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SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 1935 NEW MILITANT PACE MARCH OF EVENTS WORLD IN REVIEW Huey Long Labor Record; He Says Mussolini Indorsed His Plan Mechanization In Steel Bodes Uncertain Future The Boston Tea Party and The Party Fund By JACK WEBER FRANCE workers is in Germany, Austria SUPREME COURT DELIBERATES, the entire debt structure within and Spain or the misses will overAmerican economy. It was also DEBTS AND GOLD This is the third and conclud.
PARIS SOCIALISTS In temporary measure of relief.
In an issue of The American the interests of the big financiers throw eapitalism and take power.
HUGHES IS SHREWD to lay the greatest burden of the ing article on Huey Long, dema stead the legislature, Huey Long Progress, his paper, there appeared PROGRAM FROM LA VERITE cris on the backs of the working gogue and dictator of Louisiana legislature, turned the care of the a little box notice: Ed. Note: An event of great To expose the Illusion that par PERPETUATING RULE OF RICHclass and the peity bourgeoisie. By Next week comrade Eastman will unemp. oyed over to the parishes, llamentary means are sufficient for Mussolini says Long Is right importance in the struggle against depreciating the currency these begin a series of three articles on unburdening the problem of the on sharing the wealth. Premier a defense of democratic conquests, Fascism in France was the adop to guide the will of the masses for The judicial arm of the Ameriaims were achieved Father Coughlin.
poor on the poor Benito Mussolini, who has rapid tion by the Pans District of the preserving their conquests in capitalist government has Such depreciation amounted to By DAN EASTMAN (President Roosevelt stole a trick Ty risen to the forefront among returned Socialist Party of the Program of le for their own power th played an inconsequential role dur wholesale expropriation of the It is not by chance that Huey from Huey when he world statesmen. has given Action sponsored by the Trotskying the period of crisis and the wealth in the form of savings, com Long, the most grasping of prac 5, 000, 000 unemployables to state his Indorsement to the Huey is the task of the Socialist Party.
ist group which recently entered NILA Toe ausust judges, than mon stock, Insurance, etc. held by cal politicians, has program charity. It all the old army gume Long plan for redistributing The problem is posed whether the Socialist party. The memwhom there would seem to be noche small people. The big financiers distinguished for its impracticab of passing the buck, with the wealth.
bers of this group, known as socialism or fascism will arrive at power first.
higher authority but God himself, were capable of protecting their ity. Huey Long is not interested workers getting it in the neck every The quotation that follows, how Bolshevik Leninists, have condue have felt rather aggrieved at being own interests so that their wealth in a real redistribution of wealth: ilme. The present parliament has beso complete. y eclipsed by the execu was not expropriated at all or to he is only interested in appealing Relief Is Low ted a vigorous agitation for their ever, contains no reference to the program of action in their news. trayed the interests of the peopo tive power in the hands of Roose a minor extent is compared with to the most ignorant prejudices of The important fact is New Orleans, now a Long city. Senator.
who have chosen it. It no longer velt. But such power on the part the other classes. Furthermore, the backward sections of the popolas never provided one penny for that Long paper, and by inference paper La Verite and in the socialist Party organizations. For represents their will. It must go.
of the executive authority becomes going off gold or deprecating the tation.
celler (New York City pays some Long himself, pub. ishes with pride the Information of our readers WE DEMAND ITS DISSOLUinevitable whenever a major crisis currency met the demands of com He is not interested in the welfare 35, 000, 000 a month. every cent un indorsement from Mussolini.
we reprint this important docuThere are points of similarity bethreatens the very foundations of petition for foreign trade due to of the workers, but solely in the coming from federal and parish ment in full ao It appeared in La WE WANT POWER.
bourgeois rule. There is nothing, the money manipulations of other welfare of Huey Long.
tween Huey and the Italian mur Verite.
How to Bring the Masees on to the in this respect, so firmly established countries. For the working class To Increase his power and influ As a consequence of Huey greaterer. Both are experienced politi.
Road of the Decisive Struggle concerning capitalist society, as there was invo ved a subtle wage ence, he is willing to promise any concern for the poor man the av. cians, both are ruthlessly ambiTHE CRISIS for Power, that the boss class will violate cut by this prcoess.
hing and does.
rage relief in Louisiana is two to clous, both are great popular ora1. The party must be in a state every sing. e law set up by itself, if In view of all these effects of As for carrying out the promises? Ive dollars weck; in a state cors, who conceal the continuing Capitalism is passing through these laws stand in the way of the the abrogation of the gold clause That another story.
where the legislature appropriated oppression of capitalism under a crisis against which it cannot stand of permanent mobilization: daily fundamental interests or the con by the Government, corresHis Labor Record pore than 100, 000, 000 for the concloak of tine phrases about abolish up except by retrenching its pro propaganda must be carred on pued existence of the ruling class. ponding to distinct needs of the Huey Long has never in any of truction of vote ing poverty. What Mussolini bas ductive capacity in order to adap (distribution of leaflets, meeting For that matter the ordinary bourgeoisie, can anyone be under his writings or speeches given Like all demag ronds.
Huey talks is the backing of capital, and a it to the capacity of consumption at factories, at workers centers. rights won by the workers under the lilusion that the Supreme Court support to union Labor. He has pig and does little.
completely crushed labor movement which is more and more narrowing. parliamentary group must be bourgeois democracy are violated would dare to declare the governWhat Huey Long needs is never given support in his actions What is Huey future?
It has exhausted its posibility of at the disposal of the Federations with impunity day by day. In re ment act unconstitutional?
reform for systematic agitation in workers to union labor. So far as bo is gard to such violations of workers concerned union labor does not The reactionary offensive and the quarters and at factory gates rights by the exploiting class, the Majesty of the Law The unity of the workers exist.
utilization of fascism are not the whole system of courts, including In reality the Supreme Court is On the construction of the very results of a revolutionary offensive; front must be on the broadest basis.
the Supreme Court when the inter putting on a show, is covering with roads and public buildings which in France they are the reply to so. It is necessary that this unity be ests of the class in power as a the necessary amount of flummery Huey gave to the workers, scab cialist reformism, itself incompat effected around central slogans whole are involved, becomes mere and formality the foregone conclu labor was employed wherever posable with the existence of capital. common to large proletarian or ly cloak for the proper veiling of slon of its decision. Hughes has sible.
ism if it is to be a reformism anlations and capable of rallying class justice from the naive vision no intention to bring about the During numerous strikes in Lou: serious and logical. It is because the big mase of the workers, of inof the masses.
stage of retro volving in the struggle step by step But the courts also exist, not adverse decision.
chaos that would result from an isiana Long has never given sup. Fewer Workets Needed in Modern High Speed le bas entered even the most besltant layers (perport, or even sympathy, to the gression and decadence that capl merely their role of judicial strikers. During the longeboreMills. Companies Contract for Eight More alism opposes us with a growing sante and middle classes) which means of oppression of the exploit The Constitution Itsell men strike in New Orleans, last resistance Capitalism is forced to will gain the experience in the ed classes by the oppressors, but The Marxien who knows the s year, Huey Long courts issued the By FRED RAYBURN product is limited. Then, too, these substitute for a regime of parlia. Agbt, will abandon Ilusions and will also 10 keep the arena where tory of the American Constitution usual injunctions in restraint of the NEWCASTLE, Pa. Fourteen mills, with their mechanical per mentary and bourgeois democracy a rally to socialist solutions. That property interests come into con itselt, is well aware that this sacred right to picket.
steel producers, representing 83 perfection, require very little experregime of strong force routing on is why the 19th Section believes il ct, causing, at times, deep going document is nothing but the legal Every ManKing cent of the ingot making capacity fence to operate in contrast to the the army, the police, the armed that the plan of the containe differences Itself. In such cases the Supreme after the American Revolution by of the status of the working man in fascist forces, and to crush the four slogans. Nationalization of There has been no improvement the country, report an aggregate older types.
leficit of 19, 023, 200 for the third Inevitably, some Arms will be democratic conquesta, by the sup key Industries; Control of produe.
Court may be called upon to render the rich, exploiting section of colh state where Every Man is quarter of 1934, Indicating that the forced into bankruptcy when they preselon of the rights acquired by thou; Control of banks; 46 hour decision generally in accord with onial society, destined to become King.
uet deficit for the entire Industry are unable to compete with these the workers (organizations, press, week which shou serve as a the historie interests of the upper the modern capita. Ista: The Con common basis for the propaganda An example: In New Orleans was close to 22, 019, 000.
bighly rationalized The demonstrations, meetings, etc. strata of the ruling class. The stitution was designed to protect cotton mills the wage scale was Steel workers in the Youngstown, ranks of the unemployed will be The ministry of Flandin is but a of the unted front, involve the variant of this regime.
CGT in this united front and give Supreme Court is now deliberat private property, to prevent inter 36 per 68 hour week before the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Gary and wollen by thousands.
ing over the government abro ference with this private property NRA. The workers were forced to Detroit areas did not have to read Thus what might mean greater Under these conditions the task to the popular front an actively gation of its gold contracts when by the majority of the people. In pay two dollars of this sum in rent. hese figures. They knew not in comfort and leisure for workers of preserving and extending the revolutionary content by renlizing it went off the gold standard. short, the Constitution was designed tor company owned shacks. After erms of dollars or yachts or trips will mean more profits for a few democratie conquests cannot be the bloc of all those who today are Case of the Gold Standard to perpetuate the rule of the rich the NRA the scale was raised from o Europe, which is what the deti millionaire steel mill owners. The sured merely by parliamentary and robbed and exploited by capitalism.
minority against any attacks by the te per hour to 20 to 30c per hour, it means to steel mill owners. They workers can save themselves only democratic means. These methods The French Soc alist Party must It was to the Interests of the future proletariat and petty bour but the hours were cut to eighteen. new in terms of bread and butter, by building a society in which ma must be parallelled by extra parlia cense being the tel! end of the unitcapitalists, in order to maintain geoisie. Surely yardstick to be At the same time that wages were of milk for their children, shoes chines will be used to serve man mentary struggles of the masses. ed front, but on this basis must their power and to prevent an even respected by this same proletariat thus raised from 36 to 50 per or their wives. workers world.
Either the reaction will crush the put itself at its head.
To hasten the decisions, to give worse collapse of their system than which it was designed to keep from week, however, the rent was raised stagger system of one or two to the united front a content of actually occurred, to seale down attaining to power!
from 00 to 00 per week, so days work a week, with the speedaction so that those who have to that the total gain was 14 per up still operating full force to keep week for the workers.
down employment costs, brings full act in common become more frm and decisive, it is necessary. This example is a bad enough in realization to workers of their The Fears of Sir Hearst To hold joint meetings bedictment of the NRA; but consider plight under a dying capitalism.
tween socialist and communist diethat Huey Long was dictator of See Uncertain Future tricts.
Louisiana, both before and after And now the steel workers, har Through his chain of newspapers, William Randolph Hearst To break all resistance to the NRA. During that time he diaried almost to the breaking point multi millionaire who lives in California, is engaged in a vicious red trade union unity.
Building the new party is not a matter of choice.
nothing to aid the workers in the by the uncertaintles of the past few baitng campaign against all who oppose capitalism.
The strengthening of the unity It is a duty cotton mills, either when they years, must watch the steel mile imposed upon us by events.
of the front will facilitate the realThe task is enormous, made more difficult by the disillusionment of The NRA raised wages 14 per of mechanization, and know that otie crusade. Like Hitler, Hearst wants to abridge workers rights, struck or when they were at work. carry on and increase the process in an uprising against the profit system has set Hearst off on a ization of the unificat on of the two the leftward moving elements who looked with hope to the Communist week; Huey Long raised them not insecure as their jobs have been in parties for revolutionary action.
Party and the Militants in the Socialist Party. Mísled and frustrated at all.
end freedom of expression for everybody but the capitalists, and set The Struggle for Power the past, in the future they face up a fascist regime. Hearst is doing what every other millionaire and by these two parties, the class conscious workers are waiting to see Long attitude toward union la: the certainty that thousands o The Socialist Party which poses what we, the Workers Party, are going to do.
bor is best and most completely them will have no place in this in capitalist will do in time. He Is speaking for his class for Fascism.
The following letter, from a comrade in California, recalls some seriously the problem of the strug We must prove our serlousness and earnestness. We must show by revealed in one incident.
American history, and reminds us again of our revolutionary trati gle for power must know how to concrete work in the class struggle that we can and are willing to give Suppresses Pamphlet It the mills were being operated tions. The Hearsts have good reason to fead for capitalism and their adapt its tactics and its preparacorrect leadership in the struggles.
Last year a New Orleans labor o supply tbe needs of the workers, tion.
We can do this. But we must have the full support of all who see editor, whose name omit, printed his would not frighten them. It multi millions taken from working people.
It is necessary that it know how the problem clearly and know how to answer it.
In the year 1773 the American The first requisite is a party, organized on the basis of democratic Long labor record, an expose of work of the steel dndustry would be under a yoke of taxes stamp lexes Looks like history repeats itself from where it comes.
at his own expense a pamphlet on would mean that the back breaking colonists groaned and muttered Street Morgen and Sammy Insull! to break the resistance no matter centralism, with functioning units throughout the country the Kingfish. The pamphlet never done by machines, and the men sugar taxes and the tea tax im.
But wait, let us look a bit further For that the general strike is the We must bend all our energies toward this end. We must aim to saw the light of day. The die 1s chat. wrote George best would be freed to provide other posed by the wealthy merchants of the Third to Lord North, the cold weapon. It will binder the rekeep organizers and speakers constantly in the field. We must build a Two racketeers threatened the goods.
vision of the constitution by a cap! national training school for workers.
We must extend and strengthen editor with violence, not against the unemployment movement organize the Lett progresalve wing in bis person, but against his print with profits for the owners as the sales taxes are a terride burden to Boston But as long as the mills are run onies must elther triumph or sub tulating parliament As well as Todayin of the. More troope were sent to hasten Its dissolution.
the trade unions; help the Youth consolidate its organization.
Between the riots of Feb. and HIELP BUILD MASS WORKERS PARTY. CONTRIBUTE TO self and his family, unless the workers know that this mechaniza an oppressed working class who In 1984, one of our kings. was the workers answer of Feb. 12 too THE FOUNDATION FUND.
pamphlet was destroyed. Rather ton means only unemployment and every time a lot of bread is liam Runaway Hearat wrote in much time e apsed. The time may REPORTS FROM BRANCHES than take the chance of becoming misery; for with millions being are bought, must pay an extra toll to substance in his sheet. Capitalist not be alloted to us in the future?
Waukegan, Ill. The secretary Branch poor in the state where Every placed in other Industries there is writes: At our last meeting, the Eastman.
The people of 1773 knew how to Fascism or else Communiem wall the general strike will unloosen the In the present state of tension 200 Man Is King the editor, out of no place for them to go.
unemployed members pledged thelr Wasserman deal with their oppressors.
consideration for his family, comIn triumph!
25e assessments and each of the Grote. 00 plied.
Erecting Modern Mills employed members Negroes Are Oppressed Contracts for high speed modern the harbor. The towns people Heart You want the prodt system forces of the bourgeoisle against pledges. The total equals 25, the sum assigned us by the national of Konikow Green One of the most oppressed clases mils have been let by various steel wouid not let the tea be landed. don want to lose your millions themselves the working masses 60 in Loulslana are the Negroes, who companies. These mills, costing be Gov. Hutchinson would not let the You don want to see the workers must organize the peoples militin fice.
Caswell number 750, 000. They are subject ween 8, 000, 000 and 12, 000, 000. ships return without unloading. On take over the factories you can suflictently strong numericaly and Los Angeles, Cal. Received a Slee to the most degrading conditions, are capable through a continuous the night of December 16, 1773, run, and then produce for me materially to crued the reactionary quota of 100. 00.
Has definite Smith bauda.
Mperation of producing 2, 200 tons party of men jumped aboard the 00 to jim crow discrimination, they are (communism Worker or the pledges of 91. No doubt the bal of 75 inch sheet steel in 24 hours, ships, ripped open the chests, and State. But just as in thone mem. 10 excluded from Jurles, are prevented ance will be made up by local symWright The organization of the general Oswald from voting, are deprived of even or 680, 000 tons a year. Compare dumped the tea into the harbor. orable days of the 1770 when ar strike and the organization of the pathizers.
his with an ordinary hot sheet milt This Boston Tea Party cost the the smallest show in the govern Branch tisans of Boston and farmers of people militia must embrace rolDetroit, Mich. Accepts the quota ment that oppresses them.
with eight plants, rated at 60, 000 East India Company about 75, 000 Concord united in mass action unteers from all the layers of the Bet, but will be a little late sending West 20. 00 Huey Long has dono nothing tons a year, and you have a clear The British Parliament took against their oppressive rulers, in anti fascist tofing population.
in the money due to unemployment Brode 00 for the Negroes in Louisiana picture of the future for those speedy action upon receipt of the like manner, the American working From this follows the necessity in the branch.
They are still excluded from the workers who as yet are employed news of the Boston Tea Party class is beginning to unite.
of creating (in accord with all The South: This branch has to Jonzales 20 law and from the vote. Long in old type mills.
Seventy five thousand dollars worth The idea of all for one, and one other organizations which will acJolay function underground due to local himself indulges in Jim crowism.
gathering strength. You cept It) shop committees and local conditions. However they accept Copeland 10 For instance: During the 80 mills in the process of installation was going too far! The colonists will recollect the farmers around committees for the general strike their quota and will do their best Pollack 00 called vice investigation of New The Youngstown Sheet and Tube must be shown their place. The Minneapolis refusing to transport which organize localy the militin to meet it as fast as possible Branch Orleans, Long called a city wide Co. is building one in Youngstown, port of Boston was to be closed produce in order to aid the striking groups and prepare the days of Philadelphia, Pa. Accepts the Abern 00 conference of ministers. Two Negro Onto The Great Lakes Division until the ten was paid for, no town truck drivers. Also, the example proletarian power. Abern full quota and has already asked 00 preachers, who were naive enough of the National Steel Company has meetings held unless the governor of the Nat onal Unemp. oyed League Necessity of the regional and paM. Stern for 70 worth of certificates. 25 to take him at his word, turned up let a contract for a similar mill at o d them, trials for British officers helping to picket the Auto Lite Fac onal coordination of these com Greenberg Kansas City, Mo: Will meet the Grayson 00 for the conference: they were Detroit. Carnegie Steel (United in England.
tory in Toledo is a magnificent dem mittees barred. There are plenty of other States Steel. at Youngstown, quota. More than half already In 1934 when the longshoremen onstration of victorious tactics we The general strike must have for pledged. 00 instances of actual personal dis Brings Lose of Jobs of San Francisco and the young con well follow.
ns, socialista, positive objectives: Levin 00 New York: The following is a crimination by the Kingtish him. It is significant to note that the men and girls in the textile indus Now remember some of our cap! The Government of Workers and detailed report from the New York Brunch self, against Negro reporters, doc Inland Steel Company, wh ch re try struck for their rights against talists, like King George II, are Peasants the problem of which District. It gives the names of the Klein 00 tors, etc.
ported a profit of 3, 108, 358 for the the employers, for better living saying the die 15 cast. Take will embrace essentially Lynehings first nine months of 1934, when conditions, what happened? Just your choice, folkswage slavery members who pald on their pledges Podell a) Convocation of a Constituent 00 since the last report printed in the Schaap There is no better index of the most of the large companies like in the Boston Tea Party, the under capitalism, or plenty under Assembly chosen by all the tobabl.
New Militant.
Branch attitude of the state, and of the showed definits, is equipped with yellow press (owned by the capl. the Workers State!
tants over 18 years of age: Branch VII 00 oppression of the people, both Ne the latest in tin plate machinery, talists) cried out: The strikers In 1776 the poor farmers and ar b) Dlsarmament of bourgeois Nash 00 Levine 00 go and white, than the number of which not only produces much larg. are damaging property! Send the tisans did triumph. The colonial formations: Lewis 00 Brown In 1933, the last year er quantities with fewer men, but troops! And just as the English merchant class, however, grew into c) Arming of the workers; 60 for which have complete figures, results in a higher quality. And troops were sent to quell the colon. the Hearsts, the Rockefellers, the 00 Sher.
d) Realization of the principal Rolene Becker 00. Brodwin 28 Louisiana tied with Georgia and this results, not in a better life for ists, now the ltia was called out Morgans, the Insulls of 20th cen demands of the united front menPalmer 00 Anonymous tioned above.
50 South Carolina for first place in the the workers, es it should, but in in the interest of breaking the tury America. But today, a New their losing the Jobs Sterling strikes and protecting the bosses Declaration of Independence has 00 Total to date. 320. 08 number of lynchings.
We Socialists, we must prepare The Bethlehem Steel Corporation profits. Under the guise of probeen written by the workingclass this gigantic struggle, organize the 00 Huey Uses Troops RECEIPTS There is no class poorer than considering erection of one of tecting life and property. com. It is THE DECLARATION OF working class step by step so that Tanas 00 Previously reported. 1, 191. 96 these new mills either at Sparrows pany thugs shot and killed strikers. PRINCIPLES by the Brinkman the unemployed and the unem1. 00 Pittsburgh Branch.
Workers it can lead it. We must make it 15. 00 ployables or the latter thero Point, Md. or Lackawanna (Buffa2. 00 Waukegan Branch.
Party of the Every working understood that even under hypoD. Morris In 1775 the Boston Massacre mw 00 lo. New York.
are 15, 000 in the city of Now Or. 00 Friends of the Militant colon sts shot. Trials in England man, women and child in America thesis that a government resulta teel Towne Passing leans alone. Last August they 00 for English officers, who killed the should know thone principes by Nelson Club, Chicago.
from universal suffrige, that once 00 were cut off without a penny of Bers 00 Mt. Carmel, Pa.
The conclusions to be drawn from protesting colonists, today lackey beart. They speak of the new Rer this government decides to apply Wilson reller. When hunger march 50 Mike Osborn, New York.
these recent developments are that Judges who do the bidding of the olution. They tell of the way to reforms of structure capable of 00 Spithos. 00 Steinberg, Spartacus.
descended on Huey capital it complete mills will become obsolete money lords, sentence workers to throw off the parasitical master realizing the demands of the work1. 00 was met by the National Guard, The towns that grew around these long terms in prison (like Tom class and establish the Workers Branch. Friend, Baltimore.
ers, small merchants and the peas 00 the leaders were arrested, and State of plenty, security and peace. ant maases, that it will meet the mills will in turn become desolate Mooney. electrocute other men Koster 00 Bympahlzer, Cambridge. 10. 00 the marchers dispersed.
and barren. These new type mills tighting for freedom (l ke Sacco 00 Mr. New York.
Yes, Mr. Hearst, the dle resistance of the bourgeoinfe whleh Koster 200. 00 Huey Long called to approve a will employ a small working force, and Vanzetti) and hastily dismisa, cast. will not hesitate in violating its Bord 00 bill providing mearely 10, 000 who cannot possibly work steadily or in a circus exhibition, free the BILL MONROE Davidott 00 Total own legalty to oppose by force the 81, 483. 20 (ode wach) for these workers anal the available market for their big robbers of the people WAU California relation of these measur made their Hollenbeck Chertor 00 00 lynchings Victor Marlen