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NEW MILITANT LAT DAY, JANUARY 12. 1934 PAOLA Huey Is Tammany Hall Rising From the South Cult of Leadership, Zig Zags REVIEWING And Turns Mark Policy THE NEWS. MUSTE CANNON TOUR dischetning other Henry and Cannon.
cism is the NEW MILITANT with which is merged THE MILITANT Published weekly by the Workers Party of the By BILL SHERMAN 112 East 19th St. New York City Second Installment on Life of Louisiana Kingfish Phone: Algonquin 9058 By JOSEPH ZACK latest turn after it is already in tion, Incidentally, Stalin revealed An analysis of the Comintern and effect.
the true character of his own pol. More Abundant Life Entered as second class mall matter (Continued from last Issue) program on which it is based.
Right Left Turns icy and the tremendous falsification at the Post Office at New York, its national sections would not be That how Roosevelt speaks, but complete without mentioning the Between 1923 and 1928, a period pepetrated on the International pro here is how the National Guard By DAN EASTMAN bend. One in pamphlet form, one on throwaway sheet, and one JAMES CANNON. Editor by Stalin. First it was, we had two basic changes in policy of the Third Period rushes, National Guardsmen patrol Huey career from 1928 to the other as reported in the New York HARRY HOWE, Associate Editor Stalin, secretary of Central Com First, in line with the Kuomin Naturally with such a policy ling the Richman Hosiery will, present day is a history of com World Telegram.
CARA COOK, Business Manager mittet. Then it became, our tang experiment in China and sim plicated political maneuvering. The throwaway is addressed TO Central Committee led by Comrade llar policies in India, we in this there could be no united front, not where a strikes in progress, today whereby he worked himself up the People of America. and it in Subscription Rates: In the United Stalin.
Nowe centre for some country were organizing the Fur only with other classes as before rounded up 33 persons, including from an ordinary governor to moncludes among other points, Not States 00 per year 50e six time it is, the organizations of the working class in a military detention camp.
arch of Louisiana.
less than 5, 000 free of debt to ev months. Canada and Foreign. 50 under the leadership of Comrade liance with LaFollette.
Bundle Stalin.
Huey Long is absolute dictator: ery family, and an old age pension per year: 76c six months.
This outright opportunist policy The workers were simply Invitel The walk out came when the min Dot only does he control the legis of 830 per month to persons over Rates: Two cents per copy.
The same practice has been in reduced the Communists to the to support the and this was posted a notice of a 10 percent relature, the governor, and the su sixty. etc. etc. At the end of the preme court; but also the Commis sheet Long says: introduced in SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, 1935 troduced in the other parties. In function of organers of reformist called the united front from be duction in pay. dispatch)
No. Germany it reads the cap. of parties. Lenin untiringly preached low. 11, before that the commeuist Party was hidden under the Democracy and Communist Party foner of Taxes, Alice Groß Jean Congress and supported other meaGermany under the leadership of against such policies. Communists are prepared to At the same time we echoed the bloc of classes, farmer labor partie. one time Secretary of State insures to bring about the sharing of who holds a bludgeon of taxes our wealth when dret reached a bad thing. It makes for efficiency is better to say it that way, for the theory of the of bureauboweverything was to be sub soln the Labor Party movement.
Red Unions Period Unemployment Insurance Confer Levees, Abe Shusan, who raised about six votes there. Last spring It is the ownership of capital, in been reduced to consultative cap namely. No Dual Unionian This ence in Washington, and that an 377, 000 campaign fund by an my plan polled twenty Senate the form of factories, by private acity: under Stalin regime they slogun was originated by Samuel corresponding change was af nonncement was the first informeextral legal tax on state employes. votes.
Communist the Commissioner of Docks, Seymour Weiss, who has favors for the Senate, direct quotations in more and more eficient, but at the even when the bulk of the party is bad no right to organize outside more of Gompers slogan of No Party members and supporters on The plan which he introduced to the factories become continually This runs to such extremes that of It meant that the workers tected on the trade union field, Notion given to the Dual Unfonisin. Now there was such an important change in pol steamship companies: the Commis the prese can be belle ved, provided same time, by the very concentras made for the release of comrade This opportunist polley created where. whether they had a base for the papal bull from Browder. 18 kioner of Conservation, Bob Maes capital levy on the property tion of ownership by which the tri, who bas jobs to hand out.
Long even has the power of ap percent of all over 1, 000, 000: ally less and less profitable for the matter. Stalin iden of centralism in the Communist parties. The existence or not, but they were tu there any wonder that the entire. must yers to the bar; and in many cities when it reaches fortunes of 100, arrive at the stage where the most must be subordinated, chosen by panicky, made a sudden, sharp turcal leader and endorse its program. from the door at the New York As to the lett and progressive min Zack meeting, said: We have de thing Busewer and water commissioners, etc. over that figure, which means a nation in the Since the last primary, Long has limit on the size of any one man sex ve millions unemployed the opet tied by the body having format charin and denouncing the right worities to the reformist untous, they mocracy in the cap.
captured the New Orleans muntet fortune to something like 50, 000. ate its factories at jurisdiction. Each new leadership the main danger.
those unions double quick and gº The Slums We Give Them Pal government.
400 the balance to go to the goy capacity to deprive and starve one klorifies itself through articles. While prosperity was still at fotored untons. The poor are always with us and Controls 13, 500 Jobs pictures, folders, anniversaries, etc. Its height (1928) a totally new set receive more than 5, 000 000 in a half the population, and drive the the whole system is 80 arranged of theories were promulgated with The evil fruits of the theory of the slums we give them Politicians calculate five votes lifetime without working for it, all other half to death. glvo for every job. Huey controls some over that amount to go to the govSolution in Ownership that it is exceedingly difficult to out any connection with objective Social Fascism. Red Unions them. are usually better than the 13, 500 jobs, and so he can be sure jernment to spread out among the bave any of these people ever pro conditions. The new theories rested, the United Front from Below hovels they lived in on the other of 67, 000 votes out of 300, 000 no people.
This state of affairs is not the moted out of office through pres out the conception that everyone and the rest of the Third Period alde. In many cases they are not well known. Americanized enough to know what matter which way the wind blows. An Income tax which doch result of the efficiency of our fan. sure from below, let alone removed. else except the followers of stal rumarole de In the end, however, his real not allow any one man to make dusry, but of the ownership. The Thus firm leadership is established Inism are direct or potential ene Thanks to them, when the day cleanliness means. So spoke Jo strength lles in his ability to get more than 1, 000, 000 in any one solution lies not in subdividing in in the Communist parties mies. These enemies were divided came in Germany Hitler was able seph Day, real estate magnate, the support of the masses. Huey year, the rest to go to the govern dustry and going back from the Naturally, such a leadership, freed into categories such as Social Fas to shove aside the best organized before the National Housing Con Long has actually accomplished re ment for its work among the Steel corporation to the black from any control by the party cists. or Left Social Puscists. working class and the strongest rerence, and in RO speaking, he forms, by piling up a tremendous people.
smith shop, but in taking the own masses, are at liberty to change the The panic found its most profound Cominunist Party in any capitalist voiced the real opinion of his class debt which will ultimately have to Another Plan to Save Capitalism and giving it to the workers.
ership away from the Steel polley at will without consulting expression however in the excom country. Defeats and solution ev. The fear of the dirty poor keep be paid by the workers.
The fulcrum of Long political passed, and it by some miracle it plates the subdivision of capital by party membership learns about the lutionists If Hey bill were actually Huey Long program contem from one extreme to another. The of the Comintern as counter Tero Period of left adventurism in every action taken by the power lever is the state bighway system, were enforced, and the government limiting fortunes to some reason In this characterza de Comiutern. new prescrip that be to meet the unemployment He has built hundreds of miles of started to divide up, for instance, able Agure such as 50, 000, 000. It tion was needed. It came, eventucrisis shows that they consider the nne concrete, bringing tourists and the Ford works among the peo should be clear that fortunes are aliy. in full force. Without any working class to be dishonest, discussion of the past errors, to lasy, incompetent, dirty, and drunk recognition of ards. Beef that is not considered side. His highway system, however, the works to Ford, the result would Ford could never get all his wealth Is a patchwork. Only the Parishes, be an indescribable confusion. Et in cash, for there isn that much them, a new swing to the Right good enough for the animals in the Buffalo, January 13 14 Muste Cannon.
now under way.
Zoo is canned and fed to the unemor counties, that vote for Long get roads; so that one may travel ffty together by the people, the work Ford fortune consists in the ownther the Ford works are owned al currency in the country.
Davenport, la. Jan. 28 29 Muste Youngstown, Jan. 15 Cannon. St. Louis, Mo. Jan, 30 31 Muste No more is heard of Social Fasployed. Made work is prescribed miles of one concrete to cross in aers, or they are owned together by ership of factories, mines, offices, for them. Suoopers are sent inte Newenstle, Pa. Jan. 15 Muste. St. Louis, Mo. Jan. 31 Cannon, This theory is sunk with their homes to make sure that they moment into a mire of ruta, an Ford. Any intermediate stage is etc. Thus when Huey Long speaks Cleveland. Jan. 16 Muste and are not getting drunk on the mis Illinois Mine Felds: Staunton, out a trace. The contitet with so anti long county.
Gillesple, Springfield, etc. Feb. 23 cal Democracy is now softene! erable dole. man whose Ances of dividing up the wealth of the Cannon.
Rich Get Richer Toledo, Jan. 17 Muste, Cannon. Muste and Cannon.
down to a dispute with castors may have come over with Huey Long may be clever enough His reformes are attractive not be passed for the bankers, on country be only clowning.
Detroit, Jan. 17 Muste, Cannon.
Colombus, Ohio, Feb. 5 Muste brothers and proposals are mado George Washington father is look make a fine show, and satisfy whom Huey depends even at this to know that his plan is nonsense.
Chicago. Jan. 19 20 Muste, and Cannon, to end the dispute altogether. The ed on as an alten If unemployed.
some of the smaller needs of the early stage of his career, would certainly he knows how to appeal Cannon.
Charleston, Va. Feb. first step in the Joseph Day merely expresses the Toters. But the rich are still ernment to spread out in its work to his voters. Huey program reWaukegan, Ili. Jan. 22Cannon Muste and Cannon.
signing or proposals sign unchanging attitude of a parasite Mch and the poor get poorer in among the people.
flects the emotional, unreasoned, Madison, Wis. Jan, 22 Muste. Pittsburgh Feb. 8 Muste and non aggression paets Louisiana, no matter how Huey An Inheritance tax which desire of the small bourgeoisie, the Minneapolis, Jan. 23 24 25 Can Cannon these pacts the two parties. ruling class to those who do the my tak does not allow any one person to owners of little, inefficient factor non.
Pittsburgh. Feb. 8 Muste and and agree not to criticize so called dirty work Huey knows that he can go on never allow such a measure to go ics, the owners of small stores, the St. Paul. Jan. 23 24 25 26 27 Cannon each other inside or outside party Pastors, Preachers, Messiaha and forever in his home state. His re through.
Crooks New York City. Feb. 10. Muste meetings (France. forms, small as they are, have been owners, in effect of blacksmith Muste.
What Huey Doesn know Kansas City, Jan. 26. 27 28 29 30 and Cannon.
shops, the desire to go back. The On the trade union feld there are The Reverend Ethelbert Brown, accomplished at an expense which the development of capital is desire, not to turn the great potento be no more Red unions. More, Pastor of the Herbert Harrison 1625 mohet personaliteit van de betrecentes e or toward to and there are to be no new unions gen Memorial Church, New York City.
This concentration of use of the workers, but the desire erally. Stacbel, trade union expert in sermon last Sunday denounced Louisiana was 11, 000, 000. In 1934, of the now declares that we religious crooks who call them capital, the construction of larger to destroy the Steel corporaafter six years of Huey Long. It and larger enterprises under the tion, so that the workers may be never believed in dual unionism Belves Menslabs and who sell was 140, 000, 000, 41 percent as control of fewer and fewer men, is exploited by outdated blacksmith (November issue of Communist. Continued from Page 1)
charms to cure Alloeus in Harlem large as the debt of New York, the necessary in order that profits may shope once more.
tiat broke, New York City base This new swing to the right is only This attack, which apparently was Mahest and most populous state in be kept up and competition both PWA for the last eighteen months deficit of 4, 000, 000. Chicago 125. in its inception. Resistance to it directed against one of Earl Brow. To be concluded in next issue) only 148, 000, 000 has gone for 240, 000, Philadelphia 9, 000, 000, inside and outside the Soviet Under favorite united frontera. the union foreign and domestic be overcome.
Huey and the Banks housing, out of which only a few All these cities have cut the salton has retarded its rate of devel. dangerous thing for preacher Huey will soon reach a critical The concentration of capital, which FOLLOW THE NEWS IN THE inillions have been used. Almost NEW MILITANT.
point in his career. He must have leads to monopoly, is not in itselt three times the amount went to the last year. Some have restored the opment, but the swing to opportun to start. Beginning with an attack God ism is well under way. If Brandler on the rank and file wbero army and navy to build its machine cuts but most of thein bave not. and Lovestone have not yet re such a fight against religious money to go on with his popular of destruction.
from the poor voters who elect him. INTERNATIONAL WORKERS SCHOOL Now that we have seen what will duced sales taxes. Now consider more because of serious differences and respectable organization, the There is only one source largo happen to three and one half mil situation of the smaller cities, of policy but out of the difficulties boly Catholic Church, sets quite enough for the sort of campaign Hon of the unemployed what about towns and counties if such a deor fnce saving on both sides NEW YORK CITY. The third oretical understanding of the prob the other 1, 600, 000. These, Roose plorable situation prevalls in the of selling Huey conducts, that is the banks week of February will mark the lems of the class struggle can the velt calls unemployables Why the Zig Zapat through Purgatory, and where is the preacher who is not ready to Islans, or in Long national cam. Ne york bestfrist se orienter of the workers conduct intelligent and he arrived at this ligure is not dis. After a short burst of enthusiasm Thus we have seen three basic raise his paws to Heaven in Dalgo, it can only be by virtue of New York District Workers Party victorious action Courses includ closed but it looks very suspicious. the local agencies will turn their changes in policy back and forth prayer for the alling for a price?
behind the scenes agreement be school, to be called the Intermtion are: It Is more than one fourth at the back on these 5, 000, 000 men, women within ten years. Did these swings When religious crooks are to be tween Huey and the very big but for its organization will be com Marxian Economics, History of Final plans Werkers Party fundamentals, total under consideration, which and children and claim that they have anything to do with the ob attacked, all dope peddlers from nese he lays.
pleted in the next few days.
means that in the eventuality that are financially unable to assist Sective situation? Not at all! They Holy Jumpers to the Vicar of Huey and the Government the Ameriean Labor Movement, Roosevelt has underestimated the them. Furniture of evicted familles were the results of defeat after de Christ should remember the old The most pressing of Long oped to the school arrangements.
Enthusiastie response is expect Trade Union Strategy and Tac number of unemployed and he will clutter the streets. The mile feat.
pouents is the federal government. Overflow audiences at recent mase tles, History of the Three Inter certainly bas this one fourth will long bread llwe will return. Roose year we had to undo the next year. houses What we strove to do one saying about those who live in glas Through rellet agencies, through meetings and open forums of the mationals, History and Problems be turned over to local reliet.
velttowns instead of Hoovervilles Did those policies have anything to the PWA, through the FERA, Workers Party clearly indicate the tion there will be locture courses of the Youth Movement. In aldi And how will the cities carry on will become standing Institutions. do with Marxism or Leninism? Tree Workers in Auto Paradise through all the federal activities great interest in the program and this relief when most of them are into this breach Roosevelt will step Nothing whatever! Winctly the The statement issued by Alfred on cultural problems and through his own personal ef contrary, as Trotsky shows with Sloan, president of General Motors, part many Jobs in Louisiana, and these Both new and old members in the 1s to be organized. This will con. Draft of AFSW No forts and the nfuence of the office crystal clearness in his numerous in which he attacked the tyranny oba, at the rate of five votes to the district organization have made re will be taken care of. dia stronger at each turn? Just the of free workers was further 11Purther, the government can withsts for the early commencement erature of the social sciences, as Good, Giordano Says the identical thing. He made radio contrary. The desire to overthrow luminated by the testimony given hold PWA funds, as it is threaten. To satisfy these needs and de ers of the New Militant are invited well as current periodicals. Read before the Jolot Commission on Ing. and thus bring Long to his sires, list of competent instrue to contribute suitable books or vision in the draft which specifles Result: starvation and suffering ever before, but Communism as AD Auto Industry. Continued from Page 1)
destitute. Then the hat was passed. ers is undoubtedly stronger than Stabilization Employment in the knees.
This Commission At present the government is entors and lecturers has been compainphlets: Joseph Carter, Admin that representation to the District, everywhere.
organized force was never Ns shat got an earful on just what Sonn Enged in an investigation of the piled. They are being assigned to strator.
International Workers Convention be one to each 500 After laying out this black to tered as now. freedom and high wages menn Incomes of Long followers. Sevakleh set those courses in school. 113 Eust 19th Street, Room members. and no less than two morrow Roosevelt turns to God eral of his right hand men bave alStalinism has not only disorgan. Ito auto workers. One witnesa asta The policy of the school will be delegates from each branch. The In the face of these spiritual im. ized the international movement of the workers were so speeded up ready been caught in the net; inaim of this clause is all the more pulses, he prays in conclusion, we deed so close a companion as Abe to concentrate on the more elementhe workers vanguard. It has also that it was next to imposable to get tary subjects to educate the millBOOKS! BOOKS!
Shusan, the Commissioner of Lev BOOKS! evident since representation to our are sensible of the Divine Proviweakened and undermined the possway even for a few moments for ces, is being investigated for the tant workers and train them for For List Write to ition of the Soviet Union. The byelenlc purposes. Atinsmith tee 877. 000 be falsed for Long poll more effective participation in the PIONEER BOOKSHOP of one to 200. The only proper and is always, for guldance and foster task or the international proletae tided for workers who know they class struggle. Only by sound the democratic basis of representation ing care.
102 Erst 11th St.
Heal campaigns.
Yes! Roosevelt may turn to God rint now is to reorganize its ranks would be fred if they appeared to Huey Program delegate to each one hundred mem tor consolation after damning the and thereby Tateo, provide the he tribute to the freedom of workers prepare for revolutionary struggles testity. That in itself is a touching Before we try to predict anything bers.
of Long future, let us look at the Memorial Meeting Limits Democratic Rights er will have to take care of himsele. essary defense the only real de not under union domination. Men fense of the Soviet Union. In orworking under bonus systems, 10 The draft also makes inadequate der to accomplish this historic task complicated that they never knew provisions for trials and for nomin.
Bill White Dead KARL LIEBKNECHT Sacramento Case the vanguard of the International what they were supposed to get ations to offee. It would leave proletariat must free itself from and had no way of checking up trials entirely to the Branch Exthe blighting Influence of Stalin wakes so low that workers were ROSA LUXEMBURG ecutive Boards and to the Joint (Continued from Parte 1) Ism. The Worloers Party and the better off under relle guards to William White, a member of Board; and gives nominating com of Norman Mini case.
movement for the Fourth Interna prevent workers from speaking to each other on the bridge enterlag the Lovestone group. mittees the final say on nomina At this conference the prisoners tional are lending the way to the and a fighter in the trades union WORKERS, HONOR THE MEMORY OF OUR HEROES DEAD tions. Both of these provisions lim unanimously adopted resolution revival of the revolutionary move into the Ford plant these are a and political movement since 1889 PLEDGE SOLIDARITY WITH THE GERMAN MASSES it the democratic rights of the calling on all workers and sympa ment on the basis of Mari and few of the benets enjoyed by free workers in the auto paradise of dled in New York, Jan. He had members, who are entitled to be thetie organizations to send dele Lenin.
Detroit, where there is no union been alling for some months but SPEAKERS: guaranteed the right of trial by united action for the defense of the domination. carried on an afleld organizer in jury, and the right of nominating gates to a conference to establish Fort Wayne, Ind. and Ohio. few ARNE SWABECK REVA CRAINE by petition is prisoners and the repeal of the OPEN FORUM weeks ago he returned to New York, of the Workers Party Nat Educational Dir. The proposed draft makes no Criminal Syndicalism Law. The Chicago Mass Meeting Comrade White was born in provisions for special conventions prisoners empha WEST SIDE BRANCH Pennsylvan in 1871, of Irlah parNATHAN GOULD Such a provision is essential Spe. to see a serious, militant, broad Speakers: entage. At an early age he went They cial conventions should be held movement on their behall.
Speakers: National Secretary to work in the steel mills, Joining upon the request of any one De included in the resolution a general HUGO OEHLEB end AJ. Muste Cannon the and the Amalgamated partment of the organization. appeal for ball funds.
Association of Steel Workers at the SUNDAY, JANUARY 13, P.
ALFRED TERBY Finally, and by no means least On behalf of the Non Partisan THE WORKERS PARTY, ITS age of 18. From then on to his IRVING PLAZA HALL important, is the fact that the pro Labor Defense all contributions for Can Roosevelt Givo the Workers death, Bill was engaged in every posed draft takes a step backward ball or Incidental expenses should Irving Place 16th Street PROGRAM AND AIMS Security political or Industrial struggle that SUNDAY, JAN. 20 in respect to the industrial as be sent at once to James Rorty, took place in the steel town of Ausplos: Workers Party District and Spartacus Youth League P.
against the craft form of organis 200 Washington St. San Francie FRIDAY, JAN. 18, P.
Pennsylvania and Oblo.
co, California Manic Hall, Ard Ab Are 159 North State Street Deals With Relief thel