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SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, 1935 NEW MILITANT MARCH OF EVENTS Dew of Death Rained From Sky Capitalist Weapon for Next War buit Farih bomo para o procellarionare the percelebes vietu penke our forelse encuentra este o sure every memberi Cuban Volcano because rlle How NUL Convention Nipped Fascist Attack of WORLD IN REVIEW By JACK WEBER State of the Union forced labor at low wages, lower the unity of the youth forces can than for similar work in private Letter From Spain no longer le post one. The pro.
employment. And this is to be apBy RUTH WILSON Those who have seen gas victims sury to protect oneself in a poison No More Cash Relief letarian youth is faced with the plled particularly in the field of In Japan school children are of the Inst war know that even a 98 attack was to get into a hot New International problem of organic unity. Realizconstruction Thus the pre ar trught to use gas masks. non fatale of Austard Cas bath and smile. That will surely be ing this to be so, we have ad.
Imperialism and the Farmer muged promganda extending back dires the following proposal to for months now, blaming the fail built for the civilian population, Perhaps of gases the the Communist Left Roosevelt has sent his message ure of recovery in the building In Italy, loys of eight are given in Lewisite discovered by the enough bathis for every member Yonth (International Communits)
to Congress on the state of the trades and the field of heavy con military training.
ited States Chemical Warfare Serwithout even one bath may find it SPANISH SOCIALIST YOUTH In the United States, the governand the youth organizations of the union. And a sad state it is. Hadstruction on the refusal of the vice. To this gas is given the harder CALLS FOR NEW INTERNAsmile. Ed. Note: Ilarian Communist Party (Maurin Another expert, an authority on An expression of poetie une of Dew of Death. there been in the past year a sharp skilled workers to give up the wage meut talks or taking the excess group. uplum, at rapid rise in production, levels and the conditions to which profits out of war and continues and it has an odor not unlike that air warfare, sata, People must get the tremendous ferment in the ranks of the Young Socialists of The Socialist Youth of Spain reemployment of milly more mil. they were heretofore accustomed to build battleship and to carry of geraniums. It is one of the most used to the idea that the next war Europe is to be seen in the call feel the unpostponable need of cannot be fought in the trenches.
Jions of workers, Roosevelt would is now bearing fruit. The governon secret experiments with poison deadly gares over discovered.
issued by the Socialist Youth of There are many others Chlorachieving the organic unity of the have taken credit for all this asment is stepping in to help beat gases.
His statement, designed to preSpain for unity with the Young revolutionary proletarian youth the result of the New Deal. As it down the standards of living of All over the world, the next war ine, which causes death by water pure the civilians for their part in Communist League and the Com which is already been united iu Turns out all the hollowness of the the building trades workers. Ro is in preparation For the time logging the lungs: hosgene, which the war, must serve as a warning, munist Left Youth. Trotsky. struggle. During the October revThe next war will be fought, as de and tallyhoo of the NRA wory of beavy industry is to take being American capitalists, like kills 81 Kreent of its victims with olution we have struggled together stand is kedly revealed. TrueMace to loading all the sacrifice the inglish, and all others for that in hours after the most horrible all wars are fought, by workers, ites) and the formation of a Nor can new revolutionary youth Interna uninst him in a single block there has been some recovery of one back of the working classmatter. are talking pence and agony: and the irritants. which and by their families.
ut re not fatal in themselves but are American workers feel secure tional and he reurn to Marx und for common purpose. Why business; einployment is above the It can be said in advance that the Heparing for the inevitable war.
should this not continue to be so?
lowest levels of the crisis; but the workers will not submit to this and Lenin. The Cail issued by Chemical warfare in a thing of designed to cause their vietinis to their isolation; no one can foretell the Spanish Socialist Youth is Wly continue separately it our Husons created in the minds of program without the sharest such horror that the nind reels at tear of their le masks and thus the quick development of tomorreprinted herewith. time is the same! The Socialist many workers the goveruntent struggles and resistance. The gov he thonglot of it. ropagandists, expose themselves to the leader rows lorrors that can span an with Youth have broken definitely would see to the return of prosperOC.
erument will tind it entry to use ilulling tis into a feeling of fety. OSS.
There is little. comfort in Call of Spanish Socialist Youth the Social Democratic reformism ity Mebem back to the fac ile incelds of pression more and declare that no country would dare that thought that the United States. Civilized Weapons and intend, together with the Sotories in short order lave evapornore.
To the Socialist and Communist le the chemicals and gases they These are few of the weapons in its secret laboratories, is preYouth: cialist Youth of France, Belgium, ated into thin air. It must be clear have prored in their laboratories, tout experts are preparing for the ring weapons to use against the Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Engto all by now that Roosevelt gam secretary Wallace Gives To the working Youth: Кеу repristla by next war. And not only the experts workers of other nations.
iled on the ending of the depresi, understand the real meaning its enemy There is only one way to put an Europe. The English Chemical land, and Austria, to initiate the Courdes slon slid on the recovery of busi She moves wing maxle by the 1he Following revolutionary reconstruction of the youth moveNo Limits Workers booklet tells of a huge end to war and the danger of war.
ment on the rest basis of revoliess in the normal course of things government one must see them in Lext we forget warfare was poison sus plant at Edgewond in That is by overthrowing the capi nuvement and because of the nee lutionary Marxism. The interna and that his whole program so dheir entirety as in zuecord with the outluweel before the World War; the United States. built at a cost talist system which breeds it. The for streugthening the proletarian leadership recessary to tar as the working class was con historie His and needs of the Am but both sides used it just the same cerned, was intended to Jull the erican nuance capitalists such a In the next war, with a pre know. turing buildings. 1, 400 tons of pula revolutionary war against capital sive the Executive Committee of reach Victory is non existent. The Secoul and Third Internationthe Socialist Youth considers that masses futo passivity during the view gives mest clearly in the lige of the possibilities of demorstock, and a plantim als luve lost this leading position.
worst phase of the crisis.
apparently liberal writings of lixing civilian jopulations by capacity said to be 800 tons of Following Filter victory, a new Tu his message of last yeur Roos Secretary of Agriculture Walke. quick paralyxing stroke, with poison movement has gotten under way, evelt expressed the hope that the To him it is reetly clear that the new hours nade available by the day. This would in two months this plant We believe it ressary, urgent, to budget could be balanced in the America Canotturn to any scheme the laboratories of the world since conld produce more poison HAN push this moveanent to its destina next tiscal year the year beginning of autarchy of a well enclosed eco the World War, there will and can than the Germans used throughout tion.
in June 1935. That hope, too, goes Father it must rearrangemeno rules and no limits.
the last war.
by the boxerul with the indication is cutin internal economy o 10 What are the horrors of chem Let us return to Marx and LentThere is NO adequate defense in. Let us unite the proletarian that a derleit of four billions of emble the cloxent economie ties to cal warfare? We don hear much against chemical warfare the exyouth in an International that has collars will be piled up in the come made with the backward a labout them, mostly rumors. There perts agree to that. It would take Part Three of the history of tu stay away from the fair grounds broken with the errors of the past.
ing year, thereby bringing the total cultural countries of South Amer is good reason for that: If the years to make cnough gas masks un the next day, July Nothing Thereforo, we invite the federal debt to a record high. With ice and Asia. America, in short, workers of the world could learn to protect civilians. even if Httle the National Unemployed League.
had been accomplished. There was the Communist Left Youth, and the the failure of business to pick up was become more and more im what is actually being prepared for children and old people could be By LOUIS BREIER not even a chairman, and the large Youth of the Iberian Communist sutficiently to permit balancing of Hrialistic. 11m capire the them by the governments of Europe trained to keep on these uncomfortThe first session of the nationul presidiun could ind no one with Party, to enter, as such, eu masse the budget, with the government mujor world market for manufac and America, then they might rise able masks. Shelters deep underpublic spending to be lianced by met was in the factories Compre little book, prepared by the people and prepare them for the to order on July 3, 1933. Eight reason to believe that the July tarian youth to rally under our sround tnny le built to comfort convention in Columbus was called emerity cnough to accept the un into the Socialist Youth of Spain.
government borrowiug. further intition with the other imperialists Chemical Workers Inion of Eng idea of war: but to build enough hundred delegates were present session would see an increase in banner for the reconstruction of the Natiou loons in the future as requires that the cost of producand slow some idea of what the shelters for even one International proletarian more most certainty of course it is the must be extremely low. Tlence next war will mean. These chem. even if they could be built deep from thirteen states. The largest the jingolsm.
workers living stist know what they are talking enough to keep the Ses from from the Ohio Unemployed league to take matters into its auglia, proletarian youth! For a Marxist delegation to the convention was At this point the LA, began ment.
not Roosevelt reul intention to the rive own hands.
spend the entire appropriationsard. Al the same time, if these bont.
seeping down a virtual impos white lind met in convention only to begin with Anthony For the organic unity of the supposedly made for relief through other countries are to buy in our Mustanl Gas sibility, public works. But it he follows market, they must be permitted to They tell of Mustard Gas, whose Soothing Syrup a few days previously. This was a deleate from the California Co international! For the bander of important factor in the events operative Relief Association was Narx and Lenin!
along the course outlined in his well helt agricnltural products. victims in the World War suffered The governments know this so that followed. The was by chowen chairman. Wise in the hand message, the treasury will be Hence the program of crop control and died for years after 1918. This they devote their propaganda to far the largest league in the coun ling of masses deliberate and forced by the need for refunding here to eliminate those American ans, which can be prepand more soothing the people. Sir Samuel try and a good portion of its terri shrewd, it was felt that he could Concerning this proposal, discusprevious loans (for example the farmers in competition with the no casily now than at the time of the Hoare, in a speech in the British tury had been newly organized. thread his way through all the which has refused our proposal sions have been held with the Liberty Loans that fall due. and tential buyers. Naturally with this last war, vaporises slowly at ordt. Parliament, lisenssed the missibil. There had been little time for that shouting and disruption. This he in a sectarian manner. We have the demands for new funds for vast program of Imperialism goes awary temperatures Thus it may ity of a pre war treaty under which weeding out process that follows proceeded to do the next morning not, however, lost confidence.
puble works and other emergen a complete revision tarit be carried on clothing into a warm the centers. cities would not be the establishment of a new league exhibiting wonderful Chcity room, where it becomes effective. hombed until the workers had gone iud eventually y measures, to borrow some eleven system eliminates the for not hearing the inconvenient Young Communists: bring presand a half billions of dollars. Such It contaminates anything with home!
huge government borrowings will which it comes in contact food, xhudy Clements and the wardhecl questions tired at him from the fas sure on your leadership to achieve Bnt workers, knowing that to cists, and an ability for unravelling organle unity, tsert the most disurbing influence BIG PROFITS IN TEXTILES clothlug. ground. It has the added paralyze industry will be one of the or. They were present in force.
Young workers The Socialist on the entire financial structure of WASHINGTOX Big profits were horror that it takes some time for chief point of attack in the next The session opened peacefully knotly problems in a few words.
tlte nation. That is why the gov made by the textile industry from it to showing results, so that the war. will remember that 31 nationale in league, made the initial begin to settle down somewhat and uniter Bill Truax, president of within an hour, the convention had Youth of Spain calls on you to hoe las been sign the Geneva Protocol forbid. specch in which he welcomed the the stage was being cleared for the Long live the October revolu.
over greater and greater control of cording to the first installment of affected until hours later, tion! Long live organic unity!
the banking and credit system. the Federal Trade Commission Then, with increasing intensity, World War and will not put their delegates and pointed to the main counter attack.
Role of the Socialists Socialist Youth of Spain.
reports. Altogether the 765 companhe as causes smarting of the faith in the politeness of nations the course of his speech Truax There were a good number of to both the employed and the un. 000 protits in the whole portod, so that develops into blisters and fes quals soothing, a chemist for made several characteristic state Soekulists present, mainly from Situation Teese In Cuba Once again, Cuba finds itself on employed alike, is that part of that the claimed loss of the com tering sores, and blinduess.
ments on the condition of the coun Ohio and Pittsburgh. In the face This the imperial Chemical Industries Roosevelt message denling with panies of 4, 6007. 678 for the month agony may last for several days. Company in England made the try to which the government and of the fascist attack it might have the brink of a volento. The fate relief. He intends drop as much perlot just Nefore the great textile ending in leath statement that all that was necesthe interests that control it were been expected that these Marxists of the Mendlietto Batista regime, as possible cash relief and substt strike had been well covered by the roundly and hilariously spanked. would immediately unite with all puppet of American Imperialium, This was the cue for the sples and the left clements in the counter: hangs in the balance. Opposition tute what comes close to being tremendous gains.
provocateurs. They scurried about attack. But they were too deeply Groups of both the right and the the vast fairground show ring that concerned with destroying the in left are organizing the struggle for served as the meeting ball and the intence of the within the its overthrow.
whispering began. This increased leagues. Far from opposing the The mare base of the present when Arnold Johnson, secretary of Lieberman of ittsburgh, joined in shrluking for many nonths to the By TESS HUFF tress. In a kindly voice, Roosevelt the Ohio league and subsequently their attack and distribute a point where it now rests almost Said the New York Post in an spoke to the nation. The time has of the arose to outline the pamphlet villifying the entrely on the any with the sun circular letter, addressed to all our readers, friends and sympa editorial in November come, he said, to have a New Deal tasks lucing the unemployed, the and charging it with being sold port of Wall Street interests. The thizers, and containing the PROGRAM OF ACTION, is going into the years, is released, he will pace up we will drive the money changers subterranean roaring. If a hear, kept in a cage for and to end this shameful condition; whispering had grown to a sort of out to Moscow etc. When the development of the stribe movemally today.
The wut jingo tide was at its height several ment and the tremendous wave of This Program consists of vleren definite tasks the Workers Party and down in an area oblecer from the temple and lift the burst came at the conclusion of of these working class leaders terrorism bombings and assitesin at itself for immediate achlevernent. Six of these points are already in than that to which he is accus underprivilege to an abundant Johnson speech.
What he said krew panic stricken and approached ations have shown the impotence process of fulfillment.
has been lost to the theoreticians, the with a bid for unity of the government to dominate the To start work AT ONCE on the remaining points in the Program The iron bars are down. But The government bekan new surbut whatever it was a number of But by that time the had situation. Serious disaffection is of Action and to Nuccessfully accomplish it in full, FUNDS ARE the peychological bars stay up veys. Counmitten and fuct finding the delegates promptly construed it acted and the fascist attack was evident in the army, a number of URGENT.
long after there is any basis for bodies produced new volumes of as an insult to the flag and a hand suddenly and declively crushed. officers having been letained for For this purpose, the PARTY FOUNDATION CAMPAIGN was ini. them in reality.
facts, and figures. And the facts full of picked men made a dash to The Counter Attack subversive activities, and others tiated by our National Committee Human beings suffer from the and figures added to the already the speakers stand ostensibly to Bill Trux had started the trou retired from the service. NumerGIVE YOUR PROMPT ANSWER TO THIS CALI.
same mental inertia.
voluminous evidence that every Venge the lusult on Johuson per SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTION COLLECT FROM FRIENDS AND No wonder it seems difficult to man, women and child could have son. Acord oyed ble: now Bill Trunx ended it. ous arrests of Communists. ABC SHOPMATES. PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP TAX.
grasp the idea that for the future plenty or all the necessary things workers and CP. members. Sortly after the second session have teen made bereche Horseries DONT DELAY!
there is enough to sutisfy the of life fool, clothes, homes, Forward to a powerful mass Worker Party of the needs of everyone.
high standard of living Jose and the attack dissipated form and in short, clectrie phrases days.
There can be no doubt that the BRANCH REPORTS Indeed, it weens difficult. The But again the months passed and tory. This continued for the great this popular defense of the fathCnban revolution is entering a new New York City: Hard wori meet their 250 assessment quickly, masses in the United States, first there was visible improvement.
phase. Both of the working class fulfilling the 1, 000 quota. 18 40 RECEIPTS er part of the day speaker after erland, gave a complete and devas under Hoover, the under Roose. In 1933 there was a brief upturn shaker coming forward to reiter. tating genesis of Joe Gershner and parties Bolshevik Leninist and ming a special city wide atrair, the previously reported. 89645 volt. have been like the chicken and the conditions got worse than ate his abiding faith in the nobre His Heutenants and threw a sweer stalinist, all of the petty bourgeois who to a.
Foundation Fund.
The President continued to system that somehow. In spite ofing challenge into the teeth of the revolutionary groups Cuban RevoNew York District 20. 00 grain. But since 1929 there has speak of the abundant life.
Waukegan, Ill. There is no Los Angeles, Calit.
16. 25 been rowing onviction that But facts and figures are hard them to join unemployed leagues in swer.
its nobility, made it necessary for fascists. They did not cure to an lutionary Party, Young Cuba, NaGershner disappeared from tional Agrarian Party as well as doubt we shall be able to meet our Boston, Mass. 00 poverty and read lines knee deep wit Tex food was sold in order to fight for a scrap of brend the scene if he had fallen the would be Fascint ABC. openly quota.
St. Louis. Mo.
15. 00 in wheat are Here only cause 1984 than in 1933. New homes are Youngstown, Ohio: The national Columbus, Obio: through a trap door. The workers proclaim the renewal of hostilitles they are tolerated.
still out of the question: there is The Workers Guard who had formed the guard now Upon the events of the next few utlice notified us that our quota for Oliver Lond 76 Hoover said the time had come none: and the old ones do not im When a comunittee of the Ohio disbanded, shame faced and en weeks may depend the future of the PARTY FOUNDATION FUND Mellville 00 was 25. We have pledged 10 and who the Cuban revolution for many to put two chickens in every pot prove with age. It is true that new league attempted to procure the lightened. Before Johnson, Manning 00 and two cars in every garage. And millions in profits were reported by Columbus state fair grounds for took the stage after Truax, had years to come. Organized labor of will make it easily. Every mem Thurasky. 265 why not? No other nation possess the corporations and banks in 1934, the convention they were told that finished his attack, the spies and the United States should be preber is digging deep into his pocket Sherman. 25 es so much wealth skilled man but the goverument has just re they might bave it only if a detach provocateurs had begun their hur pared to forcefully demand that and out visiting friends in order 10. 25 power and machinery.
porteil an all time high of 19, 000. ment of the National Guard could ried exodus. The convention pre American Imperialists keep their to get contributions.
Individuals The government began making 000 people on the relief rolls. The guard the place. The committee served an awe inspiring qulet.
You hands off of Cuba to the struggles The pledges of the employed Mary New York. 00 surveys. Committees turned in re living standard instead of being refused and made a counter offer. could hear those misled minds un that are approaching.
members of the branch are as fol. Mr. 00 ports and fact fading bodies filled doublecl is sinking lower. They would create a guard of their folding, matching facts, reaching lows: Cheloff, 86: Slavin, 4; Corus, Katonth. 00 volumes with facts and figures. In his message 7, 400, 000 CHILDREN to Congress, own workers from the leagues. realization and clarity rade, 50; London, or more. Mason T, Lynn, Maxs.
Nevertheless, no improvements which has just opened, Roosevelt This was accepted and the guard it was the turn now of the children under 18 are on the coun2. 00 WASHINGTON Some 7, 400, 000 At least 50 percent of these pledges New York, 00 were visible. In fact conditions admitted that despite all our was chosen from among the mem Reds to send speaker after speak will be paid by February and the Sympathizer. Phila. 200. 00 got worse. People ate less, poverty talk the New Deal has failed to bers of the Franklin County unit. er to the platform.
This the try relief rolls, says Assistant Adbalance by March All unemincreased, debts piled up and more lift the underprivileged. But in it was empowered to choose its did and answered Jingoism ministrator Aubrey Williams of the ployed members have pledged to Total 1, 191. 95 millions joined the unemployed.
the same breath he defended the own captains and leader. But le and fascism with unadorned Marx Federal Emergency Relief Admin Hoover did the best he could. profit motive. said the govern fore the election the fascists had ism and rebellion. Seldom are lines No capitalist could have done bet ment must and will quit this re been busy and when the election drawu more clearly in a situation shook the walls.
Pioneer Book Service ter. But the masses were dissat lief business and recommended came their men were chosen as short of revolutionary. And victory Che Pioneer Publishers (and Bookstore) is in a position to Istied and angry. They made the that 3, 500, 000 of the jobless be put captains and Joe Gershner, police was complete. The convention set sples and fascists were decisively The was launched. The supply you with books of all publishers. If the book you want is mistake, so tual in America, of to work on government projects spy professional strike breaker tled down to business. Delegates beaten how decisively was appar not in stock, or out of print, we will secure it for you at the lowest regarding the president as a man, which do not conflict with private and railroad detective was appoint came forward with reports on their ent at the meetings following the possible price. Make it a point to order all your books through as an abstract man withont class business at low wages.
ed the leader. He promptly armed local situations, reports full of de convention and at the second nationthe Pioneer Publishers.
aliguments and interests. They got The working masses do not yet the guard with clubs sind was him france and determination Commit al convention which showed clearly SOME RECENT IMPORTATIONS angry at Hoover and not at what realize who Roosevelt is. That he selt fitted out with a cartridge belt tees were chosen for the drafting the tremendous progress in politi.
ASPECTS OF DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM a symposium he stood for. They did not see in is a member of the capitalist class, and a huge pistol. When the dele of the constitution, the program, eat understanding and class conby Levy. Joan Maemurray, Ralph Fox, Carritt, etc.
him the spokesman for capitalism. trying to apply a capitalist remedy, sates poured into the convention, resolutions, a Declaration of Work sciousness that these workers, who THE OUTLOOK OF SCIENCE, by Worrall Then came the new Savior, is not generally known. But little each one was carefully scrutinized ers and Farmers Rights. And be Reviewed in the December issue of the New International Franklin Roosevelt only a year before waved the flag by little the idea that WE COULD by Gershner and his men, who took fore the convention closed on the and dangled the club, had made CONDITION OF THE WORKING CLASS IN 1844. by Engels.
When Roosevelt took power the HAVE PLENTY is growing. And up posts at the entrances. When next day, the victory of the Reds under the tutelage and leadership SELECTED ESSAYS, by Karl Marx.
banks were falling and the profit this is the dynamite that will blast the hysteria broke out Gerahner was doubly confirmed by the unant of the Ramuglis and On the Jewish Question; a criticism of Hegelian philosophy, etc.
system was in a bad way. Roose capitalist poverty and the whole and his Heutenant Brage led their mous adoption of a program and a Johnson, elected president and secvelt saved the banks, and looked capitalistle profit motive system guard into the convention hall.
PIONEER PUBLISHERS of resolutions as militant and retary without opposition, could about him.
102 Kast 11th Street, sky high.
The July session closed with radical as any ever adopted Bulla prepare their plan for extended or Everywhere poverty. unemploy.
the singing of the Star spangled the We the oty on every xanization.
ment, idle factories, debt and dis JOIN THE WORKERS PARTY. banner and warping to all Reds band. The singing of Solidarity (To be continued)
And the Abundant Life Is The Party Fund tomed series