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PAGE MMILITANT SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, LORS mogen en met de trobar and complete wete me. ROOSEVELT Mass Action Policy Wall Street and Of National League Cracks Whip CONGRESS On Congress dustry.
Huey Long Is Tammany Rising in the South NEW MILITANT all previous labor revolts in the sbade. The masters of America, especially during the past year, have with which is merged shown that they ay will yield absolutely nothing without THE MILITANT a bitter struggle. The workers on their part have Published weekly by the Workers Party of the shown in the same time that they do not shrink from 112 East 19th Street, New York City. conflict. The exploiters will seek to victimize the Phone: Algonquin 9058 leaders and active spirits as they have always done We must learn at the beginning to stand together By ARNOLD JOHNSON The National Unemployed League Entered as second class mall matter at the Post Oce in the face of such attacks. We need to establish Sections from an article by John Secretary of National Unemployed is not attending the Washington West to appear in the January Lengue.
convention of the Unemployed at New York, under the act of March 3, 1879 the principle at the very start that an injury to one is the concern of all. This grand old motto of the issue of the New International Facing the sixth winter of mass Councils disguised as a congress on (Continued from Page 1)
JAMES CANNON, Editor Knights of Labor ought to be inscribed on the banner What, then, may be expected suffering, the unemployed of this unemployment Insurance. We stand HARRY HOWE, Associnte Editor of the rising laber movement. Its application in from the new Congreas? First, the country are looking with suspicion on a program of demands worked National Run Around.
According to many noted Torles CARA COOK, Business Manager in banking and industrial circles to establish the principle, and carry it out in prac. Congress almost the reverse of day. The national Congress opens ventions and fight for them by the the measures taken by Roosevelt mass action.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: tice, that an attack on one organization of workers bis relation to his first Congress and will very likely try to feed the method Unemployment insurance at the and his Congress have been the In the United States 00 per year; 50c six montha. will promptly call the others to its ald, regardless of Then, at the beginning of his Ad unemployed on words and promisvery essence of Bolshevism. Now Canada and Foreign. 50 per year: 750 six months the differences between them. Against the attacks of ministration, by a sweeping populares. It may even pass some fake expense of capitalist profits has however, they are rubbing their overthrow, he had been placed in unemployment insurance bill which been and will continue to be a de hondeverwith a little to be the class enemy we must all stand united.
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The Workers Party stands for this policy in re power on the crest of rising mens will cut wages, divide workers and mand in our demonstrations. At velt. they say, is moving to the Vol. SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 1934 No. gard to Sacramento The issue is concretized on sentiment He was the Great starve the unemployed, then so the same time we fight for adequate right.
this case at the present moment. practical agree Leader whose duty it was to guide home feeling the unemployed are cast: relief now for all of the unIf what they mean is that left employed.
ment for a united campaign in behalf of the Sacra a timid Congress into the untried taken care of.
Eyes on Sacramento Another assemblage at Washingmento defendants right now is worth a ton of ab country of the New Deal New at We fight for a program of real implies more promises and right fewer promises there is probably We demand stract theses on the united front The Sacramento least in the real sense of being ton which deserves only suspicion jobs at real wages.
little truth in what they say. For case is a test.
ALIFORNIA, which has given the world such a a new step in the advance of United from the unemployed is the 90 the universal 30 hour week in inC States capitalism to its final con called Congress for Unemployment dustry with no reduction in pay, cease his promises. Especially when clear and striking picture of capitalist class lapere.
justice in the case of Mooney and Billings, is again the striving for leadership in the new campaign against Hope for the Steel Workers Now, however, Roosevelt is two reality a masquerade preliminary of creating more jobs. We demand Virgil Jordan, economist workers organizations and workers rights. The years removed from direct contact to the second annual convention of a complete program of publieNational Industrial Conference with mass sentiment Moreover, the discredited Unemployment works with 20 hours and 30 min. Board declares to a gathering of trial of the 18 workers on the charge of Criminal Syndicalisme. now in process at Sacramento, involves of and the Amalgamated Association back home to root. the end ECENTLY the attempt of the top officials of the his unfulfilled promises are drifting Councils of the Communist Party. imum per week. 5, 000, 000, 000 business men that We are little, loan to the Soviet Union so it can any, nearer recovery than we fundamental issues of great concern to all sections Used as Bait of Iron, steel and Tin Workers, the steel barons and citizens take fobs, security, protecof the labor mowment. With the charge of crimin The speeches of Roosevelt and Using the sentiment of the unem. purchase goods manufactured in were two years ago.
the Roosevelt administration to work out a truce tlon seriously. It is the members played for the Lundeen Bashe country will make jobs in inal syndicalism as a club the overlords of California for the steel industry broke down. The trade union of Congress who, just assembling bait to get delerates to attend the the willingness of his last Congress are undertaking to penalize those who have taken have been a bone in the throat of officials promptly predicted that there would probably from the tribulations of November convention of the National Unem unemA real struggle for the active part in the organization workers. At the be a battle in the courts. Arguing about Section elections, reflect more directly the ployment Councils, the Communist plored must put these demands in the pockets of the plutocrats. The the working class and a boon in same time they aim to intimidate others from taking Ta in the courts or licking the boots of congressmen mass sentiment.
the the same course. victory of the prosecution in and senators for a revision of the NRA is the only localities demanding additional leaders have again demonstrated They come from Irirty and Unemployment Council Congress soon to open bodes nothNeed Organization this case would stimulate the search for more vic: ing kind of fighting these supposed leaders of the work public works expenditures, more their shady methods and false toc Moreover, real program of the worse. The big plants in the new better and probably much tms. It is high time for the workers throughout the ing class know.
country to awaken to the significance of the Sacra From Pittsburgh comes the announcement that reller bonus payments, changed tics for building an unemployed or unemployed needs a real organiza new deal program are widely labor legislation, mortgage mora ganization.
tion. That organization cannot mento trial and come to the aid of the defendants.
advertised as a comprehensive some of the younger members of the are calling toriums, inflation, or what not. This time, they have even gone come out of the National Unem. Social Security program. But Sell preservation, as well as the spirit of labor solidarity which Tought to be an attribute of every en week in February to discuss ways and means of player toe Groote rendet, mult now for the individuals to act as. Spong curtain raiser, the so called conthe recent social security conferlightened worker, calls for this action.
ence was hardly under way when foreing union recognition from the steel companies. play the Great Brake he must ors of the Unemployment Insur sess sponsored by individuals. it received a warning from RooseIn the Sacramento trial the effort is being made That suggests the possibility of fighting it out on the chim the Wilder Perbershor contenice Congress. These individuals The attempt to substitute sach velt that he wou. tolerate no to revive the system of hounding and persecuting the picket lines and is much better.
organiza militant workers which characterized the highly srose, shunt aside and compromise represent nobody but themselves carnivals for bona wild ideas. The bright feathHowever, som pra sed American democracy in the war and postthe same men backing this in radical demands, and in general and are not responsible to the un tions of the unempoyed masses can war periods. The chief instrument then, and now surgent movement, now, talked mighty big to Hugh make sure that no accidentally employed. The and Unem only injure the movement, insofarers in this plan are loans to home owners, puble works and unemployJohnson and even to Roosevelt himself last spring passed left legislation hinder ployment Councils are responsible as it has any effect at all.
again, is the notorious criminal syndicalism law, ment. Gems of deception.
Such laws, directly contravening the civil rights sup and then permitted Bill Green and Mike Tighe to the fundamental right direction for this tactics and demonstrate that Masquerade conferences, which It is sufficient merely to review posedly guaranteed by the constitution, were out maneuver them and prevent a steel strike. What s task is difficult for he must do they are kidding the unemployed sidetrack the movement to the nar the previous history of this plan 1s going to happen this time? The passed by most of the states, especially those which this leader or that is not a sound fononality of this all the while appearing in the as well as the list of individuals. row channel of larism, to understand who prots by Roosfor had been the scene of industrial conflicts. The purInovement of steel workers. fake Communist party of the common man against the the fight of the official publicity as the champion Furthermore, they have degraded cannot advance the evelt altruism. Of the 200, 000, 000 pose was to curb radicalism. which was broadly to the of the unemployed. The struggle expended by the Home Owners united front or rank and Ale movement even if Torice.
parliamentary sphem have of the unemployed requires Interpreted to mean any kind of aggressive and milldressed up very prettily is not a sound basis for a mass Loan Corporation more than 90 tant struggle for the rights and material interests of Second, certain industrial and also divided the demands of the organization. It must be organized percent has gone to banks, insurmovement of the steel workers.
the workers.
The progressive, lighting, genuine rank and ble banking corporations have achieved unemployed and thereby the ranks on the sound basis of a rounded ance companies and realty agencies.
The victims ran into the hundreds. In California alone close to a hundred prisoners, members of the elements among the steel workers must get together in Roosevelt first two years, making only one demand the Lun action. This is the policy of the slums and building homes for the regardless of personalities or political differences on with a reasonable level of profits deen BA the single issue. were confined in prison after conviction of the basis of a program and loyal determination to rolling in. These are consequently National Unemployed League. poor has become in reality a build criminal syndicalism. The infamous statute has ing program for people with means.
lain dormant, with exceptions here and there, for plank in that progrem will be: Fight out the battle anxious to go back to the pre 1920 poor cannot afford the renta. about ten years. The attempt it now is a for union recognition in the steel industry! Fight it days, and to take their chances in stern warning to all the advanced workers of the Public Works out now! Fight it out on the picket line!
rugged competition unconfused by crucial Importance united counter action, The the complex intricacies of the New All this is intimately associated 000 focal point for such a movement at the present time Deal. Their wishes cannot be with the famous public works prois the Sacramento trial.
granted. The pre 1920 days beve grum which it is reputed Roosevelt, As is usually the case with all manifestations of Churchified Fascists gone not to return. Individual with the certain consent of his the system that is founded on deceit, the labor percapitalists have got to be taught Congress plans to extend. The past dominant classes outside the cities species eloquently on this matter. or secution inaugurated at Sacramento under the crim 66 (Continued from Page 1)
ROSE by any other name would smell as that they must occasionally give The Chicago Federation of Labor are the fishermen of the South, the 2, 711, 000, 000 in PWA allotinal syndicalism law is disguised and concealed behind he mask of the Red Scare The aim of the other name would smell as ill. We make this ob als to preserve the basic interests has endorsed Huey Long for presi mostly of French stock, the small ments almost two hundred million holy prosecutors, they say, is to defend civilization servation appropos of what looks more and more like of their class as a whole, and its dent.
farmers, and the shopkeepers.
dollars went in subsidies to ralıroad and the American home and to prevent the nationala world wide movement to build a churchified Fas position. And the state in the Huey Long, despite the tendency Venture in Oil companies. Large dips in this pork Ization of women by the red barbarians. What they cism Fascist regime which meets the approval of days of monopoly capitalism most to consider him a joke, has a really mean is they want to discourage the idea of the Roman Catholic Church.
directly representative of the class aictatorship in Louisiana, hasHuey Long was born in the town barrels were taken by the army, the workers organizing unions and fighting for a decent Several weeks ago a conference was held in Europe whole will be their teacher. sained some nationale influence and parents. He put himselt through this methonere sover inbeteuele standard of living and then later, perhaps, getting school by traveling the country this method.
bigger Ideas in their heads.
was announced, however, that Hitler representation is a useful weapon for Roose politieal posts outside his state.
Nation reported that only a few districts as a salesman of knicktives were excluded. They did not belong in goodvelt both against difficult groups in In order to understand Huey it knacks. It was this experience such an enormous project as the The defendants at Sacramento were the organizers thousand men were employed on and leaders of the Agricultural and Cannery Workis ticipants indicated that they came from those coun popular sentiment.
ers Union, an organization that led some memorable against about his native state, and some effectively to the rural vote. Triborough Bridge which battles of the most terribly exploited sections of the tries where Friscism and the Roman Catholic Church them, Roosevelt can be very left thing about his personal history.
indeed, and can point to them as had come to an understanding He went to Law School at Tu called for millions in expenditure.
California working class. This fact speaks volumes Little Industry Jane, failed to get a degree, but The one way publle works can start as to the real motive behind the prosecution. It is More recently the Pope announced that the Roman the bogeyman who will gobble up Louisiana is not an industrial was admitted to the Louisiana Bar. employment even on a modest scale also a clear indication to all workers who stand for Catholic Church would observe strict neutrality Congress and the masses if they state. There is only one city of His first political post was on the is by entering into competition un onism, to say nothing of those who go farther in in the Saar where a popular vote as to whether the don toe the line any size, New Orleans, with 450. board of the Public Service Com. Very idea of such a thing is sacritheir aspirations and ideals, as to wbat their duty is region is to go back to Germany or remain under the In general, then, we may be sure 000. Shreveport is next with 80, 000, mission. It was there that he atlege to Roosevelt and company.
in regard to Sacramento.
supervision of the League of Nations takes place on that, while the underlying socio and Baton Rouge, the capitol, is tracted attention by conducting a January 13. The other day, however, all the leading economie drite continues toward a third with only 30, 000. Altogether fight agwed an interest in sev. portant measure, which seems alThe last and probably most imagainst the Standard Oil Co.
The Sacramento case erics aloud for united action. national campaign is needed to put the case on the Bishops in the Saar read statements from their pul right solidification, the legislation there are only eight cities of more Huey map before the trial is finished and the defendants pits, doubtless with the knowledge and approval of actually passed by the new Con than fourteen thousand. Thus the eral wild cat oil wells. When ou sured of adoption in the new Conare quietly shuffled off to San Quentin for long terms.
the Pope, urging their congregations to vote for gress will be on no basic question urban population Real efforts are required to secure the release of the returning to Germany. Apparently the Church and unambiguously one thing or the hundred thousand, while the total the way to wealth. The Standard Insurance. Relief has proved to be about seven was struck ho believed himself on greas is some form of unemployment prisoners on bail so that they can be useful in the.
In the United States Pather Coughlin is busily tionary without antagonizing the lion two hundred thousand.
connot be openly reac population of the state is two mil ol Co. however, had a monopoly very costly. Bankers and manuagitation and publicity work. Agitation is needed not a whisper but a mighty working class shout that forming his mysteriously financed organization for public in a manner for which Even in the cities there is little to squeeze Long Independent en speedy an end of it as possible.
will be heard in the court room at Sacramento. Every social justice!
Roosevelt is not prepared: it can large scale industry. New Orleans terprise. Huey put up a fight; he But since unemployment shows organization and every individual in the advanced Whatever disguise it may wear and by whomever not be in reality left without in labor movement ought to feel morally bound to lend it may be Wessed, the masses will rally for an irre juring seriously the position of the the north there is some oil indus Commission to break the monopoly since a permanent jobless army a to such a defense movement, and to do it now concilable fight against Fascism which smashes the bourgeoisie, which position de try, and scattered through the Standard on managed to have an reaching well over the seven milwithout further delay unione, destroys all the democratie workers and enslaves them to black rear of the mands now the steady movements to are various sugar and cotton impeacement proceeding started Hon figure is here to stay, some to the right.
The American working class stands before a new mills and textile plants. The pre against him in 1921. The impeach permanent and less expensive ment was later dropped, and Huey method of keeping Potters Field gained his point.
from filling up too quickly must be Whether he made money on this found. Roosevelt no doubt has a After three months of speed up venture is not known, although he solution in an unemployment inthey were fired. Today, Toledo 23, 000 families on the relief roll, Draws Crowd is reputed worth well over a mil surance scheme where the largest (Continued from Page 1) is one third of the population, and it revival despite the sabotage of its now. Of course, this convention against the large standard Corpor. Where the unemployed will recetvo weapon left lion today. However, his war part of the receipts will come from was the breakdown of the Willisreactionary officials. The steel has already been declared outlawedation did give him material for a (Continued from Page 1) Overland Co. which largely con Two or three hundred people workers genuinely hated the com by the Tighe administration. political campaign among the farm this insurance for a few weeks of of production for use and not for tributed to this, Preis said.
were turned away at the door. pany union and they still do. New Unquestionably the rank and neers and the petty bourgeoisie. He the year on the condition that they pront; that will solve the problem Remove Modern Machinery Although the newspapers have packed and people were standing Victoria Hall at Irving Plaza was progressive elements came forward atscontent with the reactionary started out champles of the accept any sort of Job at any The workers must have control.
in the union but they could not union administration is deep seated people against the wiles of trusa strikeOutstanding testimony as to the been ballyhooing the reopening of against the walls. The occasion stand up against the reactionary and its demand for action wide tifled business and monopoly.
ing Job.
condiions of workers in the local large scale production in the wil was the speech of Joseph Zack on barrage. However, an opportunity spread. Its real need is progresCongress opens with the New plants of the Chevrolet Corp. and lis Overland plant, Preis told the the reasons why he quit the ComCaptured Rural Vote does not wait forever.
sive leadership that will stand up Year prepared to repeat its services It is reported that the the Electric Auto Lite Co. was committee that the plant has dis munist Party after a membershipsives are planning rank ogres and make the fight; but to provide wolled 70, 000 votes in the Democra which it can never serve but for He ran for governor in 1924 and of the last year not for Tabor, given by Jim Rolland, and execu mantled its modern machinery.
of 15 years and joined the Workers and file that the progressives themselves tive member of the union and of The modern machinery has the Lucas County Unemployed heen stripped from the production Party. The revolutonary workers convention to be held in Pitts need organization and a clear cut the primaries. The Democratic capital which it must serve. Its stormed the ball to hear what Zack burgh the first week of February policy of action. In this respect the isiana, as a Republican has no new deal and raw deal, with the to consider ways and means of steel workers union is no exception League. Sam Pollock of the Work buildings and sold. The Willis had to say. And they heard plenty forcing union recognition from the from many others and this is only more chance in the Deep South workers on the short end of tbe ers Party and the line played Overland plant will never operate progressive union leaders to speak 25, 000 people who lost their jobs. The speaker painted a devastat. steel companies The call was 13 one more reason for the necessity than the man on the moon. Huey stick.
be ore the committee in the name will remain unemployed, with but the Communist Party and, point by tatives from ten districts of the national progressive movement in from the rural districts. And in JOSEPH ZACK of the union, which he did few exceptions. And not merely point, exploded the whole policy of unlon at which speakers said that the trade unions.
1928 when his opponents split and Willis Ororland Co.
unemployed, but disemployed. It threw away their majority, this Former member Central Executive Preis introduced his testimony by is not folly, but cruelty, to conthe Marxist position of the Worksame rural vote made Long govern Committee of Communist Party ers Party. For two hours the auor, the first man to break the maan exposure of the operations of sider the stabilization of the audience listened with the closest atchine in decades.
the Willis Overland Co. He point tomobile industry without also will speak on ed out that in 1928 this company considering how to give these tention, and at the conclusion of His election in 1928 marked the WHY JOINED THE WORKERS his speech a storm of applause reemployed 25, 000 workers. Today it And workers their jobs again.
real beginning of his career. He PARTY has about 1, 000. Most of these that is a futile task under the gistered agreement with his rewas only thirty five years old. Up workers had been imported from profit system.
for to that time he had been a back FRIDAY, JAN. 11th, 8:30 Last Sunday night meeting was woods Jackson democrat, who deanother of the successful chain of MUSTE 1176 Pitkin Ave, near Stone St tended the tenant farmers, small storekeepers, Alling station owners meetings which are establishing Brooklyn and Bayou fishermen. In 1928 be the party as the concentration Celebrating his both birthday and his more than 15 years of point of the revolutionary workers promised the voters nothing more Auspices: Workers Party, Branch in New York.
activity in the labor movement. To be held at than free textbooks, better roads, mands of many comrades the disIn response to deand lower power rates.
IRVING PLAZA, 15th Street Irving Place From 1928 hla rise was rapla WILL HITLER SEIZE THE Speakers: trict organization is planning until this year he launched his naA. Muste series of Zack meetings in the dirSAAR? Cannon WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9th P.
ferent boroughs of greater New tion wide share the Wealth Clubs, THURSDAY, JANUARY 10th, P.
York and a national tour is being Speaker: 75 per Plate General Admbelon at P. 15c.
made his plans on the presidency, HOLLYWOOD GARDENS mapped out by the national office.
was endorsed by such a stald orMAX SHACHTMAN Prospect Avo. 163rd St. Bronx For reservations: Write Lacile Kohn, Treasurer, Dinner Committee, ganization as the Chicago Federa SUNDAY, JAN. 6th, PM tion of Labor, and promised to Questions Admission 15 Cents JOIN THE WORKERS PARTY.
Discussion Room 702, 112 19th St, or Telephone Algonquin 9058. Make every man king on dve Irving Plaza, 15th St. Irving PL ORDER PAMPHLETS NOW. IL thousand dollars a year Admission 150 (To Be Continued)
Ausplom: New York Dlatrict, As Preis Exposes alintape, selon Zack Meeting Auto Hearing Steel Hearing Is Called Anniversary Dinner merks.