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The Methods of StalinismZack Kornfeder, Joseph "Joseph Zack" (Slovakia) (1898-1963)
Saar Basin is Pawn of Imperialist Rivals: Plebiscite Mask Real Aims

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1984 NEW MILITANT PAGE History in the Making Role In Making Bosses War Shown Saar Basin Is Pawn Of Imperialist Rivals thla critical moment, when the socialist Party memoria duster and WORKERS DIED FOR MORGAN LOANS metus, ventante company mainly one as to the futuro. 12. 00 Gilman. 00 Graham 00 Brooks 323. 20 Barry 88Total. be issued to the 723. 20 Copeland THE METHODS OF STALINISM for national defense in the next war.
And at that moment in 1923 when the Jap scare was being whipped up in earnest, and loudly drummed into the people through ar the newspapers and into the children through school textbooks, the THAT the revolutionary party is to play one of the most important roles in American labor history is no longer a question of doubt. At War Department began help PLEBISCITE MASKS REAL AIMS the Communist Party is defimington, Delaware, sell munitions nitely falling the leftward moving workers, there remains only one to Japan.
force capable of giving correct leadership in the class struggle the Six years before the outbreak of maintaining our present pre emiThe American government agreed In the Saar today, there is in lest that ruin American plans for Worloers Party of the the World War wherein millionsnent trade position and averting to turn over to the duPonts a part volved much more than the fate of a bloody re division of the world The class conscious workers are giving concrete manifestations of of workers dressed in uniforms a panic is by declaring war on of the reserve supply of car the Saar or even all Europe. on its own terms. is designed to thelr willingness and readiness struggle. Witness the general strike were torn to bits the Colt Patent Germany.
tridges to be shipped to Japan. The tiny Saar district, packed prevent it. Naturally, American in California; the Toledo and Minneapolis historic battles; the textile Prearms Company, the du Pont Ne At that moment, according to the Since then both the War Depart with almost 300. 000 people, the diplomacy makes its constant moves workers and numerous other instances. What is lacking is a revolu mours Company and the Gov. Committee experts, the British ment and the State Department majority miners, has become against England under cover of tlonary mass party. To all that need becomes the paramount duty ofernment of the United States knew government was being pressed by have aided the American munition pawn in the hands of practically desire to ensure European peace. the Workers Party. This imposen enormous tasks upon us.
that it was going to happen. And the Morgen bank and other Amermakers in arming Japan, Germany every great imperialist rival in the Today England seems closer to The united forces of the two organizations which merged to form they set about secretly arming the lean financial institutions to pay and other so called enemy counstruggle for hegemony in Europe. Its goal than ever before. The unthe new party contain sutticient material with which to carry out this nations for the conflict.
back 400, 000, 000 which had been tries, at the same time preparing The question to be decided nowderstanding between German and obligation. All that is necessary is a determined, obstinate struggle Nothing could give one better advanced in war credits. The Brit at home a psychology of fear and is this: French Imperialism as to for its achievement. Every party member, every sympathizer, overy Insight into the nature of the Amish government was unable to re hatred, and building up a modern Is it possible for Germany and of the Saar mines is, in the main, friend must make a little sacrifice and success is assured.
erican capitalistic government. pay the loans, and the loans were war machine.
French imperialism, bound soon England work. Powerful capitalTHE URGENT NEED government by the capitalists than in danger.
None of this is new, of course. er or later to come to grips over ist groups in Germany and France The first need of the new Party, weak as yet compared to the great this. The Illusion that the Gov Woodrow Wilson and Congress Since the Industrialists constitute the question of continental hegewhich fear a premature showdown tasks aherd, is a Find to enable us to carry out the plans of the ornment belongs to everybody is declared war on Germany immedi the real government of the nation, mony, to reach a temporary un between the two, and which thereProgram of Action.
wept away. The words of Karlately thereafter; and not only did nothing less could be expected. The derstanding which would break fore favor an alliance under British First and foremost we must rush capable organipers into the field, Marx, who some 80 years ago wrote the banks collect theit loans, but same has been going along all the up the present alliance between overlordship Against the Soviet build and maintain Party districts in the industrial concentration areas what a capitalist government is just the Government fosted the ball time. The Nye Committee has France and Soviet Russia, thereUnion (and the seem to be And organize the cost to coast tours. This will bring immediate results che executive committee of the and while the doughboys were being rendered a real service, however, by allowing British imperialism saining the upper hand. The Gerin membership Increase; it will help double the circulation of our paper apltalists themselves, are brought sent over and slaughtered to the by giving the public a peep behind to weld all Europe for a short man and French press have toned and lay the foundation for a national Left progressive wing in the co mind.
tune of a day, more than 500 the scenes.
time into a powerful bloc directed down mutual attacks, a fact gratiWhy America Entered War trade union movement.
American capitalists were drawing fying The Government is like the in against the the petty bourgeois RALLY TO THE SUPPORT OF THE FOUNDATION FUND CAM The facts unearthed by the Sen down a minimum of 1, 000, 000 famous Bruce Barton. Mr. Barton fist who sees here a victory for PAIGN. DONT DELAY. EVERY SYMPATHIZER, EVERY FRIEND ate Committee Investigating the year each, and some were getting wrote a book about Jesus and a At the moment of achieving such the cause of peace. but very al. AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT.
munitions industry show up clearly as high as 15, 000 per day through book about the Bible, then he wrote an agreement, a new world war arming to the Marxist who underRECEIPTS TO DATE the interlocking alliance between out the war.
Wasserman Branches 00 the Anancial and political ruters a terrific article in the American would become an imminent danger stands that the agreement really The Japs Are Discovered Magazine against war, entitled in a far more immediate sense smooths the way towards the out3. 00 of the United States, between the New York District, less percentage Mann.
When the war was over, a new Let Advertise this Hell. and he than hitherto. Thus far the an. break of another world war.
deducted for local work. 159. 60 Weber The Saar has become the key 10. 00 capitalists and the Government. enemy had to be found, and if not then donated several full page ads tagonism between French and GerRose Rolene. 00 Miller. 00 On March 3, 1917, Woodrow Wil found, then made.
against war in the popular magaman imperialism has been the main to the war question, in the sense Eastman 14. 00 00 son, who had just been returned The Wall Street financiers, the zines for World Peaceways. But stumbling block to England per that the negotiations around the to the White House by an over munitions makers and the coun all this while he was serving (at sistent attempts to realize its plebiscite are being utilized for Boston, Mass. 100. 00 Green.
whelming majority because he try big corporations, including the a big salary) as advertising Agent dream of an all European antithe purpose of breaking up the Konikow 00 kept us out of war. received a War Department, got busy. for the Remington Arms Company, Soviet bloc with Hitler Germany as present alliance between French 60 Philadelphia, Pa.
Branch No. cable from Walter Hines Page And soon poor dumb guys at cross the standard on Company, the its pear head. Such a bloc seems imperialism and the Soviet Union.
West Individuals 10. 00 then Ambassador in London road stores and on street corners Chase National Bank and the du almost indispensable if British imthe plan of an For po was, in the final New Haven, Conn. 00 The cable, made publie by the Nye across the country were talking Pont Nemours Company, equip perialism together with its Japan. Eastern Hilda Brabinsky, Brooklyn. 00 rurshmen 00 Committee, sald in part: 10. 00 about the Japs and the Yellow ping armies in Europe, Asia and ee ally is to fight with a chance analysis, but a threat whereby to Steinberg, Spartacus, The pressure of this approach Peril. Plenty money was spent South America.
of success against both the Soviet pound Germany into line. The real Beecher 00 ing. crisis am certain, has gone to get that result; newspapers were In the same way, this capitalistic Union and the Every move settlement of the question of Eu1. 00 beyond the ability of the Monginylatble government and Con and serves the interests of the oxious to prevent England from is to come out of the negotiations Pons by the big interests the Government dupes the masses on the part of the itself an ropean peace under Britain wing Two New York Sympathizers, 25 financial interests. It is not 00 improbable that the only way of grees began appropriating millions nanclers and Industrialists Mro. and 400. 00 Colay solidifying Its European position around the Saar. Once the Chertoff. 28 10 cendancy of groupinga favoring a German French understanding hos Black. 00 (Certificates will been assured in England, France Branch No. above within a few days. and Germany (and day seems Stavin. 00 Additional not far off. no more mention will Greenberg 205 Pledge from a New York sympebe made of the Eastern Locarno. 00 thlger, Mrs. to send 200 to the Miller.
By JOSEPH ZACK Soviet Russia isolation will be 8, 00 This he did by diverting the Aght, few more such things and could the allation of the Chinese greater than it has been for a long Fund for every other 200 raised Brandmark 00 (Ed. Note: This is the first of away from Stalin, using Bucharine Stalinism as it is. never to the Kuomintang, the Chinese time past. The French Russ an al from other friends and sympathis Roth.
Duncan a series of articles by Joseph as the pubching bag and bugaboo could admire Stalin or boost bim bourgeois wrty of Chiang Kalifance ers, up to total of 1, 000.
be, at most, a scrap of. 50 and thus annexing the Left element with quotations and was feel. Chek. The submitted to the paper. All the concessions made to The first to meet the challenge Ferber Communist Party who recently to himself, diverting it away from ing less and less sure of mysell discipline of the Kuomintang and French imperialism by the Soviet R. New York sympathizer Gordon 00 resigned and joined the Workers Trotaky.
when talking about Trotsky, of did not even have its owo press bureaucracy will have been in who contributed 200 and promised Levine Eldenson 00 Party another 300.
Against the background of the course ever since objected to the In order to keep up this reaction vain.
Streeter 00) Zack paints an unforgettable then declining revolutionary wave resolution was on the blacklist. ary atew all kinds of fancy but WHO WILL MAKE UP THE Grassin 00 picture of the methods of StalThus far this stage has not been iniem as he saw them in Mosin Europe and the tiredness of the This found out later.
NEXT 2007 completely deceitful and anti Len Isenman 00 cow. Next week he will describe Russian masses themselves this The Moscow Rumor Factory inst theories were invented by reached, but this has been the trend Branch No. of developments. On all sides restrategy worked wonderfully both New York District Members Who Gordon the working of these methods in 25 While in Moscow In 1927 many Stalin and his clique. The peasant Paid Their Foundation Fund Tax Goodman outside and even to a large extent rumors kept on percolating througx masses of China, who were already groupments and preparations for the American 00 inside of Russia. This is how to us foreigners about the internal then in a rising mood, were not Both in the German Reichswehr Branch Kent 25 Leonard.
as well as many others of the Left situation in the Russian party. only not encouraged but restrained and in the Red arpy, those groups 00 Klein 00 There is a crisis developing in in the got hooked to Stalin one of them was about Lenin from revolutionary action by the advocating a renewal of the former Della Guardia 25 the Only here and there are kite.
Sterling Thus the so called fight on testament. there external manifestations of it two fronts against Right and Left testament was said that this in order, as the thesis read. Russo German alliance as an alterwas very bad for Stalin to maintain the alliance with the native to both the present FrancoStrang. 60 but its burrowings are deep.
Kujawsky. really was a night mainly against and good for Trotsky, but the in Chinese national bourgeoisto against 00 This cris manifests itselt: 1) the Left as subsequent events have formers would add. Lenin in his Imperialism, Russian alliance and the proposed Karser Franco German alliance, again 00 In the decline of the party influ proved aplenty last days was losing his senses, The Chinese Debacle Gordon. 10ence particularly in the trade union Stalin, initiator or partner in all bence the Central Committee decidraise their heads It is conceivable Stevens 00 Beld, both in independent unions the policies be blamed Bucharin ed to disregard his testament. Crom a clear sky, came the news counteract England plans Then one nice day, like thunder that American Imperialism, to Borkeson 40 and in the of and in the for, took for his main guiding line Stalin caucus in those days was a circulated by rumors that, Chiung which a Franco German (of Cowl 50 underBranch No. decline of the unions controlled by the question of possessing him regular rumor factory.
Renn 00 the party itself; 2) The increased self of the party apparatus in and slated for atafavor or elimination and commander of the Nationalist use its still great influence in GerAnyone Kai Chek, head of the Kuomintang standing is the cornerstone) will Bleecker Orden 00 Lore 00 cording to Browder report (Nov. achieve this end he played both of blackmail. As to Trotsky, the Communists only a few days Soviet Russia in favor of a new Wilson Bauman 00 Communist) the membership enda against the middle. Thus he rumors were: That he was break after Stalin had made a speech Russo German understanding as Brinkman 28 declined from 24, 000 at the time of became the arbiter, the potentate, Ing discipline and organizing a new praising Chlang Kai Check as aja temporary expedient. Actual Schwalbe 00 Leeser 00 the party convention (April 1984) of the party apparatus, veering party. That the Trotskyists were loyal ally. Through a Chinese events in the Soviet Union, aim ng 00 VI Vix. 00 to below 20, 000, this in spite of a right and left against the back hooking up with counter revolu comrade, whom happened to know at eliminating certain grouping Morris 00 Jutac 10 recruitment of 17, 000 new members around of the opportunist theory tionary elements (White Guards. personally, found out the facts, actually or supposedly involved in Nelson 00 in that period. According to these and practice of socialism in one That they were organizing a and also that Trotsky was opposed the Kirov assassination, may be reDrake 00 Sympathiser 00 Agures more than 21, 000 members country Tynos 00 Total Collected: dropped out of the party within separate demonstration for May to the whole line of Stalin in China. lated to this struggle between oriLewis. 00 Branch Day and that Trotsky attempted the apparatus control of the entations on foreign policy and ac99. 75 alx months since the Cleveland The Game of Make Believe Marshall 50 convention It took me a long time to find individually to address the demon by Stalin, however, was so strong companying differences as to the Spiro 00 Branch 36. 50 Outwardly, the crisis thus far polities in those days. His game against the party.
out the inside track of Stalin stration and Incite the masses even then, that in spite of all these Inner Soviet regime. The new Berg. 00 Branch Brunch No. Bracuh 16. 00 nanifests toel independente durarwandt make belleve, of pretending to When Trotèky was being exlled the proletariat in China resulting undoubtedly aimed at preventing. 50 Branch 14. 00 (Building Trades) and of Kudler 00 Branch 16. 85 minority groups (Local Electri tween eremies and developed into greed hunting dogs, hunting rifles, Events have verlied the correct exact opposite a method used be took along with him a dozen ped assembled in a Plenum stated: ing any provocative anti French Shawn. 00 cal Workers) from the party a fine art in the class struggle of servants, lots of furniture, fineness of the line. etc. etc. This fere with plans of the Hitler clique Branch No. Total. 224. 86 control, as well as the going over the Ortent was now introduced clothes and a whole library, all the thing dumbfounded me. Although to come to an understanding with Konikow 00 Wright to the opposition or expulsion of into the Communist movement by comforts of a big bourgeois intel unable to properly assemble all France against Russla. 00 WORCESTER, Mase Reinstate groups of active party members Stalin.
lectual. The vilification of the op these things in my mind a sort of To the contending Imperialist Leeser Ettlinger 00 nation and recognition of the 00 ment of workers without discrimi who are joining the cannot pride myself on having position in the official Russian presa uncanny distrust took hold of me robbers the plebiscite itself is one Gray Were such thing as inper de understood it then. But did smell must have been colossal. but we somehow Stalin appeared in my of the least important aspects Katalkis 00 agreement offered by the Massa this erials would he course takrat in 1929 when Stalin in the foreigners could not read it. We consciousness as a dark force and the Sanr question. What matter could hardly get rid of that feel to them is the use of this issue to Carmoda 00 chusetts board of arbitration which other forms than Spiro 26 has ended the strike at the Stevens The background to the present cris pledness, about the Tammany Hall vlev writings and plenty of analy.
disintegration. Lovestopeites spoke about princi tations from Trotsky and Zino ing ever after.
further larger ends, all leading up 00 Linen Works at Worcester.
How the Lefts Were Fooled to a single one: the best possible As is far more complex, however, methods of the Lovestoneltes. This sis of these quotations, but we than the average party member speech was reprinted in pamphlet never saw The fact, however, that Stalin line up for the coming war.
actual textual expo But to the unfortunate people of HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR suspects. Essentially the crisis is torm in this country. Stalin pre sition of the opposition leaders supported the Left in the American due to the fact that while officially tended not to have favored any of position written by themselves! ler, Lovestone and Bucharin threw mous importance. True. If the maand other parties as against Brand the Saer the plebiscite bas enor.
PARTY FOUNDATION CERTIFICATE Lenin teachings are supposed to the factions. I, knowing the de Explaining the Opposition be the official guide of the parts, tails, knew he was lying unscrupume of the track and prevented me jority votes for the continuation of Trotsky position, according to from drawing any further conclu the status quo (under the League ONE DOLLAR or substituted by the mediocrity of Lously and preparing to cover up these quotations and commentar slons then and thinking the matter of Nations. the question will simhis tracks at the same time. This les which purportent of view, was the slander against the Trotsky op the workers of the world a chance Stalinism. This double bookkeep was done by dispersing the leaders the opposition FIVE DOLLARS to explain out subsequently. The audacity of ply be laid over for a while, giving TEN DOLLARS ing Is at the root of the present of the American Left, sending them as follows: 1) split with the pen position as counter revolutionary to make of the Saar, Inatend of.
altuation in the and the whole to various countries. This was done santry. 2) Preparation of a war was another factor, for none of us source of trlumph for Hitler and We can supply collection lists for those who cannot afford any Comintern.
one of these sums by themselves. certificate will be issued for the total collected.
However, in order not to antici the minority faction. Stalin, then ening of the foreign trade monopo leaders of the Russian could towards the proletarian reconquest Members of the organization will receive certificates equal to late things against the background forbid all factions. Not only that, but neglect of the rest of economy. commit such a falsification. Hence fighting French proletariat. But se their Party Foundation Tax peld through the branches of America no events Les will stelt wo there was to be monolithic. Socialism cannot be built in a. and many others did not bother as a result of the Nazt terror, the HELP RELIZE THE PROGRAM OF ACTION own story, for this is the story of party, a party of one thought, the peasant country, hence the prole to find out the actual facts even bargain between French and Ger many others still the party. My thought of Stalin, and no contro tariat has to exploit the peasantry after we were out of Russia. We man imperialists, and the lack of own experience brought me to the versial discussions.
HELP BUILD THE WORKERS PARTY It would not to prepare for same conclusions as those stated in do, therefore, to have proofs that Revolution, war, etc.
International took it more or less for granted the active solidarity of workers of that Trotsky had become what the other countries, the Saar majority GIVE YOUR ACTIVE SUPPORT TO THIS DRIVE.
the Workers Party Declaration of Stalin had been organizing factions such was the peppery dish prec. sald.
votes for return to Germany, then Principles. am deeply convinced for years before. Differences were pared against the opposition.
Need The present new turn to the right, the chambers and firing squads will hand over to the Fill In Blank Below and Mall Today.
that many others will take the outlawed as Left Social Fascist ness to say we foreigners were this time executed officially by torture same rond. Lovestone) or counter revolu thus finally convinced that Trot Stalin himself, had to occur in or of the Nazis the flower of a prole Back Stage Methods tionary (Trotsky)
Workers Party of the sky position was all wrong, con der to stir up the memory of things tarlat whose militant traditions Even while Stalin was combined We were then coming into the demned it as left phrase monger of the past against the background rank with those of our fighting 112 East 19th St. Room 702 with the Right wing in Russia it era of Stalin fancy theories of Ing. objectively lending to a of present events. Now know, of miners of West Virginia, hlinois New York City.
self (Bucharin, Rykov and Co. in Social Fascism and the united counter revolutionary position. Lat course, that all and severally the and Pennsylvania.
The workers of the Baar see to Enclosed and. tor a Party Foundation Fund Oer Zinovier, etc. he at the same time being prepared for events in the read: The counter revolutionary position led by Trotsky, as stated the east a country to which their OR. Bend me. collection Nata for the Party Intriguing against his Russian American party. In the spring of platform of Trotskylam, or Trot by Stalin and his clique, are out: brethren, having suffered a cruel Foundation Fund.
allies (Bucharin was then In 1928 in Moscow objected to a skylem, the Vanguard of Interna right fabrications. know now defeat, are incapable of lending charge of the Comintern) in the resolution calling Trotsky a coun. tonal Counter Revolution.
that the whole thing is a tissue of them any help. To the went they Name foreign parties by encouraging the tet revolutionist, but in this case Just about the time that we were lies. The whole Stalinist system is see a proletariat bardly able to development of Left factions was far trom understanding the pretty well convinced of the an unscrupulous system of slander hold its own in a deadly struggle Address against Bucbarin.
The peared that way; in reality stalin could even be talked out of my Trotskylam, occurred the Chinese its authors forever.
That is, it ap fall implications of the thing counter revolutignary nature of and blackmail that will condems with reaction and fasciam.
workers of the Saar seem to bAVO State was not afraid of Bucharin at all. impressions. But the molecular debacle. Those who follow events in the next twene will point out been left almost completely in the Por poblidty we the name.
What he was alming at was to 180 processes kept on working down in the movement will remember how things proceeded in the Amer lurch, facing the most cruel and late ble main enamy, teptuky, trom deep lo my adrdoneus. Home that, contrary to the fundamental ilan on the beals of the powerful memtes the worlang the tatt for the tonal perthies et te at tatlon. Altantage of Ladlo, stálta ww) thethods and poltele.
be se towa. 00! Lewis 00 Lorenz 10. 00 recabe 00 Morrow 00 Ray 10. 00 Satin 16. 00 Schaap 00 Udell 00 Levine 00 Lore 00 Brodwin Marlen. 00 Branch Lynch alty