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La carta del Secretario de la Sección Comunista de Cuba a la 1919 12 06 Report of the Communist Section of Cuba.
Madrid, Jan. 21, 1920 When the steamer from Mexico to Spain stopped for a short time at Havana, Cuba went ashore and sought out comrade Marcelo Salinas 1135 whose name and address had been given me by a comrade in Mexico.
Salinas was a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (I. and although he now calls himself an anarchist he is thoroughly in sympathy with the Communist princip les of the Third International. think that conditions in Cuba were very like those in Mexico and that it was the word Socialist that had gotten into bad grace rather than the fact.
At any rate there was no really Socialist Party in Cuba. There were som e middle class reformers who referred to their organization as Socialist, but nothing more.
Salinas is the guiding spirit of a working class newspaper called El Hombre Nuevo and is general organizer of the Federacion de Sindicatos.
From what have been told and from what could see for myself during my brief stay in Cuba he is the leader of radical, class conscious unionism in the island. talked with Salinas for five hours sounding out every shade of his opinions. He endorses without reservation the work done by the Russian Soviet Government. In the course of conversation suggested to him the idea of a Communist Local in Cuba and he was very enthusiastic. He said that all the radical unions would join at once, and that he would be glad to undertake the work of organizing. Whereupon we got hold of comrade Penichet 1137(another radical labour leader) and three or four others and, after a short explanatory debate (they were all enthusiastic for the Third International) we organized those present as the Pr ovisional Executive Committee of the Communist Section of Cuba (Their anarchist training made them afraid of the name Communist Party. Salinas was named General Secretary, and with the approval of the others, drafted the accompanying application for admission into the Third International.
1135Véase la nota 1133 1136Se refiere a José Rubio o a Sebastián San Vicente, los anarco sindicalistas españoles que vivían en este momento en México y colaboraban con el PC Mexicano.
1137Antonio María Penichet Gómez (1885 1964. sindicalista cubano, uno de los dirigentes de la Liga antiimperialista, ingresó a Joven Cuba.