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On Syndicalist Charge Adopted by İN. Meeting ized We tors: Hearst Red Baiting in School System Vehemently Protested by Educators AR Sacramento Trials Aimed at Labor entered, PAR MIDAY DECEMBER 22 1884 NEW MILITANT STRIPOULSERASSIC looked for the anal solution of the aimcaltion and Issue New Glass Faces Ten Years Resolution NEW MILITANT the international revolution. The theory and pracwith which is merged tice of Socialism in the Soviet Union alone could International, THE MILITANT work only to isolate the Soviet Union from its chief Published weekly by the Workers Party of the and, in the anal analysis, Its only real source of 312 Erst 19th Street, New York City, reenforcement, the international working class Party Organ Phone: Algonquin 9068 movement. The Opposition. treacherously described as counter revolutionary and now even Va. Unemployed League Aid Defense With the December issue, the (Continued from Page 1)
Entered as second class mall matter at the Post once branded as terrorist. animated from the first by this internationalist and fundamentally revolu: last time as an unoficial organ.
New International appears for the Stanley Class. Socialist and acced Glass and he was not appre in the democratie United States, at New York, under the act of March 3, 1870.
tionary conception. The purpose was to save the tive worker in the West Virginia heuded until October 25, on a war will not shed tears over the fate of JAMES CANNON, Editor Soviet Union by spreading the revolution to other last issue is great. The articles by ten year sentence for conspiracy the speech for which he was sup revolutionists who would restore The historic Importance of this Unemployed Longue, As facing a rant dated August 27 day before a few White Guards and counterHARRY HOWE, Associate Editor countries.
the capitalist order in the Soviet Muste and James Cannon to overthrow the government for posedly arrested.
CARA COOK, Business Manager The accusation that the oppositionist political on the Foundation of the Workers daring to revive a strike against groups which originated in the Communist Party are Party contain a survey of the past the Baldwin Shovel Plant, a sub his wife papers confiscated with Glass room was searched and Union Since the revolutionary workers SUBSCRIPTION RATES: responsible for the assassination of Kirov, or any hlatory of the revolutionary moveIn the United States 00 per year: 500 six months. other acts of terrorism, is a monstrous and fantastic ment and perspectives for the fu Steel Co.
sidiary of the notorious Weirton out a search warrant. He was sec of the world must know the facta Canada and Foreign. 50 per year: 75e six months. slander. Such accusations hurled at the Marxist op. ture.
retly taken to Parkersburg, the about white guards and foreign Bundle Rates: Two cents per copy.
ponents of Stalin are not believed anywhere, least Last August at the request of scene of the strike, and brutally agents who may threaten the Soviet of all in the circles of the advanced and class conSydney Hook, in his article on the strikers Glass revived the third degreer for two days and state in order to be adequately preVol. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1984 No. scious workers. The uncompromising hostility of Marx and Hess presents a signif strike at the Parkeraburg plant nights by the police. Finally his pared for its own defense, we prothe Marxists to the methods of terrorism is too well cant analysis of the evolution of aftesit emed to have been brok friends learned of his whereabouts test against the secrecy and mysand secured his release on Nov. tery in which the Soviet Government has shrouded recent happen.
The Real Issues in the Soviet Union to foist the assassination of Kirov onto the opport starts the first round of a battle. and héid several successful meet in 2, 000 bal.
tionists ts to sow confusion and demoralization in in his article on Sydney Hook ings outside the plant. At one of On January the state will call in the democratie United States, THESE are times which impose upon all revolu. the ranks of the working class supporters of the book Towards the Understanding these meetings on August 20 Glass for his indictment under the Red will not shed tears over the fate of Itionary workers an attitude of the greatest Soviet State and thereby to weaken its position in of Karl Marx. His chief criticism was threatened by a scab armed man Act, West Virginia version a few White Guards and counterwith pitchfork, who later ap of the criminal syndicalism law. revolutionists who would restore responsibility and the most sober judgment in regard based on Hook contention 1)
ternally and externally. By resorting to such meth to the Soviet Union. Those who have seen the RusThat Marxism is not a science, 2) peerex with a shotgun and fired The West Virginia Unemployed Inge. Imperialists and their diploods the Stalin bureaucrucy testifies to the weakness that socialism is not inevitable. ten times at the picket line, woup League at its state convention held mats work in the dark. Not so the sian revolution, and its product the Soviet State, as of its position and the fear of proletarian criticism. Hook will answer Gotesky in the aing tive persons. Although brought November 10 11 In Charleston ad.
tolling masses; they need to see the star of hope and inspiration of the iuternational The suspicion inevitably grows that further steps to working class must in no case allow their vision to the right in the field of foreign policy are contem next issue. Arne Swabeck writes to trial for this atrocity, the case opted a resolution pledging soll and know where they are going plated, and that the aim is to silence criticism and cance of the November elections. dismissed.
on a current problem the signifi be obscured by the happenings of the recent days.
against the scab was immediately darity to Glass. local Glass Do. especially in this crists when the tense Committee has been organ threat of war hangs like a sword It is necessary now to hold fast to fundamental conAt the Instigation of the com Charleston to take charge over the workers of all lands.
ceptions and to view all the happenings in their reaucracy can derive political and factional profie) Among the special features will be light. The greatest danger of all is that the sympa We earnestly protest, furtherfrom the use of such methods only at the expense of tion another Archive of the Revolu pany, state troopers began a search of the case. The Workers Party thetic and partly sympathetic massa will be alien the Soviet Union itself. Therein lies their condemna religion, art, science, etc.
several book reviews on for Glass with machine guns, and calls upon its membership to sup more, against sowing contusion and ated from the Soviet Union itself by the things takMrs. Glass was told by troopers of port the activities of this commit division at this time in the minds tlon.
ing place now. It is the duty of the conscientious Beginning with January, the New their intention to murder Glass, tee. Contributions can be sent to of workers everywhere, as the We know nothing of the details surrounding the International will embark on its whom they knew solely as a red. Gordon, Chairman, 14 Capitol Soviet Government does when it revolutionists to counteract this trend. The indig latest incidents and nelther does anybody else er new career. According to its edt hended agitator. Strikers conceal Street, Charleston, va. lumpe together as counter revolunant protest against the Stalinist frame up of Trot cept the official circle which keeps it secret.
tlonista, White Guards, Japanese sky, Zinoviev and other working class critics which do not know what the political position of Zinoviev, imperialists, German Fascist butchis voiced instinctively by every honest revolutionist for example, is at the present time and consequently organ of the Workers Party dealing It will not only be the theoretic ers, and revolutionists who are. has to be combined at all times with the defense party opponents of the officials of of the Soviet State against its class enemies and an kuow that the attempt to connect Trotsky and his with socio economic and historical problems but will also contain ar the Soviet Government. We deunqualified condemnation of all terrorist acts and adherents with white Guards and with the assassinclare that only distrust con arise tendencies which can only facilitate the eventual ation of Kirov 18 a transparent frame up. We know nature articles on science, mediticles of a scientific and technical from laying the charge of conspirdownfall of the Soviet State.
that secrecy serves such ends, not the exposure and ng to assassinate Kirov Against The idea that the Soviet State immune from this That noted scholar, William Ranman schools under Hikler.
defeat of clans enemies. For these reasons we decim, Industrial technique, housing, reolutionists who, Marxists, danger is a profound illusion, As long as the Soviet Union is surrounded by a capitalist world it is never mand open trials and full information. Opposition literature and the arts: From time dolph Hearst, who failed to obtain It is just possible that the Dickto this demand in the present clrcumstances is asked to contribute on these tech at Harvard, has recently been con challenge. Nothing. Of coursecould his degree when he was a student steln Committee will accept the have always bitterly opposed indtvidual terrorism.
free from the danger of a counter revolutionary over confession of guilt. The working class of the world nical subjects, or to engage in open aucting an anti red campaign di be more appropriate than an 10 We demand, therefore, that per throw. Lenin and all the Bolsheviks who made the revolution always mld this, and that is why they must be armed with the truth for the effective de polemics with party writers. The fectuat American schools and vestigation of Benito Hitler Henrst for other toppen Gate of the in the broad party lines will be entional qualification is an honorary While the New York Post and conse immediately: that the Soviet couraged between party members. from oglethorope, jerk the World Telegram both carried Government desist from attempts tively the New International win water college in the south, a degree full column stories on the interto Ink proletarian opponents of the be the foremost theoretic revolu which he received in 1927 some view, the New York American (a present Soviet regime, who stand thirty years after his unsuccessful Hearst paper) was strangely silent dictatorship, with White Guards or (Continued from Page 1)
men League. Lorine Norman is vealed that the Assistant tionary journal in the English career at Harvard had been for not a peep about Professor Counts with the Agents of capitalist gov.
criminal syndicalism charges were secretary of the Sacramento LL. quite pally with one of the jurors, speaking world.
gotten So Radical.
Bigbam is organizer. Mrs. Rose. Mrs. Rose likes this that when our economic system When Professor George The next day, however, the edi. ernments, and that open trials be wilfully, unlawfully and feloni Kirkwood, Le Hung (a Chinese present him with a brace of ducks of the majority, the little minority received a badly written letter last week on Professors Hook and Bur. Acy against the Soviet Union these verdict. criminal syndicalism and crime Mike Plesch, and John Fisher. The Communist Party is legal in themselves in power against the munism, be was forearmed.
system will attempt to maintain on Socialism, Capitalism, and Com of Lenfu the editor remarked that, trials. In order that the advanced sabotage, violence and unlawful Two Out on Bail methods of terrorism as a means California and even appears on the will of the majority by force, and same crude provocateur trick had of the merger of two groupe so with the truth about the dangers of accomplishing and control and the criminale syndicalism chargest are charged with the crime or have a right to act in their own late Syracuse University. The ou have refused to have anything to and the machinations of capitalist bem corinthaltenen les like beill under ballot. These defendants, however, that believe that the majority sen employed by the Hearst press radical that even the communists which threaten the Soviet Union dustrial ownership and control and set at 3, 000 cash or 6, 000 bond. distributing Communist literature, interest and to follow militant lead. thor of the letter to Hearst tre porter: The editor was referring to the governments. of Counts esting violence and picketing and still under the charge would also those who are not party members which does represent the interests on his red baiting mission to find fusion of the LA. and the by particularly overthrow of the government of the totalling 1, 000 each in cash or although the real objective is to and small farmers, and that be every word of the interview.
advocating the have to provide bail on this charge, are being attacked for Communism of the majority, who are workers a stenographer, ready to register and the conventently vague, last week press refers to no other by. violence and force. twice as much in bond. This in smash the entire militant labor leve it would be my duty to that Journal than the editor s, the same Cooking Up a Red Scare They are also charged with Jus: cludes Chambers, Wilson, Decker, movement of Sacramento Valley majority of which am a part to New York American.
tifyng criminal syndicalism. and Warnick, Norman, Kirkwood, Hung. and the state. Mr. Hearst, said the re Professor James Burnham of help establish that government by porter after some prompting, with printing, publishing, circulat Ford, Collents and Bigham.
the Faculty of 18 reported force, would that prejudlee you (Continued from Page 1)
ing, etc. matter advocating crim.
Prisoners Are Fighting Of all these only two have been at present engaged in conducting to have been elected editor of the Opportunist reaction is now clearly inal syndicalism. Among the docu Bailed out. Ove is Albert Hou: light themselves. Despite the misThe prisoners are making a good against me?
a red scare. Personally am New International. Dr. Sydney on the offensive in the party, and ments on which this charge is based surdy, whose buit was provided byl ers of all these months in Jall, they Need of United Defense Movement not in sympathy with that sort Hook, also of is said to gaining ground. The reactionary The Sacramento case has the utof thing, in fact, quite the oppo have been elected National Organ Right wing, led by the New York Izer.
Marx and Engel, Lenin on the Lahor Civil Rights, au organiza are on their toes in the court, put most importance for the labor site. But Mr.
Hearst wante me old Guard in reality conserv.
Road to October, the Program of Hon of liberals headed by Bishop ting questions to the Jurors which movement, especially for its pro terlal afong this line.
This are sure is as much news ative gang which has nothing in the Communist International, and Franels McConnell. The other is plans to wave the American flag as national scale. It is obvious that self the reporter said, Not of my as it is to us and the readers of of socialism pushes forward. The Asked if he was ashamed of him to Professors Hook and Burnham common with the ideas and spirit various publications of the Com Norman Mini, bailed out munist Party, the the Norman Mini is being defended his chief trial tactic. Caroline the defendants are bearing the self, but of the situation that makes the New York American.
Cannery and Agricultural Work by Judge Charles Busíck, a con Decker makes a practice of asking brunt of a reactionary attack aimed it necessary for me to do this to The leaders of the new organitants retreat before them all ers Industrial Union, and numer servative Republican who, when a prospective jurors the following at the working class movement as keep alive.
ization, the editor continues, de along the line ous speeches, theses, etc. of the Judge several years ago issued the question: a whole. Up till now the publicity stenographic report of the clare that they will be guided by Stalinist Party notorious As for the Revolutionary Policy Injunction Should the district attorney given to the case has been entirely whole interview was forwarded to the revolutionary theories of Trot Committee, it has forfeited the Finally, they are charged with against the movement in use such invortives when refer inadequate. In view of its impor. the Dicksteln Committee on Un sky as opposed to the Socialistic possibility of playing a serious role drilling as students and becoming California. Basick is reported to ring to us as Reds. agents of tance, and the absence of a strong American activities, together with theories of Stalin.
by allowing itself to be converted members of a class of students and have subsequently changed his Moreow. rats. alien agitators. national defense movement greatly petition signed by twenty two The editor has really got hold of into an agency of the Lovestone engaging in the act or acts of per views and is now a critic of the Seditious radicals. free lovers endangers the prisoners. The fact New York professors, members of something here. It is indeed a taction and consequently, of degen or godless people would that that only two of them have been the National Educational Associa strange day when the Hearst preas erate and discredited stalinism.
forming and executing military criminal syndicalism law. The redrills with futent. to effect maining defendants are represented prejudice you against me, and taken out on ball is a striking 11.
political change.
by Leo Gallagher, retained by the make it impossible for o de lustration of the weakness of the tton, that Mr. Hearst be investi is better able to appreciate the nonI know the history and backrevolutionary character of the Stal ground of the two organizations gated.
cide my case entirely on the beas defense movement.
The prisoners are in the main Said Professor Counts inists than the Staliniste themof the evidence presented leaders and members of the Can The prisoners have been miserThe Sacramento case calls for If Hearst succeeds in selves. Let us hope that Mr. Hearst which came together to found the Jack Warplek asks this one: nery and Agricultural Workers In ably treated in jail. Among other the cooperation of all forces in the his efforts American schools and will continue to give us free pub! Workers Party of the have dustrial Union. Pat Chambers is things, Sheriff Cox has refused to If you should conclude from advanced labor movement as the universities will be reduced to lielty for what we are, the only read the Declaration of Principles its District Organizer, and was cleliver to them literature and the evidence that believe that first necessary atep toward the or the ignominious condition of Ger. revolutionary party in America very carefully and fully agree with it. am convinced that the future Senatorial candidate in the last newspapers sent by friends al. every young person should be ganization of a broad movement in election. Caroline Decker is Dis though such censorship is illegal.
given an opportunity to work at the trade unions.
Brownsville Mass Meeting belongs to this party. In my opinNext week we hope to have a ion, every sincere revolutionary trict Secretary of the Union. Jack Prosecution Is Crooked the task for which he is best stWarnick is the director of the SacRocialist win bave to make the It has already been made clear ted. and if you should con detailed news story from Sacramen.
Bame decision.
ramento Workers School. Norman that the prosecution will be run on elude that believe our present to hy our own correspondent.
Fraternally yours, Mini is an instructor in the school. Sacco Vanzetti lines: an outright economic and social system doce NORRIS.
Martin Wilsou is section organizer attempt to bulldoze and boodwink not afford such opportunity. CLEVELAND. The American of the Nora Concklin, a the jury by playing upon its pre and if you should conclude that Newspaper Guild made another admember of the Unemployed Coun Judices. District Attorney Nell believe that such a system ought vance toward organization of newsSPEAKERS Anti Felst United Front el, is a direct descendent of one NcAllister has already begun his to be changed radically. would that prejudice you against me raper editorial writers with the of the signers of the American De rough stuff. He got the wife of one In Yorkville signing of a year contract by the Muste Cannon laration of Independence. Albert Juror, Mrs. Nix, to state that Martin Wilson Cleveland News. minimum of FRIDAY, JAN. 4, P.
Hongardy. Congressional she had been threatened by Reds. If you should conclude from the 40 a week 18 set for editorial Labor Temple, 243 84th candidate is Sacramento organizer An investigation disclosed that the evidence that believe that the es workers with four years expert PREMIER PALACE 505 SUTTER Auspices. Spartacus Youth League, sential meaning of democracy is ence. 5 day. 40 hour week is esProletarische Gemeinschaft, Young ber of the Workers Ex Service On the other hand, it was re majority rule, and that believe tablisbed.
FRIDAY, JAN. 8:30 People Socialist League.
at their disposal. To yield an inch now, to give up the Unite regardless of racial, religious, political or fight for a single moment means to give the capitalists any other differences in order to resist all attacks upon a chance to rally their forces for a new onslaught, the civil and political rights of workers and farmers. Continued from Page 1)
integration in the revolutionary labor movement, an be pushed nearer to the starvation level, nearer to the Oppose all preparations for capitalist wars!
smashing of all the workers organizations, nearer to Combat all capitalist attacks on the workers regime nist and Socialist Parties, are among its charter mem cxample of unity has been given. center has been the horrors of Fascism and War.
in the Soviet Union!
bers. The Workers Party of the is founded on built to which the now unattached working class fightFor the workers of the in 1935, therefore, the the great principles of revolutionary theory and prac crs as well as the fighting elements in other parties and Fight every form of discrimination against the slogans are Negroes.
tice stated by Marx and Lenin and tested by the ex groups may rally. party has been formed which is Organize. build the Unions and Unemployed perience of the workers in the class struggle on an in revolutionary, international, and at the same time Remember that today the struggle for bread, for Leagues. ternational scale, above all in the Russian revolution rooted in the American working class and adapted to security, for a free and decent lifo, is the struggle to Fight out the battle for union recognition in steel, overthrow capitalism, that the only way out for of 1917. Proceeding from these principles the Work the conditions existing in the today!
automobiles, rubber, public utilities, all the basic iners Party of the utilizes the revolutionary possithe workers is the revolutionary way.
THE ROAD OF STRUGGLE dustries. Fight it out on the picket line. Union recbilities of American tradition and history, including Organize and prepare, therefore, to establish the The road ahead for the new year must be the road ognition cannot be won in capitalist legislatures or rule of the workers. the militant strike tradition of the American workers, of determined and militant struggle. This is the New courts. Strike! Strike militantly!
and adapts its tactics to the concrete realities and Year message of the Workers Party. Though plenty Plenty, security, leisure, freedom, peace for our needs of the American masses today.
Organize the left progressive wing, the honest fight selves and our children, are within our reach. crumis today within our reach, every struggle of the work ing elements, in all the unions and on a national scale. bling, insane, unjust economic order stands in the way.
The revolutionary movement is necessarily interna tional in outlook and character. The establishment with bitter resistan ers against wage cuts or reductions in relief is met Wrest the leadership of the unions from those who We will sweep it aside. Reactionary forces will try employers and government. preac tice cooperation with the bosses or to oppose and divide us. We must tear them down.
of the new revolutionary party in the therefore Every attempt of the workers to organize in order that the capitalist politicians. Put the leadership into the American capitalists and profiteers would lead the means for us that we stand ready to cooperate with they may have power to enforce their demands is like hands of those who preach and practice irreconcilable world to degradation, war, chaos. American workers all groups, organizations and parties in other countries which stand on the same fundamental program of the decline of capitalism every gain made by the will join the workers of the world in the creation of a wise violently opposed. Why? Because in this period struggle against the bosses and their government.
Clean out the corruption, racketeering, gangster new society, a world federation of workers republice.
as our own for the speediest possible establishment of workers and farmers is at the expense of capitalistism and autocracy which prevent the growth of mili For Working Class Unity!
the new, Fourth, International.
profits. By the same token, the workers must fight tant unionism!
For Workers World!
The formation of the Workers Party is a great step against every cut in wages or relief, must fight daily Demand insurance against unemployment, accident, NATIONAL COMMITTEE, forward. After more than a decade of splite and dis for higher standard with every means and weapon sicknou, old age at the most of wpítullot profite.
WORKERS PARTY OF THE Norris Joins Workers Party Buick you to The Message of the Workers Party and the Russian Events New Year Manifesto of the Workers Party