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PAGE NEW MILITANI SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, 1935 FROM THE FIRING LINE Gotham 1, 200, 000 IN THE UNIONS Unemployedface 35 League in Airport Strike Bares Huge Graft; Hits at Forced Labor are intervalos carbono Meeting on Work Projects Called by Allentown League PMA Wild Cat In Springfield made would In Buffalo country relief czar, but the unem By KARL LORE ployed will be permitted to work Saving John Lewis ident of the Oil Field, Gas Well out their budgetary relief allowStorm on the Horizon and Refinery Workers, deserted ance for the equivalent in cash, CITY JUGGLES WITH RELIEF Hot Oil his old offices in Fort Worth Texas Compulsory Arbitration for the superior attractions of the transportation to the job, protecThe National Industrial Recovery nation capitol. The increased disWOOD COUNTRY, Ohio. At: This praction was exposed by the these locations, fent conse ctet ofects Councils Dormant. Socialist Unions With Cap se vede inte skilno sobre Lewissance from the coultiples and of under the new plan were sent County arport project, where for the racket was discoutinued.
had worn the once powerful union sated for by the proximity of code In Hand. Attitude of Jobless Changing Soon after the they investigation yellow dog cards which the past three weeks, members of 10 frazzle, led expelled the mili authorities. It is true that Fremthe Wood County Unemployed which attended this exposure, the were supposed to sign, designating tant elements who opposed his eoring threatened general strike action By AL DASCH York unemployed have remained rupt and bureaucratic rule and dia in his industry in March and again League have been striking, were Wood County oficials and Relief whether they accepted the offer The beginning of the New Year unorganized.
nothing to halt the steady disinte In August 1934, but no one ever crushed by a militant miss picket Administration started to assign and if they did not accept, informline which was formed on the Wood County unemployed to work ing then that they would be cut tinds the unemployed in New York There he never been an unem gration of the organization ook it seriously morning of January in zero this project, paying them with of the relief rolls.
City in a more precarious position ployed movement here that had anp NRA changed all that. John Speaking relatively, therefore, weather by members of the Rossreiteral funds.
The locals of the Wood County than at any time it the past five sort of a base. The Unemployed saw his opportunity, worked him verything has been stooth sailing.
Tord, East kossford, Lake TownIn the summer of 1984, the Re Unemployed Unlon have already years ship und Perrysberg Unemployed it Administration attempted to adopted resolutions charging the Alled to capacity with homeless sued a policy of going cap a hand oils of the administration and seni No real crisis are to disturb the Leagues.
The strike was called when it instead of the CWA rate of toe. a cut in relief and forced labor, thy brendlines no longer arouse on which did not believe in mili with the story that he, lewis, had este steel and cute unfone. But institute a 30e an hour wage rate urew relief program as constituting men and women and it the long to the relief centers. An organiza is organizers into the coal fields quanimity of the union chalets, was learued that the airport on TW Wood County Unemployed and demanding a minimum of 16 comment belowly because the cancy and did not explain the need torkomt every morning with the the events of the pirt week show bor were being used is the private all projects, and after a militant proportionally with price rises, mon occurence. 1, 200, 000 people in tion (need of unemployment insur asked him to organize the coal minproaching and that the coming property of corporation, the initsy demonstration before the which the resolutions add should the city are totally unemployed. unce) could only recruit membersers. In less than a year the WW. months are almost certain to proTrans American Airway Corp. county armory at Bowling Green, not be considered as in any way while more than 300. 000 familles who of them as soon as they re Ahad practically swept the duce serious and avoidable issues field nal and oil.
As a result of an Unemployed secured a rate of be an hour for altering the demand of the National depend for exstence on the starva ceived their hand out.
Nor could the Communist Party union wages Unemployeu Union for 30 per week Lion budgets alloted to them by League Investigution, it was discommon labor and uae Emergeney Reller Administraand 30 hour week.
where the same applied.
ecvered that in December 18. Price. ontrol controlled Uuemployed Councils Oil Unionism ance to the jobless of this The International Association of Kichardson, receiver for this Following hard on the heels of huge muss meeting has been on. Due to the lack of organiza give The stumbling block in both inty to the city of Toledo for 00, announcement that a new Work Wood County Unployed Lecity administration has been able muke st furore, more because of the Workers was in somewhat the same price control syslem set up to end Corporation, had leased the proper the airport disclosures came the called for Bowling Green, and the tion on the part of the jobless they They managed for a time to Dil Field, Gius Well and Retuery ustries is the breakdown of the interesse tuit extends from that date poliet project is to be inaugurat lumine to extend weiterende proces zainst the unemployed in the past bers of the communist party, who were 10 stende to direct a whole series of attacks bravery of the rank and tile memfix. No conventions had been heldedal competition. Lewis has recently complained that bitumin until November 30, 1938. In the ed in Wood County.
same transaction, ulso for a cou will no longer be granted in Wood against the entire new forced labor few weeks.
engaged in more than one litter decrease in memarsbip.
sideration of 00, the city of To County, says Earle Duncan, program than a year of successful operation Over six thousand families were tattle with the police, that of any took a Weuse on fire auda. mine operators, after more Gropped completely from the relied mass inituence the Councils hudership of 00 increase under fair trade provisions of the ledo appointed and designated Rihardson as sole operator, with was that a close relative (wbo la planted from the party to the Coun 1984 patheting. The standy growth dnyx, started autting each others the proceeds from the airport to many cases had family of his own als played no little part in solat has continued since then. Som brons again. The entire miniand did not even live together withing them from the unemployed.
go to the operator and his company, 17, 000 workers are covered by wwinum price structure of the coal Even prior to the time of this those on relict) had an income ex agreement negotiated by the simion ode threatened with collapse ceeding the budget of the reller Naturally enoughs, such an organ transaction, former mayor Thatcher with the large Sinclair Oil ComThis must lead to wage cuts as the of Toledo hnd permitted the use of bureau for that number in a famiization could bot exist for long.
Daily few strikes were called a competitive tight begine all Cununity Wulfare House innates ALIENTOWX, Pa. Jan. Uniler this plan it maximum budget ly. At present no more applica For the past year and a half the overain. In a letter to the NRA of Labor Board elections resulted Lewis hinted at step by step by committee action is drawn up for cach family. The one of single workers are being Councils have been dormant. Now all companies, a number a laborers on the private proy. and mass demonstruct 6, com rent, fuel, light and gas. From the have been stopped. This leaves the interest iu bein by Nation national against company unor this corporation witbout the Un budget provides for food, clothing, accepted. All cling vouchers the Stalinists are trying to arouse its nation wide in decisive victories for the Inter walkout of coal diggers to check employol Langues of Area Wising chich, Northampton and Irudget is subtracted any income nemployed without even a miul Congress for Unemployment Ineurs and special organizing driver hat tendency. An even graver sitCarbon Counties have forced re the family might have the remain mum of clothing with which to face ance held in Washington. They eurolled thousands of new recruits nation has been created by the relief otcials to grant additional der is called the budgetary defi the winter.
cond have no more success with this cent decision of the Supreme Court necessities to the unemployed. clency. One individual from each Waiting for Snow Congress than they had with their Thunder Ahead.
which declared the production and First lood, then clothing, then fuel, family is given work at the rate of Some time ago the city realized National Hunger Marches. Their orice control features of the oil thell rent Electric light bills have 500 an hour to carn the amount of that the budget of the Emergency unemployed line has not changed In both of these great fuel exmode unconstitutional. The flood of was staged traction industrdes therefore, ul hot wil especially from the East SPRINGFIELD, Springfield now been added to the list. Pres. the budgetary deficiency. The main Relief Administration could not and the congress molters have a contract with coal ure homme so strong that Weston ohjections to this plan are: take care of all the needs of its under the same marrow limitations most entire dependence was placed Texas selds in derlance of NRA Budgets are set too low for ellents An elaborate snow re that mark all efforts. NRA maneuvering. National provisions had already nullified any them froin using direct action when it committee consisting of Les human medical and dental care which 23, 000 heads of families operators, but that doesn stop Kelly Relief Director of Area 6, decency: no provision is noval plan was worked out bs Attitude of Unemployed Changing moved from indiawapwolis to wash might have gained from the code made for they treed it as a weapon to gainer Heckman of the Lehigh Comity and Russel or for paying insurance and would receive work at fifty cents overlooked that the unemployed of At the same time it must not beington White Harvey Freming. res for their industry. Now that all immediate demands. The members beployed League County clebts: skilled workers are forced per hour. The Department of Pub this city manifested a certain apathe bars are down, price cutting of the Progressive Miners Union at Nhuey of the will go on at an ever increasing Jefferson mine here struck list employed League to Harrisburg to work at rates for unskilled lic Welfare stated that the money thy towards organization. Because la lor: since only one member of week against the Brewerton Coulso present the case for the payment family can be given a job, many supplement the relief the men re litude of industries, a jobless work made on this job would go fully to or clie vite of the city and the mul WHAT TO ATTEND Fate And the brunt of the battle will. Co able bodied men and women are ceved and nothing would be deer here looked upon his period of workers. What this will menn in lckets were on hand Friday and Field Director. The conference reexcluded from work; political dneted from their montbly vouch unemployment as something teinsome sections where even todas a the mine closed tight. The minersulted in specific plans being drawn preference is being shown in al ers. The New Militant will be glad state of virtual peonie exists. may charged that they were being com up for the payment of these bills loting forensen, timekeepers and porary. His period of accepting to publish all notices of lectures, be imagined Last week the Department of relief was considered a temporary mass meetings or social events if pelled to accept pay by buying The committee was niso instrumenThe union is trying to get revi.
cual from the community at fabulous al in forcing the distribution of supervisors jobs.
additional surplus commodities, mass meeting for all them the men enrolled informing them one and he was therefore not very sent in by Branches and Districtsions of the code to provide for price na much futerested in an unemployed Ofices, sufficiently in advance and 30 hour week and wage increases The Brewerton Coal Co. notororganization. Particularly, when marked, Attention, What to Av. Fremming stated at a hearing reions for its robberies, functions munins worfully inadequate and the be held at the Harrison Morton have to be deducted from those in existence had so little to tend column. Iligh School Auditorium on Friday, budget. In view of the fact that offer. Today a different situntion cently that the reabsorption of under the camouflage of a Federal unemployed are uniting as never At this meeting relief clothing vouchers bad been stopped exists. The idea that unemploy.
In Allentown, Pa.
unemployed by the ndustry be troefvership For many years one before it orier to force additionat Jan. 11.
condu even whisper condemnation demand and to protect the forced grievances will be aired and plans it advised them that every twentyment is permanent for millions of riy Foundation Fund Jan. Card Party tenent for been practically all and me creased wage bill has been a sad project will be presented. This be wisely invested if clothes were ary is beginning to seep through.
disappointment hrought before the court for con toisted on them. Budgetary Deficiency will be the first of a series of purchased with it.
temp. Now, however, the miners Jan. 14, Monday, PM Star Fight The Only Way All Nigus indicate that if a real Hall, cor. Broadway and Pratt Another trick is to transfer thuse have taken the only logical action Jeniorced for distributing relief. Lehigh County Unemployed League on CWA projects who bave no Istle program for the unemployed. Subject: The Workers Party of the are finding out that the old rules new uniform state plan is being mouthly mass rallies held by the Orte after the otber the union strike Workers songs and dramaties will children to home relief, where the expressing their demands is worked torm an integral part of each meet amount received by family of out, an unemployed organization United States. se Speaker Astm apply. La tore must night for of Muste and James ing two is less than the small wages can be built. Such an organization what it gets. In certain industries In Youngstown, Ohio paid on work relief. This works cial circumstances may delay the Jan. 15. Cuesday, SP. Central final showdown. That has been the both ways, as low only the hends must be one that is founded on of large families are being placed militant lines and will embrace the Auditorium, 225 Boardman St. Sub case in coal and ofl. But increason work projects. Those placed as unemployed of every political beject: The Workers Party of the ingly the workers in these two in lier. There must be a direct link Speaker: James Chunon.
laborers received 18 a month for dustres will have to face the cruel RAPID GROWTH IN NEW YORK clius Donnell; Luited Front, Bill In Cleveland, Ohio two weeks work. This is less than up between those on work relief facts. To prepare the organizations Ketch: Arnerican Federation of many of them received before and and home relief no separation of Jan. 16 ainters Hall, 2030 of labor for the fight, to sweep New members are being assigned Tenchers, Frank Collins. Clothing the two. It goes without saying Euclid Ave in that ense their earnings are to the various New York City Workers, Larry Helmbach The or six mphlets to be supposed to be supplemented by a that between this uneinployed or and James Cannon.
Speakers. Musteaside those who sabotage or who branches at the rate of ten tol The trial of two members, published for Does America Need a Revolution of the exploited and the exploiter twelve a week. One of the signif: Reich and John Beisel, who were the. by the Pioneer Publishers making up the difference. Most of the city deduite tie up must exist, ary Party?
that is the job for the progressive cant features of this drift towards arrested in the mass violation of have lwen tentatively outlined to the menowever are can ware of Undoubtedly in the coming months unionists of America.
the new party is that most of the Mayor Lewis anti picketing pro include the following subjects: In Detroit this and do not apply for the addisbarp struggles will break out new members are former members clamation will be held on Jan. 12. The Coal of the Jan. 18. Friday. P. Jericho Arbitration Workers tional amount. The result is thelr among those employed on work re of political parties, such as the card jirty will be given on Party.
Temple, 2705 Joy Road. Admission Communist Party, the Industrial Jan. 22 to raise money for the It is certain that efforts will be families have to get along as best le projects since there the mem2. Trude Union Tactics aud they can on the miserable wages ployed have more stable base Pree. Subject: The Workers Party nade at this session of Congress to Umon Party, the the Weis. Rratich quota of the Party Founda than those on the e lists of the home and the 4th International Speak put over a bill for the compulsory Strategy they make.
bord group, and so on. No system. tion Fund. An open meeting for relief bureaus Work Relief Particularly, since ers: Muste and Cannon. arbitration de labor disputes. Un mployment.
Atle membership drive hus been launching the new party will be In Waukegan, II.
an open secret that certain governstarted yet, but plans are now be held the Since the mass lay of last sum It is the plan of the Roosevelt gov. The Recent Events in the January 22, Tuesday evening ment officials in his following week. The places favor ing luid for an intensive mer for loafing the men are usernment to put as many as possible Soviet Union Branch meets every Friday at the Speaker: James Cannon.
on work relier.
they put it, lcery. host of such legislation. Every reaction Un campaign a city wide scale.
Short History of the luterta Pusion and Tammany favorites in Ninth Ward Unemployed League The unemployed of Sew York are In Minneapolis, Minn. ary interest in the country is busiThe attendance at the Sunday Hall but hopes to have its own tionals Jan. 23, Westnesday eveningly pushing the iden.
night forunis has far exceeded a Bednarters soon.
The Workers Party and its the positions of foremen haress the realizing the necessity of organizAnd why not? If organized labor men with the threat of knocking ation and the coming months will Pythian Hall 437 4th St. SubProgram expectations, and more than double Cornelius Donnell was recently them off The result is that those prove that they have absorbed the sect: Program of the Workers can subscribe to the following parSubscription for the six pamph the attendances at the former Speakers: agraph from the American Federa and foruins. Prepra clected vice chairman of the Allets, which will be published at the on work relier are driven to work lessons of the crises provided they hurty of the Nuste and James Cannon.
fionist, organ of the A: of L, tions are now under way for brutown local the American Fed rate of one a month, are now being extremely hard for what amounts are given the necessary leadership Kansas City, Mo what serious objection can it have joint meeting of the Workers Party oration of Silk Workers.
The price for the series to 12 a week. The speed up plus Jan. 20. Tuesday evening Work to forded arbitration?
is nie and may be seenred by the small wages have caused and the Spartacus Youth League great deal of diseatisfaction. The ers Library. Speaker: James We hold, says this editorial, to cominemorate the centh of Kari TWO MONTH ACTION PROGRAM writing to the Pioneer Publisberwork bureau, however, has hit up OF YOUNGSTOWX BRANCH Cannon. Subject: Workers Party that Labor and employers are 102 Tast 11th Street, New York Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembourg and of Its Program and Purposes. properly partners in industry, with Bobxien, to be held on Sunday eve Double membership of Branch are urged to subscribe Immediately threat of being fired for freshness City. All friends and sympathizers a happy scheme with which to al Together with the In St. Louis separate functions but with interning. Jan. 13. at Irving Plaza. An Jan. 21, Thursday, PM ib dependent interests which can best other event for which preparations March 1, 1935 as ibis is the only method of financ2. Forty dollars from Youngsing the publication program, a constant rumor la circulated that ernian Haul, 3619 Pluney Avenue. By Special Correspondent)
be furthered by genuine cooperation are being made in the lanin Memwith the beginning of the new year Subject: The Message of the Work orkil meeting to the held on Wed town for Party Foundation Fund.
or prodnction and for that control HARRISBURG, Pa. Jan. The ers Party Its Program and lurthose employed are going to receive Pennsylvania State Planning Board Pifteen new subscribers to of industry that will bring balance bidity evening. Jan. 23, at the Irv.
the New Militant and weekly Injunction Seen ing Plaza The Cultural Commit ateady work at the rite of five report to Governor Pincher pose Speakers: Juste and listribution of income and str.
dollars a day.
James Cannon.
bility in production.
is has arranged an interesting bundle sale of 21 coples by March and the National Resources Board, Lack of Organization Ten new subscribers for the As Lewis Move program of dunces and music.
Compulsory arbitration goes to New International and a monthly The only reason that one blow income of 500 is necessary to announced that a minimum annual logically with that kind of bunk a The Cultural Committee is In New York City after another enn be aimed at the provide reasonable human needs ham with eggs.
newls med group organized to unde sale of 25 coples by March Special to the New Militant) unemployed of New York City with for a statistical family or 23 SPRINGFIELD, III. Dec. 24. out resistance on their part is the persons. In defense of the position knecht Lauxembourg Meeting Jan, 13, Sunday evening Lieb LETTER CARRIERS PLOTEST movement and to form a nuclens of 100 tickets before meeting, and addance groups, dramatic groups and vertise with announcement on auto Federal Judge Wham of the East lack of an unemployed organization that this budget is not extravaganting Plaza Ir. EXTENSION OF WAGE CUT musical gronds. This committee in order to get attendance of at St. Louis district court. denied the capable of championing the jobless. the Board stated that the man of meets every Friday evening at least 150 for Cannon meeting United Electric Coal Co. an injunc while cities throughout the country the family is allowed one suit per Lenin Jan. 23. Wednesday eve. ingLion to prevent mass picketing by have bad thoir unemployed band WASHINGTON. Extension of Memorial Meeting. Irving the federal employes percent at 144 Second Ave. All friends here.
Organize trade union contacts the members of the Progressive together and force concessions from sear and one overcoat every two Plaza wage ent for another six months years One half pair of suspend and sympathizers who are capable or contributing to this work areas basis for local section of ProMiners of America. The Red Bird the relief administrations, Nerers per mau per year is allowed all the following Branches Weekly Friday Night Forums at was called for by Pres. Roosevelt mine, operated at Freeburg in the urged to be present at these meet. Cressive Trade Union movement.
The report further states: Approx in an executive order signed Jan.
Branch No. 144 Second Ave.
Organize an advanced study Kelleville coal Geld, has been shut inge.
4, as bills sponsored by the unions mlately 90 percent of Pennsylvan.
class by Lebruary in addition to down since April 1, 1934, excepting ia families had incomes, even in Clinton Street, corner Delancey.
Branch No. Grand Palace, 90 were being introduced in Congres ALLENTOWN MAPS ACTIVITY regular classes in fundamentals or for a few days when the miners demanding immediate restoration permitted operation under tentathe prosperous year of 1929, that Marxism.
Newark Workers Branch No. 143 East 103rd st. of the cut tive plans. Sell at least 300 copies of the were inadequate for the complete ALLENTOWN, Pa The Allenattainment of reasonable comfort. Forum with Comrade Zack as couraged general wage cutting and Branch No. Broux Branch The efforts to get the injunction The Workers Party of the Charges that the government enDeclaration of Principles and Contown Branch at its last meeting stitution of the Workers Party by Were avowedly the plans of John will open its new headquarters Another state board, the State speaker is being arranged.
clected an executive committee Lewis, tyrant of the United Mine at 85 Springfield Avenue, on Emergency Rellef Board, has also Branch No. 1776 Pitklu Ave private employer set the worst possible example to consisting of Lester Heckman, Ed March are Help local Spartacus Youth Workers, who is attempting to Moser, Job Gardner, Bm Reich FRIDAY, JAN. 18, at P.
near Stone Ave. Brooklyn drawn up budgets, not for statistical families but for actual fam Branch No. 1281 49th Street, duction addressed to members of memorial for repeal of salary reand Frank Collins. Other officers League to organize one ndditional Benedite professive Unica in the Ilies on relief. Its budget for a Brooklyn Max Shachtman of the branch are Ed Moser, sec branch by March family of 23 persons amounts to the House and Senate by the Na Jan. 18, Wednesday, P. Boro tional Association of Letter Car Terary: Frank Collins, treasurer: 10. Lay basis fu unemployed YOU SAID IT, FRANKLIN!
will speak on 14. 10 per week in contrast to the Park Labor Lyceum. 42nd St. andrlers.
John Beisel. literature agent: movement for state organizer to In spite of our efforts and in theoretical budget of 67. 30 per 4th Ave. Brooklyn. Joseph Zack tirant Munn, branch organizer: come in and organize local Unem spite of our talk we have not weed ALARM SIGNALS IN THE week presented by the State Plan on Why Resigned from the ComBill Releh, Industrial organizer. ployed Leagues with help of branched out the overprivileged and we SOVIET UNION ning Board, munist Party WASHINGTON Railroads have The following fraction chairmen by March have not effectively lifted up the received more than half a billion Feb. 7, Thursday evening Thes dollare in loans, according Unemployed have been elected Admission 10 Cauta underprivileged. Pru. Boouevalt to FOLLOW THE NEWS IN THE TARP Andy Budihas: slik. Corn ORDER PAMPHLETS NOW. hs Dosenge to congruas Jan.
tre Parts, Sallors of Cattaro to the annual report die Interஅaaaaaaa NEW MILITANT.
Prince Drake CharDN stata Comimere Comestea, The Party at Work Party Lists Pamphlets.
propagan 3, 500 Is Family Need