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ALARM Signals in the Soviet Union!Muste, Abraham Johannes "A. J. Muste" (Netherlands) (1885-1967), Cannon, James Patrick "Jim" (United States) (1890-1974)

NEW MILITANT Weekly Organ of the Workers Party of the VOLUME I, NO. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1934 PRICE CENTS L R Steel Truce MERRY CHRISTMAS WHERE? Super Lobby Signals in the In Deadlock Seeks Wage JosephZack, Leader, Joins the Workers Party BABIES By DAN EASTMAN His name, he said, was Bill m here at seven in the morning, The fifth Christmas of the depres Sheilds, sixty years old, born on to catch the people going to work By Muste James Cannon is a very merry one Indeed In tall, gnunt yankee, with a white it snows or rains its much harder; RECENT events in the Soviet Vinton, commencing with the assas Roosevelt Plan is Balked some classes. Looking through the stabile on his Jaws, he was wrap but hanging around in doorways newspapers one tinds nothing but pud in an old army cont, and wore can pick up thirty or forty couts. Capitalists in United Front Rsination of Kirov and followed by secret executions totalling 103 at the present writing, cause the deepest alarm to the thinking revoluBy Failure to Agree on tionary workers of the entire world for whom the Soviet Union is and ance. Steel is turning up. Henry kept his shoe cream bottle in an February am all right. February Against Labor to Put Ford is reemploying, recovery is inside pocket, near the warmth of is the month, he shivered.
Company Unions has been since 1017 the star of hope and Inspiration, How does he live?
Screws on Congress The alarm that every revolutionary worker just around the corner, unprece his body, to prevent its freezing.
at any indication of danger to the Soviet Workers State is increased and intensified WASHINGTON. three point dented Christmas boom, business make three to five dollars a Eats at Horse Markets truce program for the steel in and government cooperate for the week, he said, depending on the enormously by the secrecy and mystery In which the present happenWell, he said, used to have lobby set up by the capitalists who WASHINGTON. The superdustry ended in a conference dead. common welfare, department stores weather. Make less in winter, a swell room over on Second Ave. mct last week at White Sulpher ings have been shrouded. For days after Kirov assassination there lock when labor leaders, mindful show rise, and so on and on barely three last week was complete lack of any explanation as to the identity of the assassin of pressure from below, refused to the reason for act. Then the Sovi authorities placed agree to company unions in the this good cheer, your reporter de. They ask you too damn many ques. m down at the Washington top when it convenes plans to put Somewhat overwhelmed by all bootblack than go on home reliet. had to give it up. Right now Springs, Va. will lay belore blame upon White Guards, counter revolutionists left from the Industry.
Czarist regime. Later it was hinted that representatives of some termined to carry the message of tions, and even then you have to house, twenty five cents a night.
The plan WALS foreign capitalist power were engaged in dastardly counter revolu President Roosevelt and Secretary Madison Square Park he stopped they give you anything. Of course coffee and joints.
submitted by Christmas down to the people. In walt around for months before eat in the horse markets, the old unemployed on deles and to perpetante company unions.
tionary activities in the Soviet Union.
of Labor Perkins as the first step to have his shor shined, and en, if my health fails me, ll have to asked about horse markets.
The united front of industry If the Soviet Union is in danger the advanced workers throughout in carrying out the President per gaged the bootblack in conversa take a different point of view.
the world will rally to its defense as they have always done and they sonal desire, announced in October, tion.
against labor was formed with the It pretty tough in winter. borse markets. guess they used inet. Ninety leading industrialists don know why they call them ald of members of Roosevelt Cab.
will not object to drastic measures against conspirators.
to extend the truce between to serve borse meut. He thought and lenkers of the nation attended The right and the duty of the proletarian state to adopt the sternworkers and employers throughout for a moment, guess maybe they be conference est methods of repression against its class enemies is indisputable for industry. It was submitted by the a revolutionary worker. Lenin and Trotsky taught it. And history President at a special White House still do.
What about the New Deal, the wlll applaud them for it, for the young revolution fighting for it very Will Ask for Dolo conference of leading steel barons Christmas upturn, the recovery existence, and learning from the terrible mistakes of the Paris Comand of leaders.
just around the corner?
For the unemployed, the lobby mune that leniency to the class enemy ends in the bloody massacre of Sanctions Company Unions the workers, had to crush the resistance of the overthrown class with To Keep People Quiet will demand that Federal relief be swift and terrible blows. But, one the power of the revolution was reduced and gradually replaced by The three points in the Presi That a lot of newspaper talk, he said, Just a lot of newspaper the dole, the funds to be provided consolidated, after the working class had triumphed in the civil war dent plan, which would have The trend of the revolutionary by knowledge that he does not by local charity and the state and the wars of intervention, the prosecution of counter revolutionists was conducted in court. From the beginning, moreover, Lenin and iod of six months, were: bound the steel workers for a perworkers toward the new Workers stand alone. The will have talk to keep the people quit. There won be much Christmas through strongly centralized bureaus.
Trotsky always proved the necessity of their actions; they explained The employers would bar Party was Mustrated in the most plenty of expulsions to announce for you. said.
everything clearly, fully and honestly to the International working No, Christmas is just like any class as well as to the workers in the Soviet Union and were supported This proviso would have given action of Joseph Zack, one of the of some of the most active and will other day for me. ll come out and Iness will ask that the Administraby them.
Federal sanction to company unions most prominent veterans of the tant workers in the trade untou try to pick up a few cents. Can tion continue the NRA codes another year, with Inbor having the Workers who see the operation of the white terror in a large part American Communist movement, movement will appear on the lists. attord to let a day go by in steel, Joseph Zack was a foundation The Muni of the world, the mass murder of the victims of fascism and reaction right, as at present, to bargain Both labor and employers withdrawing from the Communist would recognize the National party and simultaneusly joinine He was a member of the Central municipal free nop house.
member of the Communist Party, in Germany, Austria, Spain and other countries not to speak of the traveled on across town to the collectively with employers through killing of strikers in the democratie United States will not shed Steel Relations Board as the arorganizations of their choice. inthe tears over the fate of a few White Guards and counter revolutionists bitration agency of the industry. As will be seen from the state Committee in the underground days The soup kitchen is on an old cluding company formed unlong.
who seek to restore the capitalist order in the Soviet Union. They The proviso was submitted dement of comrade Zack which ap the head of the party trade union The street is bound by high brick United Front need only to be convinced that the victims are really White Guards spite the fact that the Steel Board pears in another column he came work in the New York district and factory walls, and runs like an aland that it is really necessary to resort to such drastic measures has been insatisfactory to labor. to this decision after a thorough secretary of the Later he ley to hell, down to the East Riverited States Chamber of Commerce, The lobby will speak for the Unagainst them.
The Board was appointed by the study of the fundamental problems held the same office in the Cleve dock. The walls are lined with the Manufacturers The revolutionary workers have nothing in common with the hypo President at the time of the threat which have artsen in the last decade land district whence he was sex mens, mostly older men, leaning up railroads, banks, ntilities and the Association, critical outcrles of anti Soviet elements, whether they be Social Demo ened strike in steel last June and and, in doing so, arrived at the 11ed for the capital offense of hav. In the sun, settling the stew hand corporations which control the crats or capitalist editors, who come forward now with increased since that time has been swamped same conclusions on all the prining opinions and talking about them. out they receive at the whart. Au country industries.
Akeres veness to renew their agitation for bourgeols democracy AS Permanent with complaints and petitions from ciple questions as those outlined in against workers dictatorship. These crities were effectively silenced union locals in the steel centers, the party Declaration of Princ Commencing next week the New day long a steady stream of unem headquarters have been set up in Militant will publish a series of ployed flows down the alley. On Washington. at a ples. The action of comrade Zack Articles mrade Zack which will one side of the street is a dark, it was soll, can no longer misinterThe Administration, in the past, or at least deprived of all influence among the advanced but has held only one election. produced a sensation in radical labe of interest to every revolutionary dirty stone building, the headquar pret the desires of Industry and workers. if methods are now employed which enable them to raise small concern, the West Virginia their heads again it is only another count in the indictment of those Rail Company, where the workers bor circles in New York where he worker.
responsible for the methods.
won over the company union.
ters and dormitory of the city char business.
is known to every militant who has In the Summer of 1922, more than twelve years ago, the trial of the Both sides would agree on taken active part in the movement COMRADE ZACK STATEMENT There are a good many drunks, recovery, was in effect the slogan ity. Let Industry take the lead in leaders the Social Revolutionary Party, charged with responsibility a six months truce. during during the past 20 years. The panic New York City for an organized campaign of terrorism and sabotage, took place in which no elections of representa old bleary eyed hulks. It is hard adopted.
of the leaders of the signalDecember 20, 1934 Moscow. It was held in open court in the one time Hall of the tives for collective bargaining ized by their hasty announcement to the National Committee to tell just which are drunks and which Insane: for there is quite a Serews on Congress Nobles. then and now the headquarters of the Moscow trade unions. purposes would be held. of his expulsion after his resis Workers Party of the The accused, at the request of the parties and organizations of the Myron Taylor, chairman of the nation from the party, is increased Comrades: simple analysis of the united Becond International, were allowed to have forelgn counsel Ironically (Continued on Pace 4)
board of the United States Steel hereby present my application front and preparations being made enough one of the attorneys for the accused was Vandervelde, Corporation, had been campaigning to join the Workers Party, having to put the screws on Congress to Minister of the Belgian King during the war and the present head of the Communist resigned from the Second International to whom the Comintern recently offered a halt government spending and stop truce. as outlined by Roosevelt, Party.
labor organization reveals that the non aggression pact. The guilt of the accused was established at and the proposal that the employI have been a member of the capitalists have got together to the public trial beyond any doubt, in part by their own confessions.
ers should have clear governmental Farce With slash wages and living standards They were convicted of responsibility for and the direct organization sanction of company unions.
that was a member of the Left all down the line. wild Conof the assassination of Voladarsky, the attempts on the lives of Lenin Asks More Conferences Ban on 7a Wing of the My differences gross is coming in, a Congress unest and regure are the When it became evident that the with the leadership of the oriterrorism and violence against the workers state der pressure from the people back conference had reached a dead ginated on the Trade Union queshome to appropriate more and open trial, conducted before the eyes of the world, the revolutionary more funds to relleve distress and vigilance of the Soviet Government was approved and endorsed by the President Roosevelt asked the Steel Uncle Franklin Roosevelt, sitting tion more than two years ago, lendBy LEO ROBERTS international working class; the moral position of the counter revoluBoard to continue its good work on his fence down in Washington, ing up to the 1934 Party Convention Curnish work for the millions and NEWARK, Five weeks on somehow make President RooseMopists, including the Mensheviks and the Social Revolutionaries, and to arrange further conferences. seems to have heard rumors that held in Cleveland. As a result of was completely destroyed, The deadlock over the question of the boys in the automobile and auto my brief talk as a delegate to that the picket ile have taught the volt golden political phrases and So strong was the position of the Soviet Government then, in 1922. majority rule was caused mainly parts factories are getting restless convention, organization measures striking employees of the Newark when the country was still suffering from the devastation of civil war by the fact that Green, Tighe and again. The automobile code, dure were taken against me in plain and Ledger more about capitalism and promises come to life.
as seen and famine, when Industrial production was at its lowest point, for other of representatives in to expire Sept. 4, had been extend tlagrant violation of Inner party labore than many of them learned business lobby, is not that this can below pre war standards, before anybody had even thought of socialthe conference were being subjected and there was still no action democracy. was threatened with the years in the editorial room. be done while they hold the reigns ism expulsion 24 hours after the con. Ne velepanu powiershey refer to scabs or wealth and industry, but that one country. not to speak of proclaiming its existence 80 ed to pressure from the rank and toward changing.
strong was the position of the victorious revolution that the Soviet file, which is fast becoming more Something had to be done. So vention it did not retract the as loyal workers.
They have learned from it is possible and so expect too Government, with the approval of the Communist International, found progressive and militant than the Uncle Franklin told Leon Hender views bad expressed at the conIt possible to commute the death sentences passed on the terrorists by old line union leaders son, chief of the NRA Planning and vention the day before. was im. Rosselli Publisher of the Ledger, much the proletarian court.
What the next steps of President Research Division to take Dr. Isl mediately removed from all party who, after ten days of complete pub Pressure on the Administration It was Trotsky who came before the Executive Committee of the Roosevelt and the steel Board will dor Lubin, statistical director of activity. As a result the whole hic silence, inserted puld ads in all (Continued on Page 4)
be was not announced. Unrest the Labor Department, and Rich question of the Inner party regime Newark newspapers saying, There recently forced Harry Hopkins, is nothing to mediate arbitrate Relief Administrator, to cut reller pointing toward a general strike isard Lansburgh, Henderson asreported in steel.
between the Ledger and the guila wages below 12 a week.
sociate director, up to Detroit and (Continued on Page 4)
at this late date as the Ledger comToledo and Flint and other auto The Journal of Commerce, pletely restaffed its editorial room centers and let the workers tell which interprets business and po (The Presl.
and since the guild does not reprethem their troubles.
litical trends for Wall Street, sent these employees have no more predicted in the early fall that dent evidently knows a bit about reason to deal with the guild.
the Administration would soon be They have learned from the Alto keep them from acting. forced to reduce relief wages lied Printing Trades Council, which to help industry stabilize indusThen, he said, they should go to sitting in special session, unani trial wages at reasonable The contents of this issue of the and the political feld, in the unions BERKELEY, Calll. Indignation figure out some way to stabilize the manufacturers. And they should PHILADELPHIA. crowd of mously passed a resolution extend level.
New Militant give the reason why and in other political parties and of the rank and file members o the drive for the 5, 000 Party Founasroup, at home in the United Communist Party at the incomple employment in the automotive field. 300, including members of every poing sympathy and all possible sup This Was Important litical current in the world of labor port to Guild fight for recognition of their Cats Eat Relief Meat Live furnish at the same time conclusive piles up that the new party was sabotage of the defense of the 18 But, he said and this was very, Syndicalists, Stalinists, Socialorganization.
evidence that it will be consider launched at the most opportune comrades on trial in the Criminal very important they must be care ists and ex radicals of all shades Their First Strike TOLEDO, Ohio. Toledo rellet the situation: One of the founders moment, that in the midst of con Syndicalism case at Sacramento ful not to let the boys talk about turned out to hear Muste and They know now, these men and authorities have found a new way of the Communist Party in this cusion and to test the fitness of meat for the disintegration every has reached the point of explosion. Section 7a or Dr. Leo Wolman James Cannon present the pro women who picketing in the country, prominent leader in its where else, our Declaration of last week the general membership National Automobile Labor Board.
Arst organized strike of editorial bellies of unemployed workers and trade union work, has Jolned the Principles sets forth clearly and meeting the emer Berkeley That would be against the rules, gram of the new revolutionary party here on December 16. Nine room workers in the United States, their children.
sharply the answer to the questions adopted resolution calling the and furthermore it might be em new members were added and that it is only by fighting side by When unemployed workers here tries this week, automobiles and of the day in the revolutionary district leadership to account in the barrassing.
steel, the workers have again been movement.
most scathing terms and categoriSo Uncle Franklin helpers went 73. 60 pledged to the party building side with other workers, not by brought tainted rellet beef to the fund.
depending on collaboration with authorities the relief agents set out put off with empty promises and COMRADES, WE MUST NOT cally demanding a radical change to Detroit. They did have some Mostly workers were present the bosses, that they can hope to to demonstrate to the workers that the meat was edible. Mlee were Roosevelt administration.
gestures by the capitalists and the SHIRK OUR GREAT RESPONSI of policy and attitude toward the trouble about a. Matthew Smith, January 13, a labor parade is put in the cage with some of the In automobiles, for example, one BILITIES NOW BY FAILING TO case and towards the defendants general secretary of the Mechantes militant trade unionists Negro and win their rights.
white, many unemployed and proEducational Society of America, being planned under the auspices of suspect beef, but the mice, caged of the million and one Roosevelt RALLY ALL OUR RESOURCES involved.
AT THIS CRITICAL MOMENT TO The leading defendants, among the strongest union in the field, and Cessional people.
commissions is holding hearings on stabilization of employment. but GET OUR REVOLUTIONARY them Caroline Decker, are allowed Slaurice Sugar, the union attorto lle in fall for lack of bail wbite ney, protested vigorously, and they are former American Workers Party The guild is concentrating on get noses at the meat. Determoften the show that the ment could be eaten, Favorites at the lock clique are made it clear they expected nothing and the Communst League on a This strike is belug watched some alley cats were captured and refuses to listen to the testimony MESSAGE TO THE MASSES of workers regarding the anti unNow every branch, every member, taken out. Nothing is done to profrom the hearing.
Ionism of the bosses which is the every sympathizer, must ret busy. mote a broad united front with Marxism to build the Workers ents of affliation of the American The cats, noting the simularity Committee Heard Plenty root of the turmoll in the industry. Bring in every dollar, every penny other working class organizations Even without a, the president Party of the United States. The Newspaper Guild, which has 9, 000 to their regular fare. of garbage, the that can be raised. Forward money in behalf of the prisoners, the case committee heard plenty, as witness addresses were warmly applauded members all over the country, with pronounced the meat good. The Workers. Send an expertenced of new party kanizer, cry our Toledo comrades, you get it. dollar given early in party dress and a venomous came of Federal Auto Union told what was good.
At the guild first convention in the relief authorities that the of to get busy on this situation. the drive will do the work of two. paign of slanderous Insinuation is the conditions in the automobile St. Paul last year, a motion to af 15 (a) not good for mlee. b) ed Look abroad and we witness the FOR THE WORKERS PARTY conducted against the leading de Industry really are.
The Lehigh County Unemployed late was tabled when it threat ible by cats. c) perfect for unemswift, amazing developments which OF THE fendants in the case. The reason They made proposals, too. The League asks that readers of the ened to split the guild.
ployed workers and their children.
have followed the assassination of NT will help them Result of CE: Collaboration Kirov in the Soviet Union and DARITY!
FOR WORKING CLASS SOLI they are suspected of deviations proposed that there NEW MIL in the direction of the Workers should be an annual guaranteed build library by sending them The leadership of the Ledger FOLLOW THE NEWS IN THE which constitute the subject of an Party!
wage of 2, 000 for semi skilled and books, pamphlets, etc. Send them strike recognizes the need for co NEW MILITANT. MUSTE, important statement in this lasue.
to: Ed. Moser, L, 341 On every hand, on the economic National Secretary (Continued on Page Continued on Page 4) Union Street, Allentown, Penna (Continued on Page 4) JOIN THE WORKERS PARTY.
of our real months to other Auto Hearing Printers het onder toes anception et Aids Striking Reporters Muste Calls for Funds Hit Sabotage Join Party At Philly Meet SPEAKERS: MASS MEETING IRVING PLAZA Irving Pl. 15 th St. CANNON MUSTE Sanday, December 23rd, 00