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401 Saturday, August 14, 1937 Cents per Copy, SOCIALIST PARTY IS SPLIT IN NEW YORK EXPULSIONS WHY WE ARE PUBLISHING THE SOCIALIST APPEAL which we we are systemically La Guardia Sell out in GP Lynches Andres Nin As a further indispensable instrument in our La Guardia Socialists Oust Left Wingers At fight. we are undertaking the immediate publication of under which the APPEAL suspended publication at Rump Meeting of Central Committee the time of the Chicago Convention has been brazenly violated. The internal discussion organ has never apBy a vote of 48 to 2, with 18 rations.
for expulsion.
peared; and has, in fact, been voted out of existence by not voting, the Central Comittee Prior to the meeting, the Alt The 52 already expelled are the at its Philadelphia meeting. The official of the Socialist Party, Local New man Thomas Valenti clique of only the first batch scheduled for factional press from York split the party by railroad La Guardia socialists had sus expulsion, since an additional 70 The Left press is excludert. Je Left wing is expected to ing through the expulsion in block pended charter of three left left wingers have been brought stay of 52 leading members of the left wing branches, thus unseating before the packed Grievance silent about the crimes committed against it. We rewing, rump meeting held their delegates, and had also re Committee on the site trumpfuse to be muzzled! The APPEAL is our answer to on the evening of August fused to recognize number of ed up charges. These 70 do not the gag laws and the split drive. Every revolutionary Eighteen of the delegates to the other left wing delegates duly exhaust the number of the party consideration demands its immediate appearance as the Central Committee meeting de elected by their branches. The members listed for expulsion, for militant and uncompromising spokesman and bannernounced the entre gathering as most ruthlessly arbitrary mea the Right wing bureaucracy bearer of the Left wing.
illegal and refuse to partici sure were thus taken to assure control of the New York admipate in its high handed delibe the two thirds majority required nistration has openly announced From the Manifesto to the Party Membership.
its intention of kicking out every supporter of the left wing, which means more than 450 comrades in New York alone.
Farcical Hearing The expulsions climaxed a cyIn 1936 the great bulk of the the Socialist Party fought an in nically farcical hearing before The Stalinist assassins are of Franco.
workers in this country were dependent campaign.
a committee dominated by Alt making good on the threats uthitched up to the Roosevelt bandClass Lines Sharpening Committee Finds Frame Up man Mo faction leaders who, in tered a few months ago wagon. It wasn quite as easy a their caucus meetings, had al scow, that they were going to committe of prominent Enjob as in the good old days. Jim But now, in 1937, the lines have ready voted for the expulsion of exterminate the Trotskists and glish and French radicals who Farley and the rest of the Dem become even sharper. Through the socalled Trotskyists. The uncontrollables in Spain, just proceeded to Spain last month to ocratic machine politicians could out the world, the international charges themselves were made on as they judicially murdered the investigate the frame ups, found not have pulled it off by them crisis capitalism is breaking the basis of a blanket conspi old Bolsheviks in the Soviet that nobody, save the Stalinists, selves. They had to get help out openly into revolution and racy indictment. which did not Union.
put any credence in the charges.
from the whole crew of labor war. In this country, the work even attempt to accuse the indi The news has just seeped out We quote from the report of this bureaucrats, both of and ing class is surging forward in viduals named for acts of indisci of the Spanish censorship that investigation made by the wellC. and from the gang of a new class militancy. At all pline, but were limited to the Andres Nin, the leader of the known French syndacalist, Roliberals and Popular Frontists, costs the bourgeoisie and its charge of associating with an POUM (Workers Party of Marx bert Louzon: home variety. In a number of henchmen have got to keep the organization, nainely, the Appealian Unification. was lynched by Vasquez and Montseny (leadStates they had to change the workers from moving toward the group, whose interests were al the Stalinists in the private pri ers of the National Confederation Democratic label, in order to revolutionary position of inde legedly inimical to the Socialist son of Madrid of Labor) find the arrest of Nin keep the workers votes in the pendent Marxist politics. Party and in violation of its dis about the middle of July. His and others scandalous, and their Roosevelt column: Farmer Labor In this task the labor bureau cipline. Demands by the defend body, together with four other position, Vasquez has just Party in Minnesota; Farmer crats, reformists and Popular ants that each individual be pre unknown corpses, was found in defined it in a speech, the proofs Labor Progressive Federation in Frontists have the chief part to sented with specific charges the outskirts of the capital. of which we saw, is this: If there Wisconsin; American Labor play. Indirect support of capi against him, for specific actions, Together with Juan Andrade, are spies in the POUM, as there Party in New York.
talist candidates, parties, and were arbitrarily denied an act Julien Gorkin and most of the probably are in all the antiWithin the working class mo politics such as was given Roo ion unprecedented in the party other leaders of the POUM, An Fascist parties, let them be puvement, the reformists either sevelt last year is no longer and virtually without precedent dres Nin was arrested in June nished, but that does not give went along directly with the enough. They have got to go over even in ordinary capitalist courts. by the Stalinist special police the right to exterminate the Roosevelt machine, did the directly to schemes for keeping The Grievance Committee and transferred hastly to their POUM as an organization.
Social Democratic deration, or the workers chained to the cap devoted no more than four hours private dungeons in Madrid. They In adition, he informed us supported it indirectly, as did the italist order.
to hear a case involving the party were held on the absurdly hide that the CNT new has eight Stalinists and Lovestoneites. Only (Continued on page Continued on page 8) ous accusation of being agents (Continued on page 9)
Who is Financing the Right Wing Split Drive. Who is financing the expulsion facts: ternational Ladies Garment between 5, 000 and 10, 000 could as the funds provided for the drive against the left wing that At a secret caucus meeting Workers Union and the Amalga be obtained if it were gone about sustenance of La Stampa Libera has been launched in New York held on the evening of Monday, mated Clothing. Workers in New in the right way. The right wing by the Communist Party. When and nationally by the Thomas August 2, 1937 in the home of York for confidential contribu leaders decided to leave the mat Valenti expresses confidence in Altman right wing?
Norman Thomas, at which the tions of money for the right wing ter entirely in Valenti hands. his ability to raise funds from We charge that the Thomas latter was present together with drive to kick the left out of the It should be made clear that it the indicated sources for the Altman caucus is raising a slush Jack Altman, Aaron Levenstein, party. Valenti stated that he was was not a question of SP mem Altman Thomas group to fight fund of thousands of dollars for Hal Siegel, Girolamo Valenti and confident that a sum of anywhere bers in the unions mentioned, but the left wing with, he knows just the purpose of financing its fight about score of other leading of the old line leaders, heads of what he is talking about. When to split the party by the expul members of the right wing cau Next issue: The Socialist the ALP, the constant opponents the right wing caucus gives its sion of the left wing and to hand cus, the question of financing the Appeal will print an article of the left wing in the labor mo approval to the raising this it over the counter to the ALP drive against the left wing was dealing in detail with the ac vement and of the SP in parti fund, it knows just what it is La Guardia bureaucracy. taken up. At this meeting, a large tivities and connections of the cular.
doing and what it is Hoing it for, We charge, further, that the collection was taken up from notorious Valenti, right Valenti has always been an And when the needle trades buThomas Altman caucus is raising those present.
wing stalwart, and of the agent of these bureaucrats and reaucracy contributes money to this fund from sources which are During the discussion of the shady deals he has made for his moral standing in the Italian the Altman Thomas faction, it not only outside the party but financial question. Girolamo years with Tammany Hall labor movement of this country too knows exactly what it is doing which, in the past period, have Valenti, editor of the Socialistpoliticians, with the Commun has a corresponding value. Va and why it is doing it.
been violently hostile to the and Stalinist controlled Italian ist Party leaders and with the lenti has been financed time and Now, what has the party daily Stampa Libera, proposed bureaucracy of the New York again by the right wing officials membership to say about this In substantiation of these that a committee be selected to needle trades unions.
of these unions, with money which scandalous deal put over behind charges, we submit the following approach the leaders of the Inhe has accepted just as readily lits back, SPEAKERS AT IRVING PLAZA HALL 15th St. Irving Place James Cannon Carlo Tresca FRIDAY, AUGUST 13th, 1937 Max Shachtman Liston Oak Auspices: Socialist Party, New York.
James Casey East Side Branch. party.
MASS Protest the lynching MEETING of Andres Nin in Spain!