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August 28, 1937 SOCIALIST APPEAL Case of Rotten Liberalism in the Party Confronting the Socialist Party at the Decisive Stages of the Struggle on do prime concerns is the Trotsky The left wing, taking its words discusses all the party internal administration in New York? world with which they were affitrials. This is absolutely untrue. Seriously launched a struggle in affairs from the Altman caucus Not at all! Not a hint of all liated in order to launch their We have allotted six and one the party and the YPSL against standpoint. Valenti, the Altman this appears in the editorial of Trotskyist International. The half columns to the matter of the the resolution which supported ite, continues his open attacks the paladins of struggle on two sentence is a platform. It is true Trotsky investigation in Mexico the Popular Front counter revo upon us in the columns of his fronts. Instead, with all the vi that the sectarian Trotskyists during the last fourteen weeks. lution, that is, we identified our paper, Stampa Libera, for which ciousness of which your truly did not remain in the French For ten weeks we ran nothing day by day action with our do he is soliciting funds on the timid liberal is capable when he Socialist party. They were expelthe investigation, although cuments. And Tyler? Faced with claim that it will be the only has become completely disorient led by Blum and Co. for the our party has endorsed the Amer the necessity of a choice in ac Italian daily in the elections to ed and desperate, there is a sa simple reason that they fought ican Committee. All our news tion, he turned into the most support La Guardia. The Altman vage atack upon the left wing, vigorously and consistently dealt with statements of John virulent defender of the NEC re ite editors of the official Jewish utterly mendacious in its false against People Frontism and Dewey. We gave a little more solution. His words about Noske party organ, the Shtimme, make hoods.
social patriotism. If Tyler were than per cent of the available and Scheidemann had merely been a public attack upon us in the in France, would he have fought space to the Mexico investiga an oratorical exercise, similar to editorial columns, as far back as It Seems That We Have with the patriots or with the in.
tions. In day by day action, as those practiced by members of the beginning of July. The Alt not Been Expelled ternalionalists. Would he be we see, the difference boils down college debating teams who take anite, Lasser, continues his scanAt All!
today to Tyler apologizing for and either side of an argument with dalous attacks on our comrades the camp of the expelled or of their bureaucratic expellone half columns in 14 weeks and equal facility. We opposed the in the columns of the Daily Our assertion that we were ers? That is the question! Simisilence in 10 weeks and Altman resolution. Altman, Raskin, Lewis, Worker. The Altmanite, Thomas, expelled in order to facilitate the larly in Belgium, where the left demanding no columns at all for Zam, Burt, Delson and Felix continues his appeals for the La La Guardia deal a fact realized wing was expelled by the reform52 weeks in the year, supported the resolution. Tyler Guardia sell out in the columns even by political infants, and re ist bureaucracy, which would to We have implied criticism of ended by ranging himself along of the Call. We are excluded peated often enough by Clarity lerate no criticism of its beBlum policy of non interven side of Altman and Wisconsin, from the call, whose board is tes as well is characterized as trayals, of what Tyler calls, in tion, we have been openly critical with the sickly explanation that divided between Clarity and the a brazen lie. his caucus circular, criminal of Negrin in one issue. We have the latter had voted for the re right wing, without a single left Not only a lie, but brazen errors and damaging of the cause not run any articles outside of solution out of incomprehension wing representative (in accord one! But didn the Clarityites, of international socialism. Sithese, attacking the French of its contents. The convention ance with the practice of the their caucus statement just a milarly in Spain, where the party, the British party, the dispute on the abstraction of fight on two fronts. The Alt few weeks ago. The Die Is Trotskyists were expelled from Spanish party, the Belgian party, People Frontism dissolved into manites announce to the capital. Cast. declare: It is Altman the POUM because they opposed the Dutch party. We did not agreement between Tyler Clarity ist press, in a news release which who mobilized the campaign support of the People Front attack these parties despite the and Altman Wisconsin on the Zam and Delson call a betrayal against the Trotskyists months and entry into a burgeous coalifact that they were committing concrete People Front in Spain. of socialism (Nothing less. the prior to their split perspective, tion government.
With whom criminal errors and damaging the The only remaining difference is plan to withdraw the party may impelling them in that direction would, or does, Tyler stand? The cause of international socialism. that the right wing wants to im oralty candidate before the and provoking them into a Party liberal doesn say. He prove on its victory and go NEC has acted. Criminal Silence About further, whereas the Clarity New York referendum has begun. man group which is brazenly Trotskyists were not expelled by before the counter offensive. It is the Alt merely tells his readers that the Criminal Errors group won go unless it drag. All these acts are committed by embarking on a policy of sus Altman (or by Blum. for their ged. As for the revolutionists the right wing liquidators with pensions and expulsions for minor revolutionary opinions. Oh no!
The space of the Appeal is they cannot be dragged. out a single measure being taken or manufactured offenses in order they deliberately broke, you very precious, but we cannot reAt the New York NEC meet against them by the brave Cla to deepen the crisis in the party. see, from every party because frain from reiterating Tyler ing, the test question before all rity leadership. The editor of the It is the Altman group which they are incorrigible sectarians.
own supine apology to Altman, party tendencies was the inner Call sails along serenely oblivi show their Popular Frontist and his confession of rotten liberal party crisis. The left wing pro ous to such trifles.
reformịst tendencies by attempt The Liberal Five ism, his self characterization of posed: Condemn the right wing a whole political line of action: splitters; condemn the Wisconsin certainly refuse to be gagged and ian support of LaGuardia.
Gagged inside the party, we ing to force us into a Browder Months Ago and Today We did not attack these opportunists who are disgracing paralyzed outside of it. We issue Could Altman better?
But, according to Tyler now, Whether he can or not, he certparties despite the fact that the name of socialism; prohibit the Socialist Appeal in order to Altman hasn split the party orainly doesn need to. In order to they were committing criadvance minalierors and damaging the out. Tyler Clarity found no com Tyler, Zam and Thomas issued before the party; We walked out. sive countenance to his treacher cruse of international socialism. mon language with us, who are the Socialist Call two years ago and Altman is entirely guiltless. rous political campaign and his out in condemnation of the crimes did find a common language, a the Old Guard after the latter ery only write: Not all the Trot quote from the Clarity leaderof the Blums and Negrins of the common resolution, with those had locked them out of the party. skyists have left. the SP; ship. Months ago, Tyler seemed crimes which are wrecking our ers of socialism. The gag law, it to the treacherous statement of presence proves that Trotskyists ing the mechanics and politics. international cause, The right is true, was advocated in differ Thomas and Altman in the same presence expelled the Town has been the right wing drive against the of these crimes. The contribution by Raskin. Naturally, the right the honor of revolutionary socialan attempt to uphold believe. falsehood in every word; he wrote: the short lived Socialist Clarity, which the rotten liberals of wing, being bolder, more resolute ism by showing that the bulk of Tyler school make in practic and more consistent, demanded the party membership does not still worse, a deliberate false in the large and important New worse, a deliberate falsehood. Leading comrades, especially to the dispute between these two sharper measures against the left. support the LaGuardia deal.
annoying extremes, is to remain But the big political fact, which hood calculated to cover up the York organization, did not want Instantaneously, the editor of wretched crimes of Altman and silent about the crimes, on the completely overshadows the cor the Call, entirely fresh and un Co. Only a few weeks ago, in the Trotskyists in the party to begin smug theory that this surely ridor gossip about what Thomas scathed from his struggle against Clarity document just cited, they with, were just praying for them.
ought to satisfy the splitters murmured and what and keep the party united. But shouted, remains this: The final the right wing front, gets into seid: It is Altman who is ex to make slips to be played up, real action against left wing in law and in politics, knowledge resolution does not bear the sig front. Instantaneously, the NAC cluding and expelling people from set to work to hasten the day when they could expel the Trotof guilt and silence makes one nature of the left wing; it does of the party, whose mouth was returning to the heresy hunting skyists and say: told you go!
the party for political beliefs, an accessory to the crime after bear the signature of Thomas full of water all these the fact. And this gives us and Tyler, of Raskin and Zam, that Thomas was carrying on Old Guard. Today, the Instead of a serions effort (Just as Tyler is doing today!
Tyler role the role of the of Baron and Trager, of Lewis negotiations to sell the party ng up the crimes of the European to the spectacle of groups being tame Tyler who at assimilation, we are treated Clarity leadership in nutshell: and Delson, of Altman and Mc down the river and preparing social democracy Te strike the real blows at the dowell.
silence, formed with but one program: left, with whom we agree po remains this: Altman, Thomas expulsion, ngets into real Action, the heamericane right wing by his expel the Trotskyists. Around litically. using all the stock and Lewis brought their charges just as it got into action when oud lies. Today, it appears, there this slogan a campaign is conreactionary arguments of the against the left wingers and ex California ducted. hysteria is created in right wingers charter 80 is proof that we not ex splitters. unassimilabies. tirely on the basis of Tyler promptly suspended without even pelled for political beliefs. In the Party split atmosphere.
and to cover with silence the gag law. The big political fact Tyler hastily writes and the NAC at all that was merely a hallo stituted for political argument; the formality of a hearing fact, we have not been expelled Name calling and rumor are sub We have nothing in common challenged the Clarity resolution, on the crisis in the New York fered yesterday and from which ences purposes criminded. In this crimes of the right, with whom remains this: while the left wing aproves an editorial for the Call cipation from which Clarity sut horror tales are invented; ditter Are more proofs needed? Let ardent champion. The big poli party: us review the most recent ex tical fact remains this: while the What does the editorial do? pelled, dear reader of the Social unhealthy atmosphere, constructive work is impossible. We must left wing is being systematically Does it condemn the betrayal of ist Call, we left the SP!
put a stop to these splitting At Philadelphia NEC clubbed with the sag law, not socialism. the putting of the SP Read Altman official state trends in the party. And we must meeting, the test question before single right winger has his posi on the auction block by the ment on our expulsion and Tyler stop them immediately.
al party tendencies was the tion adversely affected by it. horse traders, the sell out which official editorial. Except that That was months ago, just on crisis in Spain. The majority fe Once again, we see what rotten has been all but consummated. Tyler is more repulsive the eve of the convention, at solution stood for political sup liberalism in the party means in Does it condemn the mass ex baseness, the two politically which Tyler, in his private disport to the People Front in the practice.
pulsions in New York which the (and in places textually) identi cussions with us, expressed his concrete, designating it as the Clarity group at the City Central cal. Both of them announce that perturbations about what would provisional revolutionary 80 The Party Liberal Asleep Committee denounced as illegal. we are the splitters. that we happen when Thomas returned vernment. Tyler, under our which they formally refused to are the disrupters. Both of from Europe with and Aroused full fledged pressure, presented a little rerecognize? Does it declare that them charge that the basis of reformist line for People Front. Finally: we are expelled from Clarityite branches in New York our expulsion is our allegiance ism and for Trotsky baiting in that this provisional revolution, the party in which Tyler and Alt. for miserable reasons which we to an opponent organization, the the party, about how pretexts ary government had acted the man sought to gag us. The re shall explain on another occa Fourth International.
would be trumped up for a split same way in Spain as Noske and ferendum against the gag law, sion) have refused to unseat Only, Tyler, who cannot write drive against the Trotskyists. Scheidemann had acted in Ger legally and properly initiated by tinued to recognize the expell his sickening liberalism, does not shoulder to shoulder fight against expelled left wingers, have con an article that does not reveal about how imperative was man in 1919 when they led the us, is cynically sabotaged by the ed as regular members, have forget to add in pious justification Thomas and his allies, giving no counter revolution tary against the Spartacists. In tinues his weekly attack upon us defied and flouted the authority of the expulsion: During the quarter and asking none.
other words, he spoke for one in the columns of the Tammany of the Altman group, which is last year the Trotskyists have For all his verbose radicalism, side of the barricades.
Jewish Day, where he regularly presumably the official party broken from every party in the (Continued on page 8) ܕ weeks of tted verwas amples: the his