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2 SOCIALIST APPEAL August 28, 1931 The Appeal Is Your Paper Support It!
The Socialist Appeal wa3 Front that is, to wipe it out as, It asks for and deserves the Third: canvassing every mi Shoot in your subs and bundle launched to popularize the fight an independent factor.
most energetic and liberal sup litant worker for a subscription orders! Send all communicatiens of all militant socialists for a The paper has been started as port of all its friends. We are to the Appeal. The rates are: and contributions to the Socialist genuinely revolutionary Socialist the organ of the left wing determined to spare no effort to 00 per year (52 issues) or Appeal, Room 1609, 100 Fifth Party and against the right wing branches of the SP in New York. keep it alive as a weekly publi for months (26 issues. The Avenue, New York, combination that is working But it is in fact the mouthpiece cation, devoted to the news and individual copies are cents! This is your fight help make with might and main to reduce of every left wing, revolutionary the viewpoint of the left wing in each, or cents per copy in it your victory! Support the left the SP to a tail of the People socialist throughout the country. its struggle and to the popula bundle orders of or more. wing press!
rization of the ideas or revolutionary Marxism in this country.
SUBSCRIPTION BLANK The New York comrades cannot BUNDLE ORDER shoulder the burden by themSocialist Appeal selves. The struggle is national Socialist Appeal and should be supported nation100 Fifth Ave.
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Room 1609 Room 1609 This means: New York City New York City Enclosed find for which send me The First: generous contributions Send me copies of each issue of of money from the comrades Socialist Appeal. 00 per year; 00 for six months. everywhere. regular contributthe Sccialist Appeal. 3c per copy in bundles. ions to insure the Appeal apName pearance.
Name Address Second: rushing in your bundle Address orders, distributing and selling City the paper everywhere, and payCity ing your accounts promptly.
ArmChina Mass, Only War Hope What Was Done In Scottsboro?
ists, just as in Spain today only the armed workers and peasants, flying the banners of revolution, can guarantee the final victory over the Fascist.
Mobilize the Masses The efforts of all revolution(Continued from page 1) tively withdrew their diplomatic ists in China and abroad must There is no principle more as if it were the most sensible Tientsin area and actually for representative from Nanking, but be directed toward precisely this firmly established among class idea in the world! That means ced some of the units under his the Chinese ambassador remains independent mobilization of the conscious workers than the labor that the Scottsboro Defense Comcommand to evacuate their posi at Tokyo and Nanking has not masses. Above all, the American defense principle of uncompro mittee agreed to it. For months tions. The Nanking Govern yet asked the Japanese ambas workers must intervene directly mising defense of class struggle after the agreement was made, ment, as its ambassador in Lon sador, now stationed in Shang in the struggle against Japanese victims. Rally the masses against there was no Scottsboro defense don admitted on July 26, acceded hai, to leave. Nanking has re imperialism. Cargoes destined legal lynching! Fight for the campaign. Then Judge Callahan, to this settlement, hiding its ca frained from taking any irrevoc for the Japanese military ma unconditional freedom of the according to the story, refused pitulation behind a refusal to ac able steps, such as the open rup chine must be immobilized. That Scottsboro boys! No collabora to abide by the deal.
cord formal recognition to any ture of economic and diplomatic is the key task here. Let the tion with Jim Crow elements! No But was that the end of the local arrangement.
relations or a genuine mobiliza slogan be raised for the seamen deals with the prosecution!
The resistance of the 29th ar tion for war. To the representa and longshoremen on the West When the Scottsbor Defense deal? We doubt it. For Liebomy soldiers to the orders of thier tives of the Powers at Shanghai, Coast, particularly: Not a ship, Committee was formed, with the witz then did, what the Scottsown commanders and the revolt Nanking spokesmen have boro Committee had promised re not ton cargo for Japanese participation of Norman Thomas would never happen. He advised of the supposedly pro Japanese peatedly proclaimed their readi, imperialism! The powerful or and the League for Industrial Ozie Powell who, under the unChinese militia Tungchow, ness to negotiate for peace, if ganizations of the maritime Democracy, the program of the bearable provocations of a bruhowever, convinced the Japanese only Japan will desist from its workers have it in their power Committee gave a blank check tal deputy had fought back, had imperialists that they could not attack.
in this country to strike a mortal to Samuel Liebowitz. The Com been shot, and separately indictreliably depend on any Chinese blow at Japan imperialist drive mittee rejected the proposals of forces. So they moved in with Tokyo Calculations in China.
the Non Partisan Labor Defense ed for attacking the deputy, to men, planes and tanks and took When the Stalinist party to for a class struggle policy.
plead guilty of assault with inTokyo calculations are clear. day calls upon the government tent to kill. over Peiping and Tientsin themThe inevitable happened; LieBelves. Abandoned by Nanking It has openly declared that nego at Washington to invoke the bowitz made a deal with the pro This crime against the Seottsand by their own officers, the tiations are out of the question Nine Power Pact they line secution. He himself. for in his boro boys, against the principles soldiers of the 29th army put up until a defeat has been inflicted themselves up with the drive to underworld code of ethics such a of labor defense, has been conIt an heroic but futile resistance on the Nanking government.
ward the future war American deal was permissible told the doned by the Scottsboro Defense They were smashed by the enemy and decisively, or else it is lost. With this the working class has to welcome the Scottsboro boys. etc. no to forget the silence of must inflict that defeat quickly against Japanese imperialism. story at the New York meeting Committee, by the Stalinists, in a week.
Temporizing in long and slow nothing in common. Against this Norman Thomas spoke too, and the Socialist Call.
Japan Refuses Partial negotiations is no longer possible the working class must pit all by his silence gave assent to the Surrender for Japanese imperialism. Nank its forces or else again become deal.
ing hopes are no less clear. It Satir Removed In Cook The original deal, agreed to When ten days ago Japan, was ready to surrender North cannon fodder to make the world safe against the Mikado. last December, is described as Country pursuing its advantage, struck in China, and it is still ready No, we must intervene in our follows by Morris Shapiro, sec. Continued from page 1)
full force at Shangai and in the to do so. Resistance to the own way in support of the Chi retary of the Scottsboro commitYangtze Delta, Chiang Kai shek Japanese is being offered at nese struggle against the Japa tee and a member of Norman branches for more than a year again left the door wide open to the Yanktze Delta to the ex nese imperialist invasion, with Thomas faction in the party: and a half. last night the Clari settlement, reaffirming his tent necessary to draw terms out identifying ourselves or our At a meeting in the New ty leaders made the round up.
readiness to come to terms with from Japan or to encourage action for a moment with the Yorker Hotel Mr. Liebowitz and With the representatives of the Tokyo so long as it would agree Anglo American intervention, at imperialist interests of our own (Alabama Attorney General) numerous Jugoslav branches preto recognize the nominal sover least the form of pressure for government. Working class ac Carmichael agreed that Patter sent they had a majority.
eignity of the Nanking regime. the conclusion of a truce.
tion in the post war years para son seventy five year sentence Utilizing this majority they a But Japanese imperialism soon These hopes are slim. Convinc lyzed the inter allied interven should be commuted to five years, proceeded to upset the actions of signified its unwilligness to accepted that the internal crisis in the tion against the October Revol that four of the Negroes should the CCC meeting of July on techanother partial surrender along Soviet Union and the complete ution. Lack of working class ac get off with five year, sentences nical grounds extremely the lines of those which enabled preoccupation of the Great Pow tion and resort to fruitless and if they would plead to charges tenuous kind. McDowell, the the Nanking regime to give up ers with the crisis in Europe treacherous appeals to the de of simple assault, and that the constitutional expert falsely Manchuria and Jehol and halt of leaves it for the moment with a mocratic Powers and the League remaining four the same ones interpreted the local constitution Chahat. It proceeded with the free hand, Japanese imperialism of Nations delivered Ethiopia who now have been given their as requiring a semi annual elecattack on Shanghai. It dispat is obviously driving forward this into the maw of the Italian Fas freedom should go scot free. ion of delegates to the CCC (it ched loaded transports southward time toward the complete sub cists and is helping to strangle (The Nation, August 14, 1937. called only for a reapportionand is distributing its entire fleet jugation of China. In any case the struggle of the workers and Shapiro, who speaks for Tho ment. moved to reconsider the along the China coast prepara this much clear if the resis peasants of Spain in their strug mas in Scottsboro work, tells actions of the July meeting on tory to the proclamation of a tance is left up to the Chinese gle against Fascism. Our forces this story of an agreement for the gro ind that the meeting was Blockade. Japanese planes are bourgeoisie alone, all past ex are gigantic, if only we will have four defendants to plead guilty, illegal. The real reason for his systematically bombing Nank perience teaches that the end will faith in them, boldly raise our action lay in the fact that the ing and points far inland in an only be a new capitulation, a own banners and act without and July meeting elected Sati to the attempt to destroy military and new betrayal. Nanking, despite against the class enemy!
Forward for the struggle County Central Executive ComAviation bases. At Shanghai a the advance guarantees of the China the revolutionists, against imperialism, but no con mittee in place of Ben Fisher decisive battle is being waged in Stalinists of the abandonment of united today under the banner of fidence or support to the Kuo who is now in Detroit. Utilizing an attempt to impose the will of all revolutionary activity, will the Fourth International in the mintang government, the gov an old agreement made the Japanese imperialism once and never dare arouse the masses Communist League of China, will ernment of the white ter time of the elections to the CEC, for all on the Chinese bourgeois and arm them. It knows enly too participate to the fullest extent rot, the government of the betray the Clarity group demanded that sié.
well that such measures dictate in the direct struggle againsters and the exploiters!
Satir first decline in favor of Here Chiang Kai shek has been its own ruin. Yet the armed mas Japanese imperialism. They will Forward to the organization McDowell on the ground that he compelled to make a stand ses, fighting in their own inter strive to mobilize the workers in of a proletarian party, of trade represented the same tendency against the invaders in defense ests and under their own banner, their own party and under their unions and peasant associations! as Fisher and should replace Wim.
of the right of the Chinese bour for the land and for an end to own banner, and to arouse the For the convocation of a Na This proposal Satir correctly re feoisie to exploit the Chinese all exploitation, are the only peasants in the vast hinterland tional Assembly in China, elect jected and because he did us and masses. But all the channels for force capable of waging a con for the real struggle against imed by universal suffrage! ran and was elected, the Clariet agreement with Tokyo temain sistent and victorious struggle perialism and its agents, the Not a ship, not ton of cargo ty group determined to show open. The Japanese demonstra against the Japanese inperial struggle for the land. for Japanese imperialism! him a lesson.