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PAGB NEW MILITANT SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 1935 United Fronting In IN THE UNIONS FROM THE FIRING LINE Pittsburgh Clothing Workers trians Relief Head Aids Fight Suspension Cops, League Finds PENNSYLVANIA LEAGUES TRY AGAINeem de noget der What a Contract. the only organization to make degworker Unost od wcome betonged were used against them.
member designated by them at the By KARL LORE Local 802 Labor In Court At time like this when organOne of the most encouraging It is bad for labor progressives ized labor, both in this and other countries, is battling for the right to organize into unions of their unonism in the last year and a the courts. The cards are generalhalf has been the development of ly stacked against them by the al Eight members of Local 4, Amalown choice, etc. it should be the ALLENTOWN, Pa. Dec. 31. The gamated Clothing Workers, bave bounden duty of all organized been given a suspended sentence on workers to see to it that the widest grievance committee of the Lehig) But Councils and Group Forget to lell organization spirit among the white liances that so often exist between collar and professional groups. The the district attorney and the union charges or belonging to an opposi democracy prevails in their own cently disclosed that relier officials The Rank and File What It All About existing unions in the field the leadership. More important, howtion group in the local. Expulsion anWe hope that this proteat of a the Allentowa Police Department.
teachers, office workers, etc. have ever, is the need to settle the prohwere working hand in hand with By McKINNEY to picket. Furthermore, the police made gains while in various cities ieras of labor within the movepart in the activities of this group group of members of a trade union, The facts are as follows: PITTSBURGH. Once again the took the position that the picket throughout the country librarians, ment and without recourse to the Communist Party and its Unem line of about fifteen was a parade artists, auto salesmen, drug clerks courts of capitalism. But there are ployed Councils have demonstratother similar times when it cannot be avoided.
clared themselves to be members of progressive and democratie unton, old boy wanted as the alleged murfor which a permit was necessary and innumerable the Rank and Pile Committee which will draw the attention of all honderer of a nigh watchmen, was cut ed themselves to be ineffectual groups have become part of the This was one of them and by legal Not a Parade is not contined to Local but is a est and truly progressive workers from his job on a relief project instruments for promoting the injunction the ousted members were Despite the arrests the picketing labor movement.
general left wing organization and secure their sympathy and shortly after the shooting occurred united front with other anem was kept up. At the time the hearThere are those who look to this reinstated in the union ranks.
working for a left wing progressive support in our struggle against on Nov. 16. The son has success. ployed organizations. For differ ing for those arrested was in pro development to cure many of the proram throughout the entire Am the violation elementary demo fully cluded the police since.
ent reasone the same criticism Bress the picket line was still on evils of racketeering and gangster Administration Out algamated Union. Only in this one cratic rights and against the in Although Harisko has a family can be directed against the So duty. At the hearing, despite urg ism that exist in the unions at In the elections held in local local, Cutters Local No. of New midation of a suspended sentence dependent upon him, all rellet was cialist Party and the Unemployed ing from the police, the magistrate present. The ladies and gentlemen 302 a few weeks ago the admin York has the right of members to and the threat of expulsion that stopped and he received neither Citizens League in Pittsburgh decided that a picket line was not of the white collar class, so the tration got a licking clean sweep belong to any group been chal. banes over the heads of our eight food, clothing nor coal. Reduced The story begins about two a parade and that the unen argument runs, won put up with eliminated every old official with lenged. The W: which was members.
MEMBERS OF LOCAL to extreme destitution and misery months ago when the Allegheny ployed could not be stopped from the things that the overall stiff the exception of Canavan who has founded in a struggle against he applied time and again in vain County Emergency Relier Board using this form of protest and too dumb to kick against. They this two years to go by special disbureaucratie machine bas prided (Signed)
to various relief officials. After a decided to set up a central com demonstration. Thus the may be an influence in that direc pensation itself on its democratic and progressive policies and procedure.
approached by the police with the Public Relations Oficu (P. to be on the sidewalk in front of a few pages from the history of gress, the situation of the national the American Federation of Musi: organization is not a happy one.
Nevertheless, this Local adminis Allard Elected Infamous proposition that if he The ruled that rela relief station tration takes upon itself to disci.
would turn the son over to them he tions of the unemployed organiza While the was leading clans which tell of the fight of pline members for exercising a would be given immediately the re tions should be with the this militant action the Unem Local 802 in New York for the right its total membership is 101, 115 musicians, a loss of 15, 215 within right long recognized and prac SPRINGFIELD, III. Dec. 19. lief due him.
only and that in the future no un ployed Councils in the united front of self government.
five years. resolution introduced ticed in all progressive or demo Gerry Allard, member of the WorkAppeals to League employed committees would be ad committee were advocating a counat the June convention calling for eristic unions, that is the righters Party. was overwhelmingly ty wide demonstration to be con 13 Years Hard Luck Angered, Harisko brought the mitted to the relict stations the reduction of initiation fees. 60 of members to organize groupe clectod to the pit committee of his case to the attention of the Unem ce hard been publicly announced, reliet stations. Some of the un. Joseph Weber have always been possible to carry on organization ducted both inside and outside the The of and its president at present) in order to make it around such polices as they con local union in recent elections hela ployed logue. When it was pre the Relief Board called for employed were to demonstrate out notorious in the labor movement work was turned down cold sider sted for their union. in the Progressive Miners of Am sented to Mrs. Maomi Shoema, We wish to publicly protest crica. Fred Schmidt ang Walter local supervisor of relief, she vebe meeting of the unemployed oral to the inside. Out of its experience which they exercised over the the fight for democracy is just as side while others were to lay siege for the hard bolled bureaucracy To get back to my original point: against the following violation of Repasky, young militant coul dig mently denied collaboration with loyed League (P. in Pitts. the knew that such methods at unions to go in for union re of the white collar groups as in the izations. The ennsylvania Unemelementary democratic rights of sers, were elected as members the police. However, when she membership It was one of the sharp and severe within the uniong union members within their own of the committee The local union opened the folder containing the burgh, had information that this would prove futile and defeatist on first organization. 1) The suspended has 137 members. It is a working records of the Harisko case, what meeting was called for the purpose a county wide scale. We had tried celvership in a big way. Locals organizations of coal miners and Committee and the barring of mem miners union for belonging to the Rank and File jurisdiction of the new Illinois pings and a police photograph of or the the unemployed leagues them and knew that other tactics were summarily suspended and all longshoremen. They are not imthe The immediately the and the Rank and File of a Weber appointee.
In 1921 the the movement generally bers from belonging to organized Oficers elected for the incoming The committee domanded to know out a better to the Unemployed Veterans voted to ignore this ex. rights of the 15, 000 members of the groups within the union, who loy year are: James Peyton, president: meaning of this and bitre citizens League (U. which is uerience. The decided not New York local were thus takon Building Trales ally support the union and whose Cap Hollensack, vice president: Shema blushingly replied: As led by the Soclalist Party, suggest to participate in the demonstration. away. One ftare of revolt after the Some works ago in this column other has taken place in those this discussed the serap in the building alm is to make it a more effective Fred Parrand, recording secretary:l social workers we are interested in ing that the and the instrument for their struggles. 2) John Beamer, financial secretary: the welfare of the bottle chiant with the board and relay ples stations was there any action worth ship has begun to win back its cration of labor in handling the get together before the meeting The demonstration was called teen years of dictator rule but ittrades and the dilemma of the exAt only two is only recently that the member ecutive board of the American FedThe vio. ation of the constitutional Char. Peyton, treasurer; Louis to see that no harm befalls him.
were never given copies of the hotter, Jim Burgess and a Drenthe family this again receiving eller did not reply to this letter and while. There are 10 stations inside rights.
Early in 1934 the member serious split that has developed in charges against them and who were aldson, siek committee; Gerry Alalso refused the constitutional lard, Fred Schmidt ad Walter officials are in an embarrassing pre the At a subsequent no leader or speaker oft her from a year in dues and fines without ferences are growing worse with police department and relief individually into the meeting with about 200 workers turned out but local was being milked of 250, 000 Latest news indicates that the difrights of being represented by any Iepasky, pit committee dicament.
meeting the presented a the or the showed up even at hint on to its use. Financial no settlement in sight. The effort counter plan to the and was At the time these South Side reports were never made. Thugs to get the books of the department Contract for Paterson nito and coherete counter proposats to the Unemployed Councils were Weber appointees sat on the local law group has not succeeded but Seven away from the officials of the outAbout one week after the first conting around the sellerstation government board of 13 while the the insurgents have been evicted Silk Workers Must Tear It Up and Fling It at the Bosses Lieberman, leader of the the two Unemployed Council lead ted to elect the remaining minority Building in Washington and have La, sent out a letter to all unemers who had advocated laying alege Edward Canavan, president of 802 set up shop across the street. And ployed organi ntions suggesting a to the relict stations, were busy was paid 10, 000 a year for ruling the combattants on both sides, we By FELIX GIORDANO reads: This agreement is intended the LOCKOUT or strike may be meeting at headquarters to resting in the headquarters of the a membership who had him cram regret to note, are not behaving After some six reeks of negotiato comply in all respects with Sec resorted to for purposes of dis organize a united front against the over one mile away. med down their throats. Weber with anything like the dignity and tions, between the Paterson Dis tion Ta of the National Recovery cipline in the mill in question. When Lieberman was asked Forgot Runk and File himself as the big chief, rakes in the restraint we have a right to trict of the American Federation of Act and with the interpretations There is this boasted right to why he had not replied to the At a meeting of the Unemployed a salary of 25, 000 per annum plus expect from the responsible leaders Silk Workers and the Silk Manu and construction thereof.
facturers Association of Paterson, You bet! Here is collective bar strike. such as it actually is in letter his reply was to ask, Council the next day, one leader 3, 000 for pesonal Cases, of the very respectable American the contract. How did you know what was go made the statement that the dem for every day he spends out of New Federation of Labor.
the terms of the proposed contract saining in all its glory. It the To be sure, this agreement can ing to be discussed at the Board onstration was failure because York and additional general exfor the plain goods department bosses bargain, with the bosses be modified if notice in writing is meeting?
Nevertheless, it is still very the had refused to participenses.
have finally been made public.
doubtful whether a final showdown collecting the profits and the work served in 30 days. Bat one thing On the Line pate.
Since the end of the national ers collectively getting it in the cannot be modified, and it is exact The decided to go into the After a five week effort the 3, 728 to 127 will see either group withdrawing textile strike lest September the neck.
from the Federation fold. The conly the right to strike. Para united front called by Lieberman discovered that the rank and mexabership vote taken in the sequences in the way of jurisdicsilk workers of Paterson been But, if they have any grier graph 17 of this agreement may not and the L, along with the Un. Ale of the and the had local last March approved by 3, 728tional fights would be too horrible working under conditions which ances, they can bring them to the. be modified or altered in any employed Councils, and the Rank never been informed what the to 127 the demand for self govern. to even consider. It is significant were becoming daily more intolerGrievance Committee. Tbe con and File Veterans. We insisted united front was all about. ment and the establishment of such that the fight has not yet been able. The bosses declared the old tract provides for everything. There are no two ways open for that our united action must not be What Councils Wanted rights as other locals of the Musl brought into the local and state contract no longer in effect and Even the bosses relatives, who the silk workers of Paterson, as directed against the as such proceded without any action on the shall be entitled to be employed There was plenty of evidence for cians Union enjoy under the consti building trades councils but is re part of the union to chisel and at all times, whether they were tear it up and Ang it in the faces mission of unemployed league com the conclusion that the was tution. The practically unanimous stricted for the present to the highslash wages, discriminate against previously employed or not. complete breakdown of the bosses. The militant tradi mittees to the relief units.
militants, and all that goes with There are plenty of scab agen tions of Patterson, the long years The began to picket relief on the spot and to push their had its effect even on the rhino of all negotiations between the the dear old racket.
cies to provide the bosses with of struggle of the silk workers, the Nations in support of this demand. everlasting schemes for forcing ceros hide of Brother Weber. At warring groups would mean the few dismemberment of every subord!
The union officialdom, meanwhile all the second cousins, uncles and splendid record of the recent dyers At the East Liberty relier station merger on the other organizations, the union convention held was busy. watching and waiting other relatives the bosses may strike have been fouted by the the pickets were arrested. The poThe decided to discontinue months later, decision banded nate conncil in the country.
This policy has now brought its need to add to their family tree. very proposal of such a coutract. lice contended that there could be participation in such tom foolery down by the National Executive ripe fruit: CONTRACT. And AGED MAN JAILED FOR In other respects, members of The shameful contract must be re no strike of the unemployed and and sent a committee to so notify Board granted self government in what a contract. SYARING RABBITS jected.
the union will be given preferthat therefore they had no right the next. united front meeting in all particulars with one exception No More Strikes ence in retaining their jobs. 1)
ALLENTOWN, PA. Dec. 31. Folwere surprised to discover that prosident for the next two years towing a four day (day and night)
The Paterson News summarized Trial Period Joker rank and file merobers of the at his regular ten thousand a year vigtl by game werdens, John its essence in a front page cartoon which portrayed the silk worker Art. 20 sets a trial preiod, averagTo make surance doubly sure, salary and also had come to the conBut the fight was not over. He provised shack of pasteboard and Hontz, age 76, resident of an im clusion that it was not a genuine shaking hands with the boss under the title of NO MORE STRIKES worker is no regular employee and ing weeks, in which time the united front. Speaker after speaker teen of the active oppositionists scrap tin, was arrested when he from the charged that the were tried by the governing board came to remove a rabbit from a FOR TWO YEARS. On this point is not governed by this agree.
rank and Alle did not know what of the local, found guilty and fined snare. Hontz, who is not on relief the contract is specific.
In other words for a full was going on, that their lenders 300 each. On their refusal to pay but makes a living the best he can Wages are left for arbitration. ment.
month the bosses have ample op Grievances are left to an importunity to discover whether or Richberg was furious WASHINGTON. Donald Today the chairman of the Pres had given no information or direc. they were expelled from the organ doing odd jobs, was committed to partial Grievance Board. Ample when the Lehigh County Jail on he ident Emergency Council lolls in tions to the membership and that ization the not he can cut undercover, chisel learned that General provision is made for any and all Hugh his desk chair and explains to in they were finding it very difficult charge of illegal trapping.
decisions, and recommendations, and bamboozle to his heart desire. Johnson, retired, had written a terviewers who want the story of to get the members to demonstrate and rulings by any and all got the pust he can lire, or hire a newberg himself, was exposed. Loll must have thought was more red charged that the leadseries of articles in which he, Rich what has happened to him, They Collins, the best m! ltant in the ernment boards, official or agen.
cy on the subject of MACHINE batch, or call upon the family tree. ing in his easy chair, his bald ical than am. Fact is, m not a ers only showed up on Sunday at OR WORK LOAD PER WORK Such is the contract which the forehead glistening, his broad nose partisan don take sides. Bol the committee meeting.
ER together with CHANGES IN official organ of the silk and dye twitching, his heavy underlip beogna)
After these speeches Mc KARL MARX Capital (3 vols. each. 50 RATES OF PAY when the maworkers hails a THE END OF tween his teeth, lawyer Richberg Doesn Blame Poor Men Kinney delivered the decision of Critique of Political Economy 20 chine load is changed, whether STRIFE.
wrote a letter threatening legal About the workers, he says: the When he had finished Poverty of Philosophy. 25 the said decision, ruling or rec The December 21 issue of the action a member made a motion that Letters to Kugelman. 00 ommendation is made to apply Silk Dye Worker, official organ have had a good deal of ex alentlet be distributed exposing Said the General, The ants of Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. 80 generally to the industry at large of the has the gall to conscience are crawling in Rich Derience with poor men, and can him before the workers.
Critique of the Gotha Program. 50 or to individual cases. But not state that this contract is basedberg pants!
honestly say that haven found Hatchet Men Selected Essays. 00 the question of strikes. Strikes upon the contract recently won by them as a class elther anarchists Civil War In France.
Thanks to friends, the day has or reckless experimenters. For the Then one of the hatchet 25 are out!
the dyers, in which the dyers been savel. Christmas found the most part they have struck me as men took the floor and made a pro ENGELS Revolution and Counter Revolution.
Are the workers to have any say sained not only a substantial wage Peasant War In Germany 50 on the subject of work load, or increase but also the 36 hour week. smoking the pipe of peace, and deng, he continues seriously. that was called a scab and likened to changes in phy? Not on your The only comparison between the there will be no exposure. Good they want a change, but who can striebroken. This speaker Condition of the Working class in England.
Socialism Utopian and Scientifie ute! Not while this contract can two contracts is that the worst old Santa Claus.
blame them for that?
Origin of the Family. 60 keep them down! The bosses have features are in both, but none of Richberg has undergone a strange Indeed, Richberg bas a large they must be taken away from the posed of honest workers and that Feuerbach.
appointed the National Textile Re the gains won by militant sruggle PLEKHANOY Pundamental Problems of Marxism.
liberal sea change since coming to heart and a bank account from an leaders. 50 lations Board, the Work Assign are contained in the contract arSocalism and Anarchism.
ments Rond and so forth and 80 rived at through peaceful negoti Washington.
reports that would choke a cow. 60 When President Roosevelt elevat He hates exposures After this speech the Unemploy. KARL KAUTSKY Foundations of Christianity.
on for this very purpose. All that ations and collaboration. Worse 50 ex him from a big Chicago labor ed Council speakers who had ser Are the Jews e Race. 50 is left for the workers is to accept yet, the leading article of this the contract that binds them hand cini organ boasts that the union Washington regime, liberals hailed maximum work week in future con1 in the INDIANAPOLIS. The 40 hour erely criticized their leaders and Ethics and the Materialistic Interpretation of History. 60 called the united front a fake The Social Revolution. 60 and foot to accept all decisions of maintains its right to strike him as a Godsend, wonderful tracts has been voted by the Indecided that not only were their The Class Struggle.
all bosses boards for the next two. 60 The Right Strike The Labour Revolution (Reg. Price 550)
man, in fact a liberal. But when ternational Typographical Union leaders OK but that the failure years. 50 This right to strike is very well the Chamber of Commerce people special assessment of on of the united front could be laid LABRIOLA Socialism and Philosophy.
Perpetuates 40 Hour Week 25 taken care of with a few big IF clapped hands and took him in tow wages for unemployment relief was solely at the door of the Essays on the Materialistte Conception of History The Paterson yellow press and Here they are: 25 Not the honest workers in the.
the liberals slunk away, looking also approved wherever locals deem BOUDIN The Theoretical System of Karl Marx.
the bosses can very well rub their IF the workers have a griev sheepish. 25 of course, but their it necessary.
hands and chuckle, for the workers ance or a dispute, they must subleaders.
MORGAN Ancient Society. 00 will be bound for two years to the mit it to the Grievance CommitThe is going ahead with BOOKS OF SPECIAL INTEREST Rame and worse conditions in their tee. The Committee has five days the work of organising and fighting industry. The contract perpetuates DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES in which to rule. If the Com Schluter Lincoln, Labor and Slavery.
for relief. They are catching up 00 the 40 hour week: It binds them to mittee rules that this grievance and CONSTITUTION on ground lost while the united Beard Rise of 8. 00 accept as conclusive any decision or dispute is a violation of the front was being attempted. Three Simons Spela Civilization.
in American History.
of the 60 on wages and work load that the agreement, and IF it passes a deconcentration points in the city Waro The Labor Movement in 1860 1895. 00 bosses boards may hand them. cision which the bosses or the WORKERS PARTY OF THE have been established in which Marlea The Road. novel of the Proletarian Revolution. 50 There are 20 articles in the con workers do not comply with, large and strong locals are being Lorwin Labor and Internationalism. 00 tract, each article a link in the THEN the Relations Board has Single copies 5e. 00 per hundred prepaid.
Lorwin The American Federation of Labor. 00 chain that binds the workers and tyvo days in which to rule that Write for Catalogue. Mail orders promptly attended to the union to the wheels of the gov. the decision has not or is not be PIONEER PUBLISHERS FOLLOW THE NEWS IN THE PIONEER BOOKSHOP 102 East 11th Street ernment arbitration machinery. ing complied with. IF and NEW MILITANT.
The only article without a Joker in WHEN the Relations Board do New York, 102 Enest 11th St. New York City the contract Ls article 24 which rule, THEN and thereafter SUBSCRIBE TO NEW MILITANTI respect.
Richberg Smokes Peace Pipe As He Exonorates the Poor Build Marxist Library. 60). 20. 00