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Joseph Zack Joins Workers Party Vol. Comintern United power.
bits in the evil battle while Lenin was yet, st the Merry Christmas. For Whom?
Waiting PAGE NEW MILITANT SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1984 the East River whittle mournfully.
act of individual terror. There is plenty of ground The Gold Dust factory has been for the latter assumption, since the individual reNEW MILITANT sponsible is reported as a former member of the lent to the Salvation Army. The machinery has been cleared out, with which is merged party. If that is really the case, and it similar atand row upon row of dingy cots THE MILITANT tempts have been made or planned by others, the (Continued from Page 1) non aggression pact was offered his death, demanded Stalin remord have then its place. There is only international working class is entitled know all Published weekly by the Workers Party of the 112 Erst 19th Street, New York City.
the facts and is also entitled to an explanation or in the and the arose to the Second International Baal as amenace to the party and one small entrance to the massive the working class. They introduced building, a door at the dark end of Phone: ALgonquin 9068 such incidents, which never occurred in Lenin in my mind as a major issue of whole.
On the trade union question, in a system of double bookkeeping in the loading platform.
time, occur now in the 18th year of the revolution even greater importance than the trade union question itself. order to do away with this irri the Communist movement. They did Men kept coming out the door, Pintered as second class mall matter at the Post Office Such a movement, taking the extreme form of IndiI thought: If I, a party member tant to the united front with not dare to print the Bolshevik vidual terrorism, could only arise from profound at New York, under the act of March 3, 1879.
social causes and would need the inspiration of an of 15 years standing, can be de social democracy and the labor bu program of the Russian Opposition. turning up their collars, and driftJAMES CANNON, Editor anarchistle or social revolutionary philosophy. It prived of my rights to easily, what reaucrats, particularly in countries The Stalin clique, when polemizing ing across the bare cement of the HARRY HOWE, Associate Editor CARA COOK, Business Manager really exists today in the Soviet Union it as a feartai ber to express his opinions on any unions, regardless of thelr mere quotations that have nothing to orlel Grock temple in the center of indictment of the Soviet bureaucracy. soon enough realized that are being driven and manipulated view spoken or written by them. Its base. The men drifted over to SUBSCRIPTION RATES: In any event, whether the terroristic acts were In the United States 00 per year: 50 six months.
committed by capitalist agents or by demoralized and order to understand what had hep back into the reformist Federations They imprison pened to the had to unravel or tipo tentons. Is thaw Blving way it and opportunist polley The ruinous policy critics of their disastrous adventur. drifted back, hardly stopping, never disoriented workers, the attempt to attribute the reThey looking around, never speaking, Canada and Foreign. 50 per year; 75c al months.
whole chain of events and prob. of red drifted back and disappeared into Bundle Rates: Two cents per copy.
sponsibility for them to party political opponents of Stalin is a fraud on its face, and every revolutionary lome upon which thought in the to a fetishism of the of introduced the allen concept of the tiny doorway of the factory.
party is forbidden. found out and a polley of capitulation covered Napoleonie big shots and papall the SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1934 No. worker knows it. Every one in the least familiar stopped one, blond man with the history and literature of the Marxist move that the abolition of Inner demo with left phrases to the labor fake infallibility into the proletarian dressed in a new pair of pants and movement. These, in brief, are the ment knows that the Marxists always based them cracy in the party and the Commu ers.
nist International had its origin Thinking over these questions reasons why they cannot hold the leather jacket.
Alarm Signals in the Soviet Union opposed Individual terrorism as a political selves on the mass movement of the workers and with the expulsion of 14 members found that, all and severally, they adherence of serious, honest revolu.
on the ground that it operates against the organiza co workers of Lenin) from the were the problems raised by the tionists. These are the reasons for laughed apologetically and spoke (Continued from Page 1)
tion of the mass movement and becomes a substitute Central Committee of the Russian Russian opposition led by Trotsky: the decay and decline of the with a thick accent. There is no Party, led by Trotsky, and suppres that these were the reasons that its enormous turnover in member story. am a chauffeur, a chantCommunist International, at the head of a delegation for it. Marx and Engels opposed individual terror slon of their platform four weeks this opposition, the true followers ship. mass fight of the workers leur for private cars, people don keep chauffeurs any longer.
from tbe Communist Party of the Soviet Union, ism. Lenin, following them, did likewise in all the before the party convention in 1927. of Lenin, were expelled from the from it. am Swedish; have been back ask approval of this commutation. He explained: years of his revolutionary activity. So did Trotsky therefore join with those Inter and forth many times. The last in We must show that we do not disregard the wishes and Zinoviev and every one of the leaders of the Following this event the same re Russian party and from Stalin Russian revolution. The Communista in every coun: all parties of the Comintern.
national revolutionists in the Work 1930, now wish had not come.
gime was established gradually in of the social democratle workers of Europe who have found that in order to isolateers Party of the and through Any family?
try have had to explain this to reactionaries who asked us to show leniency. We must convince them Digging further found out that the Communist workers from the out the world who continue to rep fe and a child in Sweden.
accused them of terroristle actions. Is it necessary that we do not follow a policy of revenge. And, the Stalin regime had revised the contaminating Influence of Trot resent in theory and practice the They are all right, thank God for now to explain it to the e Stalinists: sky Leninist position, the discus best traditions of Leninism and it; my wife is working.
moreover, we must show the world that we are strong Evidently they do not dare to make the direct ac policy of Lenin on the colonial son of these major problems is the international and can afford to moderate our penalties against working class asked why he didn get himthose who are completely defeated.
cusation that Zinoviev, the former chairman of the question and the independence of forbidden. Inner democracy is movement.
Comintern and the co worker of Lenin, had anything of China in 1924 27 the proletarian party, affiliating the throttled in all the parties. These selt sent back If the Soviet Government could act so openly and the To those still remaining in the can do that, he said, must to do with a terroristic group. But they have begun Kuomintang (bourgeois party led than anyone else are working Lenin word that anyone who do not buy my own ticket and have sterling revolutionists, who more say: Workers, remember have money when go back. If yet to firmly, could display such strength and, at the same time, such moderation in 1922, how is the presstage, to make a bolder and more direct accusation Borg Chuparen er to the betrayal borene against the stream are branded as does not acquaint himself truly ive or six hundred dollars when pression of all real Information to be explained?
ent procedure the secrecy, the bysteria and the sup and then to connect Trotsky and his adherents Chinese revolution. At about the counter revolutionists and pre with both sides of the controversy arrive they will think am a fallHow does it happen that secret trials and secret ure. In Sweden they think there In the light of what has taken place in recent same time the was pur tense is made that their criticism before deciding is an account Ir executions are necessary in the 18th year of the rev.
times, in the light, especially, of the turns in Soviet Fairnet. Ea borc party and nirting slander and opposition to the Soviet for a number of years, but no more. have been guilty of such idiocy is still prosperity in America.
olution? The capitalist opposition was smashed to come back poor they will not give and the interventionist armies United States, the entry into the League of Nations States. All of this constituted a Stalin and his bureaucratic clique Comradely, me work.
in JOSEPH ZACK. asked how long he had been at helm, while Trotsky led the Red Army and Zinovlev which Lenin called the thleves kitchen of Genevadenial of the Independent role and or ursurpers rose to power on the the Gold Dust.
the pacts with capitalist governments to defend the leadership of the proletariat and its and the tiredness of the Soviet follow, will explain in a manner am always trying to get work. In and decline of the revolutionary wave In a series of articles to was chairman of the Comintern and the Petrograd boundaries established by the Versailles Treaty In party in the struggle of the masses masses after war, civil war and in undeniable by any one the actual summer usually manage all right. Just two months this winter. Soviet. The great advances of Soviet economy in the the light of all this, the enlightened workers of all in and outside of the colonies. The tervention. They suppressed Len situation in the both as Last summer worked in a rospast ten years, unparalleled in the history of the world, cut the ground from beneath the feet of capi present situatlon in the Soviet Union and ask what through the aliance with the trade is testament to which Lenin, in to the trade union question and in taurant. They do not pay enough.
tallet restorationist elements and completely shattered is behind the oficial propaganda. Does Stalin con union bureaucrats that betrayed the his last words to the party before ner regime their morale. How does it happen that they can template still further turn to the right in foreign British general strike in the top only your meals; and must make now suddenly rise up again and begin an aggressive policy and, fearing the rise of a new proletarian opunited front known as the AngloISICI money to get back to Sweden.
campaign of terror. Maybe it will be better this position does he seek to silence it by preventive Russian Committee.
If It is maintained that precisely the growing summer. Who can tell? asked what he thought of the strength and invincible position of the Soviet Union had to realize that the theory text to alarm the masses and enable Stalin to take New Deal have inspired some foreign capitalist State or States bloody revenge on honest opponents in the revolu of social fascian which then fol 42AAEAAA to a desperate attack if that is so, then it is neces The New Deal? It is nothing tionary camp? Is the revolutionary opposition to the lowed as the next general line sary to mobilize the working class of the world left regime of Stalin growing inside the country as it is and which represented (Continued from Page 1)
new. What is the difference If you Gala Christmas against the foreign capitalist enemy, especially the growing outside on the international arena?
zig zag away from Leninism, with lot of mild Insanity. Induced by Yes, he said, They get an ex. get all the unemployed together, workers in the country or countries involved. And tra dinner Christmas.
like this, or leave them all alone; We contend that the present methods of the Stalin its exclusive policy of united front hardship and old age.
Chicken, for hat, not secrecy and ambiguity are needed but As walked the plain truth plainly told. The imperialists and of working class defeats throughout the world, 18 the then new trade union policy man accosted own the street one mashed turnips and potatoes same there is nothing new either way.
leadership, which bears the responsibility for a chain from below. brought in its train me as they had Thanksgiving, We ll. Christmas? suppose we ll get their diplomate work very well in the dark; for them alming a mortal blow at the Russian revolution it of Red untons and our isolation have a tree for them. The police the same thing we had Thanksgivwhispers and hinta suffice. Not so the tolling masses self. The Stalin group would lead the Soviet Union, from the masses, working into the ve been waiting for you. be band comes up and the police gleeing. Chicken or something. There they move in the broad daylight; they need to see as it led the German working class, blindfolded to hands of the labor fakers and so said, ve been waiting right here club wings. Then they all get Joker In that though. missed and to know where they are going. If some capital catastrophe. The international working class is cial democracy, a line of policy ever since Monday.
Tootsie Rolls to take home with Thanksgiving dinner, and all they let power is attacking or preparing to attack the them. told had that night was fried potatoes the one power in the world that can prevent this which led to the defeat of the workm he was mistaken.
Soviet Union at the present time it is necessary to catastrophe. It must do so in its own interest, as ing class everywhere and capitula Don tell me, know your We re getting more and more and coffee.
let the workers know the name of the enemy. it is well as in the interest of the Russian revolution, for tion to Hitlerisme in Germany. The tricks. Didn you promise me every day. feeding about twenty necessary to drag the conspirators out into the open the fate of one is bound up with the other.
same peeudo left line isolated the you be coming down?
and put their agents on trial before the eyes of the The defense of the Soviet Union, its real defense by peasantry from the working class pointed out that we had never More and more white collar people Auto Hearing Farce world in order to inform and mobilize the workers revolutionary workers, not the empty pretences of in China, resulting in an isolated met.
too. They hang on as long as they for the defense of the Soviet Union.
With 7a Under Ban careerists, not the counterfeit defense of those who peasant war and so called soviets No, he mumbled, We never can; but finally get tired of living This, however, is not the course being followed by cover up and justify every crime of the bureaucracy without the working class.
met; but just the same you can on relatives, and take it on the Stalin, the Soviet bureaucracy, the Communist Inter and slander honest opponents for hire the real de In each case the declared tool me, you said you were going (Continued from Page 1)
national. The Daily Worker illustrates the method fense of the Soviet Union requires a merciless criti that its line has been proven correct to meet me here. went back and reassured the 500 for skilled workers irrespecwhich is being followed the method of sowing con cism of the methods of the Stalin bureaucracy in the by events, that the treacherles of Further on leaned up against six footer that some one would be tive of the number of months em fusion and demoralization in the working class by present situation, demand for complete information social democracy are to blame for the wall opposite the dirty grey over with a crutch.
beployed; that the eight hour day and hinting one day about unnamed capitalist powers and house. continuous line On the way out fell in step be 30 hour week replace the present the next day about party political opponents of the protest against the attempt to link the proletarian line of the In Bulgaria, how on produced at open trials and a mighty proletarian the defeats in spite of the correct 100eutches issued from the door wide a well dressed young man. 12 hour day and 84 hour week they Soviet bureaucracy and the who, as every one knows, have nothing to do with capitalist governopponents of the Stalin regime with the agents of ever, the had a majority of marked MEN. guessed that those when asked him for a story he said the code allows; that an uncapitalist counter revolution.
the working class and a decisive who were crippled were fed inwas suspicious.
employment Insurance plan be put ments. Instead of reporting facts and citing proofs Today again, as in the first years of its existence following among the peasantry. Still side, Instead of at the whart. You ain a phony, he asked into offect, to begin as soon as a and appealing for a common working class front for when the Imperialist bandits of the whole world the bourgeoisie defeated the work An old six footer with an expres detective or something? man becomes unemployed, continue the defense of the Soviet Union, as would be done by surrounded it with a ring of steel, the fate of the ing class with the greatest of ease. ston of good humor started to swing No wasn a detective. during the entire period of unem serious people if there were a real danger and a serious desire to meet it, the Daily Worker occuples Russian Revolution depends directly on the interna The Chas never explained yet across the street. One of his crutch for? Whet just woke me the rest. toployment and be administered by itself with bizarre descriptions of the united front plicated, but the responsibility is no less direct. The to keep a dominating hold over the manhole cover. The crutch shat can see what Its all about, can What They Tola of counterThey told of a speed up system Japanese Imperial Stretching all the way from the Soviet Union is the greatest conquest that has been masses if the policy of the tered and he fell to the pavement.
to the German fascist butchers gatiued by the working class in all its history. It was correct. They simply assume He didn want to be picket up, and Place to stay so great the men can take time out and on down to the Russian white guards, the Trot embodies the Inspiration, the hope and the example that the masses were incapable of managed to right bimself with the insisted.
for hygienic needs, so great that skyltes with their unholy alliance or Cannon that will lead the workers to victory and emancipa responding to a correct policy. In remaining crutch. With some trou Well, suddenly. ll tell you, older men are forced out of employand Muste. and so on and so forth. Dec. 19. tion throughout the world. The international work each case representatives were ble he hobbled over and leaned but won tell you my name. ment.
The workers of the United States have seen the ing class must come to the aid of the Soviet Union on the ground and the policy was against the wall near me, don want anybody to know m They told of the Ford welfare Daily Worker and the so called Communist Party now against the mortal dangers which menace it shaped by them personally and by He was embarrassed, although coming here.
from within as, from the first, they have defended directives from Moscow; hence, the no one had paid any attention to plan, whereby employees may get, pursue this tactic of throwing mud at any and every m an Irishman, born in the old out of a wage, in cash and one who ventures to criticize their insane policies. it against external enemy failures and defeats cannot logical his fall. He shouted and mumbled country twenty four years ago. ve the rest in credit for relief supThe workers of the see through this tactic. It The defense of the Soviet state requires now more ly be blamed on the inexpertness every time anyone passing saw the been in America sixteen years. ve plies, so that most of them are un is discredited. Nobody, not even the members than ever a merciless criticism and exposure of the of the local leaders.
broken crutch lying in the street. been a member of the union, local able to check on exactly what they will believe this latest slander. Only Insane desper usurping bureaucracy. It requires the building of a then had to look for the root It a violation of the municipal sixty, for seven years. mechante, are getting, ation could lead to the resort to it now. The inevit revolutionary proletarian force in the capitalist coun of the problem, so to say, for it ordinance, he yelled to no one in a plasterer am. lost my last And they told of a spy system so able effect is to deepen the distrust of the present trles strong couch to put pressure on the bureau cannot be possible that all this particular. There is a state law Job about eight months ago. bav. effective that when Smith lost the bureaucracy of the and the Soviet Union.
real aid to the working class of the train of major defeats ts of the work against it, there ought to be a rail t been able to get a scrap of work minutes of a meeting of the We do not know the surrounding the assas Soviet Union. Above all, it requires a force that can class since Lenin died, Inside ing.
since. What the hell, a fella can S. he got a copy from the files of sipation of Kirov. They are concealed from us as challenge capitalism in its seats of power and over and outside of the can be as He was silent and then began to starve, so after three months the Motor Products Co.
they are concealed from the whole International throw it.
cribed to everybody else, with the shout again. He liked to use long started coming down here. gotta They described how Ford had working class. We do not know whether he was That means for us being always correct. found words and pretend he was making place to stay all right, but gotta movies taken of mass demonstrakilled by a white guard or by a worker whose anta Build the Workers Party of the United States! that at the bottom of it all is the a serious political or religious ora ent.
tion, then fired all his employees ponism to the bureaucracy led him to the anarchistic Build the New, Fourth International!
nationalist theory Stalin of 80 tion. said goodbye to the Irish plas who could be identified. He even cialism in One Country. comI asked if couldn get him an terer, and went on down town to fired men who tried take up a Corlears Hook on the East River. collection for flowers for four men Printers Aids from the proletarian other crutch intes departure of Lenin.
repeatedly requested him to meet Hits Sabotage This Crutch, crutch? he said, Where There, beside the river, fronting on killed last year in the demonstraStriking Reporters Fishing contractual relations, trea In Trial of Cal. Militants the disastrous policies of the. a stty six inch crutch; they don is the empty Gold Dust factors These and many other things, the theory lies at the root not only of are you going to get one. This is a bare, municipal, waterfront park, tion at his River Rouge plant.
eight guild members.
led by Stalin, but also the present make many that long.
workers told Roosevelt deputies. Continued from Page 1)
Scah Law or No Law (Continued from Page 1) unproletarian foreign policy of the went across the street and in The Gold Dust Lodge In Toledo the and the The strike was well organized at operation between the editorial and The tugs chugging up and down of union prepared to preThe resolution of the Berkeley Soviet government. The work of terviewed one of the clerks.
the composing and press rooms. Un once. sound truck for the dura membership meeting does not mince all the parties of the is thus sent further evidence to the board.
fortunately, the printing group hastion of the strike was donated by words in its condemnation of this subordinated to the exclusive alm The Toledo branch of the Workers It says: MASS MEETING Party, which has been active in the vately the leaders are for the 306 of New York. The men on the auct of the in contry. a polley which is not only automobile field, planned to have a strike. But to come out publicly truck were instructed not to use Junction with that of the Interna non Marxian cannot be a base speaker to show the impossibility of stabilization in the automotive would put their membership on the the word scale which is constational Labor Defense in this case for the attraction of the interna The liquidation of independent unions as a part of its new industry (or any other industry)
spot when their contract expired not to ask people not to buy the described as miserable and the tion of its revolution. Such a pol trade union polley.
under the profit system. Using Newark Typographical Union 103. Ledger That was boycott and lack of a united front criminalicy is bound to lead to the weaken The swing to the right in united front policy.
Lactual survey of the Toledo autoagainst the law. Today, with a new Protest is made at the fallure to distortion of its course and its dising of the Soviet power itself, a The bureaucratic Inner regime in the and trade unions motive industry, the plan is to exdominated by it.
pose the automobile labor board president to appoint a commitee to the truck rides maist the Ledger at: False ball for the politically impor association from the international The cause for the defeat of the proletariat in Germany, and the entire NRA machinery.
draw up resolution endorsing the fice, blaring the word scabs.
revolution and hence to the weakstrike, but in no way to interfere China, Spain, etc. and the disintegration of the Communist parties and the demand is made that it beening and defeat of the entire workThe changing attitude of the furnished at once in order that she ing class in and outside the Soviet with our contractual relations with strikers is illustrated by the story may be used for propaganda pursince Lenin died. The nationalist, unproletarian forelon polley of the Soviet the Ledger. never received a re of one girl reporter. month ago Poses in the raising of ball for the Union Government and its alliances and unity pacts with Faselstand port from the committee. Finally, when the strike was new, she volThe latest zig zag of the after the Allied Council had passed unteered to broadcast from a radio others.
bourgeois governments.
under Stalin is now to the right SPEAKER: theatre benefit of Sailors of its resolution of endorsement, the station. d rather do anything the demands presented in the again, showing strong signs of deCattaro. the new play of the Thecommittee voted to ask the executhan picket, she said.
membership resolution included. generation into menshevism and atre Union, will be given by the tive committee whether a separate The other das mass picket The formation of a united front de social patriotism in the face of the resolution for the typographical Workers Party Thursday, Feb. local was still wanted. They are squad came into the headquarters. fense movement to include all work imminent war danger. At a time Formerly member of the Central Executive Committee of at the Civic Repertory Theatre.
the and secretary of the New York Trade Union Unity The play, which follows Stevedore stii afraid of offending the pub Signs on the table, one girl left trade unions on the basis of a fight are about to repeat their patriot Council. Recently resigned from the In favor of the at the theatre, is the third presenIsher.
hers on. think ll go out for for elementary working class rights: eering role of 1014 the signs newly formed Workers Party of the tation of the Theatre Union. It No Arbitration another hour or so in a few min non sectarian methods; united non aggression pacts with them has been receiving very favorable The Newark Newspaper Guild, on utes, she said. think the scad campaign of mass meetings and (united front from the top again) WHY JOINED THE WORKERS PARTY criticisms the other hand, has drawn a clear who is working my job will be demonstrations. real publicity for which include (France) clauses not Tickets for the benefit will be no arbitration polley and has coming out.
the case: a real campaign to raise to criticize the leaders even WHI Be Explained by Comrade Zack and Others Recently sold at the regular theatre prices, made history by Aghting white Resigned from the It was the same girl who had not funds on a broad basis for ball and inside of the meetings. This 30 cents to 50. They may be obcollar strike on trade union lines. wanted to picket. Thus do workers trial and appeal expenses.
in a country whose government is in SUNDAY, DEC. 30th 1934 P. tained by members of the party Within four hours after the strike even white collar workers learn (Ed. Note Next week we hope alliance with the Soviet govern IRVING PLAZA HALL, 15th Street and Irving Place from their branch secretaries, and was called, at in the morning, 12 how the bosses treat their loyal to have a comprehensive news re ment and where the bureau.
by Rynpathizers at the party naof the start of 58 bad walked out workers when they begin fighting port about the extremely impor Admission Free cracy is preparing to play a patriAll Workers Invited tional headquarters, Room 702, 112 The strike was an answer to Pub. for themselves and their rights. tant Sacramento ease. otic role in case of war. The same Erst 19th Street, a.
you building Communist PartySwings to the Right Theatre Benefit JOSEPH ZACK