT NEXT. 00 MEMBERSHIP MEET RAISES class. That is why he is held in pardon.
responded to the drive for a 5, 000. tion with genuine principles and a COMMUNISM AND SYNDICALISM. 500 ON BUILD PARTY FUND arty Foundation Fund by assum broad enough base to include all These are the words Tom Mooney jail, and only that. 15 THE SOVIET UNION AND THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL The program of action for the ing the obligation to ralse 1, 500 as honest working class and progresSOVIET ECONOMY IN DANGER.
building of the Workers Parts was the New York quota. Over 100 dol sive elements. Members of all trade lars was raised immediately in unions and workers political organ CAPITALIST SABOTAGE IN DEFENSE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION.
presented to the New York memcash, and over 400 dollars in izations should consider and prebership at a general membership pledges.
pare to act on this question.
PITTSBURGH. Steel, industry maintenance, schools and cheap OF SPECIAL INTEREST meeting Friday, Dec. 14, at the basic unit, continues to reflect ac automobiles.
Ten Years History and Principles of the Left Opposition Stuyvesant Casino. The reporter curately Wall Street sabotage in sheets, used for automobile bodles, For example production of steel. by Max Sbachtman.
for the National Committee, ComDON FAIL TO GET YOUR. 10 production. Steel finishing mills was only 27. of capacity. Rall Acouse Stalinism by Maria Reese, former Communist rade Muste, the National Sec have operated at only 40 of cap mills operated at only 16. of Reichstag Deputy.
retary of the party, outlined the PARTY FOUNDATION CERTIFICATE acity during 1984, despite America capacity and heavy structural outWar and the Fourth International.
various points of the program of vast need for good housing, railroad put was but 20. 10 Bound Volume of THN MILITANT (1983)
action and spoke of the enthusiasm ONE DOLLAR. FIVE DOLLARS TEN DOLLARS 50.
with which the launching of the If you cannot afford any one of these sums yourself, get a collection months production ending September 30: Here are typical figures of steel production capacity in tons and 12 Labor and Internationalism by Lewis Lorwin (Reg. 00) 50 was met throughout the list. certificate will be issued to you for the amount collected.
The American Federation of Labor by Lewis Lorwin. 00 We aim to make: Annual capacity country 12 months production.
Heavy structural shapes Miners and Management by Mary Van Kleek. 00 5, 390, 000 The report of Comrade Muste EVERY MEMBER, EVERY SYMPATHIZER Plates 6, 124, 000 1, 016, 000 00 CERTIFICATE HOLDER was followed by a report of the New York District Organize. conStandard rails 4, 750, 000 873, 000 Toward the Understanding of Karl Marx by Sidney ComMembers of the organization will receive certches.
The Decline of American Capitalism by Lewis Cat. 50 equal to their Tool steel bars 107, 000 Aspects of Dialectical Materialism Symposlum. 76 19, 000 Party Foundation Tax paid through their rade Lewit, who dwelt on Literature and Dialectical Materialism John Strachey. 00 crete tasks before the New York DONT DELAY. FILL IN THE BLANK BELOW TODAY!
Letters to Kugelmann by Karl Marx. 00 District.
Conditions of the Working Class in England by Engels. 75 DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES The Workers Party in this city Workers Party of the Kautsky the Renegade by Lenin. 30 112 East 19th Street starts out with seven branches in and CONSTITUTION Left Wing Communism by Lenin.
the various sections. All of these New York City. 26 Letters of Rosa Luxemburg (Reg. Price Enclosed and of the 50. for a Party Foundation Certificate.
branches will very shortly have to 00 Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti (Reg. Price 760. be subdivided, since some of them Or, Send me WORKERS PARTY OF THE collection lists for the Party Foundation Write for Catalogue NOW AVAILABLE IN PAMPHLET FORM Fund.
are too bulky oven now and new 00 per hundred prepaid.
Single coples 6c.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended To.
applications are coming in very Naine ORDER NOW PIONEER BOOKSHOP rapidly. Over 40 applicants for Addrese membernbip in the perty were rePIONEER PUBLISHERS (Official Workers Party Bookstore)
velved right after the mass meeting Okty.
102 East 11th Street 103 East 11th Street that tollowed the fusion con rention. Por publietty tu the name.
New York, New York, The reneral membership meeting Books by Trotsky The Party at Work. 65. 10 903, 000