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PAGE NEW MILITANT WAX, DECEMBER 29, 1981 FROM THE FIRING LINE Facts Are Facts IN THE UNIONS For Coal Miners Three Leagues Built in Week Strike Looms answer is allegations. detati retreat proposed by the scale com side and others casting from 26 to Dangerous Procedents It Citizens Th Independent Printing Employees Win Day Altum Press Strike By KARL LORE which he bad in council which pro frame up remains to be defeated. vided for taking the ground rent the charge against Philip Scott for The Labor Racket no doubt that the relations of the that was now going to Europeans the same murder which the laborChicago unlons still Aght the two have been increasingly interowning land in Pittsburgh: haters folled to pin on Holstein.
labor racketeer. The cancer which twined and that the whole tendency ILLINOIS EXPOSURE EXPOSED He also told the delegation that The County Attorney has been made its way into the labor move of the NRA labor machinery has every mayor should take up box moving heaven and earth to get ment of that city has not yet been been to tie labor hands more and eradicated. The agents of Murray more in the exeroise of its elemenLEHIGH COUNTY ADDS 600 ing. He then invited the commit Scott before a jury as quickly as tee outside to have their pictures possible, hoping to rallroad him Allard Cites of Records Against Humphries and of the late Georgetary rights. It is almost inevitable ALLENTOWN, Pa. Three new taken with him in front of some before the defense could get organ (Red) Barker still have infleunce that this should happen.
Article by Ralph Shaw In Labor Unity in the workers organizations.
branches, Coplay, Ormrod and advertizing benches which a furnized. recent decision of the National South Whitehall, totalling more ture company had sent for the un The defense movement got going The Federation News, organ of Labor Relations Board illustrates than 600 members, have been added employed to sit on while they were faster than the prosecutor, howBy GERRY ALLARD more than 00 scale. as view the Chicago Federation of Labor how the process works and how to the Lehigh County Unemployed waiting for food orders. The com ever, and now the latter has begun In the October issue of Labor it we must make a wage scale that reports the efforts of the Joint almost by accident the precedenta League during the past week. Two mittee declined to accept the honor. to stall. He claims to have disUnity, Ralph Shaw, it is announced, will catch most of the operators at Council of the International Team of the Leagues, Coplay and Orm The mayor is such good copy for covered a new material witness, unemployed youths for work on acer of the Workers Party was told Meantime, the defense campaign be hopes to expose the Musteltetty where we hold most of our secretary treasurer and business workers brought a carta. com. pecome rod, grew out of the demand of the local Hearst puper that an of and wants to postpone the trial berisha series of articles in which the time in that onart of the coun: sters Union to oust Lefty Lynch, Bor rights may be wurthile. Tout The operators say agent of Local 704. the coal team against the Bennett Shoe Company relief projects.
The local was of Marlboro, Mass. The company Many cement workers in this re wanted publicity for any of its The Auditorium huís been hired for Belds of southern Illinois. Now it they can pay a higher wage scale sters organization labor is common knowledge in the radithan Franklin county and compete originally known as the Chicago had entered into a closed shop truth and acwith them.
glon work only two days per week meetings they should get the mayor New Year Eve and the cerning 50. Relief officials have o speak.
for the benefit of the Scott Befense, curacy are held as bourgeois pre Douglas: think this convention of the locals of an independent United Shoe and Leather Workers consistently refused to place on Local 674 has requested Herbert Judices by the Stalinists. Shaws should work out differential. organization, racketeer controlled. Unlon of which the complete rekers relief projects adult members of the families of these workers.
Holstein Freed of its daily strike bulletin, to soli and instruations are written in entil you so on north you can the teamsters union of the these complainants were expented of and in the elections Lefty, a from the union because they vioDraw Up Plans cit funds in the east for the supcharacteristic Labor Unity prose: render the situation satisfactory.
he quotes people, but consistently Allard Opposes Retreat former officer of the old organiza lated a provision of its constitution port of the defense movement The Coplay League has drawn up In Minneapolis Allard: realize that in the first tion, was placed in the saddle again that no member could belong to any plans for a municipal swimming Other Minnesota unions are also fails to tell the reader where the place speak under a bandicap at It turned out. says the Feder other organization in the trade pool and town hall which it will being asked to back the fight. The quotations can be found.
push through in order to provide Taken as a whole his article this convention because am from ation News, that Lynch could not (the shoe Workers Protective Un ONE FRAME UP REMAINS prospects are promising and it work for the unemployed of the looks as though the Citizens anualmmers down to precisely one Franklin county and my mine is forget the tactics employed by the ion in this case. The union de thing: a clear example and admit working under the 00 sole. Chicago Teamsters and it was not manded that the employer discharge town. The Ormrod League hopes MINNEAPOLIS. The Hennepin ance is due for another trimming.
tance that the Communist party is There are one of two courses to long before he thought that he was the four, which he ala in accordto force the authorities to approve County Grand Jury has voted a nono longer an important force in the pursue One course is to retreat a new Mussolini. One of his first ance with for provisions of the a project for a community center, bill in the case of Emanuel HolRelief Wood Illinois coal fields.
and The League at South Whitehall stein, leading militant of Drivers other is to spread the actions after taking office was to union contract. The fired workers Shaw article is long and cum strike movement. Here is where get out a book for which he soliclt appealed to the was formed when workers realized Local 574, whom the Citizens Allbersome. It is not necessary to we incur lots of difficulties. The ed advertisement from coal merch their unified power through a spondance and Police Chief Bloody Mike taneous strike called to reinstate Johannes have been attempting to save from one. quote mittee 100.
a worker who had been arbitrarily rame for the murder of a millionThe Labor Board upheld the from Shaw, page 18, Labor Unity, timed. There is not a section of He transferred the union head. right of the boss to discharge fred by the boss. The workers on aire special deputy who died during SPRINGFIELD, Dec. 19. Oct. 1934: the state that has expressed a de quarters to his own home, mlles workers under these conditions.
the project are organized practical the May strike. The clearing of Intensifying their fight against re Facts Are Facts sire to retreat. The spirit of the away from the center of town ruled that by joining the United told to carry collective ber Happy Holstein is a direct result liet officials because of their ne The Musteltes and ele membership is still on the upward. where it was impossible for the the complainants ratifled. the or the fight staged by the Minnea torious system of distributing wooul ments helped put over the infamous gaining with the bosses and relief polis trade union movement led by while thousands of miners of this we must accept the same scale as motion was then made to accept the to take any active part in union al questing and accepting membership officials.
the militant fighters of Local 574. city are idle, the Illinois Workers Lewis has with Peabody. Here is scale committee recommendation, faire Special assessments were in the United at a time when that Organize Minneapolis unionists are wila Antance is preparing for a strike how it was done: The Independent which was to stand pat on the levied against the membership anton had already adopted the conformed in Palmerton, in Carbon to the citizens Alliance, which had strike committee, with Joe An give 70 to settle the strike (a Gull, Springtield board member and the 000 members present. No ac must therefore. be assumed to New Jersey Zinc Company. Weston ing Holstelu to death. few weeks secretary was elected at the last iginal contract. Vearey and Keck amendent as follows. moved an counting his nadergemene vendor be. binding on them.
ganization money and the President from its setting in this particular Pellet for ago the attempt to frame the meeting of the alliance. Workers did not accept or reject this but McGill: Amendment that they Kelsey, administrator If we take such a ruling away Brotherhood business Party and Socialist workers are came to the Convention declaring and vice president of the union case, it may easily be seen wint this area was formerly manager of Machinists this company and draws a huge agent was also smashed by mass leading the fight which is quickly we want the same scale as Peabody make an agreement indentical in were summarily expelled when they pressure.
spreading in all circles of the loc has, no more, no less. Peabody wages to this agreement in effect opposed him. tremendous repressive effect it pension from it.
One more Alliance labor movement.
can bave on minority groups in scale was lower with Conditions in Palmerton are unin southern Illinois.
The Musteltes now try to disclaim believably bad. One family with chions, or on ingurgent groups 50 Opposition Votes Union Receivership responsibility for this act of betray nine chi. dren was found sleeping which revolt against their leader The amendment was carried by al but facts are facts and undenia vote of 112 to 50. After Allard Lynch in the Joint Council and dent organizational path. In subCharges were preferred against ship and strike out on an indepen.
on the floor, with no mattresses able.
Children were and few covers.
had led the opposition against the hat worthy was expelled.
We admit that facts are facta cut the fifty opposition votes con local itself has been placed in the clonal union officials to get together stance it makes it possible for nefound who had no clothing but unand they are not deniable. We will sisted of the solia left wing vote control of a receiver by the Inter derwear, many others who had outtherefore let the facts speak in the convention which included national elections have been held anything on a local nuion and to with manufacturers, to impose er clothing but no underwear quote from the proceedings of the Corbridge, Steed, Fraser. Allard, and it is hoped that another step make them like it. local in this Company houses have been neglectfirst constitutional convention of Burrell, Battuello, Ansboury, Tracy, has been taken in blasting the racked for so long that it is almost situation could not revolt, would impossible to beat them. Plaster of Printing Unions Urged to Help Organize Industry the Progressive Minors of America Bernard, Leveque, Scremin, etc. eteer out of the labor movement.
And it impossible to withdraw from has almost entirely appeared held at Gillesple. October 3! In a last desperate effort to out It is unfortunate, however, that nder national leadership and on the table in one of the homes or striking success has come out Recognition of a shop com through October 8, 1932. On page manuver the right wing Allard labor organizations generally seem would have to accept its command indicated the direction of the wind: Independent Printing Employees agency of all the workers of the 1982, night session beginning at the proceedings dictator is another dictator. The Some months ago when a League of New York. Allard: Motion made that Despite an empty highest importance since all the From the Record practice of putting the affairs of was formed in Palmberton the Briefs referendum be held within two treasury, sabotage by government workers belong to the ing members were evicted from officials supposed by law to be im Scale Committee report given: local unions under the full control weeks.
of receivers has been a curse in The growth of company unions company property for their activi partial and the organized resis slow season and overtime rates to they had to have a scale that was 46. Amount of employment in Pearey: The operators said that Motion to table. Carried 90 to many national unions. The rack in the past year is reflected in a ty. The new League is so strong. tance of the boss printers, the be arranged by agreement with competitive. We had a group of eteers had the doors opened to the recent report of the National Inhowever, that the Zinc Co. official workers in Altum Press, 166 wil the shop committee From the above one can see that in the first case by the trade union dustrial Conference Board, em.
mechantederatore propre reprehender de loete wand opposition leated butterde hem democracy the way these statistical organizat! on forced the relief administration to are back on the job under condi5. Guarantee of one year em and out of that group one repre left wing was sentative of the Southern Coal Co. ascussion took place as the lefts bound to breed the rats who fatter studied 126 have company affaire trade union democracy in which shows that, of the companies set up an office in Palmerton. Fortions that set a high mark for ployment for all men, merly the unemployed had to walk shops not organized by the tant, a leading oficial of the the 10 scale and compete with left wing fought to the end trying In a statement to the New Mill. They stated that they couldn my and rights crossed swords. The on the organized workers. while only 17 bave agreements miles to the nearest relief station of yesterday said. This victory will help us quick Illinois. Then they brought in al dum vote of the rank and bles, of course, the case of the New started with twelve more in proces The classic example of this fact with unions. Under the New Deal Last week strike was the cul 42 new company unions have been mination of a ten months struggle ly add many to our present mem proposal. They wanted us to allow Three Stalinists, all speakers, dia York electrical workers.
of formation. Only nine more comled by the Altom workers under bership list of 1, 000. In the last their mines to operate next morn not volce a single word during the Broach was sent to by the Interpanies signed unlop agreements Altom two days the workers of two shops ing on this proposal until this con debate according to the official reational to clean out a nest of corruption in Local No. He did so 197 public utility companies shows however. Another survey of Press brazenly ignored the Gra have called us in to organize them. vention gave their approval or record.
Has a phic Arts Code, which ss sup The will continue to urge Sected the scale. We said that if and then set up a dictatorial regime that of the 680, 000 employees covShaw Nightmare FOR SINGLE TAX AND SCABS posed to guarantee the workers the Allied Printing Trades Council the mines went to work in the certain conditions. The the balle de Bolint rive to organize morning they would have to pay facts with the nightmare in Shaws ened dictatorship that Broach in chrough organized labor unlong. In Now let us compare the above of his own to keep out the gang ered in the survey, only twelve per URGH. William Mc fought before the NRA boards the industry 100 and to bring all the 10 temporary agreement, article.
Nair, Pittsburgh Single Tax may ably and vigorously that the printers in the city into the This group only represents a small Show states, the Musteiten augurated the same mess came into being all over again.
or, continues to play the role of boards could not evade giving a of The perspectives for such a group of operators. The largest and elements helped to puunrantee of clean unionism is full 700, 000 workers covered dealing The only the railrond Industry the figure 1a radically different, 75 of the Allegheny County leading strike decision in favor of the workers.
say that if we would take The NRA, As usual, did nothing fight involved only a small shop this scale not only them but other Over the infamous slogan we mundemocracy in the organizations of through regular unions. Be drive are excellent. The Altum breaker. Recently in the strike of accept as Lewis has with Peabody labor.
the haulets, McNair rode ato enforce its own decisions. and but tested our mettle. It is merely large operators would sign it.
The convention proceedings (as truck beside the police and a scab finally the workers struck.
The the beginning of a long struggle happy Tom Mooney. The workers Keek. The question is what Shaw says, facts are facts. disof the San Francisco Market Street driver to assure the safe delivery boss printers tried to make this a that will end in victory and im are going to be our demands from prove this in no uncertain terms Unions and Government Radicals and progressives have framed you when you tried to or Rallway Company the outfit which the strikers persisted in following on the picket line, however, aided including those already in the told us very frankly that it would Operatore Ake was willing to always warned against the tenden ganize their employees has had to the truck McNair got off and lead by volunteer pickets from the of not be possible for them to pay any give 70 to settle the strike (al sy on the part of many union lead come to terms with the labor unthe police in an attack on the strik. Workers Party. On request of the reduction of 40 cents from the oriers to involve the trade union tons. Shorter hours, higher wages ers and ordered their arrest. the of Printing movement closely with the machinand union recognition were awardThe truth is that the originalery of goverument. There can beled following the general strike.
a potential strike breaker when he its chapels not to send. Finally wage scale for this classification of announced last June thnt he woula the boss had to back down.
labor, conveyors, was 04, a resupport the employers if there was Altum Press negotiated with a duction of 34. Facts are facts, a steel strike committee headed by Sam Gordon, but Shaw is not sufficiently con After being on the losing end for president of the Matthew fight twenty five years MeNair became Levy, member of the Socialist to show workers how capitalism ex measures in trade unions, to recruit be talking about for progressive versant with details to know what KARL MARX Capital (3 vols. ench.
mayor last fall in a New Deal Lawyers Association, advised the ploits and keeps the masses in pov advanced workers into the Workers Keck did not accept or reject this 50 Critique of Political Economy Poverty of Philosophy 215 eating and ground rent. He re the final settlement, which has about it, will open al district school through mass action in the work but came to the convention declar. Letters to Kugelman.
Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.
ell which provided 500, 000 out of workers of the shop. This settlo weeks, to be followed by the open Istle poverty and exploitation. The Peabody has, no more no less. Critique of the Gotha Program.
a bond issue for unemployed rellement included: Keck Wheu a delegation from the Pitts Rehiring all strikers and Bring of other schools in keeping with aim of the Party and its schools 1x growth and expansion of the a workers government with the ma and leutenants fought and voted Civil War In France.
25 burgh Unemployed League visited ing of the one scab.
Workers Party, Hugo Oehler, Nachinery of production in the hands to have the wage cut ratified. They ENGELS Revolution and Counter Revolution. 60 the mayor to protest against the veto, he told the committee that pending revision upward by Party. An immediate wage raise of tional Anal Director of the of those who work, producing will not deny this, claiming that 60 Peasant War In Geo Class In England.
for the National things in abundance and making this policy put the of over.
they should get behind the bill further negotiations.
Condition of the Eduentional Committee of the the masses politically and economi. Now, Shaw here is trying to cover Sociallam Utopian and Scientific In addition to the International cally free.
up the treachery of Pearcy and Origin of the Family.
Workers School, the plans of the Clase Outlines Keck. He does this unconsciously, Feuerbach.
committee include National of course, but no shrewd Stalinist Branch and district schools of the gymnast would care to be quoted PLEKHANOV Fundamental Problems of Marxism. 50 Training School train Party International Workers School will on such a careless faux pas.
Socalism and Anarchism. 80 members. The training school will be opened as rapidly as possible Shaw states, the Mustelter KARL KAUTSKY Foundations of Christianity be in New York.
Party to Train Workers and outlines for classes will be now try to disclaim the responsibil Are the Jews Race. 00 PITTSBURGH. The branches of ing and conferences for comrades The Party through its branches ready within a week, Oehler stated. lty for this act of betrayal but Ethics and the Materialistia Interpretation of History. 60 the Communist League of America Muste and Cannon when they come and districts will select comrades. Workers deal with facts are facts and undeniable. The Social Revolution. 60 and the American Workers Party to Pittsburgh February 8.
Party Fundamentals. The Musteltes and the Left wing The Class Struggle.
throughout the country who will be Organizational Principles. ABC have never gone out of their way sent to the National Training of Marxisin. Trade Union Tactics to deny any misleading charges LABRIOLA Socialism and Philosophy have come together and formed the The Labour Revolution (Reg. Price 50. 60 Pittsburgh Branch of the Workers FOLLOW THE NEWS IN THE School for a period of training. and Strategy. History of the Am made by stalinists on the matter of 28 Party of the The merger NEW MILITANT.
Oehler sald.
Essays on the Materialistic Conception of History.
meeting was held December 14. BOUDIN The Theoretical System of Karl Marx. 25 John Sullivan was elected chair. SUBSCRIBE TO NEW MILITANT Unemployed Leagues and fight for International Revolutionary Move Gelds. The records speak for themment and Marxian Economics MORGAN Ancient Society.
man: Solov, vice chairman: Irvin selves.
Oklin, secretary: Mary Belton, Form Research Department Made Supreme Sacrifice BOOKS OF SPECIAL INTEREST treasurer: Hopton Howell, educaDECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES Plans are being worked out for Moreover, in freshly dug graves Schluter Lincoln, Labor and Slavery ton: James Sifakis, trade union Circuit Schools and Summer Schools repose the prematurely dead bodies traction: Ben Cooper, fracBeard Rise of American Civilization.
and CONSTITUTION in different parts of the country of miners, some of them Left wing 00 Simons Social Forces in American History.
tion. These officers make up the of the Research Department, consisting members who made the supreme Ware The Labor Movement in the 1860 1800. 00 branch executive committee.
WORKERS PARTY OF THE of a staff of capable research work sacrifice against the wage cut and Marlen The Road. novel of the Proletarian Revolution. 50 The branch is prepardng to hold NOW AVAILABLE IN PAMPHLET FORM ers, is being formed in conjunction for a union of the rank and file.
Lorwin Labor and Internationalism.
Bocial affair for January 11 to Let it never be said by a respons. 00 Single coples be. 00 per hundred prepaid.
with the school program.
Lorwin The American Federation of Labor. 00 which it is planned to invite symORDER NOW The National Educational Comible person that the remainlog Left pathizers and other interested perWrite for Catalogue. Mail orders promptly attended mittee consists of Muste, wingers abrogated the principles of PIONEER PUBLISEERS sops when the program of the new Borkeson, Oliver Carlson, Jack the tighting Illinois miners. It PIONEER BOOKSHOP Darty will be discussed.
102 East 11th Street Weber and Hugo Oehler. Comrade simply can be proven even by fanNew York, 102 East 11th Bt. New York City The branch has also selected a Oehler was alected National Directoatle mind of unscrupulous Jaak renmittee to work up a mes et tor.
All of the stantat Mayor McNair Flair per als die de beste batamom centrechnet werden gelen hand: toOpen Training School; si cele contact that In Fight Against Capitalism Build Marxist Library 25 00. 60. 80 00 Selected Essays. 75. 80 The Party at Work 50 25 00 00 00