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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1934 NEW MILITANT PAGE Robins Gras AND TRADE UNIONS Harlan Law WORLD Free on Bail Still Active IN REVIEW Munitions Makers Put the Screws on Roosevelt Negro Workers in the Early American Labor Movement MARCH OF EVENTS By ARNE SWABECK the party trade union policy, etc. wing or progressive policies or or By JACK WEBER Secretary of Trade Union Dept.
For the present, how nary steps to get the machine not intend to enter into These are, of course, only prelmiHarold Robins and Andre Gras, HARLAN, Ky. Curl Williams whose convletion for assaulting TN The program of action adopted into motion in order to take up the Andiscussione talken these source cent and two other union miners were FASCIST STATE IN PORTUGAL The Profit System and Capitalist at the convention giving birth to bigger points on the order of the They will be taken up in dealing Hotel bere by Ben Unthank, Frank Carmona has ridden rougb shod subsequent The dictatorship of President Sabotage reversed last week by the Appellate the Workers Party the central polnt day.
articles in the New Militant Division of the Supreme Court, is its trade union activities. That Busie Tasks more directly with the purposes of No class conscious worker will be were released Wednesday on ball of is a job which the party intends to trade union work centered around movement in the trade unlons. At deputy sherife force.
fooled by the revelations of 2, 000 each pending the new trial tackle in earnest in order to become two basic propositions. The first this moment our first task is to set The program of action for the the projected national progressive White and George Lee, three of the over the rights of the workers and 75 gunmen on Sheriff Middleton peasants of that country for the last nine years. Labor organizacalled inefficiency of food stuffs for reliet purposes by ordered by the appeal court.
a factor of Influence in the trade and foremost is the creation of a the wheels into motion and to begin said, explaining the attack. They are reds, the deputiestions have been suppressed, their the Federal, state and City authorHappy to be free and ready again union movement.
publications suspended and work national progressive movement in the first steps in our activities. To a ities. When millions of pounds of to take their places in the labor Middleton, who was elected by ers leaders imprisoned.
potatoes, cabbage and veal threaten movement, Robins and Gras were sram ot action sets out objectives sented the idea of beletronorte question directly with a number of the miners vote, has been ordered minat den inte the process that oras to glut the market, lower prices confident that new trial would that are within reach of a live ac couple of concentration points, the outstanding progressive trade in by Lieutenant Denhart, chief of the been definitely developing for some and decrease the profits, not of the prove their innocence once for alle tive force. Pollowing further in section of the textile industry in lonists.
state militia, to rid his force of time, the ruling clique has now defarmer producers but of the bis They pointed out that the attempt the same fashion the initial steps New Jersey and Eastern Pennsyl Concentration Points gunmen Immediately after the cided to convert Portugal into a monopoly capitalists of the produce the Appellate Division decision to party itself, its members who be in and around Detroit, Toledo ana concentration points for our trade the deputies who terrorized the tournables place a lon cerul, chancenele The idea of selecting a couple of election of Middleton he re hired corporative state modelled after to protect the fåterests of the class which was refused by the Presiding a firm contact with the progressive Clinsofar as the first proposition is mal party stage when with limited The miners say they have been election dates whiceba te balade In view of the weakness of the Porfor the purchases the preservation Division decision had been unen accord with the needs of the trade not have to be emphasized to miti field at once.
surpluses and hides its real motive the grounds that the Appellate a lend to chart a new course in national progressive movement does attempt to spread over the whole to uphold the law and to Gunmen prevent the miners tugese labor movement, and the of the profit system by pretending mous, showed that the District union movement today. trude unton department has to them a long felt need: but the In the two particular concentration Workers. Many of them are on the encounter no serious opposition to tunt workers. In fact it represents But this is not the only reason, from organizing in the United Mine complete lack of a revolutionary that the food will go to relieve the Attorney was afraid to take the jury.
starving unemployed. Under cover case before been set up. The party trade union forces to actually tackle the prob points mentioned issues of the most payrolls of the companies and the of this phraseology for deluding the masses, the various Agencies of mittee for Non Partisan Labor De the first steps taken to contact the today not such a national move lating and great struggles are in they are paid.
The Robins Grus Defense Com fructions are being organized and lem were not att hand. There is important character are accumu straigther they can shoot the more his schemes at the present time.
government, in Federal, State and ſense, will continue the fight for live wire prodoration will be examples have been set of what pro not the same character in both in the good state the various ment in existence. Excellent prospect. The issues are of course Denbart intervened in behalf of City, then cooperate in the task the freedom of Robins and Gras localities.
CHACO WAR TOLL HEAVY As the Paraguayan army prepares destroying the food surpluses by a rom the charges against them. changed mutually between the gressive and left wing policies stances and to that extent the ap which fears a repetition of the 1936 to drive the Bolivian troops from This capitalist sabotage manifestsialist Lawyers Association, and such questions as: How to start when a group of determined mill. the Detroit automobile area for operators and the Sherine office Chaco, the government of that counitself everywhere and at all times Luis Clickhouse, the volunteer the trade union activities; the func tants begin to act in an organized example the real problem is still crushed by violence an incipient try has rejected the proposals for when the maintaining of profits re lawyers whose splendid, briefretion of the party fractions; the or fashion. We need mention only the one of establishing a union or union movement quires the destruction of wealth, sulted in the reversal of the origin Sanization of local progressive Minneapolis and Toledo. But these ganization. But that also is a job of Nations. Plushed with victory, whether in the form of means of al conviction will continue to serve groups; the problem of organizing examples had so far mainly a local for the militant forces. And so, the Paraguayans are now unwilling in unorganized shope: the burning character.
with the initial preparations on the JOIN THE WORKERS PARTY. to terminate the two and a hall yaterials food supplies or rawas attorneys.
The rotting of the foods Issues in the trade union move Many other examples could be way our party will proceed to the years of open warfare, excepting on so desperately needed by the hun SUBSCRIBE TO NEW. MILITANTI ment; the essence and meaning of adduced of how not to conduct left bigger issues confronting it.
This conflict, having its origins gry, penniless workers is not a New York phenomenon, it is one more that make this the only possible in a, territorial dispute involving revelation of the decadence and interpretation American and British oil interests, First: The Presi.
rottenness of the entire capitalist has already cost the lives of 80, 000 dent, who is supposed to be taking system. Veblen aptly characterized protit out of war, concerns himmen, sixty per cent of which were Bolivians. Between 850, 000 and this capitalist sabotage when he self, not with corporations, but spoke of it as the conscientious ominously with the mobilization of 400, 000 men were mobilized during withdrawal of efficiency. It is in the course of the struggle.
human beings. Second: The antitering of mass hunger in order to President Overplays His Hand In Profitless War Plan of the board makes les intent plaine Fight for Social and Economic Equality Since 1869 POWER BALANCE IN EUROPE coining of profits in the capitalist WASHINGTON. Last week between the Standard Oil Co. and of history and circumstance points (Ed. Note. This is the first of as a foe rather than friend, that polley is turning in the direction of reporting from Paris that French market.
take the profit out of war campaign the British Shell Olt Co. The Ital toward the conclusion that equal a series of articles by comrade was a lesson in capitalist politics. fans are involved in a semi war mobilization means equally low Williamson on the history and hool. Whereas the black worker reaching an agreement with GerProfits and Housing War has always been one of the over Abysinnia, which may attract wages for workers, and equally crucial questions for u capitalist other nations interested in African higher profits for capitalists problems of Negro labor in the who experienced the arrogance of many, is taken from the British United States. the white, developed a feeling of dent Labor Party: New Leader, organ of the Indepencrisis is faced continually with the regime, for it is in war that the colonies. And so on throughout the Capitalist society in the throes of The Lever Act mistrust Instead of coinradeship. In well informed circles here it problems of planned economy. But state become most apparent. While During the last war the Lever By SIMON WILLIAMSON The President statement that he Act, as the New York Post pointed Knights of Labor is believed that French policy has so long as private property and ame 50, 000 young Americans were acted now because there was no out, was intendedTarn the the tendency to unite with white gave way to the Knights of Labor, an agreement with Germany.
Negro labor in America showed The National Labor Union finally turned in the direction of reaching profits remain the backbone the unbroken backbone of the econo killed and 150, 000 wounded on a war cloud is pure nonsense. He publie was concerned, to take the labor as early as 1869. It was then an organization of all races and cial circles are now reconciled to mie system, a planned economy roauring the last war, 181 capitalists and financial interests were fearful was never employed against sin interest of the black proletariat, weeds of all who toiled. Thousands return of the territory to Germany, wage of exactly one dollar a day acted because large munition, steel profits out of war. The Lever Act that four delegates, representing the creeds, that sought to serve the the Saar Plebiscite resulting in mains like a watery mirage in the back home, who risked nothing, not of the Nye Investigation, and be le one of those 181 who made over appeared before the national con of Negro proletarians entered the and it is recognized that nothing far distant and unattainable. Thus comes of one mil desert, something thirsted after but even their fortunes reported in cause these interests practically or million a year during the worlon. This organization a Verred it struggles lead by the early knights effective can be done to prevent vention of the National Labor Unon a year or over. dered to act.
it is with any real housing program New Deal and War The End Profit Boys Although the Secretary of of which there is so much talk in of the American labor movement in Germany re arming.
once called the Duponts outlaws selt as a purely industrial union, various parts of the country.
It This turn in policy is likely to banking and industrial circles. The There can be little doubt that This can be seen from the char he later signed contracts with having for its only objective the may be somewhat astonishing to affect French Soviet relations. The proper housing of the masses is Roosevelt recognizes the ultimate acter of the board appointed by them. The Lever Act was supposed, securing for the producer his full many of us to know that William critics of Soviet foreign policy have linked up with a myriad of prob necessity of war if the capitalist our President to take the profit just as the President end profitsoluble under capitalism. There is (ue. One need only remark that line democratic politician, many ployed agaluat excessive corpora the new labor organization no lon, as early as 1808 made the as te an unreliable ally of Soviet Barney Baruch, old in war laws are supposed to be em ever, after the first convention of Sylvis, president and one of the always taken the view that the Negro delegates seemed to have ap sertion the problem of slum clearance; the whilo the government handed out times a millionaire, and a member tion and individual pronto at what peared at any of its succeeding. ertion after a trip through the Russia. If an agreement with Germoving of large masses out of the one billion in relief under the New of the war board which connived Such laws, such attempts a many can be reached, the cities; the reallocation of indus Deal, it spent two billion, exactly the exploitation of the last war, purports to be reform, always representative affairs Careful management, and a government will not hesitate to vigorous campaign will unite the throw over Russia.
subsistence homesteads to solve The Nye committee on armaments ous for his anti labor activities, right wing Socialists, react inevit ion among the various strata of the General Hugh Johnson, now notori greeted clamorously by liberals and to have existed a difference of opin Austria is also changing its attithe unemployment problem, etc.
has barely scratched the surface. also a member of the late war ably to the greater advantage of organization on the Negro posi soutle. white and Tlack, upon our tude towards Germany. The govtion as an industrial worker.
What the capitalists desire is If the investigators care to follow board. And General Douglas Mc. capital.
platform. The people down here ernment has issued instructions to that the government shall somehow every lead, no matter how Indirect Arthur, a pdofessional army man, Against Labor This change of attitude toward will unite on the money question, the Press (1) not to print anything the black proletariat was, no doubt, of heavy Industry ly connected with munitions, they mentioned by General Butler as a et me once more by means of would finish by indieting the whole candidate for leader of a Fascist Just as the present proposed laws the wew industrial bourgeoisie was because everybody is poor.
in future regarding German re armThe Lever Act was employed, due to the peculiar psychology that The Years 1881 86 ament, and to treat the Saar housing program involving Federal capitalist state as a monstrous de army!
vice for oppression, graft, and mur.
President financing and subsidizing society further Roosevelt Sylvis was partly right, but his problem in a manner favorable to Germany.
Thus city demobilization would it is the committee has statements on taking profit out of striking unions were held for con. the purpose of weakening its class dream is yet to be realized. He mmediately affect Tand values blundered on to some rather start wat are even more revealing. To Stanly strikes were broken, events portent tan direkte edo trendente che mi neber, lacusands ordeges and White TREND IN FRANCE DOWNWARD late as 1920, two years after the Just emerging from slavery, the workers lined up behind the Likewise he asserted, there was war, the strike or the Pennsylvania black worker, especially in the Knights of Labor between the yeurs continues to from bad to worse, tire taxing structure of the state. our super patriot, millionaire, dolThere would be a profound effect on the transportation systems built On Wednesday the committee was beings resulting in the present distust these grounds. Thus while crafts of his era. This made him ous years of crisis that followed Paris in the Sunday, Dec. 15 Issue around and through the big centers blithely prepared to show that not pute over the bonus. He called at 181 milion dollar a year incomes a flerce competitor of the white the Civil war the militancy of the of the New York Times, Unemof population. The entire profit only the Dupont Co. but our Wartention to the fact that the boys went scot free, trade unionists who proletariat who was less skilled in black proletariat reached superb ployment statistics just issued, structure involved in the present and Navy departments, and by in who fought in the trenches got a tried to raise their wages a dollar workmanship. The Negro was not, heights. Their demands were for says the dispatch, covering the distribution of foodstuffs would be terence the whole government as dollar a day, while the boys who or two, or cut their hours from tenhowever, conscious of his true posl equal citizenship and, logically, ending last Saturday, show a rise disturbed.
The relations between well as every financier in the coun worked in munitions factories re to eight were accused of conspir tion AS workman. His only in higher standard of living. Theirof 9, 658 over the previous week and town and country, between the try were involved in the exhorbiceived elght and ten dollars a day. ing to make unfair profits.
terest was to find the necessities of demands were as piercing and ef. 115, 223 over the corresponding farmer and city. worker, would un tant profits from the sale of war Thus, he said, the demand for the The President made his intention Hite at whatever wage was avail fective in the struggles of organ week in 1933.
dergo striking changes. Clearly the supplies to the government, and in bonus arose. The total was 381, 841. These misingly in the way of real planninitions of enemies or potential The President brought it up in hope dently he could not afford to have artisans just emerging from chattel of the labor movement in America. ployed, and it is generally agreed need for profits stands uncompro. the sale, at a tremendous profit, ot First let us dispose of the bonuslecting the Nye committee. Evi were lucrative salaries to Negro mands formulated by any section are registered as wholly unemeven more plain in completely negable. Low wages to white artisans ized labor of that time as any de ning of housing.
enemies of the United States. of making the end profit in war that the actual total is about four Roosevelt on the Spot campaign a sop to the American any blunderers associated with the slavery. Thus one could easily bo Development of Industry times the official figure. Competent There can be no doubt that Lexion, a sop to cover up non pay delicate problem of making capi played against the other.
Housing and the Building Worke President Roosevelt was put underment of the bonus.
The technical development of the observers expect unemployment to talist war palatable to the people. Sowing Seed of Hatred The President overplayed his This does not mean that the gov. pressure by Just those financial InUnited States industry, the short reach the 500, 000 mark by the end Equally How Wages The slave masters were respons sightedness of the white proletarl. of February.
ernment will not concoct schemes terests that found the Nye commithand on the whole end profit in war Ible for the uneven development of at, the mistrust of the Negro work. The industrial production index On the matter of equal mobiliza business. He made it quite plain the two workmen, and sowed the for a ding the languishing heavy tee so dangerous. The Presidenttion Is there anyone who supposed that the government must and can seeds of hatred and mistrust which er, and the betrayal of the Negro is pursuing a steady downward Industries through some form of responded nobly. He responded to the President advocated 10 a day only represent the capitalist class, is responsible for their disassocla many setbacks of the black prole of trade. Bankruptcles have reached middle class are responsible for the trend, which indicates contraction aubsidized housing. In its usual nobly, he overplayed his hand, and wages for soldiers? What the and that New Deals, labor promises, tion until this day, fashion the government will attempt for twenty four hours it looked as President advocates is equally low welfare governments, all sorts of In the cities of the south, where The tariat in the United States.
an all time record. The stock marto create the illusion that its real it he had actually laid bare the wages for all working people, whe so called reforms are not only pre skilled labor was needed, the bour brought with it new crafts and de have risen slightly. Railway earnnew industrial system ket index is down, although bonds aim is to help the unemployed real capitalist nature of our de ther employed in bloody slaughter, destined failures, but worse, como geofsie, the former stave masters, vices that required time and money Ings and car loading declined.
building trades workers. As a mnt. mocracy. However, he was forced or in the manufacturing of the in to serve more and more directly employed black labor because of to master. The Negro worker was ter of fact the whole scheme of to retract his original uncompro struments of bloody slaughter.
starting a housing boom is being mising stand, and the fortunate injust those interests they pretend its skill and cheapness. Thus white possessed of nether. His precari SECRET WAR PLANS There are a multitude of reasons to regulate.
linked up with the idea of stimu tervention of a hare brained thirty labor came to regard black laborous lot forced him to succumbin lating greater demand by lowering face of disaster and to return to that the War Department will not building costs in the most radical recovery scheme distracted pablic year, two hundred billion dollar the plantation of his former slave permit the Senate committee invesmanner. The one completely satis attention.
master. In fact but few had letitigning the munitions industry to factory method for accomplishing the plantation. Here they were bare to the country the secret arthis obfective known to the capital end profit in war pronouncement reA brief glance at the President forced to lead the miserable life of rangements between the government ists, is to conduct a fierce and reveals its source and its intent.
Fusion between the former Am the Party is on the press. The nelentless onslaught on the wages and erican Workers Party and the Com tional Trade Union Committee is action with about 75 pledged.
Local Philadelphia has also taken tenant farmers and share croppers and big business for the mobilizaThe New York Sun said, In an munist League of America, is con gathering its forces and the sixty. Other branches have not yet reWhite Labor Monopoly standards of living of the construcnouncing the afternoon conference sumated. The Workers Party of day Party Foundation Fund Cam ported.
tion of 1, 700 peace time and muniWhite labor finally organized it tions factories for the production tion workers.
on war pront laws, President Roos the 18 launched.
The government is moving to take evelt declared that he hoped war bership of the two organizations is This covers six points in the Prosent a check for 25 toward this say white, labor. These newly or Nye, North Dakota liberal, chair The mem paign is swinging into action.
sell into the craft unions of the of gases, guns and explosives in Antoinette Konikow of Boston American Federation of, should we the next war, Senator Gerald the lead in this process of defla would never come again, and that now functioning in united branches gram of Action. There still remain tion of costs. It present intima he was taking up the question now and the enthusiasm engendered at ve points to be acted upon.
ganized craft unions in many cases man of the committee, said that the tlons become a reality, then we may because there was at this time no the mass meeting which launched To accomplish the Program in writes that the news of the fusion craftsmen of steady employment will ask an appropriation close New York sympathizer barred Negro labor, to insure white plans would be gone into. Nye expect a direct conflict between the war cloud on the horizon. 50, construction workers and the capiNo War Clouds Far the Program days.
The eleven points outlined in the and energies toward the raising of and the launching of the new party They sought to do for their crafts 000 from Congress to continue the thrilled her to such an extent that what the capitalists sought to do committee work.
building trades workers, the Feder of hoping war out of existence arst issue of the New Militant are beginning has been made in that she stands ready to contribute to for their wealth. They sought to He said the committee would keep al authorities will aim a blow at where did Mr. Roosevelt get the taking on life.
them. Already there is an effort to ides that there was no war cloud the Party Foundation Fund 200 gain a monopoly on thelr crafts. secret the allocation of wartime for every equal amount we raise Where Negro artisans were admit procurement among plants and the encourage the mass production of on the horizon? The President that new applications for membering the foundation Fund tax from from others, up to a total of 1, 000. ted, they were placed in separate details of arrangements between More than 400 We call upon all friends and sym locals and given a lower wage.
semble. This would eliminate the the Chinese market is always im. The organization of the two coast has been pledged and about 100 pathizers to rush their contribu Middle Class Negroes gard to kinds and quantities of war need for any skilled workers who minent; that war with Great Brit to coast tours is under way with has been paid in cash as reported tons so we can make up the first would become part of the perma ain over the colonial market, espe a short three week Cannon Muste below.
The Negro middle class, which we materials to be produced. 200 as fast as possible.
nent reserve army of unemployed. cially in South America, is ever tour as a forerunner to begin Janshall discuss later on in detail, alRUSH FUNDS!
ways despised white labor. It had labor seeks unity with black. That The use of new materials and the possible; that the war between uary 13. The Party national edBound Volumes of tory methods 18 relled upon to Germany and France, now brewing. ucational committee is functioning PARTY FOUNDATION CERTI made a bid for power. It can only was true then as now. To make THE MILITANT create a new industry for capital would involve the United States and its program will soon be avall.
FICATES will be issued for every exist on antagonism of labor secure its position it exonerated For 1933 and 1934 Jest exploitation. In this way, from very rapidly: to mention tow war able for the branches. Two of the donation over If you can make which has resulted in separation white bourgeois philanthropby and Each 50 a contribution, sond for. collec They get thelr chance in such a renounced all efforts of solidarity very aspect the government hous clouds. As for actual wars the Party concentration districts From July 1931 Dec. 1982 50 trg program contains within it Chaco diapote 1, as the State De have been started. pamphlet.
tion list and a certificate will be state of affaire to become the small of white and black labor. They mark threat to the livelihoods of partment know, war not between embodying the Declaration PIONEER PUBLISHERS sued to you for the amount collect leeches on the back of black labor. preferred and still prefer seeing 102 East 11th Street ed.
They become mistruatful, and afraid black labor remain ruberviant the construction workers, Bolivia and Padeguay, but war Principles and the Constitution of New York, DON DELAY! ACT TODAY. for their position, whenever whitel the opulent wbiten There seems southern states, that: french Foundation Fund Campaign