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Trotsky Answers Indictment REVIEWING PA NEW MILITANT LATRDAT JANUARY 10, 1835 must become a law and the practical gauge for the work week.
NEW MILITANT Practically the whole labor movement is behind the with which is merged struggle for the 30 hour week. The only force that THE MILITANT bungled the whole question a few years ago was THE NEWS the Communist Party which demanded the seven hour Publiebed weekly by the Workers Party of the Continued from Page 1)
slavsky and printed in the Kurjer of a complex amalgam West 15th Street, New York City day, and five day week. They claimed that the slogan sal obtain this letter? One should Alas! an amalgam much too (one should imagine at the regular By BILL SHERMAN Phone: Algonquin 9058 duction in pay was counter revolutionary, and was be of paramount importance.
for the six hour day, the five day week, with no re imagine that this question would complex, as the subsequent course advertising rates. only in order to of events proved: before the con be reproduced in the Pravda NEW TITLE WANTED Entered a second class mall matter at the Port Once at New York, under the act of March 8, 1870. they are climbing on the band wagon, first through that we cannot seks her this songte the political blast against Trotsky, Stalin Lackeys Inform The editors don like the title French Authorities of this column, so they got to gether with the business manager JAMES CANNON, Editor What is lacking in the struggle for the 30 hour word from the indictment as it. Nikolajev pulled the trigger at HARRY HOWE, Associate Editor week is UNITED ACTION. The labor movement is printed in Humanite. Is it Kirov. After this, the organizers of am compelied to leave aside a and am asked to announce that CARA COOK, Business Manager for the 30 hour week but up to the present, in the conceivable that neither the exam the surveillance and the provocamain, cach organization has been fighting by Itselt, inlng magistrate nor the prosecutortion were thrown headlong from number of other combinations and a year subscription to the New SUBSCRIPTION RATES in its own way. The unity of this struggle and a became at all interested in this their posts. And in writing the in. amalgame which are more clarity. Milltant will be given free to the In the United States 00 per year: 50c six months Onnada and Foreign. 60 per year: 75 six months.
be in by February 15.
demands. Unless the workers drive toward this end consul unknown to anybody are of peinstakingly steer around the premature revelations, to other The editors to decide. Titles must Bundle Rates: Two cents per copy.
hour week law, as a fake counterpart to their sociai lations between the terrorists and to leave the consul in the shade type of this sort of creative effort to wipe away all traces of the ac is clear from what has been said By reading the Daily Worker, VOL SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 1935 No. insurance plan. We have had many laws passed, and Trotsky.
tivities of the and at the above. The triangle composed of gather that Lindbergh, acting for many laws are on the statute book for laboris nislate What Happened to the same time to save as much as pos. Sikolater, the consul and Trot Wall Street, conspired, with Winnen sible of the shettered amalgam. sky is not new.
Workers Security Letter?
written on.
The mysterious deiay in the inses doven other simila triangles and Randolph Hearst, to kidnap and There is no solation of the unemployment problem under capitalism. But immediate relief, social insur Were there such relations or notigation thus finds an entirely na differs from them only by being on murder his own son for the purpose THE Association of Railway Labor Executives, of launching a big campaign of T!
a much bigger scale.
the leaders of the railroad labor unions of the ance, work relier, and a 30 hour week are needed to Was the letter written and trans tural explanation.
But why was the consul necesUnited States, set a good example the other day when prevent the workers from becoming paupers. The mitted? Was a reply received? To It is necessary, however, to point publicity to befuddle the workers they told Railroad Dictator Easthan to go to bell most efective and far reaching immediate measure these unavoidable questions we get aroThere was no Bottles along out that the Soviet press, as ert that they could not grasp Earl after he had made a speech saying that putting the 30 hour week into effect would run the railronds of work. It is a demand of both the employed and only to naive people. The symbolizes the link between the dent from the cable extracts in the Labor Party and the united front.
terrorists and Trotsky with world very same Humanite makes very That the Home Reller Office at 25 Said the union leaders, rending to pressure from unemployed. It is a demand that readily unites the could not permit the prosecutor imperlalism (although the consul circumspect use of the latest malstruggle of the employed and unemployed. any indiscretion within that sphere their membership gam in relation to Trotsky and million unemployed railroad men have to be forever and the most promising days of prosperity be over which it has been compelled homescntes perts should be consiliere does not go beyond inferences con Charlie St. New York, Siscar fire drap some very petty and backyard cerning the ideological inspirers. 26 persons but was used for an 100 perc put to work or they will be ruined.
Jabor was being displaced by the millions. Declining One need not doubt for a moment state that is the least dangerous in return, however, Humanite many as 800 applicants in addition The Workers Party of the United States supports way. the struggle for unemployment and other forms of American capitalism will do less.
that the letter was never written The consnl is serviceable in an the murder of Kirov with almost lavatories for 300 employee and speaks about my participation in to the staff; that there are four social insurance. But it believes that making this The reduction of hours is one of the most effective because of the terrorists knew any.
most the sole object of struggle today, as the comimmediate demands. It is realizabic, and at the thing at all about Trotsky and iteration of diplomacey he cannot the me assurance with which the none for the relief applicants; elecMatin recently wrote concerning tric circuits overloaded, switches munist Party is do ng, is a grave error. The capisame time involves the exploiters of labor in the they couldn but know my irretalist system must be challenged much more directly greatest contradictions.
concilable attitude towards the ad be named in the indictment moet my participation in the murder of fused; the floor above occupied by and drastically today challenged with the demand Let the working class give notice. Let the working venturism of individual a paint company, with turpentine to give the workers Jobs!
class unito and celebrate the 100th anniversary the which runs like a red thread Thus the mainspring of the combiThe durerence in the conclusions dripping through the Relief Office The Workers Security program of the Workers struggle for the 10 bour day by the realization of the through my 37 years of revolution nation remains behind the scenes.
Finally, the consul himself if he Pravda o to be explained not only llam Desmond, clerical supervisdrawn by Humanite and the such was the testimony of WilParty includes the fight for: bour day, five day week, with no mduction in pay. ary and literary activity could have been no secret to them (see several special risk even if recalled by his Relaterte natal. Trotsky amalgam is And that testimony reveals the st1. The 30 hour week at a miniroom wage of 30 per week, and in any case without reduction in pres Works, published by the State Pub government. Out of considerations much more obvious in Moscow than titude of the liberal administraent Weekly pay.
The Saar Plebiscite Lisbing House. Proportionate cash relief for all unemployed of diplomatic workers and farmers pending establishment of a satHowever, an admission that the home as a distinguished hero when in Parisbut also because by itstion of Mayor LaGuard a and the very essence this part of the amal class he represents, to the unemisfactory social insurance system. real publie works program providing housine tbe plebiscite last Sunday the population of the terrorists could not see the slight. suffered in the service of his pas gamis destined for foreign con ployed.
Germany out of the total vote cast 478, 089 favored Trotsky, and for this reason, dia to his modest salary would be found at the necessary kind on the French up to date, progressive, rugged in Saar votel ten to one in favor of reunion with est reason for seeking contact with clonately loved fatherland: more sumption, primarily for France. The for the masses, electrification of farmers homes, etc.
Not in backward China, but in Credits to the Soviet Union which will put Amthe return to Germany, 46, 613 favored the status quo not respond to the kind of found the in his pocket for a rainy day, and workers through the medium of dividualist An ins item re erican workers to work making automobiles, tractors, the united front, and to exert pres ports that federal investigators in machinery of all kinds for the tory, rich in coal and fron, will return to Germany the immediate bungling of the en there is no harm in that either.
and come under the ruthless Nazi domination. tire amalgam. Best keep quiet The White Guard Dodge coce, the unbelievable tone of in a one room sback. several aure upon the French authorities. the Ozarks found 31 persons living What this will mean to its working population is about it!
already indicated in the extended arrests of Nazi Let us, nevertheless, make mo The character of the machination Humanite!
The 30 Hour Week opponents the preparations for concentration mentarily an entirely improbable is easiest understood it one is in The Soviet authorities were com hundred applicants for roller crowcamps. It is clear that the Nazi hordes will proceed suggestion: the eloquent provocateur the least bit acquainted with the pelled to openly admit that the ded into quarters certified for 28 THE struggle for the six hour day, the five day exactly as in Germany, crush all opposition with fire and actually succeed in obtaining preceding history of the behind participation of Zimovlev, Kamenev in New York City, thirty one men, week, with no reduction in pay is taking on and sword and wipe ont all semblance of working the letter which so interested him. the scenes struggle of Stalin and others was not proved. The women and children living in one new form and new life, and will be reflected in the class organization, rights and liberties. Another But what happened to it? of acant. Trotskyism. shall men inade no mention of me at all. The velt more abundant lite 14 room in the Ozarks, surely Roose Seventy fourth Congress now in session. The agita heavy blow has thus been struck against the Inter course the temptation would have tion only three instances.
national working class movement.
been great to transmit such a let As early as 1926, the bired jour. xiety of the consulh to obtain a indictment refers only to the an sprending all over God country.
whole past period of the crisis has gained momentum. to receive alists brondeast through the enand now promises to be one of the major issues of The working class itself voted by a majority for re from him some Let us not misunderstand this situation, however. ter to Trotsky asof an encour tire world the report that the Lerr letter to Trotsky without making Real News In Hauptm Case The lackeys of Fifty Western Union messengers the day.
union with Germany. It is especially significant that axing answer for the Leningrad Opposition had been implicated in any conclusions Spokesmen for the exploiters of labor, who in the Voelkingen, the seat of the Herman Roechlings steel supporters. even if without any relations with. White Gaurds. iluman to write that Trotsky at the Hauptman trial pulled a peat raised a cry against immediate relief and social We were bewildered. It turned out inarticipation in the murder of sudden strike, and won to 00 insurance, at last realizing that some form of take Ing part of steel workers, voted ten to one for Ger But his inspirers, if not the con that the had sent one of its Kirov was proved pay increases, and in addition the removal of the charge for uniforms.
dole will have to be adopted, now center their at many, casting its ballots as follows: 20, 657 for Ger sul himself, understood only too official agents to ap 18 year old Postmarked for the Barte! Rensoner, one of the mestacks upon the 30 hour week many, 203 for the status quo and 135 for France. well the risk of such an enterprise: youth unknown to anybody, and for com sengers, who was fred The press the pulpit, the radio and the platform, Flow is that to be explained? Claims that these the previous attempts at provoca sympathetic to the Opposition, with Best Disciple plaining about conditions, was ye to say nothing of the economie experts. are being workers voted for the Nazi regime are preposterous tion, which it is tru were on a an offer to assist in spreading Oputilized by the capitalists to save the country from instated and Indicrous. It is far more correct to assume that smaller seale ended in inevitable position literature. Some six to This article as have already another catastrophe. They assure the people that th vote represents a desire to return to what these fiasco. The letter if it had been seven years previously the said is addressed not to the lack, Militant Progressive Unionism nothing would be more fatal to recovery, to prosper workers still look upon as their fatherland. to.
is ity to the United States, and to the welfare of the millions of employed and unemployed workers than It must be remembered that these workers felt them remain in the archives of the was never verited. On this basis, fact that one of my first sharp con month of January, as reported in But this is at its best only a partial explanation. likelihood would have to the mounty of Wrangeler(which, incidentally cannot leave or mentioned here the General Drivers Local 574 for the the adoption of the 30 hour work. In fact, all of a the Minneapolis Labor Review sudden, they have forgotten their own se fish ma showing the way out. Even the united front between purposes.
But this cannot be sa a tion of making a bloc with. Zinoviev, Kamenev. came as a reterial interests and are championing the cause of the Social Democratic and the Communist parties aloud without confessing by this not an agent of the but sult of my protest against their Monday, Jan. 12 full membership labor against the 30 hour week.
that finally came about in the Saar could not show very fact that the consul is a sec White Guards.
busy efforts during the time of meeting. Tuesday, Jan. 15 IndeBut we have heard all this before. In the thirties the way out. These parties had failed before. ond cousin to the Wrangel officer On the eve of my exile to Cen Lenin illuess, to corrupt the more pendent Truck Owners, Monday, of the last century, just one hundred years ago, when When the Nazis knocked at the gates in Germany (see below. tral Asia (Jan. 1928) foreign pliant lenders of the labor move Jan. 21. Coal Workers. Friday.
the American workers were struggling against work from sun up to sun down and demanded the 10 hour mation of capitalism plus the rule of this tyrannica: The Mystery of the Consul Radek, te transmit secretly, the need means of bribes. Stalin and ZinoJay Sanstexames de cettembership day, these same arguments were used. Later, in the horde or fight to the end for a Socialist system of eighties when the eight hour day movement gained society. Both parties of Socialism falled miserably Is it possible, however, to con. expressed to Radek my conviction the bourgeoisie buy the leaders of Day sh!
momentum the same arruments were used.
and had nothing but abject surrender to offer. This celve of a consul in a role of an that the fournalist was an agent trade unions, members of parlin Night shift, one In 1900 the average work week was 57 hours. By iz the crime that in the Saar pretisoite had the effect agent provacateur? We have no or the However, wrote ment, and Journalists. then why The same Issue of the Labor Re 1929 the clasy struggle technical improvement and the of condemn ng these parties to impotency in advance. means at all of knowing whether the letter because had nothing to shouldn we do likewise?
view contains report made by had reduced the average to 50 hours This is the crime for which the workers of the Saar a real or a fake consul is here say to my friends abroid that My answer was that by means of Herman. per week. In 1934 the average weekly hours for the country were reduced to 10. Before 1936 the working day when they learn to build upon the ruins of the in the given instance are illimit next morning my letter was pub workers movement, but that one Union in the Garage Mechanics class should complete the first phase of the struggle fkust, to build a new party capable of reading the able. But even genuine consuls lished in the Pravdat as proof or could not create revolutionary strike Husman words should for the 30 hour week. By that time the 30 hour week way to the Soc alist revolution.
little resemblance to my secret connections with for leaders. Lenin used to warn not express the gratitude of the saints. Some of them engage in ogn countries.
against selecting to the Comintern strikers to the leaders and members smuggling, with illicit deals in 000: customs duties, more than these indelicate facts.
On July 20, 1931 the yellow sheet obedient fools. There has been of Local 574, who were giving tire 300, 000, 000 As for the increases shocked, Instead, at the idea that the police not only of the Kurjer Codzienny, of Cracow, pub acided to this the selection of cynie less and most valuable assistance.
in the publle debt, that merely the government might expected of course. Lisbed a gross forgery under the who are ready for anything. Continued from Page 1)
served to build up future claims to continue supporting those of its Ready for anything? Up to the assistance given to the striking still, transfer these sums and there of the public funds.
Such a compromised consul may fact that my literary works are first serious danger. People who mechanics together show that the by houdholders to be supported out members for whom capitalism. com be offered not only forgiveness for banned on the pain of severest pen havo neither honor nor conscience Leadership and membership of Lo would be more than twice as much to spend on reliet purposes which the budget spreads out be tho moral Abre. Make them work obliging as to perform a tew trifling Bulletin of the Russian Opposition. they will inevitably betray the pro last year, but with the widest deIt is a lovely and touching tule lict, he urged, for that will warp bois balso some catirely legal alty in the Blumkin was cannot be trustworthy revolution cal 674 are not content to rest on Wlienee did the money for their dole, but never, never and Innocent services From the rich, the core? fore anybody with a taste for fiscal commit the mistake of employing there are, and there will be such reprinted in the Moscow Pravda ers is that they remember well there preparing for the greater bat industrialists, data. In order to induce prosperThere were the article from the Kurjer was lotariat. My only counsel to work mocracy and most militant spirit, the landlords, the bankers? Notity, in order to maintain rellet, the them in some useful occupations or cases. as long as there exist in fascimile. The most elementary names of these shameless willigers, ties ahead.
inuch of it, yon may be sure. New Deal bas set the poor to pick of paying them too much.
Income and inheritance taxes to ing one another bones wh ch, The President is speaking as the mediaries male and female, and to analysts proves that it was manu In order that they may verify this factured by the with the forecast.
Mass Telephoning gether which, but oh wver so mild after all, is just what used to hap defender of an economic order Ice.
assistance of the well known Yara December 30, 1934 The just passed by plebiscite in ly. soak the rich yielded less pen under the Old Deal. Yes, the which has long since outlived its version we have the Sear, with its disastrous rethird of the total. The rest came tonal wealth and income as the budget which will make the United Indictment itselt, it one is able to than 206, 000, 000; e: less than a New Deal has redistributed the nu sculness. It is not balancing the which unfailinglyftowa from the eting the Anderson Chevrolet Comsults for the future of the German pany Their immediate release naturally has again brought into and international working class, and disguised, which, so the pun only one catch: in accordance with its workers and its farmers. Noth that the Itselt through the on bail was obtained by the De the forefront the question of Fasdits of taxation inform us, must in the inmemorial rules of the racket, ing short of revolutionary recon medium of an actual or fake con In Twin Cities fense Committee of Central Labor cism. It is therefore interesting to evitably soak the poor. Thus the New Deal has taken from the struction will do that.
sul, was financing Nkolaley and Union of Minneapolis. Another pick up a little booklet published miscellaneous internal revenues poor and given to the rich.
was attempting to link him up with picket was arrested Thursday at by the International Labor Defense ylelded 1, 500, 000, 000: processing his budget measure, the Preal(Continued from Page 1) the McDonald GilAllan Garage.
taxes on farm products, 350, 000. dent bevor bothered to touch upon in the and see what means Biscuit Strike bullet was fired and richocheted.
Even in St. Paul, where the strike they say they use in order to fight Complicity of the Must have treen some bullet.
is less bloody, the strikers have had Fasciam. Most startling tactics. Continued from Page 1)
Perkins of course was not arres their trouble.
INTERNATIONAL WORKERS SCHOOL This version finds its indirect ted. Instead Ed Grosslein, unlon run out of the Holt Motor Com arsenal of working class struggle!
When a sab was most unusual contribution to the the city, and an automobile brigade but very actual confirmation in the member, was framed. When a pany, the St. Paul preas played the They boast that time and again.
has been formed for flying work.
First Year Winter 1935. Beginning Feb. 18, 1935 The company is reported frantic. Rentatives of the in Lenin too strong for even the frame up Drews up big a in kidnapping. the German consul with telegrams.
fact that all the responsible repre charge of inciting to riot proved they have so swamped the desk of MONDAY, 8:30 PM. Workers Party Fundamentals Borkeson MONDAY, 8:40 10:00 Elementary English.
and to shlp in biscuit from other after the assassination, and the tal entry one gange.
MONDAY, 8:4010:10 American History Felix Morrow.
cities have falled. Threats against investigation subsequently that he could not conduct s regukept WEDNESDAY, 8:30 Marxian Economics (vol. 1) Oehler lar work. Evidently the trouble in ninion leaders have been met with marking time for a protracted per Bloody Mike Busy WEDNESDAY, 8 30 PM. American Labor History Muste FOLLOW THE NEWS IN THE the formation of a bodyguard. An lod, faced with the obvious dim Johannes has issued instructions Chief of Police Bloody Mike Germany was that Hitler did not NEW MILITANT.
WEDNESDAY, 8:40 10:10 PM. History of the Three Internationhave a phone.
independent groeers al Shachtman.
has boycotted National producers, order to explain what had hap the most serious charge obtainable association culty of what variant to choose in that all pickets are to be booked on WEDNESDAY, 8:40 10:00 Organization Principles.
according to reports.
THURSDAY, 8:30 PM. Trade Union Strategy and Tacties by the frame up machinery Swaleck The company is unable to ship We do not mean to say that the On Jan. 11 guns belched again in biscuit out of the port of New York in the person of its Lenin answer to peaceful attempts of THURSDAY, 8:30 PM Philosophy of Marxism Grote.
to foreign and colonial customers.
FRIDAY, 76:30 History and Problems of the Youth Movegrad agents, premeditated the mur strikers to interview employees at ment Gould.
The workers have many griev der of Kirov, we have no facts for work in the Tri Moto Garage. This FRIDAY, 8:40 10:10 ABC of Marx sm Jack Weber, ances, including the practice of such a supposition. But the agents time the prea dent and vice prealFRIDAY, 8:40 10:10 History of the Russian Revolutionfiring men when they reach 45, no of the knew about the ter dent of the firm did the shooting.
Wm. Duncan.
matter how long they have worked rorist act which was in prepar sufort Eastman was shot through Speakers: Ten sessions for each course: one evening a week.
for the company. One man was tion: they kept Nikolalev under the thigh, Collins in the Max Shachtman Joseph Zack Nathan Gould Fees: 00 per course, payable in three installments: at time fired after 20 years service. The surveillance, they established con band, and Louis Le Meaux in the truck drivers were originally forced tacts with him through the medium leg. Undaunted, the committee disof registration, and two be installments within weeks WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, P.
The International Workers is ready to give any additional to buy their own truck chassis. The of trumped up consuls for the dou armed the gunmen. The wounded MUSIC company, however, classes if a minimum of Afteen workers request it. For further maneuvered ble purpose of capturing as many are members of Garage Mechanics REVOLUTIONARY DANCE GROUP SONGS doformation regarding the school, get in touch with Joseph Carter, them out of the ownership of their persons as possible involved in the Union No. 382, Minneapollo.
IRVING PLAZA HALL School Adminletrator, at West 15th Street, New York City.
trucks. The drivers who then be matter, and at the same time of at Thirteen strikers were arrested Irving Place 15th Street name eligible, immediately joined tempting to compromise the politi last Tuesday, charged with disor Auspiced: Workers Party of the New York Distret the drivere malen and struck. al opponents of Stalin by manalderly and out while pescafolly pick.
Federal Budget from a variety of sales taxes, overtlresident said it would. There is States a country worth living in for read it, presupposes consequently Garage Strike Trotsky.
Attempts to palm ostale biscuiti grad were kicked out immediately machine, he was accused of unlaw. striker was shot in the thumb at and have kept his phone so busy.