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ACROSS THE COUNTRY Weekly Organ of the Workers Party of the 56 Released United Defense Acts That Pittsburgh Convention without was Ohio Branch Raps League Run by for her the dy per viena no er noen er kommer In Mine Kills 11, Injures 71 With Cannon And Muste VOL I, NO. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 1935 PRICE CENTS From Muste, national sec.
retary of the Workers Party, comes further word of the tour he Buying Power Akron Members and James Cannon, editor of the New Militant, are making to present the program of the Drops Under to the workers of the country.
Follow Zack to as Leaguemen Reports indicate that Comrades Model Code Storm Court To Mobilize Labor Muste and Cannon tours march of triumph.
News that three of the most in the drift toward the Workers Party.
By JACK ELDER fluential members of the labor came in the following telegram to By ART PREIS By MUSTE WASHINGTON. Did anyone ever movement in Akron, Ohio, have the New Militant: In California Trial BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, Jun.
NEW CASTLE, Pt. and YOUNGS believe that the NRA codes would left the communist Party and TOWN, Ohio. From the debacle increase the purchasing power of 22. cheering, jeering, clapping, joined the Workers Party is reAKRON OHIO JAN 21 1935 stamping assemblage of Wood which overcame the militant move wage carners and redistribute the ceived as the New Milltant goes to NEW MILITANT ment of the steel workers last national income?
press. These three new comrades, WEST 15 ST the court room here today and Union Conference Called by Five Groups to Aid spring when and Green and strike Then glance at the recent reports the time, were the leading mem STILAW AGAIN CONFIRMS WP Moyed league members who were 18 Defendants Decker Bailed Out by NPLD whose names cannot be given at BROWDERS LABOR PARTY LAST force the release of 56 Unemin the industry, the movements and of the Buretu of Labor Statis. The Akron branch of the Work GENERATION TOWARDS SOCIAL ter they stormed the rellet head arrested but Saturday evening at lowly recovering The determination to build a unties on the operation of the cottoners Party is especially fortunate in DEMOCRACY NDER UNPRIN quarters and coupled it BULLETIN SACRAMENTO, Cal. Jan. 23 (by Wire. Caroline Decker, lon is not dead among the steel code. These two reports, taken to setting these three trained CIPLED STALINIST LEADER: hours in an attempt to obtain re organizer of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Agricultural Workers workers, though they are somewhat tants at this time. strike of the SHE THIS CULMINATION OF Lief for strikers in a county de lost in the maze of Labor Board ether, are revealing.
and leader of the Camery and Agricultural Workers Union, was rubber workers is pending. And it LONG SERIES OF UNMARXIAN strike on relief projects.
elections, injunctions by the steel tlet study on wagex.
Bureau of Labor Statreleased 3, 200 hail yesterday provided by the Non Partisan Labor is very kely that Akrou will be THEORETICAL AND TACTICAL The defendants formed solidly Deletise.
companies against the union and by In August the Toledo and Minniei polis of the BLENDERS LEADS MAJORITY ino: or None Club. modeled 1933, when the code took effect. 1934 strike wave UNIT FIVE AKRON TO RESIGN Decker is being deferuled by the International Labor Defense the union against the companies helf the cotton textile workers the famous 46 or None triel and what have you. crisis breakerned less thun Announcement of this important FROM (P AND FOLLOW ZACK of the Toledo Auto Lite strikers, but applied to the Non Partisan Labor Defense for ball. Bahwas supplied within 24 hours of the receipt of her application. Jack ing into a strike may develop in hour. In August, 1984, on the eve news, which further evidence of LONG LIVE WP defeate attempts of county of Warnick, another leader of the non defended by the was one of these mills where an election of the great strike, the median cials, acting as agents of No Workhailed out two weeks ago at his request by the Nord Partisan Labor in denied.
hourly wage rate was 34. cents.
No Relief Duncan, county relief Defense. Has Many Contacts But wait between August 1933 czar, to isolate and frume Ted SeThe militant lenders hope nothTwo other defendants are out on bail. The remaining 14 are and August 1934 living costa sky.
lander, Sam Pollock and Art Preis, still in jail, where they have been since their arrest last July.
ing too serious will break before roekoted because of the drought, Worker Party members.
they get their forces organized betLeague leaders, by giving them a SAN FRANCISCO, JATI (by wire. The newly formed Joint ter than they were last year. Comtaxes, because the NRA codes per Steel Progressives Will Lead. of Leaders Hymerate trint.
rade Cannon and were called into mit cartelized price fixing and Look Askance at Rank and File Conclave workers, 47 men and nine defense committee for the Sacramento trial of 18 workers and labor conference hy some of them. We produetion control.
women were tried in a body, and leaders oi criminal ayundicalism charges, tonight crafted a call for a find the Party has many contacta The result? In that one year, by using the demand If one goes conference of all unions and other labor organizations Peb. 10, to mobilize the labor movement.
in steel real wages purchasing power in file lenders, powerful rank and ti fail, we all go to jail. forced (By Special Correspondent)
PITTSBURGH On February 3, file movement has developed in reThe call was signed by Charles Gordon for the International Labor Justice of the Peace Nearing to sus. Defense, Maurer for the Communist Party, Clarence Rust for the soSullivan und Berman from Plus fell away 15 percent in the month. rank and file delegates from unions eent months directed to the adop rend sentence on all on a charge cialist Party. Barney Mass for the Workers Party, Herbert Solow for Comrades McKinney. Cooper, the cotton Industry, in the north burgh popped into the New Castle 25 percent.
affiliated with the of aretion of a militant program of or of legal trespass on the public meeting. They are hoping to tie in This, then, was how the cotton. meet in PittsburghIn spite of Banization and option to com property of the county reller build the Nom. Portlaan labor Defense, and Dr. George Hedley, director of the The the uteployed movement here with textile code raised the purchasing the noticia de intereses convencionan the basis of an Ing. second charge of unlawful civil Libertes Union, as temporary chairman of the committee.
unions will be represented. Fore. Revolt Against of wage slaves.
The Party branches in New Caswonen is set for hearing Jan. 28 Locales (A. of have already the last possible moment to combat tle and Youngstown have good Significantly, real wages moveat most of the unions that will par.
Ostensibly. this rank and file with the officials wanting to con endorsed the defense committed the titel front of the capitalist The conference will be preceded by class which prosecuting the 18 officers and active workers of the start und are thoroughly in sien word sliktatus percent in the content contender med et ema convention is called to consider time it because they realize what hot potatoe they had grabbed. united front miss meeting Feb. The first meeting of the united Camery and Agricultural Workers Cannon and me brought out moet til June, 1934. At that time, NRA attied Amalgamuted Association of Prancisco convention of the e of the native spiries in the cente agreed to a 25 percent curtallment iron, steel, Tin and Short Motal of and to lay pans for carrying at the close of this hearing, when front defense committee was held Not only the employers of the Within the union, according to mainly concerned with the extenties started to take Pollock Jan. 19, at the end of the first week Jouduin und Sacramento al out these decisions, and made cenverts to the pin cotton production hours with Workers.
which are and Belander back to jail until of the trial.
leys, who uffered from the unAfter the ma meetings, the The mill owners were given tull the claims of some of its rank and son of organization. But there in their hearing on the second charge The united front came at almost ions successfuil strikes last year, branches kept the itional officers implieit in such a procedure are or until bail of 1, 500 was raised but the whole capitalist class of up until tour in the morning to power to sabotage the industry productive capac real volt against tw. ut te utteint the entire sembla ser cette Second Blast California is demanding Xan Quendi un brancli problems!
tin prison sentences.
plunged down. Under pressure of There is no prospect that the seized the prisoners, shouting their The Heart prins, the Associated CLEVELAND, Ohio. On the way mass mistery, the rank and Ale runk and file convention will re slogan. The police, deputies and Farmers. the Industrial Associeup here we visited an old steel workers forced a nation wide worker home. lle still goes to ceive the blessings of the officials. officials were helpless; they could tion, indeed every businessmen strike which their leaders choked in at least one case, that of the not feed or house the hundreds work when there is work. We are off at its height.
organization is enlling for the vic.
timization of these trade unioniste lucky if we make 10 dollars a week Meanwhile, what happened to Tighe has already put thumbs down with the two prisoners, and the wow, when we used to make that the cotton mill owners? The Racial and religions prejudices on the whole business, calling on proxecuting attorney and sberite of the jury being ronsel by the in a day.
report shows that from Jan. 1993 SPECIAL BULLETIN the rank and tile to where to the had to appeal to the prisoners to SHENANDOAI, Jan. 21. prosecution, which spent the whole The day before, one of his shop to June 30, 1983 the rate of proft TOLEDO, Ohio. The Toledo un on constitution and to avoid protect them from the crowd.
mates fointed on the job, narrowly in the 400 cotton textile lls stud branch of the Workers arty is eny sins against Eleven miners were killed outright first week diaking up communist solemn ritual. Upon assurance by the prosecut.
the churches and the expressions on caping being burned to death Normally. plan for organizationing attorney of a drastie bail re and 71 injured, at least one fatally. Negre. LO Gallagher and Albert led was 69 percent: from June 80. announced its formal withdrawal tue from the Executive Council dnetton and release as soon as the He has a wife and three or four in the second blast in the main Goldman, defense attorneys, pro children He just doesn get from 31, 1323 to June 30, 1934, from the local branch of the Amer at the o and the Interna legal arrangements were carried stift of the Gllberton mine here tested bit the stuff goes on.
enough to eat to let him do a trick 15 percent; during the Special Prosecutor Stays in a steel plant.
preceding the strike in slight loss is clem, because of the failure of the Roux. No such plans have been defenders. The entire group set. sulted in the death of one miner. When the trial opened, former Two Husky Song reported 84 percent. These rates demanding a published retriction eo convention and Apparently until Pollock and Seander were reAlthough the miners were warneil District Attorney Nell McAlister, in the house no jobs. The father cal value of Investment in plant and Two hunky Hons of our friend set are calculated upon the hypothetl of a slanderous story concerning there has arisen militant rank leasel und pleged themselves to by the company not to talk they defeated in the last election and reported that the blast followed the presumably replaced by the new Dato question to us really to the equipment. The Cannot menthe activities of the local and Ale leadership strong enough join them again in the county jail detonation of a shot of dynamite. district attorney. suddenly turned capitalist system: Do you think etrate beneath the accounting logic members in the American League. to take matters into its clomi. Following several maneuver by Ivy faulty ventilation of the mine, placed in charge of the case with own hands. if they were not That the Sterlinton The blust was undonbtedly caused up as a deputy attorney general they ll fix it so there will be somety which employers make out the published Dec. 27 In the Dally nate the coming convention is con. the officials, such as an offer to re. which allowed the accumulation of the financial hacking of Californthing for the young men to do? best case for themselves. le to, Worker The answer of capitalism to that tlated original valuations and min In announcing Its withdrawal it firmed by the preparations of the lease the prisoners if they would fire clamp.
ia leading businessmen organizpromise not to return to Bowling nomentous question we got an hour imum charge ott for depreciation issued a statement pointing out the of top leadership to propi pacifist, social democratic nature of tiate the steel delegates. Bul Green Green and veiled threats thet a miner, Richard Evans, although ations, Attorney Gallagher (LL. later when we drove through Me and obsolescence.
Donald, where Carnegie Steel was Then, too, the of return the local American League, the finds himselt table to attend the vigilante group was forming and fatally, Injured directed a rescue elected but was overruled.
Attorney Goldman (N. Just breaking ground for a new constituting an acconnting profit) mechanical domination exercised In organimtion conference of the Al they had better leave the county party to an alley where ten of his When the pointed out that during the elght strip mill. Referring to the labor does not allow for the generous it by the Communist Party. the uminum workers this past week in which the presence of hundreds of comrades lay helpless. o be displaced by the new process, salary which the owner pays him fake united front from below of Pittsburgh because he is obliged to League members in the court room rescue party returned to him he days adjournment the jury had been subjected to it torrent of newerepresentative middle class intellec attend an Exective Council meet made laughable. the defendants was dead.
the young steel worker riding with self as manager.
per propaganda. Judge Lemmon us said: They won need anything It now becomes evident why the tual stooges and the anal false ing in Washington devoted to or offer of 300 bil was accepted.
ganization in the steel industry.
Are Back on Job WASHINGTON The United hurriedly sent the jury ont of the court in th damn Industry pretty soon Cotton Textile Institute loves its race. per organizations.
code. It is well caloulated to en The statement endet hy asserting The conference is very opportune. The released prisoners walked States is the most backward majori Goldman Terring the effect of charges except few button pushers.
Same Old Story Goldman declared that the moh gender pronta. As for the workers that such organizations as the Out of It will come organizational right back to the court room, ad industrial nation in the matter of here. Name old story na to and New Deal reconstruction.
We had a well attended meeting of high minded experiment in fascism are not only wholely inet delegates to the rank and one to the reliet headquarters on ing to the report of the Minerals spirit created by the press warrant fective in fighting fascism, but he file convention as proot of their another grievance committee. Planning Committee of the Na of the trial for six months. He They can meet ts in an nar ROOSEVELTS INSECURITY casting discredit. on the move foolharly and unwarranted action, Ititional Kesonrces Board. Its acciThe entire trial was a farce.
gument on our Declaration of Prin.
PROGRAM ment for a general, genuine united Obviously, it is supposed that was obvious the verdict had been dent rate is exceeled only by that also called for reduction of hailand ciples. The branch has food maof Chile.
investigation into the switching of Not economic and social security front of working clase organizaterial, is working out a program of (Continued on Page 4)
lle made clear that inued on Page 4)
Miners and their families he did not think the new district action. It will be felt in the labor for wage earners but scheme for tions, it is laying the basis for the lietween 30, 000, 000 100. 000, struggle in Cleveland.
forced thrift imposed upon those triumph of Fascism.
000 in income annualy due to pre than alcAllister. All these motions attorney, Babcock, was any fairer who can least afford to be thriftyventable accidents and ill health, were denied.
The branch conference in Cleve. this is the Administration unem COAL MINERS READY TO land was attended by party memployment Insurance and old Ake WELCOME MUSTE, CANNON says the report. The areed is age of the coal miner who is Prosecution Bargains Rejected hers from Akron. As dlapatches to NEW YORK CITY. Champagne band to be furnished by the Cul 30 years.
The prosecution has tried to inthe New Militant have indicated, penslon proposal The government will not engage TOVEY, Coal miners and duce defendants to turn state evithings may pop in rubber very 50011 to pay a modest income to workers other workers are making arrange will flow from no water bottles tural Committee will furnish low Ten or more percent of the undue dence in return for dismissal If so, Akron will be the first to who become ageel in the service of monts in this mining town to wel. when the formal opening of the new brow music, and the ship of the cost of producing coul or ore is due thele particulares ledo Minneapolis of 1996. Our party profit making. The gov. como Camon and Muste. National Headquarters and New new state will be sent down the site thousanctors entering into Ringham, tubercutar unton member inembers and symptomers are the only ndvanced group having reglemment will require that ench leaders of the Workers Party, when York District Office at West 15th rails accompanied by higit spirits in the bituminous industry to be accident occurrence, which amount who has spent six months in the access to the rubber worker make periode payments they tour the Illinois mine telds, street takes place on Saturday and lots of soda pop county jail, turned down such an tween 30, 000, 000 anul 50, 000, 000 orter.
Would that onts Budenz were well toward the purchase of an annutty, scene of sharp mine strife.
April 1982, nearly 2, 000 miners we waxel, of the aforementioned The entire membership invited year. If already known and avail The prosecution is especially anenough to take the field. What a maturing at the nge of 65.
able improved safety methods and xious to get Norman Miniont of How much you will receive in the have been victimized and are now address. Los Angeles, please notice and measures could be put into general the case. The fact that this former chance his America of the Middle end will depend (1) pon the active in mnemployed organizations refreshment table of 10 mean of course all frfends and well wish use the burden of accident expense West Pointer. wole native SacraWest would give him number of years you participate in the local school house, under con proportions will help us make the ers. We ll sing revolutionary songs could probably le reduced to as mento defendant. stands solidly the scheme (2) upon your average trol of miner trustees, has been of newly scrubbed hall little more and play ring around the rosie low as or percent of mineral with the other defendants spotle ever any doubt as to whether Our Yeary earnings over the payment tered the place where Cannon livable by messing it up hit with The date is Feb. at about P. production cost, the govern the district attorney argument TOLEDO, Ohio. If there was (Continued on Page 4)
and Muste will speak Feb. P. the skins of hot dogs, etc. Ajaxx and bring all your friends.
Toledo comrades would be able to ment experts.
that the dix In and follow up (nerer mind to folst foregulums on the great prisoners are allen trying it the metaphors are mixed, ComAmerican nation Mint, too, has rade Editor) the work they did in e Atatly rejected the prosecution the great. Auto Lite strike, that day 1s past. The Central Labor Union auds ujaon thousands of worker We are serving organThe Joint defense committee supports the Unemployed Leagues THE Workers Party is expanding at a rapid pace, 80 To facilitate our activities we have moved to the new openly.
agreement limited representation to Our comrades are asked rapid as to completely outdistance our mengre funds. Ivers into the field immediately office. It is a great advantage to have our work central political and defense organisations We have our principles, we have our men, workers are But In order that the comrades may earry on this vital Ized: to have a place where all our committees can meet. Continued on Page 4)
crying to be oranized, the field is vast, the opportunities work, WE MUST HAVE FUNDS. Continued on Page In Detroit, where tens of thousands of automobile longer has to convene on the editor desk. The Internut are here.
workers are in a constant ferment, we have already es tional Workers School, an invaluable instrument in the SUBSCRIBERS, ATTENTION! At the present moment we have contacts in the steel tablished several party organizers. They are carrying the class war, at last has space of its own, where the classes tradition of Toledo right into the heart of the automobile industry who are working in the progressive movement.
NEW ADDRESS may meet in some semblance of order.
Watch the number after your The steel industry to one of the critical hattlegrounds in industry.
At risk of becoming monotonous, we repeat, WE MUST of the following organbations: name on the wrapper of your To maintain this work, WE MUST HAVE FUNDS.
HAVE FUNDS. Comrades and friends, we must seize on the coming struggles of the American workers, and the your copy. When the serial National Headquarters, Workprogressive movement will be the determining factor in Last week we mentioned the expense of a new press to the magnificent opportunities of the moment, and we must number on the mathead of the ers Party of the this struggle take care of the increased circulation of our publications. have money to do so!
paper corresponds to. This week the need becomes even more imperative, so im Subscribe to the Party Foundation Fund now.
District Headquarters New Sub York District, subscription is explring! The The Workers Party must, It is our revolutionary duty perative that we are already negotiating for the press, al scribe yourself, and press every friend and sympathizer to International Workers School Issue is number to maintain our work in steel. BUT WE MUST HAVE though the money is not yet in sight subscribe to the best of his ability.
New International Please save us the oxpense and FUNDS, We have undertaken the printing of a national paper Pay your pledges now, and pledge again. Prose friends New Millant hether of writing you espeelally In Akron, the center of the rubber industry, where a for the It is hardly necessary to emphasize the in and sympathizers to pledge. WEST 15th STREET abent your expiration, and send strike is imminent, we have been extremely fortunate. portance of this step: a national paper will unity and pro Collect all contributions, all pledges, tmmediately, and un 50c or 00 about an seine In The leaders of the local unit, who are active in the mote the temployed movement to a tremendous political forward them to the national office, IMMEDIATELY. Pioneer Publishers and Pioneer ad force. We are fortunate to be able to assist in this work, Booleshop Comtades, friends, sympathizers: We are faced with a unions and in workers education, beve rea aned from the Business Manager and come over to the Just this week. These com where many of our comrades are active BUT WE MUST great opportunity and a great responsibility.
96 FIFTH AVENUE rades form a nucleus from which we may penetrate thon HAVE FUNDS.
We cannot fall!
rate prosecutors.
Saturday Night Housewarming Oh no!