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FROM THE FIRING LINE National Progressive Movement In Trade Union Is Party Task Judge Wins convention free wekes proclamatikere smiths New England de Unemployed workera bere have League Pickets 13 Townships pressure Support Dutch Shultz Gang? The Party at Work PAGE NEW MILITANT SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 1935 District of the Ohio Unemployed League. Ralph Kille, president of the Wood County Unemployed League, acted as chairman.
LEAGUE STRIKE FIRST striker was broken and several ONE IN MONROE COUNTY sticles bud to be taken in the head Stalinists On By ARNE SWABECK course, the essential issue is still slons and requires a fight ou two of another.
MONROE, Micb. The first strike Trade Union Secretary of counsel, union recognition; but the prospects fronts. It requires an intransigeant Picket Trial pointed out that he complaints bad Firing. Line whether story of Monroe County Detiuite trends in a progressive that Tighe will agree to reconvene fight against the reactionary offlwas pulled carly Monday morning, direction are apparent in a number the are exceedingly cials who block the road and a deALLENTOWN, PA. Jan. 14. since nobody except the police were lokasi, notorious anti labor fudge, anuosed by these remarks they print this as an item from the wir County Unemployed league threw mase production NEW YORK. Will you please 101 of the newly organized Monrue the vuions in the basic and in the sroup understands this and it has stacles to Srganization laia. down industries. In therefore called its own progres by the well fortified employers. But upheld the police court conviction could not be considered to conting Line.
mass picket lines around two work practically every instance detersive conference to be held during it is necessary to repeat: The left of tour of the six workers arrested Lute disorderly conduct. We must uphold respect for our aying start in its Aght on cupital closed down The Communist Party made a relier projects in Erie Township and mined support from the rank and the first week of February. Reports wing and progressive forces will not on Oct. 20 at the strike of the Freezer Shirt Co. when the Amal police force, sad Judge lobet, an in Harlem last Thursday, Jan. From its very beginning the strike courly But so far it jobs 100 percent. ble membership has followed spon indicate that the progressives feel get very far without a clear underpossible that now is the time for action in standing that they are called upon gamated Clothing Workers and the otherwise all government ingtitu 10.
Unemployed Langue joined forces clous might as well disband.
Two befty members of that was marked by splendid miltancy, to speak only of trends, here and view of the present upturn in the to lead and that conditions are ripe in mass picket lines to defy Mayor party attacked aud beat up Gon Women well. men marching there taking on an organized form. industry due largely to the heavy for such a leadership. Now is the on the line uod forcing the few The specific features that will give orders from the automobile manu time for action. The progressive zoliz who was passing out caleta seals to lay down the tools. One to these trends the character of a tacturers.
forces owe to the trade union move picket lines to ten strikers.
for a meeting on War and the woman was injured while trying to movement are still lacking. Unitled Auto Workers revent that they organize themselves Cases against Frank Kirsh and Munitions Racket.
From the automobile workers and work on their plans in com Bill Keich were dropped as the Welcomes NUL Gotzoliz was standing near Fifth take a shovel away from a scab. plans and clear perspectives have At two meetings held the prev not yet been brought forward. It federal unions, which have suffered mon. Their movement may start charges against then exceeding Avenue and 115ch Street passing ious night, which were addressed sin view of these conditions that a serious setback since the sell out on a local or otherwise circumthe number of pickets and or.
out the bandbills on an anti war by Ted Selander and Art Preis, the Workers Party convention in agreement was concluded last sum seribert cale, but in really of ganizing on the street were NEW HAVEN, CONN. The Na meeting to be held the following members of the Workers Party, the its Program of Action laid special mer, comes word also of incipient fective it must be national in scope clared ilegal when the similar case ional Unemployed League, making vening at 143 103rd Street, wurevolts. Recently a number of De und unified in character, interlockof Larry Heimbach was appeared its first appearance as a national Jer the auspices of the Harlem Dew League members voled ing from industry to industry and to a higher court by the American Mrganization in New Hugland, re wranch of the new Workers Party percent to close down the Jols, in tional progressive movement in the croit federal locals decided In face of an edit by William Green to from union to union.
a demand for a 20 percent increase rade unions.
eived an anmediate and bearvy re when the two men approached him in wages and the firing of Ray The other Civil Liverties Union.
Progressives In Steel the contrary, to get together in a The problem belore them is first ception from unemployed and em from the rear and knocked him men were charged with disorderly In the steel workers union the conference and discuss their prob of all to chart a new course for conduct cud had been assessed uyed workers.
down. The meu run and disap Gonyer, foreman on the Yeller ames of 50 by the po. ice court.
The first mass meeting of the peared in the Astowa Workers Cul Drain Project, who has appeared progressive group which came for lems of organization. In other cit. the trade union movement and to The case or John Belsel, Work New Haven Unemployed League near by, where the communist will Jobs one secolecccasions ware last summer is now renewing is meer local untons have begun wird up their lolns for a serious to make demands for the creation struggle. militant class struggle ers Party member, came up first was addressed by Anthony kamus Party was holding a meeting.
riched by one more valuable exper of city central councils of federal policy and leadership in the trade ul, resident of the and After bearing the evidence the Freight car loading the first ience. The group is demanding unions. Thus the direction of these union movement is the objective.
warren Montrous, organizer.
Judge asked quarter of 1936 will amount to just that the union president, Mike trends is unmistakable. They tend This the workers Party will aim Are you the Beisel that makes bad sad experience with the Unemabout the four and a half million Tighe, reconvene the convention in a progressive direction although to sponsor. The party will endea trouble at evictions ployed Council in various faisecars loaded the first quarter of adjourned last summer to force action. com very clementary level. vor to reach an agreement with was formerly chairman of the acestirst as the Uuemployed 1934, according to rullroad author tion on a number the progressive elements to attain ities.
dating back to the Weirtou case. been arrived at. But this is usual the elementary objectives, agreeLebigh County Unemployed League Council, then as the Unemployment ly the way that progressive movements honestly arrived at and with Eviction Committee. explained Council and now as the Unemployed BOWLING GREEN, Obio Flyments begin, centering at their in the pledge to carry them out in Be. sel.
ception around the most elementary common action. Some of the proVerdict upheld, ordered the Interest outside the ranks of the country and eas formed be the Wood Does Industrial Food Union Lesues of organization. With the grewives may falter and weaken unemployed has been quickened by Thursday morning. January 10, of economic necessity in fear of reprisals by the hostile The verdicts against James Muche entrance of the Leagues into struck every relier project in Wood chese trends are bound to advance trade union officials, but this fear thard of the Unemployed League ew Haven. Students in economics County, Onto. Hundreds of relief toward a greater clarity of objec wil be far outweighed by the needs and Joe Munick and Frank Bewus at Yale University and a joint meet workers, members of the Ohio Untives and take on organized forin. for the building of the progressive of the Amagamated Clothing Work ug of all clusses in the New Haven employed League, manned mass By JOSEPH ZACK about is getting an from the They are bound to spread because movement and the pressing needs ers were also uplield but the tice xbor Co. lege heard Montross ex picket lines in thirteen townships The situation that prevalla inside cop; hat is, irom Browder or stach of the fact that everywhere the for action. Today there is not such were reduced from 30 to 10.
Poice charged the defendants and appeal for support by the or dollars a week minimum wage on the unions it controle. The workers Then the decision becomes a parts of the conditions of stagnation implain the purposes of the League or the county, in a demand for 15 the communist party is redected in for Krumbein, Joxes distriert problem exists of inding a way out a national movement in existence with calling them rum bounds. suized employed in two meetings relict jobs, in the first drive aguinst believe that the party fraction in law. The trusted ones in the party and its actual creation represents Dat feet ud other abusive names. weld on January Trade union be new national forced labor pro the unions discusses their prob raction may be taken into ased by the trade union bureau for us an unpostponable task.
the crats.
At the police court hearing, wit support was speeded when a repre gram which is aimed at placlug the lems and then brings recommenda eeders confidence.
Period of Calm Desses testified thut a cop who was se alive of the Rubber Workers unemployed to work for the equiva tions to them for approval. The policy as a whole is then put At present the whole trade union obviously drunk star. ed the fracas Federal Union in Akron told New ent or less of the present direct In reality that is not what hap into effect from on top, often with movement is in a state or calm be. WHAT TO ATTEND by deliberately insulting pickets veu trade unionists of the unity relief allowance.
pens. The leader of the party frac uut previous approval by the mem. Lore the storm of new strikes and and clubbing them when they proof employed and unemployed Using the county house at Bowl tion luys down the law, then there wership of the union. Even the new struggles. Last year in some tested. The wrist of a 17 year old achieved in Ohio.
ing Green as general strike head is more or less lattitude in discus traction as a whole does not all of the local strike situations, not (The New Militant will be glad quarters, over 1, 000 relief workerssion less in the need. e trades and ways have any part in this farce. only did the progressive tendencies to publish all notices of lectures, Lrom all over the county met more in the foodworkers unions. The loader in the union may even become pronounced, but in Minnea mass meetings or social events if Thursday evening to lay the piang Authority to decide policy is thus put a few things over on the party, polis, as one example, the truck they are sent in by branches and for the continuance of the strike so concentrated that what results his has o teu happened in the drivers strike saw a conscious left district offices, sufic ently in ad.
and to arrange for musu demon is a one man union. Those who ob pedle trade upton. This all kinds wins in the leadership. Toledo vance to reach the editorial depart.
strations at the county relief otlices Ject are either tamed or eventu of bootlegging of policy are pos ollowed this example and on the ment not later than Tuesday morn.
sible uuder such a system.
o secure relief for the strikers. ally eliminated Pacific Coast the left wing forces Ing. BOSTON BRANCH TAKES LEAD to be discussed will be The Mes he meeting was addressed by Sam The only thing that Rubin, Gold, Kuowing this, was not sur had a powerful influence in the New York City IN GETTING NEW MEMBERS cafeteria barbor workers unions prior to the age of the Workers Party. a re Pollock, vice president of the Polasch, etc. really have to worry prised when a group Jan. 23, Wed. evening Lenin cort from the delegates to the Na workers came to me the other day San Francisco general strke. Memorial meeting, Irving Plaza.
Reports from branches indicate tonal Unity Couvention and an ad with some very interesting inform Yet the reactionary trade union Feb. 7, Thurs. evening Theatre that point one on the party couveus tress on The Only Way Out.
ation. With the whole swing to the officials appear on a whole as Party, Sailors of Cattaro. Chairtion Program of Action to double Evening classes are now under right in the party policy, it does strongly entrenched as ever. That man: Frances Drake the membership in the next six way at the Los Angeles headquarnot surprise me that there should is what appears on the surface.
Gillespie, months will be more than fulblled. ers, 1785 East ist Street. They Feb. 1, Friday, 7:30 SocialBoston In Lead include classes on Working Class trades class collaboration politics to the undercurrents of rank and ist Party Hall, Main Street. The The Boston branch appears to be conomics given ou Thursday eve.
once more in antons led by the Ale discontent that breaks through Workers Party. Speakers: in the lead. It is already very wings at P. by Everett, and What has happened to the submous percentage of the total pay. Nor is it surprising that now, as from time to time it will become Muste and Cannon. Chairman. close witbin the actual doubling of At P. on the sume evening a way workers who two years ago roll, due to the fact that they aver. then, the members should not know noticeable very quickly that the James Cross.
its membership. The branch has las on Imperialism. America iu took 10 percent waxe cut with age of the regular subway Inasmuch as it is our policy to fact will undoubtedly become much tive to ten times the yearly what is going on.
entrenchment is not so secure. This Torey (Christian Co. II.
worked out a program of publiche World Arena.
out a squawk!
carnings Feb. 2, Saturday, P. School meetings under party auspices and The company Brotherhood has worker.
How could the company Dension build up the Foodworkers Indus clearer in the coming contests be House. The Workers Party.
it is making arrangements also for DISTRICT COMMITTEE STARTS urned out to be not so hot, after trial Union as a genuine class tween progressives and reactionar Speakers: Muste and speakers to appear at workers TRADE UNION CAMPAIGN all!
of these men, and pay them any struggle union of the workers, we ies over the immediate and pressing Cannon. Chairman: Mayer.
groups and student group meetings considerable percentage of their will give its leadership a chance to issues of extension of union organ Springfield, III.
On January 25 Comrade Sbachtman The men on the subways of New regular salary without it costing answer a few questions before we ization and of union recognition to Feb. 3, Sunday, P. CarpenNEW YORK. The New York will speak at a Lenin memorial District Committee has undertaken York City are now engaged in or an enormous sum of money? tell some of the facts in the next be attained through the organized ter Hall, oth Monroe Sts. The mee. ing. Sidney Hook is tentative campaign to organize the trade sanizing a union of their own, an The answer was simple: Make issue of the New Militant: mass power of the workers the workers Party. Speakers: What is the role of the Indus only way it can be attained.
ly schedu. ed to speak before a station work of the Party in the independent union which will take the younger men pay for it.
Muste and Cannon.
dent group on February with the ChalAnd after eighteen months of district. The first step in this di in all wbo are employed in passenFears of the Officialdom man: Gerry Allard.
expectation to remain in Bostonnection will be taken at a general ter transportation in the entire discussion, the arguments boiled trial Union in building up the new Metropolitan bosses association Under the conditions of monopoly Feb. 3, Sunday, 10 all day.
and to address a general public membership meeting to be held city, down to something like this: jointly with the Dutch Shultz gang meeting the following Sunday.
From 1005 the subway men have Sunday, January 20, at P. at Murray, the receiver, speaking: organized in the basic industries is Philadelphia of the of In the middle west the Minnea the Irving Plaza Hall. At this tried many times to better working But won the men see through it which controls Locals 16 and 302 capitalism organization of the Left Wing Conference.
Jan. 20, Sunday, P. Grand poss! ble only through flerce strugpolis branch is again in the lead. moeling the trade union policies of conditions and get more pay. Wou they refuse to pay? Is the Industrial Union supWe have not yet a full report of the Party and the concrete tasks Sometimes it was through com. Keegan, the President: The men the uumber of new members ad before the New York district wil Dany unions, sometinses through will see through it, but they wil porting the Dutch Shultz ganesle against the owners of the powraternity Building, 1026 Arch St.
mitted since our party convention, be the subject for discussion. Only the of L, and at other timesuot refuse to pay into the Pension which engineered the organization erful corporations and their gov. Why Joined the Workers Waukegan, through but perustul of reports on hand members of the Party can attend several times they went out on them it is voluntary, and they know soclation?
no organization whatever. Pund. Why? Because we will tell of the Aletropolitan in order to rent servants. In some instanc Party. Speaker: Joseph Zack have already proven that they will Jan. 22nd, Tuesday, P. Coshow several new applicants de lils meeting cepled at each branch meeting. At Can the Industrial explain respond most readily and that they operative Clubhouse, 523 Helmholtz Ave The Program of the Workmeeting on January 3, seven ap This meeting is to be followed. Hou or leadership. They were sold old reliable Brotherhood delegates how this kind of unity advances do not at all for the struggle. according to the decision of the out by their leaders, Cochrane of there is opposition among the the cause of unionism and what the same time the trade union others Party of the Speaker: pllations were received. aldom has demonstrated just as James Cannon.
Minneapolis new beadquarters and then to bring week end conference of all the threw three or four hundred motor the road and they ll put it over.
The branch is about to move into District Industrial Committee, by a the company wnion, whomon we will send the delegates over specifically, are the benefits the clearly its fear of any heavy influx workers derive from it?
into the unions of the healthy proJan. 23, Wednesday night, Pyth.
forward more effectively its pro arty members who are members wen on the street to look for other Putting It Over How is it that the Sherman letarian eements much more than inn Hall. Program of the Workers gram of public meeting of trade unions, and also close Jobs, and by Shea of the Amalgaand educatloual activities. It started off Party sympathizers.
mated, who collected the dues and that may out with difereat results cafeteras and others coming with it fears the aggressive onslaughts Party of the Speakers: in this unity arrangement can of the empoyers. It shrinks from Muste and Cannon.
with a meeting addressed by ComThis conference will be held the disappeared.
from those expected by Murray Jan. 26, Saturday night, Pythian rade Norris on the subject Why following week, that is, Saturday Company Brotherhood and Keegan. In the rst place. nire and fre workers at will, dis organization of the unorganized in pose of mittants indivdually and rear of the consequences of the Hall Banquet. left the Socialist Party and joined ternoon, January 26 and Sunday Subway workers are forced to be many of the men were signed up retain scale at the same time? struggle. The trade union official Jan. 27, Sunday Minneapolis and the Workers Party.
be 27. Sympathizers who wish to long to company unious. On the without knowing what it was all What is the actul agreement bedom knows that rapid growth and St. Paul Open Forums Active In Strike attend this conference are to apply this union is called the about, especially in the track dept.
Boston Most important, however, are the 100 District ofice for permission. Brotherhood of luterborough Rap This caused plenty of trouble later: tween these bosses and the union? expansion of the unions also means Jan. 25, P. Byron Hall, practical activities in the class the problems of the various trades id Transit Co. Employees. This in other places, many were told by Workers Party struggle, a theld in whcth the Min which our Party members are organization vever did anything for their supervisors or foremen that front agreement between the In. composition and character, leaving Byron st. The neapolis comrades have already at nvolved will be discussed and con the men as a whole, but the dele. they had to sign or get out: this dustrial and of locals 302 room for demands for action and Facesita Tasks. Speaker: Max Shachtman.
tained a splendid record. All branch wrete policies elaborated.
sates take up ludividual grievances happened in the turnstile dept. and 16, and how is it that the rank demands for leadership: leaving St. Louis meinbers were assigned duties in if a man is punished by suspension, Skunk DeWyrall told the men and file of none of these three or room for rank and file rebellions.
Counting on this officialdom to Jan. 31, Thursday evening. P.
the present garage workers strike.
the delegate of his local may try LOS ANGELES working in his department that anizations know about or are give leadership in the organization M, Hibernian Hall, 3619 Finney Once again the labor movement of to get the time cut down. Or if a hey must sign the pension or get represented in it?
of the unorganized would be hope Ave. The Message of the workers be city is animated by a strike Finally, we ask what do Gold, man is fred, he may get back to ined on the spot. These are among Party Its Program and Purpose.
muilliantly conducted and bitterly work in two or three weeks, or get the most miserably paid men on the Potaseh, Rose Wortis. Mahlors and less. Nay more, it would be ww. Speakers: Cannon and fought by the Citizens Alliance translerred to a different depart wbole road, and the worst treated. others who are with Rubin on the conceivable that the trade union Once again our Minneapolis com can be undertaken seriously with Kansas City, Mo.
rades are actively engaged, doing The Launching of the Workers to put over anything and new Even so, seven of them refused to Trade Union Vuity Council think organization of the basic industries Muste this gentry in a position to block Jan. 20, Tuesday evening. Work ther part in the leadership of the Party of the United States it is done through the same dele forced to. Obe refused to the last, every move and to enter into treachers Library The Workers Party strike and taking their posts on the The first move towards revolution gates.
and was fired.
crous agreements with the owners of the Its Program and Purpicket line.
try working class unity in 13 years, One afternoon, in December 1932, When the period of voluntary Arrest Union Local bringing new hope and inspiration the men were going to their locker signing was over, one foreman bad of monopoly capital of the kind pose. Speakers: Muste and BRANCH INCREASES 30 to the workers everywhere. rooms to wash up after work. They gone to the hospital with a posIn Labor Frame Up that makes an aggressive policy of James Cannon.
organization impossible. Certainly.
Los Angeles, Cal.
PERCENT AT EACH MEETING Speakers: saw in the evening papers tbe an ble skull fracture. and it had un oss there is an effective counterFeb. 1, Friday evening. P. nouncement that they had volun become necessary for a couple of (Special to New Militant)
LOS ANGELES. Enthusiasm is DAVE HARRIS SAM MEYERS tarily voted themselves a 10 percent delegates to bring their dental DETROIT, Mleh. In one of the balance created, an effective pro Walker Auditorium, 730 Grand running high in the recently fused CHARLES CURTISS cut in wages. 2, 750, 000 annually) work up to date, and a couple of rawest frame ups the labor move sressive movement, real prospects Ave. The Message of the Workers of success would be very sl Party. Speakers: Sam Meyers, branches of the Workers Party of and that the IR. Company Brotherhood officials fell down a ment of this city has seen in Charles Curtiss and Dave Harris of The Job Before the Progressives the with an approximate in FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, P. thanked them heartily. They had stairway. In all there were two many years the Prosecuting At This is the job for the progres the National Unemployed League.
crease in membership of 80 per cent Walker Auditorium not heard anything about the cut. thousand men who refused to sign torney office has charged Meyer sive and left wing elements to occurring at every meeting. new 730 Grand Ave.
It was the trusty delegates who the Pension. Most of these were We ner, member of Jewish Bakers tackle. It is a job of large dimen WEEKLY FRIDAY NIGHT FOR branch, to be known as the southbad done the dirty work. sticking together in small groups Union Local 78, with the murder of UMS OF NEW YORK BRANCHES side Branch, is in process of formAnother Example of ten to twenty or thirty, making it Harry Haftka, son of Joseph Haft rants have been issued reveals the PROMPTLY AT 8:30 ation in the Goodyear section of Another example was the famous, a little more difficult for the boss KR, operator of a Jewish bakery at charges as a frame up. The labor Branch No. 144 Second Ave.
the city. Payments on the Party or rather infamous Pension Plan of to fire them.
4282 Joy Road, against whom the movement here regards them as a Branch No. Grand Palace, 90 Foundation Fund are coming to Should Communists Build July 1934.
What had happened to the men union has been conducting a strike blow at unionism itself, major Clinton Street.
promptly from friends and sympaIt seems that there were and stm who two years before had taken for several months. Harry Haftka Lasue in this city today.
Branch No. 112 10th Street.
thizers of the as well as from Labor Party? are several hundred old employek 10 percent eut in pay without a was shot to death near his home on At first, when the entire local Branch No. Harlem, 148 East members.
and company officials wbo are getthe night of December 13, 1934. was arrested, the members were 103rd St.
Plan Mass Meeting Speaker: ting from 4, 000 to 50, 000 and Next week shall tell why this In addition to Welner, seventeen held on the warrant charging them Branch No. Bronx Branch huge mass meeting is being MAX SHACHTMAN spirit of rebellion is spreading other union men, practically the with obstructing business. Three even 60, 000 per year each, and Branch No. 61776 Pitkin Ave.
for Friday evening, Feb.
planned for they were old enough, or almost among the subway workers. Two entire membership of the local, weeks later Weiner specifically Brooklyn.
at Walker Auditorium. There SUNDAY, JANUARY 27th, P. old enough to be retired on a pen years ago perhaps the most cowed have been arrested. Four of those charged with the murder on the be Branch No. 1281 40th Street, will be several speakers including Irving Plaza sion. These few hundred men, algroup of workers in New York arrested reported to the court that lated testimony of Joseph Haftka, Brooklyn. Jan. 26, McKinney Sam Meyers, Charley Curtis, and 15th St. Irving Place though forming a very small per City, the subway workers are they were severely beatn by the father of the slain youth, who has on The Unemployed Movement Dave Harris of the National Unem.
centage of the total number of em fast becoming ready for organi police.
suddenly kentided Walner u tho On Feb. Dick Edinger om Room played League. Among the subjects plow (14540) take up a mor the The manner in which the variardener ovelt Program Subway Men In Revolt Against Co. Brotherhood on soovides olie bene corte Mass Meeting squawk?